Dove lui finisce ed io comincio #2020

Dove lui finisce ed io comincio By Cardeno C. B.C. Rommell Dove lui finisce ed io comincio Jake Owens aggressivo fisico schietto e coraggioso un campione di football diventato poliziotto Nate Richardson il suo migliore amico da sempre riflessivo calmo e gentile un medico geniale che
  • Title: Dove lui finisce ed io comincio
  • Author: Cardeno C. B.C. Rommell
  • ISBN: 9781613728093
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
  • Dove lui finisce ed io comincio By Cardeno C. B.C. Rommell Jake Owens, aggressivo, fisico, schietto e coraggioso, un campione di football diventato poliziotto Nate Richardson, il suo migliore amico da sempre, riflessivo, calmo e gentile, un medico geniale che ha sempre avuto coscienza di s e che ha sempre saputo che Jake l a della sua vita e il leale, coraggioso, eterosessuale Jake non l ha mai capito.Ma Jake, inveceJake Owens, aggressivo, fisico, schietto e coraggioso, un campione di football diventato poliziotto Nate Richardson, il suo migliore amico da sempre, riflessivo, calmo e gentile, un medico geniale che ha sempre avuto coscienza di s e che ha sempre saputo che Jake l a della sua vita e il leale, coraggioso, eterosessuale Jake non l ha mai capito.Ma Jake, invece, non si sentito corrisposto e non mai stato eterosessuale come Nate suppone Nate potrebbe pensare che la loro esplosione passionale sia un colpo di fortuna, il risultato della troppa vicinanza, troppo prolungata, ma Jake deciso e determinato a dimostrargli il contrario Per Jake, la questione non come sono finiti a letto insieme come fare a convincere Nate che lui lo vuole e ha bisogno di restarci.
    Dove lui finisce ed io comincio By Cardeno C. B.C. Rommell
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    1. 2.5 stars This story was legit bananas BANANAS Just when I thought I ve read the gooiest, mushiest Cardeno C books, I stumble upon this one and this one puts all other CC books to shame TO SHAME This book is like a marshmallow exploded over two sweaty, naked gay guys It is gay fluffernutter smorgasbord It s feast time, baby I honestly would have rolled with the crazy obsessive jealousy, co dependency, and totally bizarre psychic connection if it wasn t for a few details I mean, I KNOW what to ex [...]

    2. 2.5 starsPSA This book has a lot of sex I meanA LOTof sex And when I say a lot of sex, I mean A LOT OF SEX And if I failed to really get my point through, let me just leave it at thisSEX SEX SEX SEX SEX Come multiple times, don t need to touch my dick, inside outside anyway I can get it or give it SEX Not a chapter and nary a page goes by without someSEX.Now, what amazes me is that if you took away ALL THAT SEX, the 10 or so pages of story you re left with are actually my crack We re talking sou [...]

    3. This review is for the second edition of this book, which includes a bonus chapter originally published in Fluffy pink unicorns dancing on rainbows have NOTHING on this book This is the ultimate GFY, opposites attract, BFFs to lovers story The book BEGINS with a HEA, and the rest is just layer upon layer of happy, sexy, and delicious Nate and Jake have been friends FOREVER They were born on the same day in the same town to moms who were besties, and have been each other s everything always Nate [...]

    4. Cardeno C is a new to me author Never read a full book of hers only tried a sample of one so I wasn t sure what to expect The first chapter hooked me but when the second chapter started I thought Didn t I just read this Yes, I had Rather than an alternating dual POV, she d write the same scene over from the other character s perspective I found this really irritating and came close to DNFing it It would take me out of the story and made me backtrack Luckily, the whole book isn t like that and th [...]

    5. Sticky, ooey gooey, sugary sweetness where everyone is beautiful and perfect I understand, Nate I get the concept of infinity It s like the two of us, like our friendship No end, no limit We re forever That s infinity, right Nate and Jake have been inseparable since birth So inseparable that they didn t know where one ended and the other began They d always loved each other but they ve been in love since they were teenagers, unbeknownst to each other Nate has been out since high school Jake assu [...]

    6. Audible I can t believe I finished it At last It was not easy Where can I pick up my medal Susan, as already very often, expressed EXACTLY , 1 1, my opinion about this book.I m not sure I want to read of this series It s written in a comfortable author s manner copy paste modify publishing but it s not what I m looking for.I think the reason I managed to listen it up to the end was a narrator, I doubt I could have been able to finish it if I had read it.

