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Game Changer By Margaret Peterson Haddix Game Changer Athletics are everything for eighth grader KT Sutton She s a softball star and she s on track to get a college scholarship and achieve international fame Then one day during a championship game in th
  • Title: Game Changer
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780689873805
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Game Changer By Margaret Peterson Haddix Athletics are everything for eighth grader KT Sutton She s a softball star, and she s on track to get a college scholarship and achieve international fame Then one day during a championship game in the middle of an important play she suddenly blacks out.When she wakes up, she s in a different world One where school is class after class of athletic drills, and after schoAthletics are everything for eighth grader KT Sutton She s a softball star, and she s on track to get a college scholarship and achieve international fame Then one day during a championship game in the middle of an important play she suddenly blacks out.When she wakes up, she s in a different world One where school is class after class of athletic drills, and after school sports are replaced by popular academic competitions One where KT is despised for her talent, and where her parents are fixated on her brother s future mathletics career rather than KT s softball hopes.KT is desperate to get back to reality as she knew it, but bits and pieces of disturbing memories and dreams make her wonder if something truly awful happened there What if she s lost something a lot important than a softball game
    Game Changer By Margaret Peterson Haddix
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      258 Margaret Peterson Haddix
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    1. Margaret Peterson Haddix

      Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with degrees in English journalism, English creative writing and history Before her first book was published, she worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis and a community college instructor and freelance writer in Danville, Illinois She has since written than 25 books for kids and teens, including Running Out of Time Don t You Dare Read This, Mrs Dunphrey Leaving Fishers Just Ella Turnabout Takeoffs and Landings The Girl with 500 Middle Names Because of Anya Escape from Memory Say What The House on the Gulf Double Identity Dexter the Tough Uprising Palace of Mirrors Claim to Fame the Shadow Children series and the Missing series She also wrote Into the Gauntlet, the tenth book in the 39 Clues series Her books have been honored with New York Times bestseller status, the International Reading Association s Children s Book Award American Library Association Best Book and Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers notations and than a dozen state reader s choice awards Haddix and her husband, Doug, now live in Columbus, Ohio, with their two children.

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    1. I think I should just accept that possibly every book by Margaret Peterson Haddix is fabulous I haven t read them all there are a lot , but I have really liked every one that I have read.The main character of this book is an eighth grader, and I think this would be a really great novel for the middle school audience The premise is a girl, KT, who is unusually talented at softball for her age KT and her parents have made her softball the sun upon which the rest of their world rotates It is impor [...]

    2. Margaret Peterson Haddix has the ability to draw me immediately into a story and hold my interest The writing is very good and the alternate universe storyline is an interesting way to help the main character KT grow and develop I rated this a 3 instead of 4 because I had a hard time sympathizing with KT She was over the top whinny, self absorbed and got on my nerves However, the Epilogue is redeeming and sends a good anti bully message to help middle schoolers navigate those difficult years and [...]

    3. The first books I ever read by Haddix were the Shadow Children Series I loved those books, and moved on to read a few of her other works However, I ended up disappointed with most of them They just didn t possess the same excitement and exceptional plot that I felt the Shadow Children Series had So, needless to say, i wasn t expecting too much from Game Changer, but I read it anyways.I loved it.Literally one of the best books I ve ever read.Game Changer is about a softball obsessed eighth grade [...]

    4. It s been years since I read one of Haddix s books, but when I saw this book on display at e library, I immediately snatched it I love her writing, and this book did not disappoint me.KT is a star softball player During the fifth inning, she pitches against a girl whose batting is legendary in the area She hits the ball close enough to KT that she goes for it, and throw the ball to first As she throws the ball, she collapses with crippling pain shooting through her armd everying goes black.When [...]

    5. Margaret Peterson Haddix just gets this age Period She bends time again in this book, and it s fun and a great read, but for the writer, the middle grade writer, Haddix is an uber teacher Thanks Margaret.

    6. What a neat premise The story lacks a bit of richness, though and I had a tough time connecting with KT The action is quick, though, and the don t fall in to labels trap is a great message for teens.

    7. KT Sutton is a softball obsessed eight grader who is almost compleate with the biggest game of her career As she winds up for her final pitch, she faints The next morning when she wakes up, she had no memory of what has happened Even worse, she discovered that no one even remembers that she had played softball Sports seemed unimportant to most people, almost nerdy All day long during class the children practice physical drills, but there is never a game Academics, however, have become the newest [...]

