Pride and Pretense #2020

Pride and Pretense By Patricia Costa Viglucci Pride and Pretense Not your mother s Jane Austen Some readers see the title as evidence that Pride and Pretense is an adaptation of Darcy and Elizabeth s story Quite the opposite As one reader declared Pride and Preten
  • Title: Pride and Pretense
  • Author: Patricia Costa Viglucci
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pride and Pretense By Patricia Costa Viglucci Not your mother s Jane Austen Some readers see the title as evidence that Pride and Pretense is an adaptation of Darcy and Elizabeth s story Quite the opposite As one reader declared, Pride and Pretense has great sexual tension Another called it, steamy without being graphic It is true that Zan Alexander is as proud as Derbyshire s wealthiest landowner, but when ZaNot your mother s Jane Austen Some readers see the title as evidence that Pride and Pretense is an adaptation of Darcy and Elizabeth s story Quite the opposite As one reader declared, Pride and Pretense has great sexual tension Another called it, steamy without being graphic It is true that Zan Alexander is as proud as Derbyshire s wealthiest landowner, but when Zan first appears in Pride and Pretense, he is as poor as only an undiscovered writer can be And it is as an impoverished scribbler that Zan suffers humiliation at the hands of beautiful Maggie Stanton, not quite 16 A doctor s privileged daughter, she pretends to be college bound When the two are discovered in a compromising embrace by Zan s best friend, who is also Maggie s protective older brother, Zan is shocked and mortified to learn her actual age He gives Maggie a look of loathing she can t forget Now ten years later, Zan is a celebrated playwright, the talk of Broadway, and Maggie is all grown up, a newspaper drama critic assigned to cover the opening of his autobiographical play and get his life story Will Zan remember Maggie, and, if so, will he be inclined to exact his revenge Set in the beautiful Adirondacks, the romance has its lighter moments along with some heated ones, too.
    Pride and Pretense By Patricia Costa Viglucci
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      Patricia Costa Viglucci

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      From author s website I am a native of Potter County in north central Pennsylvania which is still the wildest part of the Commonwealth The wooded Allegheny Mountains have been my spiritual haven from an early age The sun filtering down through tall trees to the pine needle floor, the scent of hemlock, and the murmur of rock filled mountain streams spell home to me.I was born in Austin, Pa A thriving boom town of 3,000 in the early 1900s, the hamlet is now the home of some 600 residents, who have built a wonderful repository of historical items The Austin Historical Society and the E.O Austin museum tells the story of Austin s early days, most notably its logging history and the dam break of 1911 My father, Sam Costa, then 4, was one of those who escaped the raging waters.

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    1. At 25, Maggie is a confident and very capable journalist She has the perfect boyfriend, Hayes, and is working hard for a promotion that she desperately wants Her boss gives her an opportunity that will help her clinch the promotion It seems simple enough Go back to her hometown of Merritt and interview Zan Alexander probably the biggest name in theater at the moment At 15, Maggie had a brief infatuation with Zan Alexander a misfit and friend of her brother s She interacted with him at two differ [...]

    2. I wanted to like this onebut it just wasn t for me I found myself continually putting it down and reading other books I found the hero to be such a bully I thought he bordered on abusive even I expected the book to take on a bit of a pride and prejudice themebut wowhe treated the heroine HORRIBLY.he was no Mr Darcy least not to me Mr Darcy was arrogantd could be unkind in his judgmentbut he NEVER would have forced Elizabeth to do anything she was uncomfortable withrt her physicallyor have been s [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this lively story about a journalist as she climbs the career ladder She is asked to cover a story about man whom she had a crush on as a youth She didn t even know if he would remember her She continually finds herself in awkward situations as she strives to fulfill her assignment in order to get the big job she wants This novel is loosely based on Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice It follows Austen s work much loosely than other books I have read along this line Still, it was [...]

    4. Maggie is an up and coming journalist in New York who has a chance to further her career by getting an interview with elusive Broadway playwright, Zan, who also happens to be a good friend of her older brother and her teenage crush They have a very love hate relationship now sparring endlessly with one another one minute and then wrapped up in passionate kisses the next Maggie is pretty absorbed in the guilt she feels from deceiving Zan as a teen and it s almost like she s afraid of falling for [...]

