Tiger #2020

Tiger By William Richter Tiger A vigilante fights for justice at any cost Wallis Stoneman isn t like other teenage girls She s beautiful fearless and deadly Wally lives alone in her Brooklyn loft She d be a regular teenager exce
  • Title: Tiger
  • Author: William Richter
  • ISBN: 9781595144584
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tiger By William Richter A vigilante fights for justice at any cost Wallis Stoneman isn t like other teenage girls She s beautiful, fearless, and deadly.Wally lives alone in her Brooklyn loft She d be a regular teenager, except that she s the daughter of a Russian assassin Crime is in Wally s blood, but she uses her legacy for good she solves missing persons cases for the Ursula Society, an uA vigilante fights for justice at any cost Wallis Stoneman isn t like other teenage girls She s beautiful, fearless, and deadly.Wally lives alone in her Brooklyn loft She d be a regular teenager, except that she s the daughter of a Russian assassin Crime is in Wally s blood, but she uses her legacy for good she solves missing persons cases for the Ursula Society, an under the radar organization that uses oft illegal tactics to find people the police have given up on.The person Wally most wants to find Tiger, her own fugitive brother But the closer Wally gets to finding Tiger, the dangerous her search becomes And Klesko, Wally and Tiger s sadistic father, is again at large With two highly skilled con men against them, Wally and Tiger band together to destroy a conspiracy in which they and their hearts are mere pawns.
    Tiger By William Richter
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      William Richter

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      William Harlan Richter is a Hollywood screenwriter He was nominated for an Emmy Award as Producer of We Stand Alone Together , the documentary episode of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers William was born and raised in California.

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    1. It s no secret that I loved Dark Eyes I put it into the hand of every teen and adult that I can I thought it was fresh, original, and the best thing of all it isn t in any way patronizing to teen readers I was THRILLED when I heard there was going to be a sequel I almost flipped when it finally appeared on netgalley.Tiger is easily just as good as Dark Eyes Wally finds herself in very adult situations in this book she is emancipated, living on her own, working, searching for her long lost brothe [...]

    2. This book was the best It was definitely a page turner and I loved how everything finally linked but the ending was not satisfying least not for me because I wanted of the happy ending feelingBut overall, I enjoyed reading this book and is one of my favourites HopefullyA third part will come

    3. This was a pretty good book It was a good read but it wasn t as exciting as I anticipated it would be The plot was nice but it wasn t as strong as the first book Dark Eyes so it just seemed a little less exciting too me What I really like is how Wally is a very head strong girl and has determination in reaching her goal, which was to find her brother s whereabouts She is a strong female character who can stand her own and is not afraid to be violent Although the plot wasn t as exciting as the fi [...]

    4. Really enjoyed the action of this book It would have been a believable fiction had the lead character not been so extremely young for all the knowledge she possessed.

    5. While this isn t quite the same constant tension and heart poundingly exciting story as Dark Eyes , Tiger takes us to a quieter, softer place within the head and heart of Wally and her brother Tiger, and also sets us up with a merciless and shameless cliffhanger for book three And while Wally is still the same badass we saw in book one, she s also grown quite a bit, and continues to grow all throughout Tiger If you ve started your journey with Dark Eyes , you simply must continue with book two i [...]

    6. Warning This is the second book in a series and this review may contain slight spoilers of the first book.After the tragic events at the end of Dark Eyes, Wally is now emancipated, living on her own and working for the Ursula Society an organization that helps people find missing loved ones Though Wally is only allowed to work on updating the files, she can t help herself when Kyle, a troubled and obviously abused young man, comes into the center She is drawn to him, and since her search for her [...]

    7. If you read Dark Eyes, you know that Wally s story didn t end with the disappearance of a brother she just found out about and her father being used as target practice for the FBI Tiger has the same somewhat detached narrative voice as book one, but I found that this installment went deeper into the story of Wally and the past she is still trying to uncover Wally was still sad about the death of her mom and there was something a little mature about her because of it, I think I liked the develop [...]