    8. KT is an average student, but an amazing softball player Although she is only in eighth grade, she is already working towards a softball scholarship in order to go to college During a freak accident in a championship game, she blacks out When she wakes up, it is to a world turned upside down In this new world, sports take place during the school day these are the regular classes After school sports are now Acs, or academic competition The mathletes are now the school heroes, and the former jocks [...]

    9. Haddix, M 2012 Game Changer New York Simon and Schuster.This story tells about a brother and sister who end up in an alternate world where sports is academics and academics is sports The characters learn the value of family and friendship while trying to change things back to normal This story would be great for any middle school student The lessons about focusing too much on sports or too much academics will be eye opening to most students This book really teaches the value of being a well roun [...]

    10. I see where Haddix was going with this one, but I couldn t suspend my disbelief enough to get into the story Softball obsessed main character has an accident that hurtles her into an alternate dimension where athletics is the school curriculum and the sports are academic activities The main character is not likable and it turns into a public service message at the end about how we should all get along Not a winner.

    11. I ve long been a fan of Margaret Peterson Haddix This wasn t her best book, but nonetheless worth being written The idea here is to give sporty kids a chance to understand what it s like to be the smart kid in school I had trouble reading these passages because it reminded me a little too much of everything I hated about middle school and high school But I m so glad they ve been written And I have to admit, the end of the book hit my emotional centers quite strongly.

    12. Great story for sport minded girls, especially if they live to play softball Basically the storyline is what perspective on life do teens have What if your Plan A changes What are you going to do now Especially if you are stuck in another world different from the real world and how in the world do you get back to the real world

    13. This would get a 3.5 from me As Margaret Peterson Haddix books go, I felt this one was slow in getting started However, I am glad that I saw it through to the end The epilogue nearly had me in tears and cheering at the same time It is definitely a book that needs to be read than once While there was some rudeness between characters the language was not of any concern.

    14. This author always delivers, great storyline, excitement, susupense, real characters and books any tween teen can imperse themself in When you are so focused on one thing, do you see feel hear what else is happening around you Can you place yourself in someone else s shoes Excellent read.

    15. A really great take on the alternate universe if academics were the main thing in life People take great importance in sports and that can be a drawback for some of the characters in this book like the intelligent Evangeline Ending could have been better though.

    16. A great read for sports parents young girls who feel like sports is their life.As a mom of a sports boy soccer, cross country, track , it felt a bit eye opening Luckily, my boy is one who would be fine in either realityFYI I actually picked this up without knowing what it was about since I love everything this author writes.

    17. Interesting idea Alternate universe smart kids are the rulers of the school Athletes are the embarrassing nerds Schools have gym classes all day and only one academic class.

    18. I would actually give this 3.75, partly because Haddix s Hidden series is SO marvelous Haddix always presents important life lessons in her novels This one involves three middle school students being transported into a different world One student worships softball one is the class superbrain the third is the really smart boy in a world where sports are all that matter It has what sounds to me like a realistic view of preteens and teens on Facebook, tweeting, functioning in clicks Seeing the adul [...]

    19. This was an amazing book KT passed out during a game and went to an alternative world When she woke up she was in the hospital and had friends she wouldn t have had otherwise She could no longer play softball because she had a heart problem no one knew about In the end, she appreciated her family, brother, friends and softball than ever before.

    20. This book is about a teenage girl who is very committed to softball Kt was living life playing softball and then it was her final game of the season Kt threw the ball and the other girl hit it Kt thought she could catch the ball but all of a sudden it went black and she woke up in a different world Read the book to find out what happens to Kt.

    21. Some authors produce consistently superb books Some authors produce books that I enjoy and books that I don t enjoy, not for reasons of quality, but because it s just not my thing And some authors produce some amazingly good books and some pretty awful ones Margaret Peterson Haddix is one of those authors At her best, we get wonderful novels like Running out of Time or Double Identity At her worst, we get books like this one, ironically entitled Game Changer.Game Changer sounds like a good idea [...]

    22. KT is a great softball pitcher, and her family s life revolves around her games During the most important game of the year, she is badly injured and passes out, only to wake up the next morning with no memory of how the game ended She can t find any information online, her mother doesn t mention it, and when she gets to school, things are weird Instead of math and language arts, the classes are running on treadmills and pitching The pep assembly is honoring the mathletes, and the popular kids ar [...]

    23. This is definitely one of those books that gets interesting as the progress into the plot It is definitely a book worth reading and then some The beginning I will admit is very slow as it gets deeper into the climax However, as you read you want to know what happens to who and sometimes even a why given and you read then you keep reading it until you find yourself on the last page, amazed at what a great book it was and torn that it is over at Ieast, I hope it is for you The beginning showcas [...]

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