Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence #2020

Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence By Clifford A. Pickover Sex Drugs Einstein Elves Sushi Psychedelics Parallel Universes and the Quest for Transcendence A smorgasbord of subjects designed to bend reality and stretch the reader s mind
  • Title: Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence
  • Author: Clifford A. Pickover
  • ISBN: 9781890572174
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence By Clifford A. Pickover A smorgasbord of subjects designed to bend reality and stretch the reader s mind.
    Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence By Clifford A. Pickover
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      277 Clifford A. Pickover
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    1. Clifford A. Pickover

      Clifford A Pickover is an American author, editor, and columnist in the fields of science, mathematics, and science fiction, and is employed at the IBM T J Watson Research Center in Yorktown, New York.He received his Ph.D in 1982 from Yale University s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, where he conducted research on X ray scattering and protein structure Pickover graduated first in his class from Franklin and Marshall College, after completing the four year undergraduate program in three years 1 He joined IBM at the Thomas J Watson Research Center in 1982, as a member of the speech synthesis group and later worked on the design automation workstations 2 For much of his career, Pickover has published technical articles in the areas of scientific visualization, computer art, and recreational mathematics 1 Currently, he is still at the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center.He is currently an associate editor for the scientific journal Computers and Graphics and is an editorial board member for Odyssey and Leonardo He is also the Brain Strain columnist for Odyssey magazine, and, for many years, he was the Brain Boggler columnist for Discover magazine.Pickover has received over 50 invention achievement awards, three research division awards, and four external honor awards.Pickover s primary interest is in finding new ways to expand creativity by melding art, science, mathematics, and other seemingly disparate areas of human endeavor 5 Pickover is an inventor with dozens of patents 1 , the author of puzzle calendars, and puzzle contributor to magazines geared to children and adults His Neoreality and Heaven Virus science fiction series explores the fabric of reality and religion 1 Pickover is author of hundreds of technical papers in diverse fields, ranging from the creative visualizations of fossil seashells 6 , genetic sequences 7 8 , cardiac 9 and speech sounds, and virtual caverns 10 and lava lamps 11 , to fractal and mathematically based studies 12 13 14 15 He also has published articles in the areas of skepticism e.g ESP and Nostradamus , psychology e.g temporal lobe epilepsy and genius , and technical speculation e.g What if scientists had found a computer in 1900 and An informal survey on the scientific and social impact of a soda can sized super super computer 16 Additional visualization work includes topics that involve breathing motions of proteins 17 , snow flake like patterns for speech sounds 18 , cartoon face representations of data 19 , and biomorphs 20.On November 4, 2006, he began Wikidumper, a popular blog featuring articles being considered for deletion by.

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    1. Drugs, me, me, me, Proust, me, me, I love me, and me Ps Technology God Did I mention, me Like a homeless Alzheimer s patient, Sex, Drugs, Einstein, Elves meanders over so much terrain that writing a review is a bit like tracking the trajectory of every pellet in a shotgun blast It s filled with the kind of cocktail party chatter you might use to pick up a Mensa member at their convention after party He spends a paragraph on an idea and then moves on without staking out any true analytical criti [...]

    2. I had fun reading this book It was a quick, easy read During reading I went wow many times and it left me feeling that life is a fun, mysterious adventure meant to be discovered little by little every day Much like a good psychedelic trip can do, this book can put things in perspective.The book dissapoints if you are expecting to read about these topics in depth It does not go very deep That s its strength and weakness This book is like light entertainment, or reading a succession of short arti [...]

    3. Clifford Pickover is the guy at the dinner party who would be so much interesting if he would just stop making everything about himself He seems like an absolutely insufferable shit There s a lot of really interesting subject matter here, but he will not shut the fuck up about he s the most prolific author in America or how great his own books are He quotes liberally from some shitty sci fi book he wrote He says he s his own favorite author He constantly rambles about the Japanese delicacy of F [...]

    4. I could not wait to really get into this book after reading the introduction It absolutely amazed me that there was a book that explored so many of the things that I am interested in, in an integrative way that I thought I d never see modern physics, parallel universes, philosophy and existentialism, psychedelic experienceUnfortunately, the book did not live up to my high hopes Although it delved into all of these areas, I found that it tried to discuss so many different and disparate things, th [...]

    5. This book is put together in a very unique way Every section has nothing to do with the previous one, and each one jumps from one thought provoking subject to the next The subjects discussed really make you realize that life is a ginat playground, and after you have read this book you want to go explore all the kooky corners of existence that you possibly can in your lifetime, and maybe even in the next It s a great read for when you re already high and can t focus on anything lenghty It s also [...]

    6. While I was initially impressed, the format of the book got to be too much for me The author s favorite topic is himself, and while he is certainly an interesting guy, the way he goes about writing about himself rubs me the wrong way For example, he frequently mentions his other books with barely any justification and comes across as advertisement If you ignore that aspect, most of what he wrote about was interesting stuff, and there are some really memorable passages and lines The title makes t [...]

    7. A book with a tremendous amount of interesting facts and stories, which unfortunately end up being smothered under the author s hubris What Clifford A Pickover wants you to know first is he is a prolific author, and has lots of readers, and is very important Unfortunately, the tone and style of this book left me with a bad taste in my mouth This book is obviously well researched 20% of the book is footnotes, books for further reading, and an index , and some of the topics covered are really thou [...]