    8. READ TO THE END I found information on possibly a third book this book is a fast pace thriller that will keep you turning the pages you will constantly want to know what s happening next I honestly liked Tiger even than Dark Eyes plus, the ending of dark eyes really bothered me even though I loved the book speaking of endings, after finishing Tiger, I m dying to know if there will be a third book the ending definitely suggests it however, it is 2016 and it s been 3 years since he wrote Tiger so [...]

    9. William Richter s TIGER is an action packed thriller that will make even rom com junkies keep turning the pages.Wallis Stoneman is a 16 year old girl who has a lot on her plate After her mother was killed in the Shelter Island shoot out, Wally s only family left aside from her father, who Wally doesn t count is her brother, Tiger, who she is determined to find.Wally works as an intern for the Ursula Society, a company who reunites people who have been separated at whatever the cost Enter Kyle To [...]

    10. Following the events in Dark Eyes, Wally Stoneman is now an emancipated minor living alone in a Brooklyn loft, working for the Ursula Society to help find missing persons Of course the missing person she wants to find most is her brother Tiger, currently on the lam Soon Kyle, a guy about Wally s age walks in to the Ursula office seeking help in finding his mother Wally soon finds herself involved perhaps to the point of crossing the line as well as finding out somehow her search for Tiger is int [...]

    11. We met Wally in Dark Eyes 1 she is a kick ass, smart, street smart 18 year old living alone after her mother died in her arms in a violent shoot out What Wally wants most is to find her brother She believes and during the roller coaster ride of this story proves she is willing risk literally everything to reconnect with Tiger With nonstop wham bang action filled with sincere friends and duplicitous, amoral enemies, this thriller keeps the pages flying to the surprise ending.

    12. I actually enjoyed this a little bit better than the first one I typically do not like female teenage protagonists, but Wally is kickass Most female protagonists are whiney and annoying, so having Wally strong, independent and smart made this book even enjoyable Her character development is actually very well written and is pretty realistic Not digging the cliffhanger with no news on the next book thing going on, but I guess it ll probably be worth the wait.

    13. Book 2 in series about Russian mobster siblings Wally Tiger Wally tries desperately to track down her missing brother Tiger, while he tries to hide among a band of nasty criminals Something about this series reminds me of the Alex Rider books could have to do with the screenwriting backgrounds of both authors The action is particularly well thought out and described in just the right amount of detail Totally looking forward to

    14. Just stayed up late reading an advance copy on TigerI didn t realize it was a series Not having read the first was awkward but I thought the past was just being mysterious not that I had missed a book Somewhat of a cliffhanger ending which is going to do nothing for helping me fall asleep now Page turner action and adventure with smart but human teen characters I wouldn t want to meet but would be glad if they had my back.

    15. Overall, TIGER was good but it just didn t live up to my high expectations So whether you have read the first book or not, I would still recommend this series, especially if you re looking for a book to pass the time with or to continue the series for the sake of finding out what happens to all of our characters.Full review talesoftheinnerbookfanatic.blo

    16. Wally is an emancipated teen who witnessed the murder of her mother Her father is a Russian mafia hitman When she finds out she has a brother named Tiger she tries to find a way to reunite with him This is the second book in a series about the two siblings The book provides entertainment and action for the reader.

    17. When I requested this title from NetGalley, I didn t realize it was a sequel However, I was still able to appreciate Tiger without having read the first book in the series This book had some great action sequences and a witty, smart heroine In some instances, the dialogue felt a little off, like in one scene with gang members, but otherwise this was a fun, fast read.

    18. Wally Stoneman YA s version of Lisbeth Salander Love her Tiger is a solid sequel to Dark Eyes a non stop action thriller.

    19. 3.5 stars.A very good follow up to it s predecessor Dark Eyes I was wondering how both Wally s and Tiger s stories would intertwine and Richter came up with a great twist for it to happen.

    20. Definitely not as good as the 1st one A page turner, but unrealistic not sure if I ll continue to read the series.

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