    7. Cardeno C says he yes I found out Cardeno is male Quote is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a little Happiness and a few Awwws into a readers day , well he does that for me in spades and yep, his books are full of sugar and his guys are almost too good to be truebut WHO CARES I m very happy to be transported to a place where the sex is hot, the love is true, the chemistry explodes and the endings are always happy Third book in the Home series and granted, for some readers his books might be [...]

    8. 2.5 hearts Story Sometimes these types of books work for me and other times they just don t You know the type, that too sweet, too easy, too unrealistic type of relationship book That is Jake and Nate s story.Nate and Jake have been inseparable since birth and are as close as two people can be They start a romantic sexual relationship when they re twenty eight, which is where the novel begins.Really not much happens in this story, these two are in love and stay in love At the beginning they both [...]

    9. Cardeno C sure knows how to write fluffy books This was exactly what I needed.For the first 30% I wasn t too interested in this couple I mean, these guys get together on the first page I thought it would be either filled with angst or boring fluffiness But actually it was neither.First of all, there is NO ANGST, none, nada, nothing And yes there was fluffiness all around, but it wasn t boring as I thought It was beautiful Wonderful fluff.This is the story of Jake and Nate, 2 best friends since b [...]

    10. 2.5 Stars So Much Sex My rabbits would be jealous shelf was made for a book like this Rotating perspectives with dialogue cut and paste from the previous section that made the story incredibly repetitive Some truly WTF moments in which MC actions and reactions were not even remotely based in reality Sweet, fluffy sugar coma whatever your romantic heart could desire two MCs to say or do or be for each other, this book has it I loved the idea of MCs who were together from the cradle to the grave, [...]

    11. Can t take it any Every scene is told twice, putting sunscreen on each other values sentences than the death of the parents of Jake, Jake the hero managed to carry injured Nate miles through the night and still keep pressure on the injury, leaving behind his dying parents and that s it Off to the next scene of finally making love in the here and now As harebrained as my review might sound now the whole book was for me So this is the first DNF for me this year, I m curious how many will follow.

    12. I ve gotta say, this really did not work for me To the point where I didn t even want to deal with reviewing it, and then I let too much time go by, and now it s hard to formulate a review But luckily, I did frequent updates for the first quarter or so before I got completely sick of everything And I feel they sufficiently sum up my feelings 1.0% I like that this STARTS with them hooking up, instead of having to work up to it 3.0% No, No, NO STUPID MISCOMMUNICATION 4.0% Okay they cleared that up [...]

    13. My teeth hurt from all this sweetness But damnnnn, I feel good This was some love story.It s about 2 guys who have been friends since birth They do everything together Nate came out in his teens and had always had a crush on his best friend Jake One drunken night these two discover that Jake is not so straight as Nate thinks They live together in New York Nate has studied medicine and works at a lab and Jake is a NY cop.The whole book is about how much these two men love each other It was beauti [...]

    14. After reading this book a second time, waiting 2 years in between, I came to the same conclusion as my initial read Holy shit, this is the sappiest, stickiest, sweetest M M romance on the market MCs Jake and Nate have been best friends their entire lives They were born in the same hospital, their mother s already best friends, and once you get over the fact those these boys were practically brothers, you can sink yourself into the flashbacks and overly sweet love they share It is a fun read when [...]

    15. This book did not start on a right note for me, just because i was a bit exasperated with one of the characters Nothing big, just a personal niggle since i can t relate to his insecurities Thankfully, it didn t last for long and i was able to just suspend all sense of reality, and just enjoy the story Which turned out to be really sweet, or accurately sugary sweet by the end I can deal with that though and was in the right mood for it.So the only thing that did not work for me was how many sex [...]

    16. A major disappointment, sugar overload and the dialogue was so unbelievably cheesy, all those I love yous and flowery talk was over the top and hard to take.

    17. The Title Where He Ends and I Begin is a wonderful title that fits perfectly for the soul mate relationship shown in this book Jake and Nate were inseparable since a very young age and for me the title was not just intriguing, but the story delivers what the title promises and so much .The Cover I prefer the old covers, even while really liking the new ones for the home series The old cover for this book shows Jake and Nate as children and as adults with an intense connection It is beautifully d [...]

    18. I feel cheated of a good story The blurb was simply wonderful And since I liked the second book 5 stars in the series, I thought the author s style was moving from the overtly emotional 1st book to something still emotional but balanced like 2nd book Now I know I was wrong You ve got these two boys, born the same day from mothers who were best friends joined at the hips Naturally, the two boys, Nate and Jake, get to be best friends from birth Jake and Nate respective families live next door to [...]