    8. I had my attention captivated from time to time I m fascinated by fringe science and Pickover seems to have a firm handle on center mass science so he keeps me inside the cart with the scientific issues However he insists upon injecting personal anecdotes about sushi and his picturesque hometown it s still America, dude and I don t find him to be an intriguing personality He tries to borrow much from Robert Anton Wilson but RAW was a genius, pioneer, and genuine character Pickover is just some g [...]

    9. Interesting subject matter, but an author that is too full of himself to make anything really stick It s like having a Professor giving you the text book the beginning of the semester that he wrote , then he leaves you to fend for yourself while he helps himself to his LSD stash I took some really awesome points, but was left with a bitter taste in my mouth when Pickover would, literally pick over everything I just read and put his spin on it Props to our Book Club for wanting to think outside t [...]

    10. I found this very promising at the beginning, but quickly began to lose that infatuation after being repeatedly off put by the author s self promotion and clearly high opinion of himself There is a section toward the middle that does not belong in this book, almost as if he s pulled an article on how to write and get published out of a file, broken it up into chapters, and slapped it in the middle to flesh out the page numbers As my banjo player rest his surly soul used to say when we flubbed th [...]

    11. It s been about 5 or 6 years since I ve read this book and it s still one of my favorite books Ever I let someone borrow it one day and never saw it again Now when I go to bookstores I fantasize about it being on the shelf Clifford Pickover will leave you wondering how he s going to end his roller coaster ride of non related topics He may begin with the evolution of AI then onto the future of publishing houses and something about Alien brains and 1950 s movies about nuclear war before using Marc [...]

    12. I ve never experienced a hallucinogenic adventure Not for lack of trying, curse my brain chemistry So it s pretty easy for me to disregard his praise of DMT, which is apparently a chemical key to an alternate universe.Which is fine I guess The real fun of this book has to do with his discussions of Proust, and riffing on modern neurophysiology Lots of neural pathologies aping transcendental experiences Or maybe the other way around The writing is funny and light, this isn t science, but it s de [...]

    13. filled with interesting ideas and musings i pull from this book constantly and will continue to pick it up and browze through for tiny gems of understanding that i ve either overlooked the first time around or have forgotten it s like an encyclopedia of philosophies and ideas great stuff here the only downside is that when you read it cover to cover, it can get a bit boring while the author drones on and on think proust still, very worth it, in my opinion i recommend it constantly.

    14. Quite an interesting read if you enjoy questioning the rationale of our society The informal tone Clifford uses makes the book seem like you are sitting down at a table conversing with friends about exotic ideas which is perfect for making this information heavy book easy to digest If you ve ever imagined why there is such a thing as the Golden ratio and how it came about, this is a book for you.

    15. There was some neat stuff in the book, particularly the bit about the psychedelic effects of darkness Lots of other stuff felt like fluff, and the whole astral traveling thing got tiresome after awhile I really don t care if some people see munchkins, and I just didn t quite understand why he put so much significance on it.Not a bad read, not a good read, just okay Dunno if Goldilocks would have eaten this bowl of porridge, but I did.

    16. This is an intriguing book Some of the essays aren t terribly captivating, but most are very good and are very thought provoking It sounds like the biggest problem that a lot of people had with this book was his constant references to Proust and Proust s books That didn t bother me in fact, I thought it was interesting The equally ubiquitous references to DMT and DMT elves started to wear me down, though Worth a read.

    17. A friend introduced me to this book Everytime I looked at him reading it his eyes were wide open with amazement and he d put the book down and walk out of the room shaking his head in astonishment I decided to read it because me and him would always exchange favorite books and I loved it and it blew me away just like it did to him I can relate to DMT from the past and it was just enjoying to read about.

    18. I can t fault this book Yes, he punts his other books a fair amount, yes, he glosses over a number of topics, but then this is book does not pretend to be anything than an introduction to just about every interesting topic under the sun from, well Sex, Drugs and Einstein, through to well everyone s favourite, the DMT clockwork elves.

    19. Maybe should have been called Proust, Drugs, Einstein and Elves Sex is I suppose effective for moving units pun intended I read it primarily to get the Proustian content, so no issues here.CP does tend to ramble on random topics, some of which are interesting and some are forgettable I did note some of the sources and may refer to those at a later date.

    20. Fascinating and brave, but in the end a tiring read Like listening to a dozen brilliant experts speak on a variety of topics simultaneously, this book cultivates exciting and unexpected mental connections but should only be experienced in short sprints.This is a difficult one to recommend via a simple star rating system.

    21. This is a stream of consciousness produced by a doctor of mathematics A fun read, though a bit heavy on the Proust.

    22. overall, this book was highly interesting however, it does at times get somewhat tedious with the ineffable number of Proust references and all but even that aside it s a pretty good read.

    23. Pickover is an eclectic writer evoking profound fascination, and this book did not disappoint me in my continuing reading of his work.

    24. I have the attention of a five years old and this book jumps subjects alot It talks about everything from launguage to phychedelics Its one of my favorite books

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