Come il jazz può cambiarti la vita #2020

Come il jazz può cambiarti la vita By Wynton Marsalis Edoardo Fassio Come il jazz pu cambiarti la vita Non solo musica il jazz anche un modo di stare nel mondo e un modo di stare con gli altri Al cuore della sua filosofia ci sono l unicit e il potenziale di ciascun individuo uniti per alla sua capac
  • Title: Come il jazz può cambiarti la vita
  • Author: Wynton Marsalis Edoardo Fassio
  • ISBN: 9788807722462
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come il jazz può cambiarti la vita By Wynton Marsalis Edoardo Fassio Non solo musica, il jazz anche un modo di stare nel mondo, e un modo di stare con gli altri Al cuore della sua filosofia ci sono l unicit e il potenziale di ciascun individuo, uniti per alla sua capacit di ascoltare gli altri e improvvisare insieme a loro stato creato dai discendenti degli schiavi, ma sa parlare di libert figlio della malinconia del bluesNon solo musica, il jazz anche un modo di stare nel mondo, e un modo di stare con gli altri Al cuore della sua filosofia ci sono l unicit e il potenziale di ciascun individuo, uniti per alla sua capacit di ascoltare gli altri e improvvisare insieme a loro stato creato dai discendenti degli schiavi, ma sa parlare di libert figlio della malinconia del blues, ma sa lasciarsi andare alla felicit pi pura Le sue radici sono nella tradizione, ma la sua sfida la continua innovazione E anche se vive di tensioni armoniche e ritmiche, ha saputo e sa essere ancora messaggero di pace Wynton Marsalis fa leva sulla sua eccezionale storia artistica e sull eredit dei grandi maestri per introdurci in questo universo fatto di opposti che si riconciliano Con la passione del protagonista racconta storie del presente e del passato Con la competenza dello studioso spiega cosa e come ascoltare E soprattutto mostra come le idee centrali del jazz possano aiutare le persone e le comunit a cambiare il loro modo di pensare e di agire, con se stesse e le une con le altre.
    Come il jazz può cambiarti la vita By Wynton Marsalis Edoardo Fassio
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      474 Wynton Marsalis Edoardo Fassio
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    1. Wynton Marsalis Edoardo Fassio

      Wynton Marsalis has been described as the most outstanding jazz artist and composer of his generation He has helped propel jazz to the forefront of American culture through his brilliant performances, recordings, broadcasts, and compositions as well as through his leadership as the artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center JALC Wynton Marsalis is the music director of the world renowned Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, which spends than half the year on tour He also hosts the popular Jazz for Young People concerts and helped lead the effort to construct JALC s new home, Frederick P Rose Hall, the first education, performance, and broadcast facility devoted to jazz, which opened in October 2004.Wynton Marsalis was born in New Orleans in 1961 He began his classical training on the trumpet at age twelve and entered the Juilliard School at age seventeen That same year, he joined Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, the acclaimed band in which generations of emerging jazz artists honed their craft, and subsequently made his recording debut as a leader in 1982 Since then, he has made than forty jazz and classical recordings, earning nine Grammy Awards In 1983, he became the first and only artist to win classical and jazz Grammys in the same year and repeated this feat in 1984 His rich body of compositions includes the oratorio BLOOD ON THE FIELDS, for which he was awarded the first ever Pulitzer Prize in music for a jazz composition.Wynton Marsalis is an internationally respected teacher and spokesperson for music education and has received honorary doctorates from dozens of universities and colleges throughout the United States Britain s senior conservatoire, the Royal Academy of Music, granted Wynton Marsalis honorary membership, the Academy s highest decoration for a non British citizen In France, the Ministry of Culture awarded him the most prestigious decoration of the French Republic, the rank of Knight in the Order of Arts and Literature He also was appointed as a U.N Messenger of Peace by the Secretary General of the United Nations in 1991.JAZZ A B Z is Wynton Marsalis s first book for children A resident of New York City, he is the father of three boys.

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    1. This was perhaps one of the most inspiring and captivating pieces of non fiction I have ever read This book is about what Jazz is and how the influence and understanding of Jazz truly the best thing that Americans have created can affect every aspect of your life Even if you re not a musician, this book is extremely approachable and will help you become familiar with one of the best and most innovative forms of American art Though it is not completely auto biographical, the reader gets to know t [...]

    2. This book had been on my to read bookshelf much too long I wish I had read it sooner Recently, I have found myself drawn to listening jazz and blues much than regularly After reading it, I understand why I am looking for music for meat on its bones, and the place to find that is definitely in jazz and blues Why Because as Marsalis eloquently states, the starting point for playing jazz is the complete mastery of one s instrument This has to be combined with the ability to communicate and share t [...]

