The 30-Day Praise Challenge #2020

The 30-Day Praise Challenge By Becky Harling The Day Praise Challenge Discover the Power of Praising God When Becky Harling was diagnosed with cancer over ten years ago she begged God for healing A friend of hers had another idea She challenged Becky to spend twenty mi
  • Title: The 30-Day Praise Challenge
  • Author: Becky Harling
  • ISBN: 9780781408950
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 30-Day Praise Challenge By Becky Harling Discover the Power of Praising God When Becky Harling was diagnosed with cancer over ten years ago, she begged God for healing A friend of hers had another idea She challenged Becky to spend twenty minutes a day in praise Becky thought, What if I m not feeling thankful But as she intentionally praised God, she began to experience new joy and her relationship with God hDiscover the Power of Praising God When Becky Harling was diagnosed with cancer over ten years ago, she begged God for healing A friend of hers had another idea She challenged Becky to spend twenty minutes a day in praise Becky thought, What if I m not feeling thankful But as she intentionally praised God, she began to experience new joy and her relationship with God has never been the same Now, in The Thirty Day Praise Challenge, Becky guides you in praising God for twenty minutes every day for one month Arranged topically, the book includes music selections to enhance your praise journey and creative ideas for continuing the habit of praise As Becky writes, If you take this challenge, your faith will grow than you dreamed possible You will experience joy, less insecurity, courage, less anxiety Thirty days of praising God Are you ready
    The 30-Day Praise Challenge By Becky Harling
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      Becky Harling

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      BECKY HARLING has a degree in Biblical Literature and is a sought after speaker and Bible teacher at women s conferences and retreats Through her writing, Becky creatively combines deep biblical insight with her powerful testimony and the stories of other women Her life experiences as a pastor s wife, parent of four adult children, grandmother of five grandchildren, women s ministries director, survivor of breast cancer and sexual abuse bring depth to her message She brings a message of hope and healing that is refreshingly transparent Becky is a gifted communicator with a passion for helping women find hope, healing, freedom, and ultimately life transformation through Jesus Christ She is the author of Rewriting Your Emotional Script, Freedom From Performing, The 30 Day Praise Challenge, The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents, and How to Listen So People Will Talk.

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    1. I have read a lot of books with great challenges but none were this rewarding Even though, I didn t finish the whole 30 days yet, I already feel very uplifted and much happier.I don t suffer from any chronic diseases Nothing as dramatic as cancer, but after losing my daughter last year I found myself slipping into depression and as it progressed my family tried to to keep me talking and out of the house But considering my love for reading my husband encouraged me to get involved with books, so t [...]

    2. Wow I am not sure even where to begin This devotional was so amazing and life changing I feel as if my relationship with God has been renewed and I have been changed I highly, highly recommend this book and wish I could give it ten stars.

    3. See full review The Indigo Quill theindigoquill 20 Becky Harling brings us a beautifully organized compilation of reminders and words of encouragement in The 30 Day Praise Challenge It does exactly that, it challenges us to have perspective and find the good in our every day situations It also brings a sense of hope.Each day is well organized beginning with a verse the leads into The Invitation for the day The Invitation is exactly that, God inviting us to praise him for the day s concerns and t [...]

    4. This was by far one of my favorite devotional books this year It wasn t a really heavy, in depth study It s what I would call just enough Each day, you read a section of scripture and a few paragraphs of reflection by the author Then you listen to music You can listen to the songs that the author has listed that go along with that days theme or you can do what I did and go through your own music, listening to a few songs that apply to that days topic After that, there is a section of reflection [...]

    5. Although this isn t the type of book I normally review, I had to give this one a try because it called out to me in a way After reading what it was about and the things I would be doing I welcomed it with open arms Who doesn t want to be closer to God and have their faith become stronger I love that there are musical selections you can listen to while praising God as well as it wants you to keep a journal and keep track of your praising and what you learn about your faith as well as yourself I m [...]

    6. This book is absolutely fabulous God has used this to draw me closer to Him I love the format too It s unique and encourages me to pick it up every day I hope she writes another one

    7. This is a great tool to help focus your time with God Each day focuses on a different area of your life and encourages you and guides you through praising God that day.

    8. I do not suffer the cancer that the author does, but I have suffered from depression so I thought this might be a good read for me I was not disappointed While I still deal with depression, I now have a new tool in my arsenal to fight it The book as three parts to it Part 1 is the challenge and why you should do it Part three is moving on after the challenge is done, but the meat is in the middle section, the 30 days of praise Each day starts with an invitation, scriptures adapted as if they wer [...]

    9. I have purchased at least 5 additional copies of this book to give to others My prayer life has completely changed for the better because of this book I love it and plan on rereading at least once a year.

    10. From my blog Praise puts things in perspectiveI was driving one day when I turned on the radio to a program I don t usually listen to The content caught my attention so much that I actually tuned in the home stereo upon my return to the house I sat on the couch, knitting and listening to the interview.It was not even the conversation itself that gripped me as much as a sense that God was telling me, This information is for you You re going to use this I didn t finish the hour long program, but I [...]

    11. The book was very inspirational and helpful, written by a woman who faced her scary medical diagnosis by turning to 20 minutes of praise every day She found that praising God led to a deeper relationship with Him and a fuller appreciation of his love for her.Each day s devotional is based on a characteristic of God Each day has a devotional thought about God, a music selection, a prayer, and a suggestion for you to write your own praise and thoughts for the day.Two things I would personally chan [...]

    12. Being a book a holic and reading challenge addict, the first thing which attracted my attention to this book was the word challenge in the title I m sure many of you will understand where I m coming from Reading through the description of the book, what really appeals to me was the 20 minutes per day devotion which include prescribed praise songs I used to lead a worship team at church and whilst my musical talent is minuscule in comparison to others, music speaks to my soul and I love to praise [...]