    19. With mothers who were best friends, Jake and Nate have grown up together, from the moment they were placed side by side in the same bassinet I get the concept of infinity It s like the two of us, like our friendship No end, no limit We re forever That s infinity, right Nate is gay and has loved Jake forever until one day their friendship only status becomes too much for him to handle He loved me, I knew that, but not like I needed him to love me He loved me just enough to keep me from ever being [...]

    20. This one is repetitious and it is 4 Sugar Coated Stars I loved it, yes, this book was repetitiveBut, nevertheless, I loved it Jake Nate we re adorable I love the dual POV, the repeat not so much, but, nevertheless, it doesn t stop me from reading this book over and over again.The MCs Oh my goodness, what wonderful MCs with a strong sense of place, and that was awesome OK They are super sweet I love that Jake will do ANYTHING for Noah, it is a perfect love story I love the way the story is told B [...]

    21. I didn t want to read it, I had to Unimaginable tortureCheered on by a friend who laughed her silly ass off you know who you are I somehow made it through this book Slightly ruffled but still in one piece I managed to finish.I can t remember the last time I felt so relievedAnd for the fun my friend had with me while I read this book whining and bitching, the German edition gets three stars, so there.Oh, and kudos to the translator

    22. Enough I m on chapter 18 and suffering hyperglycemia.One chapter and my teeth will rot UnbearableI really liked the second book in the series but this is a huge disappointment

    23. 3.5 stars Warning This is a long review If I weren t so lazy, I d probably go back and cut pieces of it that I repeat but I m really that lazy Lol So, just read it and I expect you to like it PI have to admit, this book didn t start off good for me The first half of the book is essentially a big misunderstanding between Jake and Nate about one thing about their relationship or another Then there s the sweetness factor For someone who is not in the mood for a sweet, sweet, sweet and sappy book, i [...]

    24. Where He Ends and I Begin is a super hot sexy, no angst, sweet and fluffy romance about two best friends who become lovers and are, at their core, soul mates We ve always been almost like one person I ve never known where he ends and where I begin Told in Jake and Nate s alternating dual POV, we learn Jake and Nate have been best friends literally from birth Their mothers were the only girls in their big families and became best friends as children, sharing their lives together, marrying within [...]

    25. I love sweet stories I love long stories This is both a sweet and a long book That means I should love it, right Unfortunately, I didn t Where He Ends And I Begin is the story of two best friends, Jake and Nate, falling in love Their friendship is cradle to the grave They were born on the same day, their mothers gave birth in the same room, they were laid down next to each other after they were born And so began the saga of Jake and Nate.A couple of things in this book didn t work for me I never [...]

    26. This is one of those Awwww books I ve read other comments where folks have stated that it was sweet really sweet That is pretty much the only way to describe it There is no real conflict, no major disagreements, no angst, no anything really except a good love story between two life long friends who go from friends to not just lovers but life partners Sure it was very unrealistic but who cares Sometimes I just need a sweet story without a bunch of b.s thrown into it.I enjoyed watching Nate and Ja [...]

    27. This book was so sweet I loved every second of it A little cheesy in places but it s just what I needed at the time I wasn t in the mood for an angst filled book and I can always count on Cardeno C s books when I m in that mood I loved Jake and his SELFLESS love for Nate Nate never even knew a lot of the choices and sacrifices Jake made for him, for them, throughout the years and that s exactly how Jake wanted it That is a pure and selfless love right there Nate irritated me a couple of times th [...]

    28. I always know when I want a fairytale romance with lots of hot sex, Cardeno C s books will fit the bill and this was no exception Jake and Nate were fated to be together since the day they were born Most of that time spent as best friends each secretly longing for the other When the finally get together, they cannot get enough of each other, as if they are two halves of one person.Jake s devotion to Nate over the years is beautiful Often the same story is told in alternating POV s, and if you ha [...]

    29. My sap o metre just overloadedriously folks, Cardeno has really let the saccharine sentimentality out for this storyn t get me wrong tho , whenever I m in mood for high sugar, over the top romance, this is the series I readif you can accept these stories for what they are without having your cynicism overwhelm your hopeless romantic, then you should enjoy this book.

    30. This is a love story, a total 100% love story.It starts off with two men who have known each other their entire lives becoming lovers, and is basically the ping pong of their early physical relationship, because as the book shows they have had an incredibly strong emotional bond.Nate and Jake are awesome, emotionally there are some glitches, but they deal with them as adults.So far so good.But its told in alternating POV, which quickly becomes repetitious, and doesn t enhance anything.And then t [...]

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