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Love, Lucy By Lucille Ball Love Lucy The one and only New York Times bestselling autobiography by Lucille Ball Filled with light and laughter New York Times Book Review Lucy fans will find this book fascinating Detroit News A winner New
  • Title: Love, Lucy
  • Author: Lucille Ball
  • ISBN: 9780425177310
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love, Lucy By Lucille Ball The one and only New York Times bestselling autobiography by Lucille Ball Filled with light and laughter New York Times Book Review Lucy fans will find this book fascinating Detroit News A winner New York Newsday Intensely moving San Francisco Chronicle
    Love, Lucy By Lucille Ball
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    About "Lucille Ball"

    1. Lucille Ball

      Lucille D sir e Ball was an American comedienne, film, television, stage and radio actress, model, film executive, and star of the sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show and Here s Lucy Lucille Ball was one of the most popular stars in America during her lifetime and had one of Hollywood s longest careers She was a movie star from the 1930s to the 1970s, and appeared on television for than thirty years.Ball received thirteen Emmy Award nominations and four wins She was the recipient of the Golden Globe Cecil B DeMille Award in 1979, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kennedy Center Honors in 1986 and the Governors Award from the Academy of Television Arts Sciences in 1989.In 1929, Ball landed work as a model and later began her performing career on Broadway using the stage name Diane Belmont She appeared in many small movie roles in the 1930s as a contract player for RKO Radio Pictures Ball was labeled as the Queen of the Bs referring to her many roles in B films In 1951, Ball was pivotal in the creation of the television series I Love Lucy The show co starred her then husband, Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo and Vivian Vance and William Frawley as Ethel and Fred Mertz, the Ricardos loveable landlords After the show ended in 1960, Ball went on to star in two successful television series The Lucy Show, which ran on CBS from 1962 to 1968, and Here s Lucy from 1968 to 1974 Her last attempt at a television series was a 1986 show called Life With Lucy The show proved to be a critical and commercial flop which was canceled less than two months into its run by ABC.Ball met and eloped with Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz in 1940 On July 17, 1951, Ball gave birth to their first child, Lucie Desiree Arnaz A year and a half later, Ball gave birth to their second child, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, known as Desi Arnaz, Jr Ball and Arnaz divorced on May 4, 1960 On April 26, 1989, Ball died of a dissecting aortic aneurysm at age seventy seven At the time of her death, she had been married to her second husband, standup comedian and business partner Gary Morton, for twenty eight years.

    983 thoughts on “Love, Lucy”

    1. If you re picking up this book it s because you have a love for Lucy strong enough to get you interested in her life and how she got to where she got At least, that s certainly why I picked it up Even only being eighteen, I realize what a wonderful woman Lucy was and will forever be I grew up watching her show with my Ma and to now be sitting down, years later, reading her book is incredible I cracked up at certain parts, I got sad during others, but I was always interested in what she had to sa [...]

    2. I grew up on reruns of I Love Lucy She is one of my all time favorite entertainers I think she is the best comedian ever She did not have to be crude to be funny I still occasionally watch old episodes of the I Love Lucy show I remember crying in 1989 when I heard that she died This autobiography covers her life up until about 1964 Her children found the manuscript in a dusty box some years after her death, and it was published in 1997 Once I could get past the opening sentence that was simply, [...]

    3. Another celebrity autobiography read, another okay book.Love Lucy by Lucille Ball Interestingly the daughter Lucia Arnaz found the rough edition of this book in her belongings, while sorting out all her positions.Interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes very honest, we all think a celebrity life is all good, but sometimes they are fighting and working hard for stardom, and Lucy spent many years fighting to get better roles, Hollywood did not know what to do with her at first.Stardom came with the [...]

    4. I m desperately trying to think of a way to start this review without saying something about loving Lucy But you know what Whatever I ll say it I love Lucy I loved reading her autobiography, too From the very start, I was pulled into her story In her very own words, readers get to learn what makes Lucy tick and where she got her start The one thing that struck me about her was her determination and her confidence Lucy had to work and work hard to reach success, unlike so many Hollywood actors an [...]

    5. I already admired Lucille Ball before I read this book After learing about her early years I grew to greatly respect her too She was an amazing woman.

    6. I ve read other biographies of Lucille Ball and Desiz Arnez,but this one by Miss Ball herself was interesting because after growing up watching her on tv,I know her voice pretty well,so it was if I could her her speaking and even imagine her facial expressions The book like her tv shows and movies was very intertaining.

