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Call Me Zelda By Erika Robuck Call Me Zelda From the author of Hemingway s Girl comes a richly imagined tale of Zelda Fitzgerald s love longing and struggle against ever threatening insanity From New York to Paris Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Title: Call Me Zelda
  • Author: Erika Robuck
  • ISBN: 9780451239921
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Call Me Zelda By Erika Robuck From the author of Hemingway s Girl comes a richly imagined tale of Zelda Fitzgerald s love, longing, and struggle against ever threatening insanity.From New York to Paris, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald reigned as king and queen of the Jazz Age, but those who really knew them saw their inner turmoil.Committed to a Balti psychiatric hospital in 1932, Zelda vacillates betweFrom the author of Hemingway s Girl comes a richly imagined tale of Zelda Fitzgerald s love, longing, and struggle against ever threatening insanity.From New York to Paris, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald reigned as king and queen of the Jazz Age, but those who really knew them saw their inner turmoil.Committed to a Balti psychiatric hospital in 1932, Zelda vacillates between lucidity and madness as she fights to forge an identity independent of her famous husband She discovers a sympathetic ear in her nurse Anna Howard, who finds herself drawn into the Fitzgerald s tumultuous lives and wonders which of them is the true genius But in taking greater emotional risks to save Zelda, Anna may end up paying a far higher price than she ever intended.In this thoroughly researched, deeply moving novel, Erika Robuck explores the boundaries of female friendship, the complexity of marital devotion, and the sources of both art and madness.
    Call Me Zelda By Erika Robuck
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      Erika Robuck

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      Erika Robuck is the national bestselling author of Hemingway s Girl, Call Me Zelda, Fallen Beauty, The House of Hawthorne, and Receive Me Falling She is also a contributor to the anthology Grand Central Postwar Stories of Love and Reunion, and to the Writer s Digest essay collection Author in Progress Hockeystrong, as E Robuck, is her first satire In 2014, Robuck was named Annapolis Author of the Year, and she resides there with her husband and three sonsikarobuck

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    1. I m only 1 2 way through this book and I m torn I want to finish it tonight, but I also want to savor every scene, every sentence From page one, I was hooked by the broken yet incredibly strong narrator heroine, Annie Also, who doesn t want a look even if it is fictional into the Fitzgeralds tumultuous life, especially Zelda Update I just finished this wonderful novel I am so glad I did There are so many books I ve read lately that leave me with a meh or blah feeling, but thankfully, Call Me Zel [...]

    2. I received an ARC of this book through the Vine program There are mild spoilers in the second to last paragraph of the review The planned release in May 2013 of Baz Luhrmann s high profile film version of THE GREAT GATSBY has led to a spate of books about the lives of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, with at least four novels on the tragic couple recently published or forthcoming I haven t yet read any of the others, so I can only hope that Erika Robuck s CALL ME ZELDA is the worst of the four Stiff, [...]

    3. Well, apart from the terrible, terrible writing, this book was just Dull, capital D dull Maybe two capitals DDull.

    4. I read the galley of Erika Robuck s newest offering, and it literally kept me up into the late hours of the night Tragic yet edged with a sense of fragile hope, this richly imagined story shines a light on the enormously talented and complex Zelda Fitzgerald and the compassionate psychiatric nurse who came to love her as a friend.

    5. It was for me a mistake to read Erika Robuck s CALL ME ZELDA New York New American Library, 2013 after having read Therese Flower s Z A NOVEL OF ZELDA FITZGERALD 2013 Whereas Z kept me turning the pages, CALL ME ZELDA kept me wondering if I should continue reading A hundred pages into the novel all I could utter is ho hum CALL ME ZELDA is the sort of novel that is enjoyed by ladies who want a somewhat romantic story to pass the time while enjoying a good cup of coffee It is a good story, well wr [...]

    6. After writing Hemingway s Daughter, which I have yet to read, this author felt compelled to write a book about Zelda, seeing as how Hemingway hated her so much A sentiment Zelda shared The Fitzgerald s relationship was a very volatile one, Scott was an alcoholic and mental problems ran in Zelda s family They had a love hate relationship that was brilliantly portrayed in this novel Although Zelda did have a nurse, the nurse in this story and her relationship with the Fitzgerald s was a literary c [...]

    7. Call Me Zelda is the story of a nurse, Anna, who first cares for Zelda in an asylum and then privately The story is told from Anna s perspective and is mostly about her interspersed with large dollops of the Fitzgeralds lives Robuck is firmly in the anti Scott group She attempts to show the gray areas of Zelda s condition emphasizing not only her mental issues but also her creativity which was squashed by Scott s ego His alcoholismso fueled Zelda s feelings of abandonment and despair.This is an [...]

