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Printre altele, m-am apucat de fumat By Aoibheann Sweeney Printre altele m am apucat de fumat An arresting new literary talent addresses the journey of light years or is it a hop from an island in Maine to the island of Manhattan Miranda s father has always seemed to her as obscure and elusive
  • Title: Printre altele, m-am apucat de fumat
  • Author: Aoibheann Sweeney
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  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Printre altele, m-am apucat de fumat By Aoibheann Sweeney An arresting new literary talent addresses the journey of light years or is it a hop from an island in Maine to the island of Manhattan Miranda s father has always seemed to her as obscure and elusive as the thick New England fog that surrounds their isolated island home When she was three years old, her parents moved from Manhattan to tiny Crab Island off the coast of MAn arresting new literary talent addresses the journey of light years or is it a hop from an island in Maine to the island of Manhattan Miranda s father has always seemed to her as obscure and elusive as the thick New England fog that surrounds their isolated island home When she was three years old, her parents moved from Manhattan to tiny Crab Island off the coast of Maine so he could work on his translation of Ovid s Metamorphoses Not long after, her mother took the boat out one day, disappeared into the fog, and never came back Miranda grew up quickly and quietly in the lonely house, caring for her brilliant but troubled father and sustaining herself with fantasies that grew out of the ill fated stories of lustful nymphs and vengeful gods that he read to her from his manuscript Aside from a halfhearted friendship with one of the girls at her school, her only true friend was Mr Blackwell a fisherman who had helped her father adjust to life on the island all those years ago and whose relationship with her father is like so much else about her father complicated and shrouded in mystery But when Miranda graduates from high school, her father announces that he has arranged for her to travel to New York to stay with friends from his old life, and Miranda embarks on a journey that will finally reveal the truth about her father s past and open up her world in ways she cannot begin to imagine Sweeney s spare, essential writing brings the contrasts of stark, sea misted Maine and the chaotic blur of Manhattan into striking relief Hers is a haunting story about loneliness, about the isolation of island life, whether it s a deserted island off Maine or the overcrowded noisy island of Manhattan Sweeney s remarkable ability to capture the peculiarities of a place and its inhabitants is astonishing, and her delicate rendering of Miranda s own metamorphosis elevates this novel from a typical coming of age story to a work of lasting literary value.
    Printre altele, m-am apucat de fumat By Aoibheann Sweeney
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      Sweeney was raised in Massachusetts and attended Harvard University and the University of Virginia s MFA Program, where she was a Henry Hoyns Fellow.Her first novel, Among Other Things, I ve Taken Up Smoking, is about a girl who grows up alone with her father on an island in Maine and is sent to stay in New York City with friends of her father s who open up her past, and her own world, in ways she cannot begin to imagine It was published by Penguin Press in 2007 and was an Editor s Choice at the New York Times Book Review and the recipient of a 2007 Lambda Literary Award.

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    1. according to the internet this person s name is pronounced even I hope that is true This book is amazing really and truly amazing I can t actually tell you that much about the book because I have realized that even being aware of the genre of this book actually minimizes the impact of the book But what I can do is talk to you about some of the reasons this book worked for me that may or may not work for you This is a really great coming of age novel now remember I hate coming of age novels passi [...]

    2. I liked the tone of this book a lot, but I m not sure I can really say I loved the story The first half introduces us to this very lonely girl growing up isolated with just her dad on a tiny island in Maine It s really suffused with soft melancholy, and very evocative and lovely Dad s life s work is doing a new translation of Ovid s Metamorphosis, and there are snippets of some of the myths and personalities from it woven into the narrative in interesting ways Miranda basically spends her childh [...]

    3. Probably the best part of this fresh and fast paced novel is the stubbornly self reliant protagonist s acceptance of her parents as human That sounds like a cliche, but it s actually the most subtle transformation in a forest of other easy reading dramas contained within this book Nudged into understanding by the myths of Ovid s Metamorphoses woven throughout this short text, the reader discovers a young woman who worships her late mother and her elusive father as if they were gods But then, ta [...]

    4. great first novel sweet and etheral, like a teenager, then changes to gritty and real , like the real world hopefully we can expect good things to come from aiobheann sweeney probably everybody should read this book, if you have a heart at all even dick cheney

    5. This book has many things I loved and a few things I wasn t so keen on, I thought giving it a 4 was a stretch, but I didn t have the heart to only give it a 3 The side characters are all extremely predictable stereotypes As soon as you meet them, you pretty much know everything that is going to happen with them The predictability of the plot was my only major gripe with this book.I loved how this book drew on Ovid s Metamorphoses Ovid was invoked always at the right time, and in an appropriate, [...]