    7. When Lucille Ball passed away in 1989, she was only weeks away from starting work on an autobiography with a co writer It was thought that she d died without the opportunity to present her own version of her eventful life However, some years later, her children discovered an unpublished manuscript in amongst documents kept by her lawyer It turns out that she had written her autobiography with the help of another writer, but had shelved it in the early 60s because she didn t want to hurt her ex h [...]

    8. e I never missed an I Love Lucy episode, well, rerun anyway.I truly enjoyed reading this book It was unfortunate that Lucille Ball stopped writting in 1964, 54 years into her fabulous life Even unfortunate is that this autobiography might never have made it to print if it weren t for her two children, Lucie and Desi Jr who found it by accident after Lucy passed away in 1989.Lucy was a pioneer in her time She didn t succumb to the infamous casting couch, illicit drugs and alcohol, and seem to al [...]

    9. I Love Lucy This book covers Lucille Ball s life up till 1964 or so She describes her childhood, her career and the divorce from Desi Arnaz This book was conceived after her death when found among her estate was a manuscript It was dated 1966 Lucille Ball died in 1989 The manuscript was based on tape recordings that Lucille Ball had made in anticipation of a memoir that she decided not to finish Lucille Ball probably shelved the project because she didn t want to hurt Desi so soon after their di [...]

    10. title love lucyauthor lucille ballpages 256on december 14th 2010 i received this book on my birthday from my grandmother, oh how i was thrilled to get this book in my hands i started to read it ammedently,this book is about lucille ball and growing up as a little girl in jamestown new york she talks about her exsperence of losing a father,grandmother,aunt as a child and how she hoped to find somebody to understand her,how she started modeling for a living and on her way to stardom,how she met de [...]

    11. Thank goodness this little treasure was found and released for all to read This was such a delightful and interesting read and I was terribly disappointed when I encountered the last page Just as her daughter remarked in the introduction of the book, Lucy s stories are truly written as if she s right there telling them You can tell that the material on her tapes was very thoughtfully and thoroughly preserved in the translation to print It covers her life up to 1964 it s truly a shame that she di [...]

    12. Ok, I ll be honest with myself for a moment Is this really a 5 star book No But, I don t care Everything Lucy is 5 stars The most moving part of the book for me is when Lucy begins to lament about her divorce from Desi I knew that they divorced and this was not news to me But their divorce from Lucy s own point of view In a word, devastating Haha

    13. I ve heard a lot of the stories before but there were a lot and they were all so much better from her perspective Very sad at the end too.

    14. My grandmother got me started watching I Love Lucy than 10 years ago And because of my grandma, I really and truly love Lucy, but I did not know much about her life before I read this book I bought this book at Universal Studios Orlando when i walked into the Lucy Tribute.Lucy had a truly wonderful, unique story to tell, and I am so glad her children decided to publish this book It really does read like Lucy is telling you her life story I laughed multiple times throughout the book, and even wi [...]

    15. It was really good to hear Lucille Ball s story in her own words This autobiography tended not to talk about most of the harder times in her life, other than with a gloss over She avoided talking much about the problems she had with Desi, although she did acknowledge that there were lots of problems She seemed to try not to paint Desi or anyone else badly, which is admirable, but can lead to a less interesting book I found the book interesting and her voice pleasant, although I would have loved [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this glimpse into the life of Lucille Ball This book covers mainly her childhood, early years as an actor and then her marriage to Desi Arnaz and a little bit about the I Love Lucy TV show I wish that Lucille had written about her life after her marriage to Gary Morton but maybe she had intended to and just never got around to it I really admire and respect her as a woman and a person after reading this account of her hard working family life and humble beginnings Sounds like s [...]

    17. What a sweet memoir this was I love Lucy and it was very engaging to hear about her life in her own words She didn t really say anything I already did not know about her or her marriage to Desi I did learn one new fact though Desi s family his mother s side were heirs to the Bacardi Rum dynasty That was pretty kool I really loved the pictures throughout the book She was a beautiful woman boy she really did love Desi It was sad to read on how their marriage fell apart Thank goodness for the memor [...]

    18. As a fan of Lucille Ball, I couldn t wait to read this a real insight into her life but also the life and times of early television, she was so far ahead of her time professionally, I wished it didn t end

    19. When it comes to beauty, talent, and sheer determination, it doesn t get much better than Lucille Ball In her autobiography Lucy shares what it takes to make it up the mountain, how she navigated the Hollywood blacklist, and some of the torment and heartbreak of her marriage to Desi Arnaz.

