Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe #2020

Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe By Anne Applebaum Between East and West Across the Borderlands of Europe An extraordinary journey into the past and present of the lands east of Poland and west of Russia Rich in surprising encounters and vivid characters Between East and West brilliantly illuminates the
  • Title: Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe
  • Author: Anne Applebaum
  • ISBN: 9780679421504
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe By Anne Applebaum An extraordinary journey into the past and present of the lands east of Poland and west of Russia Rich in surprising encounters and vivid characters, Between East and West brilliantly illuminates the soul of these lands and the shaping power of their past.
    Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe By Anne Applebaum
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      361 Anne Applebaum
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    1. Anne Applebaum

      Journalist and Pulitzer Prize winning author who has written extensively about communism and the development of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe Since 2006, she is a columnist and member of the editorial board of the Washington Post.She is married to Rados aw Sikorski, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs They have two children, Alexander and Tadeusz.

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    1. Travel here demands a forensic passion, not merely a love of art or architecture or natural beauty there are many layers of civilisation in the borderlands, and they do not lie neatly on top of one another A ruined medieval church sits in the site of a pagan temple, not far from a mass grave surrounded by a modern town There is a castle on the hill and a Catholic church at its foot and an Orthodox church beside a ruined synagogue A traveler can meet a man born in Poland, brought up in the Soviet [...]

    2. Stunning travelogue from Kaliningrad to Odessa passing through Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Moldova including a bunch of places called in three or four different names at the same time once belonging to Hungary, Romania and former Czechoslovakia.For those who are interested in digging deeper into these fascinating if often forgotten places, the Polish journalist Andrzej Stasiuk travelled on a similar route in his On the Road to Babadag a decade or so later.And yet I have to reckon Between Eas [...]

    3. I read this fascinating, haunting book some years ago One of the most fascinating things in this book is how the people, who lived on the eastern edge of Europe the western edge of Russia, never could be too certain in which country they lived For example, she quotes a man in the city of Brest once in Poland, then a few years later in the USSR, and now in Belarus as saying, No one around here knows if he is Belarusian, Polish, Russian The borders between countries in that region shifted so often [...]

    4. PRE REVIEW Brilliant Absolutely brilliant There are few words needed to recommend such a work, but I feel like I d fare better if I wrote them even if just for myself However, it s currently 2 47 in the morning, and as I m putting the book down, I m also falling asleep REVIEW This historian is an exceptional writer Or this writer is an exceptional historian The line is so blurred between these two statements that I can t decide Better people than me might do it I, however, enjoy lingering in thi [...]

    5. A poignant journey across the once eagerly contested lands between great European powers subsequently forgotten after their inclusion in the Soviet empire in a time of uncertain transition and giving several examples of the burdens that issues of history, culture, language and religion can pose on the present Though the world Ms Applebaum so masterfully and unforgettably evoked has vanished in the flood of globalisation, but the sentiments survive and the recent resurgence of great power politic [...]

    6. For a thousand years, the geography of the borderlands dictated their fate, writes Anne Applebaum in her evocative and well written book, Between East and West Across the Borderlands of Europe, which first published in 1994.In the 1991 and 1992, an era of social, political and economic turmoil, Anne Applebaum travelled in the countries of former Soviet Union, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, across the borderlands that constitute Europe s far east landscape The Soviet empire had ended but nothi [...]

    7. This fine book is part straight history, part travelogue and part oral history It recounts the author s solo overland journey along the western border of the former Soviet Union from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea in 1991, shortly after the Soviet Union s collapse She recounts her travels from Kaliningrad to Odessa through the corridor comprised of East Prussia, Lithuania, western Belarus, Moldova and western Ukraine Her purpose was to find evidence that things of beauty had survived war, commu [...]

    8. In 1994 Anne Applebaum traveled through the flat lands between Russia and Poland and documented her journey in Between East and West Across the Borderlands of Europe At first glance, it was a different time Communist governments had toppled a few years before and the chaos of transition to democracy pervaded all life But, Applebaum presages what Anne Porter documented in The Ghosts of Europe history casts a long shadow across time Shifting borders, clashing empires, and old conflicts turn making [...]

    9. Tohle je skv l roadmovie Krvav mi zem mi Anne Applebaum to vzala skoro p esn nap zem m, kter Timothy Snyder popisuje jako Krvav zem Jej cesta se odehr la na za tku devades t ch let, v dob bez as Sov tsk svaz skon il a nov z zen zat m nep i lo Takov momenty jsou v historii v jime n a dnes u nen mo n takovou cestu zopakovat, proto e tenhle skoro magick as zrodu ji d vno neexistuje.Kniha je d lena geograficky podle n rodnost obyvatel N mci, Pol ci, Litevci, atd ke ka d skupin je v dy kr tk historic [...]

