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Blind Faith By Kimberley Reeves Blind Faith Serena was only fifteen when four teenage boys dragged her inside a cold dark cave and robbed her of her innocence Although she suffers from night terrors any memories of the attack and the events l
  • Title: Blind Faith
  • Author: Kimberley Reeves
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blind Faith By Kimberley Reeves Serena was only fifteen when four teenage boys dragged her inside a cold, dark cave and robbed her of her innocence Although she suffers from night terrors, any memories of the attack and the events leading up to it are locked inside her head After seven years of hiding from the demons of her past, Serena is forced to confront her fears when she allows her high school crSerena was only fifteen when four teenage boys dragged her inside a cold, dark cave and robbed her of her innocence Although she suffers from night terrors, any memories of the attack and the events leading up to it are locked inside her head After seven years of hiding from the demons of her past, Serena is forced to confront her fears when she allows her high school crush, Will Duncan, to rent out the upper floor of her house.Having Will in her life is a double edged sword Serena learns to trust again and discovers an inner strength she never knew she had But when she falls in love with him, Serena knows the only way they can have a future together is if she rids herself of the past first As the missing pieces of memory gradually to snap into place, Serena uncovers the trail of lies and deceptions that led to the ultimate betrayal.Can Will Duncan help set Serena free or will the secrets he harbors about that night shatter her faith in him forever
    Blind Faith By Kimberley Reeves
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      Eighteen years of marriage to the same wonderful man who is and always will be the love of my life He is the inspiration in my heart

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    1. 2.5 StarsI just could not connect to the main characters and there was something missing that ultimately affected my overall enjoyment of the story Also I had a big issue with the heroAt the time of the big incident involving heroine the hero was stupid enough to get tangled in the heroin s sister schemeHe new what sort of a girl she was, but still when she kissed him in the woods he did not pushed her away and participated in the kiss whilst being in love with the sounded weak to [...]

    2. Two days before Serena s fifteenth birthday, she is viciously raped by four boys from her high school, while at a party That event leaves her blind and without the memories of what really happened that night.This book was so moving I couldn t tear myself away from it Serena has been in love with Will since before her attack When Will moves into her home thanks to her aunt who owns the house he also helps her to remember and to overcome the fear that she always carries around with her I just love [...]

    3. Serena was raped and attacked when she was 15 years old while she went to a party Because of the horrific incident, she lost her eye sight For the past seven years she has been living as a blind person on her own Will was three years older than Serena in school, but Serena never forgot the feelings she used to have for Will Seven years later, Will is in medical school and moves into the space above Serena Serena and Will form a friendship and from there the story begins.I wanted to like this but [...]

    4. Serena Strong, Stupid, Loving, Amazing, Wonderful, Brave, A warrior and A fighter.I loved her Being brave doesn t mean you re not afraid, It means forging ahead in spite of being so scared your insides are shaking Blind Faith is Serana s story about her painful past and her present How a Knight in Shining Armor comes in and sweeps her off her feet.Meet her Knight Give me your demon and we ll slay it together Will I am going to marry a guy like him someday I think a person who s name is Will can [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars What do you feel, Serena Your heart, she squeezed out, it it s racing Because of you This was another sporadic read for me It was a freebie on a couple days ago and the blurb just intrigued me Plus I found the cover to be very hauntingly beautiful, too as it turns out, the story was very similar There were so many things I enjoyed about this story The Hero, Will, is AMAZING He s patient, loving, sweet and has loved our heroine, Serena since she was fourteen years old He s never forgive [...]

    6. This the first book I ve read from this author and I wasn t impressed I really wanted to like this book but I couldn t stand the way the author portrayed the sister,yes I get that she was going for a spoiler,self centered, evil character but the attempt fell flat and turned out amateurish,imo.Serena h has finally moved out of her parents house and into a rental house that her aunt owns That may not be such a huge event to some but for Serena it took every ounce of courage she could dredge up Sev [...]

    7. Everything that could possibly happen to this heroine is thrown into the mix a trauma related disability, naive and over protective parents, an understanding aunt, a devoted lover who has secrets, truly horrible, stereotype of a sister whom the parents haven t got after twenty years of being a manipulative liar and of course the heroine fortunately a likable one and her dog, the most engaging character of the lot.Overall, I am ambivalent about this novel I read it right through and it should hav [...]