    20. Lucille Ball s television persona, which is all I ve ever had the pleasure of knowing until now, is both lovable and dynamic, a difficult feat for a mid century comedienne But after reading Ms Ball s memoir, I can attest that the icon herself is all that and .Lucille details her rough beginnings in rural New York and her series of early failures in show business not to garner pity from her fans, but to demonstrate her innate resilience and admirable ability to learn from failure Her experiences [...]

    21. Picked this one up at the Writer s Stop in Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Went in just to browse but found they have a bunch of new previously released best sellers and since I love Lucille Ball, I decided to get this one for the plane ride home My Ray Bradbury book just wasn t doing it for me Still debating whether or not to finish the Golden Apples of the Sun Anyway, I started reading this on the bus back to the resort and it is so fluid and easy and interesting I read the first 50 pages [...]

    22. Lucille Ball s family found this as told to autobiography of Lucy s first 50 or so years after she died never knowing she had done it In fact, she was planning to meet with someone to write about her and died before she could in 1989 The family investigated and authenticated and published and I am so glad they did Lucy was born in 1911 in Jamestown, NY and even her life there and what it meant to her was really interesting Then NYC in the late 1920s and early 1930s, fascinating And then Hollywoo [...]

    23. Please see my detailed review at Grace s Love, Lucy ReviewPlease click that the review was helpful to you at so that my rating continues to climb Thanks I had this book on my shelf for several years, and a recommendation at following my reading of Kathleen Brady s Lucille led me to pull it down and give it a read What a great surprise Lucy is fairly open about her shortcomings though, unsurprisingly, not as open as possible, simply through wanting to avoid personal embarrassment, I m sure I enjo [...]

    24. Wow Just, wow Lucille Ball was an amazing woman This book is so approachable and you really feel for her as she discusses the good times, the bad times, and how she was feeling as it happened Not once does she throw Desi under the bus, which in all fairness she could have It s obvious they loved each other, even if they didn t necessarily like each other, which I think a lot of people can relate to within their own families Frankly, the only critique I have for this book is that I wish Lucy had [...]

    25. Lucy s autobiography is fantastic as well Unlike Desi s, her autobiography wasn t published during her life time She actually started it and then shelved the project which is why it only covers her life through the early 1960s However, her voice comes through in the storytelling and I imagine that it gives a very true account of her childhood, her move to Hollywood and attempts to break into movies, her tumultuous marriage to Desi Arnaz and her ascent to stardom when she finally found her niche [...]

    26. Dictated to a ghost writer in the 1960s, this autobiography of the comic legend was only published in the 1990s Packed with photographs and remarkably candid for the time period in which it was written Ball is quite candid about the fact that Desi Arnaz basically cheated on her from day one , this is not necessarily a dishy autobiography, but it is revealing As one of her contemporaries said of Lucy, she had the rare ability to relate to everyday people, to celebrities, and to kings, and the wri [...]

    27. I am a die hard Lucille ball fan Like if I have to girls their names will be Lucille Vivian fan i grew up watching I Love Lucy on Nick at Nite when I got this book as a gift from my step mother I could not stop reading it I think i ve read it 5 times at least how she came to be an actress from her simple life in Jamestown, New York was amazing She worked her butt off for her fame notariety Any Lucy fan MUST reas this book If for some reason you aren t a Lucy fan, you must readt this book any way [...]

    28. A very easy and quick read Not full of the juicy details one might want to read, and I did find that surprising Wasn t so much looking for them as expecting them It was fun to learn some little secrets about Lucy, for example the reason she wore open toed shoes, and how her love affair with Desi ended Lucy always makes me smile and I truly do think every time I see her that I really do love Lucy Though incomplete in that it was written well before her death and published well after it is worth t [...]

    29. I enjoyed this book that apparently was written by Lucy herself many years ago but never published I purchased the complete I Love Lucy TV series at Costco and my kids, who range from 12 to 4 years oldl love it I m not surprised, it is timeless Despite the fact that Lucy and Desi divorced, it was evident that Desi always held a special place in her heart The book gives you a glimpse of her personal life and feelings I would love to read a behind the scenes of the TV show next Any recommendations [...]

    30. I really do love Lucy and I really enjoyed this book It was interesting to see where she started and how she got to where she did The way she took Hollywood by storm and wasn t like every other actress, the way she didn t care as much about her looks as she did the laughs she was getting, and the way she became so powerful and a household name This was a neat little book and the pictures were a great addition.I ll always love Lucy.

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