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Seeing is Believing By Erin McCarthy Seeing is Believing Cuttersville Ohio is full of ghosts and they all want Piper Tucker s help One guy in town just wants Piper Ever since Piper Tucker was young she wanted to be like everyone else but her uncanny abil
  • Title: Seeing is Believing
  • Author: Erin McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780425261736
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seeing is Believing By Erin McCarthy Cuttersville, Ohio is full of ghosts, and they all want Piper Tucker s help.One guy in town just wants Piper.Ever since Piper Tucker was young she wanted to be like everyone else, but her uncanny ability to see ghosts always put her on the other side of normal And the apparitions are showing up now than ever, desperately seeking help But what can she possibly do forCuttersville, Ohio is full of ghosts, and they all want Piper Tucker s help.One guy in town just wants Piper.Ever since Piper Tucker was young she wanted to be like everyone else, but her uncanny ability to see ghosts always put her on the other side of normal And the apparitions are showing up now than ever, desperately seeking help But what can she possibly do for them They ve already been dead for years Besides, she has a personal concern of her own right now A real flesh and blood concern named Brady.He s Piper s childhood crush, and no sooner is he back in town than sparks start giving off heat For Brady, it s hard not to notice the sexy young woman Piper s become, or forget the special gift she had as a girl And right now it could come in handy, because a long forgotten murder has been keeping a restless spirit from finding peace All Piper and Brady have to do is solve the crime to put the specter to rest But the passion brewing between them is just as restless, and could prove twice as dangerous.
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      USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in 2002 and has since written almost fifty novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult, and adult romance Erin has a special weakness for New Orleans, tattoos, high heeled boots, beaches and martinis She lives in Ohio with her family, two grumpy cats and a socially awkward dog.

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    1. Awkward beginning, for quite awhile, actually Especially the feelings and interactions between the H h It was like the author didn t know how old to make her characters Granted, I could see them reliving their childhood teenage memories of one another, but they jarred with their current lustful adult thoughts However, the story eventually hit its stride.

    2. A fun read My third Book since A Date with the Other Side Heiress for Hire Now, Tucker only daughter Piper, the skinny, bald head girl from Heiress for Hire who Amanda took care is now a woman She work as a pre school teacher, and a part time baby sitter She can still see ghost but she s trying to hide it and act as normal Brady, her childhood crush, was back in town Broke and unemployed, he plan to temporarily stay in Cuttersville Brady finally noticed Piper was now a woman and there a chemistr [...]

    3. First of all, let me just say that this is a very sweet book that I would definitely recommend It s a story about a little girl that was awkward and not well adjusted, who had a crush on a boy that was older than her but always made her feel good Now she s a young woman and that boy is a man, and fate brings them back into each other lives From there, they take matters into their own hands.But there was also a big surprise for me when I started reading this, and not even so far into it The heroi [...]

    4. Third in the Cuttersville paranormal romance series set in Cuttersville, Ohio, and revolving around friends and family The couple focus is on Brady it s twelve years later and Piper Tucker.The Murphy Sisters short stories are entangled in Cuttersville Which explains why it hasn t turned into a full length series, dang it.My TakeI do enjoy this Cuttersville series It s small town life where everyone knows everyone else s business with the usual assortment of characters from the nasty to the acerb [...]

    5. Good book Piper has seen ghosts ever since she was young She doesn t tell people about it because she doesn t want that kind of attention She just wants to be normal While babysitting for a cousin her childhood crush appears to come to there He has lost his job and is feeling pretty low He remembers Piper as a child but the grown up Piper knocks his socks off Even though he doesn t plan to stay in town for long he d really like to get to know her much better.I liked Piper Her ability to see ghos [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this one I d been wanting to read it for a few months now and I m not sorry I did Make no mistake, this book did have it s flaws But if you re an Erin McCarthy fan, which I am, and a fan of Heiress for Hire, which I am, then you can easily over look those flaws.My only complaint was that this book had a totally unnecessary split between the couple and it didn t work It didn t make sense and it added nothing to the story But we find that so often in romances, that I just shrugged [...]