    8. Blind Faith 4.5 I d like to say this was a fairytale read in the sense that it had the heroine, villain and happy ever after Though it had those elements it was no fairytale to read.I thought the writing was intense, like getting inside their heads, seeing and feeling every thought, touch and emotion for myself The story was sad and beautiful, it was good to find out the reasons why along the way instead of a big reveal but I did find myself rush reading those repeats That said I thought Will wa [...]

    9. I have mixed fillings about Blind Faith I m not one who usually has a hard time jumping into a willing suspension of disbelief For a good story but I had a hard time swallowing that Will had waited off in the wings for seven years for a girl he fell for but never had a relationship with when she was 15 That said, it was and interesting plot though the outcome and the path there was fairly predictable What saved it was how much I liked Will and Sirina All was almost too perfect but after some of [...]

    10. Sometimes the world gets too close to me and I have to escape with a romantic novel True, I could stay out late and find my Goth roots in somewhat bizarre behavior and or play volleyball all day on the beach and then apply icy hot to my knees all night and the next day, but last Thursday, a short drive with the top down, a few nice espressos and a comfy chair seemed to be calling my name.I had never read anything by Kimberly Reeve before, but this was on my Kindle so everything fell into place T [...]

    11. This is a ridiculous read Before I got halfway I started to lose momentum The prose is just so stilted and annoying to read There s so much inner monologue and the hero just analysing the heroine trying to figure out where to make his move Even if he is sincere and has a good heart his lines are just so cheesy and he sounds like a conman Though sometimes his con can be quite funny It s simple really If the voices only come after I kiss you, then the only logical solution is to never stop Serena [...]

    12. Initially a sad story but one that keeps you gripped from begging to end and what a beautiful ending it is.Serena is brutally raped at an outdoor party by four young lads, because of the trauma of this event it leaves her blind Will who has a crush on Serena finds her in quite a mess He is so upset by this that he goes in search of the lads and takes matters into his own hands which I think anyone would under these awful circumstances.Will adores Serena and over the years keeps a watchful eye ov [...]

    13. TENDER ROMANCESerena has suffered a terrible ordeal when she was 15 Brutally raped by 4 boys from her school she went blind, brought on by what had happened 7 years later she has managed to escape her parents house and their suffocating care, with the help of her aunt Rose who has a house that Serena is renting But then Rose rents the upstairs of the house to Will Duncan, Serena s high school crush.Will has always wanted Serena, but has kept away Hoping she would recover enough from her ordeal H [...]

    14. This book was horrible, not the book sorry but Mckinley what a self centered, manipulative, conniving slut bitch How can she be so spiteful Thank god for Will he is the sweetest guy ever, he is exactly what Serena needed to finally face her past and slowly but surely finAlly put it behind her He helped her find the strength to face her nightmares to actually talk about them and not keep pushing them deeper in her mind so she could finally let go and be happy His strength to just be there for her [...]

    15. 4.5 heart wrenching stars Wow, this book was incredible Loaded with crazy emotions but ended with hope and renewed faith I was taken on an emotional rollercoaster but it was one I thoroughly enjoyed Especially because Will Duncan is sheer sexiness and definitely a worthy hero in my book Damn, I experienced so many emotions, including hatred for Serena s selfish and cruel sister Omg, I wanted to throttle that bitch every time she was around But Will truly made my heart flutter so often What a chi [...]

    16. I seriously cannot get enough of Kimberley Reeves books This one I think is my new favorite, it was awesome I loved, loved, LOVED both of the characters and couldnt wait to read about what really happened years ago McKinley is truly an evil evil character but I loved her final confrontation in the book I loved the fact that both of the characters had feelings for the other from way back when and it just grew My heart broke for Serena when I read what happened I honestly cannot recommend any Kimb [...]

    17. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      I really enjoyed reading this book.Although what happened to Serena was horrific and even worse was finding out who was to blame, the love story is what sucked me in.Will is just too good for words.His love literally brought Serena out of the darkness.

