The Walking Dead, Compendium 2 #2020

The Walking Dead, Compendium 2 By Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard The Walking Dead Compendium Returning with the second eight volumes of the fan favorite New York Times bestseller series The Walking Dead collected into one massive paperback collection This is the perfect collection for any
  • Title: The Walking Dead, Compendium 2
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard
  • ISBN: 9781607065968
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Walking Dead, Compendium 2 By Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Returning with the second eight volumes of the fan favorite, New York Times bestseller series, The Walking Dead, collected into one massive paperback collection This is the perfect collection for any fan of the Emmy Award winning television series on AMC over one thousand pages chronicling the next chapter of Robert Kirkman s Eisner Award winning continuing story of surviReturning with the second eight volumes of the fan favorite, New York Times bestseller series, The Walking Dead, collected into one massive paperback collection This is the perfect collection for any fan of the Emmy Award winning television series on AMC over one thousand pages chronicling the next chapter of Robert Kirkman s Eisner Award winning continuing story of survival horror beginning with Rick Grimes struggle to survive after the prison raid, to the group s finding short solace in The Community, and the devastation that follows In a world ruled by the dead, we are finally forced to finally start living Collects The Walking Dead 49 96.
    The Walking Dead, Compendium 2 By Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard
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    1. Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard

      Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of that publisher.Robert Kirkman s first comic books were self published under his own Funk o Tron label Along with childhood friend Tony Moore, Kirkman created Battle Pope which was published in late 2001 Battle Pope ran for over 2 years along with other Funk o Tron published books such as InkPunks and Double Take In July of 2002, Robert s first work for another company began, with a 4 part SuperPatriot series for Image, along with Battle Pope backup story artist Cory Walker Robert s creator owned projects followed shortly thereafter, including Tech Jacket, Invincible and Walking Dead.

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    1. The Waking Dead returns in this second compendium This is the second volume of Compendium Edition of The Walking Dead, collecting the comic book issue from 49 to 96.My general rating is an average result of the sum of the ratings of each chapter in the collected edition.Creative Team Writer Robert KirkmanIllustrators Charlie AdlardAdditional gray tones to inking Cliff Rathburn Chapter NineHERE WE REMAINRating 4 stars What if everyone dies on your way there A new compendium of The Walking Dead be [...]

    2. The season for Walking Dead has ended and my library finally got in my copy of this book fangirls I very rarely watch tv Everyone asks how I read as much as I do and it is that simple of an answer The Walking Dead show is one that I do make time and get a bit cray cray if someone calls me during it.It s amazing to me how different they have made the show but been able to keep some of the elements of the books I honestly think I m of a fan of the show than the books, not that they aren t good to [...]

    3. The second compendium of The Walking Dead was excellent I knew what to expect, mostly , from watching the show, but there were a few significant changes Even though I don t think this volume was as quite as good as the first, it was still above average, and I do plan to continue on with the series.

    4. My first impression of Kirkman s The Walking Dead series after reading all 1088 pages and 5 lbs of Compendium 1 was of a post apocalyptic zombie soap opera, where the soap is made out of lye The story is harsh almost nihilistic in its way extremely violent, and peppered throughout with characters hooking up in almost sure to be doomed relationships Now, after wading through another 1068 pages of Compendium 2 I can t say much has changed Other than the fact I m completely, utterly exhausted from [...]

    5. After everything we ve been through, all the people we ve lost I suddenly find myself overcome with something I thought we d lost hope Compendium 2 is made up of issues 49 96, i.e volumes 9 16 Following the loss of the prison and the devastation that followed, Rick and the group must move on They very quickly come upon a community protected by walls, but the solace does not last longIt s difficult to review these comics as they re so fast moving and so much happens That s one of the major positi [...]

    6. Reading the Walking dead in these compendiums is both great and awful It s great because I get to read four years of Walking Dead in a single night It s awful because now I have to wait four years to know how everything turns out.I d recommend that you don t wait four years to read this compendium.

    7. This review covers both Compendiums One and Two i.e Issues 1 96 of The Walking Dead graphic novel series Who da thunk it Me, the great lover of literature would find myself a rabid fan of Robert Kirkman s The Walking Dead graphic novel series, and the equally amazing AMC TV series Actually it was the TV series that got me onto the cult phenomenon of the graphic novels I happened to notice that AMC was running all of Season Two of TWD the weekend before the premiere for Season Three I immediately [...]

    8. Took me just over a day to finish this beast of a book.Really loved this.Got so much into this big volume rather than the single editions.

    9. It s not quite as good as the first compendium, which after a slow start culminated in the prison storyline The second compendium eventually lands our group in the Alexandria Safe Zone and the action gets less frequent and the story moves forward much slowly The final part of the book sees the very gradual start of the Negan storyline which will kick into gear around issue 100 early in the third compendium So, yeah, it s slow in stretches but still it s a ridiculous amount of content for the mo [...]

    10. Wonderful illustrations with all kinds of hidden stuff to look at Interesting characters and emotional expressions I can interpret I d reread this may times it earned it s 5 stars all the way

    11. Awesome That s what I thought The first bit of it was so agonizing to read watch unfold before my eyes The amount of pain and hurt people endure in this story is truly brutal In fact alot of this novel was really dealing with alot of heartache and how people go on in the midst of it all.However by mid way the story got positive Still dealing with a real threat of the walkers, and really dealing with what it s like to be living in a time like that How do people carry on What sort of traditions d [...]

    12. It had its ups and downs Boring parts and interesting parts I m not as hooked to the story as I was when I finished the first compendium but I don t dislike it Will wait a few weeks months before reading the 3rd compendium though.