    7. I m somewhat on the fence about this book It was definitely engaging, but somehow not completely satisfying I think it s a good thing I hadn t read the first two in the series recently, because Heiress for Hire is a favorite of mine and I don t think this stands up to that one Seeing is Believing lacks some of the believable angst and the charming humor of the other book.It s 15 years after Heiress for Hire and Brady comes back to Cuttersville after losing his job in Chicago Piper is still there [...]

    8. This was a pleasant read Nothing lifted it to great heights however It was fun to see Piper grown up It was fun to see Danny and Amanda again I thought the seeing ghosts thing was not developed as well as it could have been The beginning of the story set us up to believe that ghosts etc would play a greater role in the story which didn t happen Plus some of the actions of the main ghost didn t make sense and weren t adequately explained resolved.The relationship was okay but seemed to happen awf [...]

    9. Without the alpha hero or the kick ass heroine, what is it that you look for Quirkiness, oddball characters and laugh out loud situations And I m sorry , but the book didn t carry that forward very well.

    10. This story felt forced and the gimmick of the ghosts had no rhyme or reason to be included The relationship between the hero and heroine felt forced.

    11. Last year I read Heiress for Hire, the second book in the series, and enjoyed it very much So when I saw this book, I had to snatch it up The heroine in this book is the daughter stepdaughter of that books couple, all grown up now It was fun to see Amanda and her husband still very much in love and in lust, and with two young sons of their own Until she was 8 years old, Piper was a very much neglected little girl, malnourished and with no hair because of it all Quiet, she had learned never to as [...]

    12. I just could not get into this book It did not make it past my 30 page rule The intro was too slow for me.

    13. Ever since Piper Tucker was young she wanted to be like everyone else, but her uncanny ability to see ghosts always put her on the other side of normal And the apparitions are showing up now than ever, desperately seeking help But what can she possibly do for them They ve already been dead for years Besides, she has a personal concern of her own right now A real flesh and blood concern named Brady.He s Piper s childhood crush, and no sooner is he back in town than sparks start giving off heat F [...]

    14. It s been quite a long time since I read Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy, which features the couple from that book s daughterl grown up My plan was to read Heiress for Hire again before opening up this book because I m not quite the spring chicken that I used to be so I don t remember a hot damn thing from that book I only remember that I liked it, a great deal Anyway, that re read didn t happen but I jumped into this book anyway.So this book follows Danny s daughter Piper Tucker as she finds [...]

    15. Seeing is Believing, Cuttersville 3, by Erin McCarthyGrade C Are you comparing my hair to a Beatles album Brady Stritmeyer couldn t wait to get out of the small town of Cuttersville, Ohio and start his life in a big city Now over a decade later he s back in his hometown unemployed, broke and no idea what to do with his life Brady is lost until he meets Piper Tucker the skinny kid he used to babysit for when she was younger Piper has turned into Brady s dream woman and being around her makes him [...]

    16. When I first began reading this book, I had a problem with the hero, Brady I just didn t like his actions and attitude, not what a thirty one year old man should act like That kinda teed me off, because I like older heroes over a lot of the twenty somethings there s so much of in romance novels But you have to give a man just enough at the right time to make him see what s right, what he needs, and hope to heck he doesn t screw it up any.Piper Tucker is tired of being different and unique She se [...]

    17. Detailed Review I thought I would be able to fly through this fairly short book with enjoyment however that was not the case with SEEING IS BELIEVING I ve always had problems with books that follow the children of the previous book characters and I don t really don t have a logical reason as to why I think it s hard for me to think that those beloved characters from before are older and that their children are now adults and can get down and dirty The second was definitely Piper Tucker s problem [...]

    18. Contemporary paranormal with unprotected sex I REALLY wanted to like this one enough to give it 4 stars, but it just came up short for me This is a Cuttersville story Cuttersville, if you don t know is the most haunted town in Ohio This is the 3rd full length novel There s also 3 short stories about the Murphy sister witches Bree Brady s old girlfriend, Abby make appearances in this story Piper our heroine is the daughter of Danny, from Heiress For Hire , which I remember liking a lot better the [...]