    8. F Scott Fitzgerald remains one of America s most famous novelists, penning such titles as The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Love of the Last Tycoon and many But it was his wife Zelda, a flapper and dancer from the 1920s, who was his inspiration, and it was their tumultuous, resentful yet passionate relationship the gave their peers much to talk about Zelda is a high strung, emotional, creative woman, a beauty in her day with one child, Frances Scott [...]

    9. October 4th, 2015 MINI REVIEW h4.5 stars.An incredibly whimsical tale that takes you as the reader through the life of Anna as she becomes involved with the Fitzgeralds Harkened back to the Jazz age of the Great Depression and the hardships that befell the Fitzgeralds it s a story of grief, relationships, struggle and emotions I, much like Anna, became enthralled with the legends Scott and Zelda I already had a taste of Scott s writing with The Great Gatsby and a few others, so it was interestin [...]

    10. After finishing a stunning advanced reading copy of Erica Robuck s upcomingTHE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE, a literary historical fiction of Nathaniel and Sophie Hawthorne May 5, 2015 highly recommend as well as her collaboration ofGrand CentralOriginal Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion found I had missed some of Robuck s previous books, and quickly purchased them on audibleLL ME ZELDA, is a captivating multi layered historic literary fiction, focusing on Anna Howard, a young nurse who connects with fl [...]

    11. As a Maryland novelist myself, I wanted to read this as I had enjoyed Hemingway s Girl a year before I am drawn to books about writers and the aspect of Zelda s mental illness as well as Scott and Zelda s stormy relationship intrigued me.Some reviews have written that the character of Anna Howard, the nurse who first met Zelda when she was inpatient and later became her in home caregiver, oversteppedat there was not enough of Zelda Fitzgerald in this book Idid not think so It gave Robuck the cre [...]

    12. anovelreview 2013The arrival of the famous Zelda Fitzgerald to a Balti Psychiatric hospital forever changes the life of her nurse, Anna Howard Anna has a past all boxed up in her bedroom closet where she d like to keep it Her work and weekend trips to her parents are her life, until Zelda walks in Zelda is sometimes perfectly normal, but things turn so quickly.She seems to be trying to separate her identity from her famous husband, F Scott Fitzgerald she is literally trying to write her own stor [...]

    13. Erika Robuck has a gift for taking the reader to the a time and place where we can experience the focus of her historical novel F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda come to life and for those of us who have read and enjoyed his books, this was a terrific experience into the lives of two insecure people in love with each other but finding life itself difficult Call Me Zelda was a terrific read.

    14. I didn t know very much about the Fitzgeralds when I started reading this I was disturbed by the hold that Zelda had over the narrator and felt that the nurse put Zelda s wishes over her and Zelda s well being Still, I liked the main character, although I ve already forgotten her name

    15. This book was such a beautiful, haunting, and enjoyable read A deep story into the intricate details of the Fitzgeralds lives along with their nurse Anna, who loves and cares deeply for Zelda.

    16. I finished Call Me Zelda on Tuesday night and I m still thinking about how wonderful this book was While I was going through the chapters, I felt every possible emotion one could feel when reading a book sadness, hope, excitement, anger, frustration the list could go on and on This is dazzling and touching story that will pull you at the first chapter and keep you hooked until the end.Call Me Zelda revolves around two very different women Anna is a quiet, psychiatric nurse who has lost both her [...]

    17. Robuck has a talent for words which makes this novel beautiful, inspiring, tragic and heartfelt all together This book about Zelda Fitzgerald focuses on the second half of Zelda s life in which she was institutionalized and where the breakdown in their marriage had started to really show But, the book does not focus on Zelda, rather, her nurse, Anna, who has suffered immensely Having married and had a daughter, Anna s husband Ben does not return from the war is MIA and her daughter dies of pneum [...]

    18. I was drawn to this book because of a movie I watched a long time ago It was about Zelda Fitzgerald and her life with F Scott Fitzgerald I don t remember the name, nor could I find it However with the movie Gatsby coming out a little while ago, there has been a surge of interest in the Fitzgeralds Call Me Zelda is told through her nurse, Anna Anna works at the psychiatric hospital that Zelda is admitted to in 1932 Zelda and Anna form a quick friendship Anna is drawn to Zelda s personality She is [...]

    19. Call me a bigger fan of Erika Robuck s writing after finishing Call Me Zelda I loved it as much as Hemingway s Girl I started reading this book with very limited knowledge of F Scott and his wife Zelda Fitzgerald a heartbreaking journey of celebrity to traumatic despair and ruin.Through the eyes of Anna Howard, a nurse at a psychiatric hospital we see the breakdown of Zelda Fitzgerald s shattered marriage to the infamous writer and her continuing instability Not to take away from what Robuck did [...]