    3. I didn t warm to this book right away Through a couple of chapters I was thinking that a reader would need some significant musical training to follow and I mistakenly thought that Wynton Marsalis was trying to teach non jazz fans about jazz Well, he may have been to some extent, but the success of this book isn t that His treatment of the blues as a music that backs up, supports, or is the foundation for good jazz was illuminating But for me, the successes of this book were the bigger lessons t [...]

    4. My dad lent me this book because of our long standing mutual interest in jazz and his hero worship of Marsalis I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I picked it up, and was a bit concerned that I was getting into another new age feel good pointlessness However, Marsalis lived up to his reputation and delivered a fun book that touched on the history of some of jazz s main players, his own history, some fundamental aspects of jazz, and argued a case for jazz s ability to influence society and th [...]

    5. This is the first of many books I will read, written by Wynton Marsalis As he has finally shed his reputation as a young arrogant musician not so young any , he is coming into his own as a master not just musically, but philosophically as well.This book was a quick read, but an intense one And although it was written many years ago, I know what the current Marsalis wants to say with his words.Overall, very inspiring and a must for jazz musicians and especially jazz lovers.

    6. I m baby crawling my way into the Jazz world and I should say that this book left me with lots of beautiful metaphors on the power of music as a tool for giving meaning to one s life, as well as the importance of expressing yourself and connecting with others through the music Beautiful book

    7. Libro molto interessante per chi ama o si avvicina a questo genere Lo trovato solo un po lento Molto bella la parte con la descrizione degli artisti.

    8. Saya bukan penggemar jazz Hanya sesekali telinga saya menikmati alunan acak dari musisi jazz Tetapi bahwa buku ini hadir begitu menghibur dan informatif sekaligus reflektif adalah ranah yang berbeda Jazz ternyata memiliki seejarah panjang dan bagaimana musik itu memiliki pengaruh bagi pemain dan pendengar Jazz mengajarkan bagaimana kita membuat harmonisasi di tengah kemerdekaan setiap pemain solois yang kerap acak dan sangat ekspresif dalam menumpahkan aneka peraasaan dalam dirinya Dan bagi pend [...]

    9. An interesting partial autobiography of Wynton Marsalis, seeing how he grew up with various jazz and blues experiences His views on jazz, how it was created, and how it has progressed in our culture to popularity are very interesting and insightful He gives a wonderful overview of jazz greats in one chapter, summarizing their work and what they brought to the genre, and recommending albums from each artist Most of all, Wynton portrays jazz as the ideal representation of American freedom and dive [...]

    10. This is a fascinating collection of essays on jazz They are of varying interest and quality but do build to a powerful climax equating the essential nature of jazz and living a meaningful existence in society today the chapter on jazz terminology looked to be dry reading at first glance I admit that I was tempted to skip this chapter except for the fact that I was wondering if this would be valuable for my students Wynton s way of discussing jazz terminology shed a new light on many aspects of j [...]

    11. Wynton s thesis Jazz Democracy.In this book, Marsalis describes the history of Jazz as a uniquely American form of music which also contains elements of the most important type of music that can be found anywhere in the World the Blues He believes Jazz embodies the aspirations, realities and truth of democracy, human existence, individuality and community all at once There are some interesting tidbits here He tells about his struggles with racism and his own bigotry and anger growing up in Kenne [...]

    12. Overall, I like the book The beginning was inspirational and a neat background to Marsalis life The jazz history lessons, chapter song list and insight into some of the greatest Jazz musicians is cool I am still in awe about Louis Armstrong Disillusioned with Dizzy Galespie because the TV, like Sesame St, portray the musician and not the man I know, people are people and don t judge Then, there was the chapter about Miles Davis that read like his on and spiraling on life of drug addiction.I woul [...]

    13. This is a book discussion read But, I have always admired Wynton Marsalis ability to waiver between classical and jazz I subscribe to his site on ITunes and learned of this book, which I recommended to my reading group He is, truly, in my estibmation, an American Teasure Even though this is a re read for me, I m going to enjoy it This has been beyond my expectation As an amateur musician piano I appreciated the musical tech talk and the background of the metrics in jazz The last part of the book [...]

    14. Wynton Marsalis Moving to Higher Ground, has the sub title, How Jazz can Change Your Life, and he seems to have created a new hybrid, the jazz memoir self help book He s done a pretty good job of it Mr Marsalis gives us history, memoir, musical theory, and pocket biographies of the innovators where he rakes Miles over the coals for being a young genius and an old sell out Mr Marsalis educates and inspires, and doesn t pull his punches.In Mr Marsalis world view, swing is the ne plus ultra of musi [...]