    6. Aiobheann say Even Sweeney adds a worthwhile volume to the coming of age genre Miranda, a teenager who grew up on a tiny island in coastal Maine, visits New York at the behest of her father, a classical scholar writing a translation of Ovid s Metamorphoses Books that make liberal use of metaphor, as this one does episodes from Metamorphoses are sprinkled throughout , can be heavy handed, but Sweeney has a light touch While there s nothing startlingly original here, Sweeney s writing is pretty wi [...]

    7. This is a sweet, sad coming of age novel about a young woman who spends most of her life isolated and alone The novel starts on a tiny island off the coast of Maine, where Miranda is raised by her alcoholic father, who is interested in his translations of Ovid than he is by his daughter I loved the idea of starting Miranda s life on an island, as this upbringing is what creates in her both her self sufficiency and her extreme aloneness There are months which pass where her only company is her f [...]

    8. Am gasit intamplator aceasta carte in biblioteca mea Trebuie sa o fi cumparat la un moment dat pentru titlul ei foarte catchy Dragi editori, se pare ca decizia de cumparare, cel putin la mine, se bazeaza intr o proportie destul de mare pe titlul cartii Deci aveati dreptate in tot acest timp Dupa ce am citit coperta spate si cele cateva randuri despre autoare, m am hotarat ca n o sa mi placa Apoi m am apucat de citit Si am terminat cartea in doua zile, pe nerasuflate Avand in vedere ca am citit o [...]

    9. Written by fellow Crimson Aiobheann Sweeney, this is probably one of the best reads I ve had to date.It reminds me of the way I handled Trangression Junction, but her style is so clean, and the story so well written that I wish I owned this book rather than having to return it to the library That actually says a lot This book was also a good fit for me because I can relate to a great deal of what was said and written as far as location, the feelings involved, and while I am not directly familiar [...]

    10. It started off a bit slow and weird but I wanted to give it a chance I kept doing so until I realized it was over and had continued until the end to be a bit slow and weird Young girl lives with her father on a remote island in Maine Her mom is dead we wonder if the man that is the family friend is the ed d lover, the daughter doesn t seem to notice Girl travels to NY and meets all of her Dad s old friens who are gay Girl doesn t sem to make he connection to her dad Girl becomes inoled in 2 diff [...]

    11. It s hard to tag this book accurately, straddling between Coming of Age and Exploration of Sexuality , without reliably falling into either genre Sweeney s protagonist has a complex relationship with her father due to his own closed nature, which she doesn t really break open until she has moved away from him As she truly forms her own identity, she can then better see her own father Similarly, her own identity doesn t fully form until that separation occurs While her coming of age and explorati [...]

    12. The terse prose of this book was reminiscent of Hemingway When a writer is this economical with the prose, what they think is worth noting becomes important, as does what they don t The fact that both the writer and protagonist were women made what she chose to note and not note insightful to me as someone who s never fully understood the female perspective With that being said, some of the plot that hinged on innuendo was depending on me understanding that perspective, which was a stretch somet [...]

    13. The author is really good at describing small interactions between people, by using a few details to give a vivid impression of complex relationships, and of how the relationships change over and are made up of those small details The story feels really incomplete and I feel unsatisfied about it so far the book covers twenty years but the moments that make it up are so good that I didn t really notice that flaw as I was reading The book reminds me of A Complicated Kindness.Extra bonus points Goo [...]

    14. Interesting read and refreshing that the narrator s sexual awakening is not focused on her sexuality i.e she doesn t wrestle with it rather, it s about whom she loves Some interesting moments ending felt rushed though, and she runs through complicated emotions and important decisions far too quickly Missed opportunities to explore these emotions on the page in depth Few too many adverbs used.

    15. A bildungsroman about a young girl raised by her father consumed with the translation of Ovid s Metamorphosis and has that really delightfully Jeanette Winterson aspect of calling on myth for plot exposition Hauntingly beautiful with descriptions like Plath and reminiscent in themes of Fun Home by Allison Bechdel.

    16. This was a book I found hard to connect with at first, but it became engaging as the story sped up, then accelerates towards an abrupt and incomplete ending.It made me realise that I liked books where I can quickly understand where the story was going or what the intent is not necessarily a predictable narrative but a sense of what kind of book I m reading In this case, we don t get that sense until about 100 pages in It s a story about coming of age , a young woman moving to the big city to le [...]

    17. Aoibheann Sweeney s debut novel, Among Other Things, I ve Taken Up Smoking, is the best coming of age novel I ve read since Melanie Rae Thon s Iona Moon.Miranda Donnal lives with her father, a reclusive classicist translating Ovid s Metamorphosis, on Crab Island off the coast of Maine Miranda s mother died when she was three, and Miranda has been raised mostly by her father and Mr Blackwell, a Native American Indian who cooks, cleans, and nurtures the family when he is not fishing for a living T [...]