    5. I loved it The title of the book which I thought was very cleaver and nothing short of perfect says it all Lots of prideful banter, pretentious attitudes, and a whole lot of romantic tension to offset the anger and hostility I would love to read from this author

    6. Fun, but had a hard time keeping straight who was mad at who and why There violent fits and starts were getting on my nerves and I m just not into his constant manhandling of her.

    7. Maggie is a 25 year old entertainment newspaper journalist and has an opportunity to get the job she has had her eye on for some time if she can complete her next assignment successfully However, her next assignment getting a personal interview with Zan Alexander who is a very popular and successful playwright will be quite a challenge since there was an embarrassing, but romantic confrontation with him in the past Maggie hopes that Zan doesn t remember their previous meetings when she travels b [...]

    8. Uummm, I didn t LOVE this book It had a fun premise, good characters, and good story line Terrible punctuation It was hard to read and very distracting Maggie had to write an article about a guy she had fallen for 10 years prior She wondered if he would hate her, or resent her, because she had imbarrassed him when she was 15 This was an OK read I didn t really see the coorilation to Pride and prejudice until the author pointed it out late in the story Not much to the romance except the firey tem [...]

    9. This was a cute romance, with great potential The characters were fun, though I felt like they could have had depth to them, as I barely learned about the main characters than I did the side ones The romance was good, a little steamy but not inappropriate I did feel that the tempo was off, ending up like a string of steamy and good scenes with little to connect and smooth the transitions This left it a little jumpy, but the plot was interesting overall with a satisfying romance I had expected [...]

    10. Pulled this up at work tonight best job ever and read through it in a few hours I enjoyed the plot, setting and the characters It was an easy, quick read There were some great tension filled scenes that any romantic would appreciate.The book needs a good edit though Quotation marks were all over the place and it drove me nuts I had to re read to figure out where the quotation marks ended and started Maybe it was just my download I don t know but it was annoying.Content some mild swearing and som [...]

    11. I thought there were parts where it read well, but I was so distracted by all of the misplaced quotation marks that I had a hard time staying involved in the story It is a modern remake of Pride and Prejudice, but I found myself skipping parts, between the swear words, the very passionate kissing and the annoying banter between Maggie and Zan I know there s a thin line between love and hate, but what horrible behavior If you don t mind random missing quotation marks, swearing, and many reference [...]

    12. I like the idea of this book, and though it was totally predictable obviously a play on another Pride book , I have trouble rating it higher The plot was fun and full of nice circumstantial twists, but it was billed as a clean read , which is why I picked it up I didn t find it to be squeaky clean I am quite admittedly a bit picky on this point in romance novels, so my judgment may be a bit harsh I don t think I d let my daughter read this until she is in her late teens.

    13. New author for me one of s recommended for you books I liked the story thought it was clever but I agree with an reader s cclblue review that it pushed the boundaries of what I would consider clean I don t think I ll search this author out again Definitely senior high school and up.

    14. Pride Pretense The story line was great The first half of the book was too predictable but then it really flowed and was hard to put down.The book emphasizes the miscommunication often between the two sexes.Pride is the failing of most human interactions A couple of scenes were a little risqu but mostly it was cleanly written.

    15. Solid 3 1 2 stars I loved the sexual tension between the main characters I really enjoyed the story line and enjoyed that it took place in the not so distant future before everyone had cell phones attached to their ears 24 7.

    16. Free e book from.Not a sqeaky clean read, but nothing beyond touching written on the page.I liked the scenery and nostalgic feeling of this book Didn t like the hot and cold of the main couple, couldn t figure out what was going on sometimes.

    17. A lovely Jane Austen inspired contemporary romance The author captures the Mr Darcy pride in Zan Alexander s character beautifully The friction between Maggie and Zan set off fireworks throughout the book and kept me hooked to their story Some great characters and overall entertaining story.

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