    15. Engaging, simple, articulate breakdown of the cultural and musical foundation of jazz music past and present The passionate, conversational Marsalis breaks down the music and explains that it s not an art form for snobs to enjoy as it s been painted it s fun, enriching, dynamic, and relevant music that can be enjoyed by all If you ve ever been curious about jazz but intimidated by its seeming austerity, pick up this book 166 pages of fun Marsalis has a big, distinctly New Orleans personality, an [...]

    16. scratches the surface of the ins and outs of jazz music and how it could improve your life admittedly, there is a lot to be said for good jazz and the active listening skills it fosters however, other forms of music can reach the same ends but, no other form of music is as american as jazz music, and i agree with marsalis that it is worth preserving for posterity the autobiographical parts are scattered throughout the book appear out of nowhere i found this a bit distracting the artist recommend [...]

    17. I liked this book, but did not enjoy it as much as To a Young Jazz Musician To me, it felt like this book was aimed at the uninitiated person just testing the waters of jazz As a musician and lover of jazz, I was underwhelmed at the depth of the book and didn t get as much inspiration out of it as the aforementioned book.That said, I enjoyed the stories of his youth, the personal tales of exploits of great jazzmen that I would have never known otherwise and the familiar way in which he discusse [...]

    18. I don t know if reading this book will change your life, unless you re not any sort of a jazz fan at all Because if this book inspires you to listen to Miles, Trane, et cetera, then yeah Your life will probably be changed for the better.There s a lot of meat in this relatively short book, with my favorite chapter being a sort of mini memoir in which Marsalis dispenses a great deal of wisdom from his growing up years in Louisiana.

    19. p 17 2nd paragraph being in time When you are in time you know when to be quiet, when to assert yourself, and how to master the moment with an appropriate or unusually inventive response Fast thinking comedians can do that So can athletes who make intelligent decisions that involve teamwork even though the pressure of the clock makes them want to do something solitary and, generally stupid p 75 Too many young musicians today think learning to play scales on chords is jazz.

    20. While Marsalis stories were a pleasure to read, especially about his childhood, I found this book to be a difficult read overall Maybe if I read it again some other day, it will all make sense, kind of like jazz I usually come away with something after finishing a book, but for some reason, I couldn t with this one.I did like the recommendations of certain jazz artists that Marsalis highlights, but I don t knowI felt that something was missing after putting it down.

    21. Recently, I find myself listening often to jazz I am intrigued by the interplay of individuality and community within the music, yet I know so little about this American art This book by Wynton Marsalis gives a nice overview of the music by looking at it from many angles This is one for the jazz curious.

    22. Would recommend this book to muso s and Jazz fans alike Wyntons easy manner with people and his ability to cross cultures while retaining his own roots is impressive Full of powerful lessons between the lines for all of humanity Music can and does transcend cultural differences and join people together for the highest good of all concerned This book is proof of this

    23. Loved it one of the best books I ve ever read Wynton Marsalis does a beautiful job of illustrating why music and music education is so critical to create a stable, peaceful world Never melodramatic or over the top, he has great stories and illustrations of how music changed his life and how it can change yours, too.

    24. I am a jazz fan, but not a music student, so what was interesting to me about this book was Marsalis s explanations of some of the structure of jazz music.There were a few times I thought he sounded like a grumpy old man when he was talking about hip hop and kids these days but I guess maybe I m getting old too because I did agree with a lot of it.

    25. Il jazz, da dove arriva e tutto quello che comporta, pi un breve excursus sulla vita dei pi importanti esponenti del genere, vengono raccontati in questo breve saggio in modo divertente ed esauriente Molte cose non sono dette, ma per chi si avvicina al Jazz per la prima volta, il libro giusto per non scappare spaventati.

    26. An excellent, if high level, primer on the character and nature of jazz from one of the art s most eloquent and knowledgeable ambassadors From how to listen to what to listen to, Marsalis gives the reader an inside look into this uniquely American art form.

    27. Caz ustas Wynton Marsalis, jazz felsefesini, sanat , b y meyi anlat yor Bir ok caz deviyle hat ralar, caz n geli imi, grup a alman n b y s i inde Marsalis in zl c mleleri serpilmi ngilizcesi ok duru.

    28. It s very interesting for any musician to read comments about jazz and music from a Master like Marsalis The book itself is a collectione of notes and poit of view about music, society and growing as a huma being

    29. Just a great mix of thought and history that intrigues this musical novice The book invites me to study music, give attention to the history of jazz and ponder the implications for life in community Really liked his comments on swing.

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