    19. My Review There were some things about this story that I never did understand like why the heck was Piper bald at age 8 that were never answered and a few other plot details that I didn t understand why they were included, but at the heart of the story is Piper and Brady and I did really like them together Piper is the misfit in town At least that s the way she sees it, but honestly watching the locals interact her, they adore her But she s always been a bit different First, there was the way sh [...]

    20. SEEING IS BELIEVING is Erin McCarthy returning to her Cuttersville ghosts series This book picks up 14 years since the previous book in the series, HEIRESS FOR HIRE ended In real time, it s been 6 years since the last book in the series, and McCarthy has written SEEING IS BELIEVING as though readers finished the previous book a mere 6 months ago I would assume she reread the previous books to get in the zone of writing this one, and perhaps readers should do the same Even though all of the previ [...]

    21. Piper Tucker has lived in Cutterville, Ohio for most of her life and does not plan on leaving She was dropped off at her father s place when she was eight years old by her stepfather who did not treat her well and did not want her It was the first time her biological father knew about her and she has been treated special ever since.Brady Stritmeyer comes back to town after being away for twelve years Brady just lost his job and decides he wants to come home for awhile to make some decisions Pipe [...]

    22. Piper Tucker can see ghosts The only one who knows about her ability is Brady Stritmeyer the boy she s loved since she was a little girl Brady left town years ago, but he s come back after losing his job Seeing Piper again is a surprise to Brady A pleasant one when they start a passionate affair But Brady plans to leave again, so Piper has to take what she can get and keep her heart from breaking Will this city boy find his hometown roots and see that what he s been searching for has been right [...]

    23. I saw a review for this book on Book Binge that intrigued me Unfortunately, I hadn t read the first two books in the series and I think that was a handicap Also, the line editor did not do a very good job There were at least three different instances where I was pulled out of the story as I puzzled over what a sentence could mean Also, it had a LOT sex than the cutesy cover might lead you to believe Like, from page one Maybe two.So, Piper Tucker, former bald headed waif who was dumped on her fa [...]

    24. I couldn t finish this book Or maybe I did Apparently, I read this in May 2017 and promptly forgot everything by the time I tried to read it again today, in September Regardless, I couldn t get past the first sex scene this time around.There is something about getting to know a character as a child and then cutting straight to adulthood that never really works for meOr at least very rarely This book didn t do it for me It was to jarring to go from little Piper Tucker to a grown Piper who boldly [...]

    25. 2.5 stars For me, this didn t hold up to it s predecessor Heiress for Hire or Date with the Other Side for that matter Piper grew up well, and she should have been proud of herself, and although her insecurities, to an extent, were understandable, the way she handled them in the hand didn t seem to mesh with the forthrightness she had displayed throughout the book Brady was written as admittedly selfish, but that made it hard to warm to him the way Piper seemed to have no trouble doing I was gla [...]

    26. This was a fun book Although at first I could not figure out why the seeing of ghosts was so important But in the end I finally learned Seeing is Believing is kinda a second chance at first love story Piper has been in love with Brady since she was a little girl But Brady never really saw her as that But after so much time apart and Brady s return to town that all changes Only problem No one thinks Brady is good enough for Piper But when a mystery surrounding a murder many years ago through Pipe [...]

    27. I wanted to like this than I did I had read the other two books in this series, but so long ago that only the character names were familiar but not the plots This is several years into the future from Heiress for Hire I think it helps to have read those so the other characters in this story are fleshed out It was hard to buy in to this story Brady and Piper were both a little one dimensional and flat for me Piper s had a crush on Brady since she was 8 But there isn t much about the grown up Br [...]

    28. I really love the contemporary romance novels by Erin McCarthy It s been a while since we ve been to Cuttersville but her writing style and characters are just as charming as ever Piper has always grown up knowing that she has a gift Well, a curse some days She can see ghosts When her childhood crush, Brady, shows back up in town I loved getting the chance to see Piper all grown up and finding her own stride For so long she coasted along in her life but being thrown together with Brady she reali [...]

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