    20. I found Call Me Zelda interesting in many ways I was impressed with the narrator being Anna Anna s voice added another avenue of interest as well as her own tragic past plumping the plot overall Her characterization is well done and Anna shines in a positive light with her many attributes and natural caregiver persona Her dedication and affection towards Zelda was touching, crossing her professional line but aware of her continuing affronts Always having Zelda s interest at the forefront despite [...]

    21. I truly enjoyed reading this historical fictional account of the life of Zelda, the wife of F.Scott Fitzgerald This couple lived life large, from New York to Paris and moved in social circles with other now famous authors, like Hemingway They seemed to have the world by the tale This story is set in the early 30 s during the Jazz era Zelda was an accomplished painter, writer and dancer by her own rights, and yet lived in the shadow of her husband At one point, he stole her diaries, used the cont [...]

    22. Erika Robuck s love, respect and compassion for Zelda Fitzgerald shines through in her beautiful novel, Call Me Zelda Zelda Fitzgerald has been sorely misunderstood in life and in death, and Robuck clearly set out to set the story straight with meticulous and careful research She has given us a beautifully written novel which is a must read for anyone who wants to better acquaint him or her self with the fascinating and multi talented Zelda Fitzgerald.Call Me Zelda covers the latter part of Zeld [...]

    23. Erika Robuck s third novel, CALL ME ZELDA, tells the story of the fictional relationship between Zelda Fitzgerald and her nurse Anna in the 1930s It features the story of Zelda after the party a time when she was mentally unstable, having developed what is believed to be schizophrenia, and at the height of practicing her artistic craft she wrote a novel, Save Me the Waltz, and short stories, and painted often.Just like Zelda has suffered, so has Anna having lost her husband and daughter to eleme [...]

    24. My Name is Zelda by Erika Robuck is a fictionalized story about the Fitzgerald s dark and complex marriage marred by alcoholism, jealousy and mental health problems The focus this time is on Zelda rather than Scott who was committed to a Balti psychiatric hospital in 1932, where she vacillated between lucidity and madness She struggled to form her own identity independent from her well known and celebrated husband Zelda s fictional nurse Anna Howard narrates the story and is ultimately drawn int [...]

    25. Having so recently finished Therese Anne Fowler s Z A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald I was a bit disappointed to see the library fulfilled my hold request so quickly Z was such an excellent view into Zelda s life that I was afraid it would overshadow Erika s work.It did not If anything, it set the stage to make Erika s Call Me Zelda soar in flight, though it didn t set that impression upon my first sitting My first reaction was Erika Why would you tell the story from her nurse s perspective I soon un [...]

    26. 2.75 The story, to me, was so all over the place that it never fully established it s genre There were so many threads that were tugged at, but were then dropped just as quickly And way to completely breeze past an amazing backdrop setting of the Jazz Age with a Flapper as the title character Hah Elements I wish were further expanded upon Zelda s schizophrenia, Scott s celebrity and alcoholism, Anna s almost rape, the hauntings, and Soren But I think the focus of this story was meant to be the b [...]

    27. I received a copy of Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck in exchange for an honest review.I have been reading a lot lately about the Fitzgerald s and their seemingly glamorous lives in the 1920 s, and I was looking forward to reading Call Me Zelda I enjoyed the spin on this book in that it wasn t just about the Fitzgerald s, or even Zelda We are given the viewpoint of Anna, a fictitious psychiatric nurse that finds Zelda Fitzgerald in her ward one day Readers go on quite a journey with Anna, as she be [...]

    28. I loved this book I got on a kick accidentally of reading books about the wives of famous guys in the 20 s Yes, such a kick exists I saved Call Me Zelda for last because I already feel like I know Ericka Robuck from her blog and Writer Unboxed It s the first of her books that I ve read and the rest of her body of work has been added to my Read Before I Die book list Yes, she is that good.I loved everything about this book I loved that it wasn t written from Zelda s point of view, but rather from [...]

    29. I actually really enjoyed this book it s an interesting new trend in fiction, having a non famous protagonist tell the story, while the famous character has a supporting role Much like The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty If you liked Call Me Zelda, you ll like that, too While I ve always been fascinated by the story and mythology of Scott and Zelda, and really loved the excellent biography Zelda by Nancy Milford, Zelda has always been a bit of an enigma part fabulous flapper, part monster, wholly ca [...]

    30. Brilliant This book was brilliant Not only did the author follow the historical details, but she created characters who were fully developed and real The insight the author has into Zelda s mental illness is all lent to Nurse Anna as she cares for and bonds with Zelda Fitzgerald, sometimes seemingly to her own detriment Nurse Anna has her own past, full of war, loss and unimaginable suffering, and as her story slowly unfolds,as she slowly gives of herself to her patient, so does Zelda s The sto [...]

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