    18. Things I liked The prose was soft and sometimes ethereal, without being wishy washy The references to Roman mythology and literature The fact that the author gave birth in a New York taxi, according to the internet.Things I didn t like The whole parent who has been gone dead for as long as the protagonist can remember trope It pops up so often these days and it doesn t automatically make the protagonist interesting or sympathetic, especially if it s not really explored as is the case in this Th [...]

    19. The way in which Sweeney interweaves Miranda s own thoughts and experiences together with her retelling of pieces of Ovid s Metamorphosis is really interesting and its done so well here I think Miranda uses stories from Metamorphosis to understand her own life, explain rationalize flesh out how she feels about things she experiences, and in some cases, expresses subconscious curiosities or desires In any case, it feels a bit like watching her thoughts and identity grow from inside of her brain, [...]

    20. Something I read about this book called it restrained, and that s probably the word that best describes it to me This fits the setting of a lonely island, where the protagonist grows up with her father.The metaphors are really well done everything relates back to the island, its air, light, water, color, and the tools of life on a rural island It s certainly distinctive to hear descriptions of the island where I was born, Manhattan, described with rural references.Also fresh was the description [...]

    21. From the cover of this adult novel, I was expecting an artsy fartsy literary thing I was pleasantly surprised I liked it Is it one of the best books I ve read all year No, mainly because I can t think of a single student to recommend it to But, the author definitely wins the coolest first name award return return Miranda grows up on an isolated island in Maine caring for her intellectual father who is translated Ovid She cooks, cleans, and takes care of her absent minded father She doesn t lead [...]

    22. This was a perfect book to read as I prepare to leave NYC Sweeney captures all the awkwardness that comes from being new in this city from feeling under dressed and unfashionable at all times, to not knowing what a regular coffee is, to learning how to walk with the crowd My favorite observation about New Yorkers is about weather In the rain, they seemed to feel as if the weather was meant for someone else, or somewhere else, and isn t that always the way with New Yorkers Some days I feel like a [...]

    23. If I hadn t known that the author won a Lamba award for Lesbian Debut Fiction, I would have described this as a novel about bisexuality It s not, though This is just my wishful thinking It s not about bisexual people who find they love same sex partners It s about people in the closet who have to come out, and that s actually appropriate for a contemporary retelling of The Tempest Here s one thing that is a little weird about this book if the protagonist Miranda is the Miranda of Shakespeare s [...]

    24. Miranda has grown up largely alone on an island off the coast of Maine with her father Her mother died possibly a suicide when she was three For many years Jonas Blackwell, a local fisherman, spent a great deal of time with Miranda and her father, taking on a great deal of parenting from James who was distracted at the best of times and absorbed in his work translating Ovid for hours at a time The relationship between the two men, and the cause for their break is never explained, partially becau [...]

    25. I chose to read this work of contemporary fiction based on the settings Maine and New York are two locations that are meaningful in my own life Although Miranda is socially awkward and her metamorphoses was slightly different than my own, I could relate to this coming of age story, transitioning from tranquil life in rural Maine to the chaos of New York City.Quote Among other things, I ve taken up smoking Ana says I should stop with the good girl bad girl stuff, and obviously she s right, but so [...]

    26. I expected to love Aoibheann Sweeney s debut novel Among Other Things, I ve Taken up Smoking 2007 This, unfortunately, was not meant to be This is not to say that Among Other Things doesn t have its good points It s a novel whose queerness gradually sneaks up on you a novel of subtlety above all else, and its approach to the main character Miranda s coming of age and coming out is no exception It deals with the issues surrounding Miranda s mother s suicide, her father s past, and his relationshi [...]

    27. There s something very special about Among Other Things, I ve Taken Up Smoking by Aoibheann Sweeney I wish I could be specific, but I honestly don t think I can There s a feeling to it a wholenessI would say that opening this book is like closing your eyes and finding the universe staring at you Constellations of stars, galaxies and a silence wise beyond words, beyond the word it inhabits It is astonishing, in the end, how difficult it is to know the things you know What I mean is that all I ha [...]

    28. A story of one girl looking around at life like it is.Unusual kind of book, without well seen problem to solve, almost without any action, just thoughts, just way of finding things out.In the beginning I liked how stories from mythology were tied in, almost all the book long I waited for some to appear Around the end I understood why I like this novel the main heroine has some characteristics which are close to me, maybe the way of thinking while looking for something not in particular, maybe u [...]

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