    18. I am just a little disappointed that there wasn t a scene where Serena told her family what really happened that night I wanted revenge on McKinley

    19. I have some mixed feelings about this book whch is why I gave it 2.5 stars.There s an important theme addressed as the main plot of the book, but I feel the narration, even when it brought attention to it, didn t give it the importance such a theme deserved Even though everything was supposed to revolve around that incident There were numerous things that seemed to have happened and were filled in either by a character s monologue thoughts or comments that were made by them telling it had taken [...]

    20. This is such a bittersweet story I have always been fascinated with blind people and their dependence with their hearing, feeling and insticts when it comes to dealing with people I think it is a really great that they could do that Serena got blind after a very bad experience She was gang raped when she was 15 and she didn t really remember what happened at that day and then she got blind Seven years after, Serena is living alone in her aunt s house and teaching blind students Until Will came b [...]

    21. My problem is that Will is too good to be true Even when the author tries to make him look flawed, he still comes out the perfect guy I would not have minded if it was just a romance book but Blind Faith conveys another message The message that in order to survive the worst, you have to face your fears Serena could not face her fears, yet, deep down she knew that she wanted to forget that her sister had been somewhat responsible McKinley is really the total sociopath of the story, the villain, t [...]

    22. Blind Faith by Kimberley Reeves is an achingly moving tale It narrates the story of Serena who was brutally raped at the young age of 15 which leaves her emotionally scarred, hurt and close and also physically blind The novel narrates the incidents that happens 7 years later Serena is now living independently in a house rented by her Aunt Rose with her faithful guard dog Rufus and she teaches in a school for the visually challenged It is when dashing, high school crush and her brother s friend, [...]

    23. This was amazing I completely adored the heroine in this story and Will was a sweetheart too But that McKinley is one piece of evil work The end was gratifying and I liked that the author wasn t so quick to appease us with that moment too soon it came at just the right moment This book was so easily read and the transfer from Will to Serena and vice versa POV was so effortless it flowed beautifully into one another Woyyy no scene in this book was over exaggerated and I love love LOVED that there [...]

    24. Blind Faith is about a 22 year old woman called Serena who has been blind for 7 years since she was held down raped by 4 guys from high school She has managed to cope with the blindness but still suffers terrible nightmares memory block from that traumatic night A guy called Will who is a crush of hers moves in upstairs they grow close but Serena s sister Mckinley is a spiteful, hateful woman is jealous as hell that Will doesn t want her she s also hiding something about the night of the rape Th [...]

    25. if ever slapping a sister was warrantedI m pretty sure I picked this up as a 99 cent sale I ll admit to being a bit of a cover whore and to be honest this one didn t really do a lot for me Synopsis intrigued me so I took a punt.Serena and Will worked well as a pairing I expected issues from areas where there were none older brothers and where I didn t see a problem beating up the aholes it seemed to be an issue to reveal.Extremes in characters Mary Sue and mean girl grated at times and the timin [...]

    26. This was definitely a compelling story I liked the characters and the changing point of view helped to move the story forward I thought the way to the story progressed was well done, but I have a hard time believing that Serena would have a sexual relationship so quickly.There are also two chapters that are almost exact replicas, which distracted me The information in the duplicated chapters was important, but as I was reading, I kept thinking Didn t I already read this entire thing Overall, a g [...]

    27. Loved this book It has a pretty strong subject matter with vivid flashbacks and nothing is held back when what happened to Serena is recounted Will is such a honey, a strong male lead who puts Serena s trust, love and happiness above anything else He s nothing but protective McKinley, ugh I wanted to reach into the book and slap her silly She s so vile, a vapid, shallow heartless bitch I couldn t hate her enough.A great read but be warned if you have triggers about rape, then this may not be the [...]

    28. Wowwhat an amazing story about a girl who has the courage to go on with life no matter what anyone says.She s a teacher, she lives by herself and she has made a life for herself despite having a life altering thing happen to her, having her over protective parents breathing down her neck and her bitch of a sister always having to be the centre of attention and forcing the girl to always live in the past.In comes the understanding aunt and a kind hearted soul who was always just trying to do the [...]

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