    13. 2016 I like this series so much I was really just going to skim this in preparation for Negan s appearance on the television series, but got sucked in I am so happy that the show doesn t follow the comics as closely as some would prefer If they were exactly the same we would have no reason to keep reading watching The story is always about the people and Kirkman is a genius at finding the situations that show us the most I will, of course, now have to read volume 3 AGAIN 2014 I find this second [...]

    14. As I said in my review of the first Compendium, if you re not a follower of comics like me , but if you re a fan of zombies also like me and particularly The Walking Dead like just about everyone , then there s no better place to start than this.More of the same And that s a good thing.

    15. While not as compelling or engrossing as Volume One, but still good enough Like Amy Lee, it was good enough for me.Here I stand still, still addicted to zombies Just not to the living ones Or the ones I came across in Paris circa 2016 This was way better than the Zone One and definitely better than the low quality, really bad Fear of the Walking Dead I am still watching that though Heheheillustrations still blows me away Just amazing Oh, we write reviews to recommend books, generally So read awa [...]

    16. Good It is good Now, I need to decide how far I pursue this story.When I first heard of The Walking Dead, I was excited about the possibility of a never ending survival story featuring zombies Now I m wondering if there wouldn t be better story telling if there was an end in sight The Walking Dead Compendium 2, while fulfilling my need for a continued experience with familiar and beloved characters, starts to repeat itself New place to live, new zombie invasion New place to live, humans to deal [...]

    17. After the events of the first compendium, this one sees Rick and the survivors trying to cope with their losses and then they are invited to become part of The Community, a town which is working to survive the apocalypse But after so long on the run, can the group ever adjust to normal life again And is the community as safe as it first appears My favourite thing about this is that it s a great mixture of zombies and apocalypse surviving It s mostly about surviving and people trying to rebuild c [...]

    18. My God That was not what I was expecting, at all The first compendium built up a rapport of emotional strain, and the second one finally sees that rapport begin to splinter The first half of the book was absolutely devastating not to mention revolting One scene in particular involving Dale, of course was so downright gross that I had to stop reading But I forged on, because I couldn t bear to leave the remaining cast of characters in their horrible predicament And, boy, was I rewarded This volum [...]

    19. Lets just say that I went right from reading this one to the next compendium.I still have not watched the series, maybe I will some day, but I hear that they are very different.This one was not my favorite set but it certainly ended on a cliffhanger that demanded I read on

    20. This compendium had a slower build, but I loved the end leading up to introducing Negan I ll wait for the show to return in February before I continue with the next compendium, though.

    21. For those of you who are fans of AMC s The Walking Dead but haven t read the graphic novels, let me assure you you aren t missing anything My apologies to Robert Kirkman, but the tv show is a million times better The show s characters are fleshed out and the storylines are much complex Most of the time I think it s a good idea to read the book that a movie or tv show has been adapted from because the book usually gives you a in depth look at the characters or story, but that does not hold tru [...]

    22. More like 3.5 stars.So, I pretty much hated the first compendium of this series So why did I go back for the second part I dunno Just kinda felt like it And you know what, I wasn t disappointed Not really I mean, yeah, the series still suffers from being too boring, too soap opera ish, and too wordy at times Kirkman still isn t very good with character building, and yet he tries it too hard and too often There was also that pretty famous Carl moment here you probably know the one I m talking abo [...]

    23. By the time readers get around to wading through the one thousand plus pages of The Walking Dead Compendium Two, they ll see that Robert Kirkman s hard hitting world of the zombie post apocalypse has hit its stride, and the ground rules firmly established The vast majority of mankind has long since been wiped out by an inexplicable pandemic, one that has left hordes of shambling corpses in its wake Society has crumbled Supplies are scarce No one is truly safe anywhere People die with heart break [...]

    24. Compendium 2 is just as intriguing and fun to read as the first one The differences between the TV keep my attention throughout If you like the show you HAVE to read these books

    25. I have become a true fan of The Walking Dead, at least in graphic novel format I am in love with the story, in love with the characters, and I hate knowing there is a third compendium in the future cause I wanna read it NOW Although this was over 2000 pages by the end of Compendium 2, and 96 volumes worth of story I still wanted I ve read a couple of reviews where people have complained about the story getting repetitive in Book 2, but in my opinion, it has not seemed that way for me These peop [...]

    26. I thought this was better than the first compendium, or at least I found it enjoyable I still feel like none of the supporting characters have a distinct voice but at least most of the catch phrases are gone Except for man and EVERYone says that All the time There s a lot of pointless exposition Rick does something or something happens to him and he immediately has to recount what we just saw to another character for no reason There is a revolving door of characters who act as Ricks confidant f [...]

    27. What can I say other than WOW With the show on hiatus until February, I m trying to fill in that sad, empty space that I ve been left with The books are quite a bit different from the show which in a way is nice For somebody going from the show to the books or vice versa, there really aren t spoilers The weird thing for me is seeing Carl stay a little boy in the book, but on the show the actor has become a teenager And I have to say I kind of like the Rick in the book than the one on the show R [...]

    28. I am now fully caught up with The Walking Dead and am reading each new issue as it comes out As such, I probably won t be reviewing any unless something totally incredible happens.This is easily the best graphic novel I ve ever read It reads fairly quick, so don t be scared about catching up Do it, and join me

    29. Four stars based on being a graphic novel and not a classic work of fiction Very good story in this release and the previous one.

    30. 31st book read in 2015.Number 172 out of 459 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review youtube watch v Rkz3A

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