    10. Chronicles what seems to have been an arduous journey on the borders of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Romania While it s not the most engaging material Applebaum focuses heavily on language as a national tribal identifier it is interesting in conjunction with learning a little about this basically unnoticed by Americans section of Europe While I wouldn t recommend it, I don t want to diss the author with a lower rating That said, it s very put downable.

    11. A bit gruelling at times, but a very important book if you want to understand anything of what happened in these countries, and particularly in the cities that are on borders between countries Well written and clear thinking.

    12. An interesting account of a particular time and place I would not have been brave enough to do this trip I am glad she was, and wrote about it.

    13. Between East and West is a superb history book Meticulously researched and beautifully written, it tells of a journey the author made from the Baltic to the Black Sea shortly after the collapse of communism in Europe in 1991.On route she passes through villages, towns, cities and countries whose names, languages, laws and customs have changed drastically over the past millennium depending on which army is passing through and which empire is annexing territory Thus we have parts of central and ea [...]

    14. Anne Applebaum tells us about her discovery of her families roots across Poland, Russia and Lithuania The book has been recently updated and republished It s fascinating how someone can be born in one country, grow up in another, and live in a third without ever leaving the city How is that possible Because the borders keep changing I didn t realize that many of the places were actually in the borderlands.

    15. This is a great travel book It s well written, informed and insightful It s about interesting places, interesting people and interesting history.

    16. Between East and West is about the journey of Anne Applebaum through the Borderlands She made this journey starting in K ningsberg and ending in Odessa in the beginning of the Ninetees, just after the Wall fell But the stories collected by Anne Applebaum are remarkebly actual and relevant today, in 2015 There is this paragraph at the end of the chapter A Memory , while Anne was interviewing an Ukrainian linguist in Vilnius, that captures the essence of the book, and of the Borderlands And that, [...]

    17. An amazing tale of a semi personal journey Shortly after the fall of the iron curtain, Ms Applebaum went on a tour of the lands east of Poland and west of Russia, an area of diverse populations and varied languages Along the way she explores the history of shifting borders and questioned allegiances that comprise the history of this stretch of land I couldn t help but have my entire view of the region changed by this book it is not a static land of borders and languages, but an intriguing melang [...]

    18. An interesting nonfiction work Basically a travelogue of Eastern Europe lands which have been in dispute and turmoil for centuries Mass slaughter and cultural cleansing by Nazis and Stalinists are the most recent instances of the mayhem that has historically befallen the borderlands Author Applebaum takes the reader for a journey from the Baltic down to the Crimea and while traveling visits a variety of locales in the borderlands area Most interesting in terms of the character portrayals and the [...]

    19. A trip through the borderlands of Central Europe and Russia, told through the perspectives of twenty or so people of these nations Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, urban, rural, farmer, peasant, poet, historian, educated, uneducated These people provide the reader insight into the tensions, prejudices, aspirations, and dreams of these nations and aspiring nations.I enjoyed this book far than I d anticipated when I began, and though I am sure I have far, far less than a full and nuance [...]

    20. Sp tak t i a p l Na m j vkus hodn p eskakovala z t matu do t matu, co je asi nezbytn kdy chce obs hnout na p r str nk ch takhle hlubokou historii takhle velk ho zem Nevim, mo n kdyby v c vzala do detailu tu p tomnost a osekala d jinyAle mo n ta kostrbatost byla zp soben i p ekladem p ekladatelka m la rozhodn jinou e tinu ne j A i kdy nejsem lov k co by chodil po sv t a po tal gramatick chyby v kn k ch, tak tohle byl i na m j vkus n ezAle t ma hezk Musim kone n projet to Pobalt.

    21. I m quite torn giving this book three stars It was thought provoking and provided a lot interesting anecdotes to elaborate on things experienced during the journey Sadly, the derogatory tone of Applebaum when talking about some people was just awful, she essentially describes one woman who gives her a place to sleep for the evening as a fat mess Unsure whether I want to read anything else by Applebaum as a result.

    22. You could be born in Poland, grow up in the USSR, and currently live in Belarus and yet live in the same town your whole life Those pesky borders

    23. Really interesting especially since her tour was 25 years ago and the unplanned foreshadowing of issues and events in Ukraine and Belarus are eerie.

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