    13. I thought this devotional was useful in helping to jump start my day and my devotional life Each day begins with an Invitation which is written as if God is personally speaking to you It introduces the topic to praise God about and lists Scripture references to dig deeper The next section, Listen, suggests 2 to 4 praise songs related to the topic to further guide your praise Pray is the third section in which the author includes a written prayer as a response Finally, the last section, Journal, [...]

    14. The 30 Day Praise Challenge by Becky Harling.As so often happens when we think we need something, God has a different way of approaching it Becky Harling was praying for healing, God wanted her Worship.This is a wonderful project for anyone who loves the Lord For me it is a not now book but one I can t wait to explore I want to set aside a month this winter and spend quality time with Father God I want to be intentional with my time and my praise and I can t wait until the next few months as my [...]

    15. The 30 Day Praise Challenge is a 30 day devotional It s the only devotional I ve ever read that I plan to read through again Not every day hit on what I was dealing with at that moment, but I was surprised by how often it did I have some physical limitations right now due to injuries, so undone farm work is piling up, and I get frustrated in addition to the physical pain This devotional will probably have the most impact on those actively dealing with a physical and or emotional pain though I d [...]

    16. The 30 Day Praise Challenge is just a wonderful book to help get closer to God When we praise God it gives us the grace to love and obey him Besides praising God thru prayer and bible reading each of the 30 days in the book has a space to journal I think it is nice to do one month and then start again the next month and compare how God has helped us in our lives.Ms Harling also gives a lot of extra information that is really useful to have She gives at least a dozen names for each member of the [...]

    17. This isn t your typical book of devotions I read this as part of an online women s Bible study, and while I am usually somewhat skeptical about devotionals, I really enjoyed this one It s a short yet powerful challenge to reorient our perspectives from our woes, fears, and selves back to the God of hope The devotionals are arranged thematically, with each day broken down into sections scripture, reflection, praise song s to listen to, prayer, and a journaling exercise I liked how music was integ [...]

    18. Okay, this was interesting Or maybe enlightening First let me stipulate it wasn t what I was expecting here, because there s a lot encouragement to listen to music than scriptures and whatnot Which actually could work for some people I like to, or need to be reminded to take time each day to praise the Lord and I was hoping this challenge was to help remind or find ways to do that in our everyday lives But I will say for those who just don t have the time to read or care to read scriptures this [...]

    19. In the 30 Day Praise Challenge, you spend every day 20 minutes in praise I love how every day has a different theme The music selection was good, but most of the days I made my own music selection Still, it s easy to have suggested music when you re less familiar with praise music The scriptures references were well put together It made it possible to also read in my Dutch bible For me, the diary was the most challenging I m familiar with it and I think it s a great habit to write about your rel [...]

    20. I found in reading and practicing with this book that Praise is very close to Gratitude I have always agreed with Meister Eckhart when he said If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, thank you, that would suffice So this was right up my street It would be nice if it came packaged with a CD containing the music suggested for each day I was not able to participate in the musical part of the meditations because I couldn t easily access the songs Online sources are listed at the back of [...]

    21. This book is a great reminder to focus on who God is, in the middle of hard things Listening to music as part of my daily time with God was encouraging and uplifting, and helped me focus on His character, rather than my issues needs It is a hopeful book I had to do a search for a few of the songs, as they were unavailable on the YouTube list Most of the songs were great and lined up with the topic of the specific day I would recommend this challenge to anyone It s easy enough to add to the 31 da [...]

    22. I was given this 30 day devotional as preparation for a Christian women s retreat Although I did not have access to most of the music, the letters from God and scripture were very uplifting and I found myself praising God for all the blessings in my life even when times were difficult The letters in particular helped me to feel God s love for me, even when I am broken and imperfect Very uplifting and positive devotional

    23. I was deliberate on praising each day and enjoyed the music Some songs I couldn t find on YouTube, so I would just pick a favorite of mine However, when I finished the book, I didn t feel any different than when I started I didn t feel like it became a habit to praise For me, it has to be a scheduled time out of my day or else I will forget about it If it became a habit, I wouldn t forget The prayers on specific circumstances in the back are real helpful, too.

    24. I truly enjoyed this book and I know I will reference it a lot in the future it has 30 days of praise devotions coupled with praise songs to listen to After this 30 day praise challenge is Names of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit along with scriptures to reference, a psalms praise collection, Revelation and scripture to use while in the throes of spiritual battle I think this book is invaluable for a Christian to have in their library and I m so thankful that I discovered it

    25. I got this as a free download The book itself is good, but there was only one day I was WOWed Some of the music suggested was good, but, for the most part, I didn t want to listen to the music, and I discovered there was one band whom the author seemed to really like that I don t care for I m glad I read it, but it isn t one I m keeping.

    26. Struggling with faith Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded This book reminds us where our strength and focus comes from When we forget to prioritize our relationship with God things begin to flounder This reminds us to prioritize and to refocus It reminds us to look up and praise during all our circumstances I highly recommend this book It is one that I will keep open and refer to.

    27. Loving this bookI m really enjoying The 30 day Praise Challenge I m a big fan of mixing scripture and song together, and with the added journaling section, it s been great I feel like it touches on all my spiritual disciplines Thank you Becky.

    28. It obviously took me longer than 30 days to get through this, but I really liked it I didn t take the full 20 minutes every single day to journal and listen to the song recommendations, but overall it spoke to me and helped me get a focus for my day.

    29. I haven t started the challenge due to trying to download the so g list on my kindle fire he Don t know how to download any suggestionsI haven t started the challenge due to trying to download the songs from the kindle fire he do you have any suggestions

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