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Refresh, Refresh By Benjamin Percy Refresh Refresh The war in Iraq empties the small town of Tumalo Oregon of men of fathers leaving their sons to fight among themselves But the boys bravado fades at home when alone they check e mail again and aga
  • Title: Refresh, Refresh
  • Author: Benjamin Percy
  • ISBN: 9781555974855
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Refresh, Refresh By Benjamin Percy The war in Iraq empties the small town of Tumalo, Oregon, of men of fathers leaving their sons to fight among themselves But the boys bravado fades at home when, alone, they check e mail again and again for word from their fathers at the front.Often from fractured homes and communities, the young men in these breathless stories do the unthinkable to prove to themselves tThe war in Iraq empties the small town of Tumalo, Oregon, of men of fathers leaving their sons to fight among themselves But the boys bravado fades at home when, alone, they check e mail again and again for word from their fathers at the front.Often from fractured homes and communities, the young men in these breathless stories do the unthinkable to prove to themselves to everyone that they are strong enough to face the heartbreak in this world Set in rural Oregon with the shadow of the Cascade Mountains hanging over them, these stories bring you face to face with a mad bear, a house with a basement that opens up into a cave, a nuclear meltdown that renders the Pacific Northwest into a contemporary Wild West Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy is a bold, fiery, and unforgettable collection that deals with vital issues of our time.
    Refresh, Refresh By Benjamin Percy
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      159 Benjamin Percy
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    1. Benjamin Percy

      Benjamin Percy is the author of four novels, The Dark Net HMH, 2017 , The Dead Lands Grand Central, 2015 , Red Moon Grand Central, 2013 and The Wilding Graywolf Press, 2010 , as well as two books of short stories Refresh, Refresh and The Language of Elk and a craft book, Thrill Me Essays on Fiction His fiction and nonfiction have been published in Esquire where he is a contributing editor , GQ, Time, Men s Journal, Outside, the Wall Street Journal, Tin House, Glimmer Train, Ploughshares, and the Paris Review He writes the Green Arrow and Teen Titans series for DC Comics, and James Bond for Dynamite Entertainment His honors include an NEA fellowship, the Whiting Writer s Award, the Plimpton Prize, the Pushcart Prize and inclusion in Best American Short Stories and Best American Comics.

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    1. Aaargh This book has had me tied up in knots since I finished it yesterday I don t know if it s because of the air of quiet desperation hovering around the pages, that certain knowledge that NOTHING will end well for anyone, or if it s the fact that I have two teenaged boys whose futures I m worried about It s not a pleasant feeling.The boys in this story live in rural Oregon Their fathers are fighting in Iraq There s not much to do but hang out in the Walmart parking lot, drink, and get into tr [...]

    2. I really should dock a star because of the over familiarity of the themes Meltdown for instance is a post nuclear accident story similar to The Road, and in another a father and son come across a body on a hunting expedition, much like Carver s So Much Water So Close to Home and maybe for its extreme masculinity women hardly feature except as longed for or disgusted by creatures These are mostly Iraq war stories, but set in the Oregon towns the soldiers leave or come back to and the protagonists [...]

    3. This sounded like it was going to be a lot interesting and deep than it turned out to be Very few words throughout the entire thing It was one of those reads that was mostly pictures, and that had just enough conversation to fill in the blanks and make some impact.Overall, I don t have much to say about this book It was so swift and without anything really of consequence that I read the entire thing, front to back, in less than half an hour I took no breaks, and whatever thoughts I had weren t [...]

    4. A disturbing tale of three high school boys living in a small town Their fathers, like many people in the town, have been shipped off to the Iraq war Left to take on responsibilities and face realities about violence and adulthood, the boys flounder but maintain a tight friendship The art is not great I was surprised to learn the artist had used models for the characters, as I had a hard time telling them apart , but there are a few scenes of beauty or well conveyed emotion.

    5. This story didn t do much for me The characters never drew me in, and I felt no empathy for them It is a sad topic, and an important one, but the way it was presented was not very interesting I think you could find better books on the topic.

    6. I really didn t like this graphic novel I m sure some would, but it wasn t my cup of tea2 stars.This graphic novel is about 3 friends who live in some state, I can t remember All 3 of their dads are in the War with Afghanistan The boys are seniors and are bored so they like to dick around town either drinking or fighting One boy is a good kid with good grades and wants to go to college One boy is really into joining the military like his dad and I don t really know much about the other kid Anywa [...]

    7. When I read that this was a graphic novelization of a screenplay adapted from a short story, I got worried I d read some good reviews of this, but could it really be that great But I sped right through it and really felt for the characters My library serves many military families stationed at Fort Lewis so I felt a special connection with these boy s stories The plot didn t have as much to do with their backyard boxing ring as I expected All three boys have very different experiences with their [...]

    8. A series of artful, full color vignettes present the intertwined stories of three American teen boys whose fathers are fighting in Iraq I gobbled this down in one sitting, and I can see my high school boy students really enjoying this My one beef with this book is the ending It was resolved enough, but I wanted .

    9. Although I understood the plight of the boys, this was a little too pro military for me It reads like a Join the Army brochure Ponsoldt writes teenage boys very well, and this wasn t what I d call a waste of time course I read it in like 15 minutes However, the whole tragedy leads to conformity ending really pissed me off.

    10. I guess I m a little cynical I lost faith in the short story Did I Is that it When I read, I m hopeful And, despite my faithlessness, I am sometimes surprised Let s see I bought their books after reading Richard Russo s Horseman, Roy Kesey s Wait, Nathan Englander s How We Avenged the Blums, and William Gay s, Where Will You Go When Your Skin Cannot Contain You Lorrie Moore has been pretty influential Kyle Minor gave me a Flannery O Connor epiphany with A Day Meant to Do Less And I m still in lo [...]

    11. This is a quick read, but one that will stay with you Three boys, Cody, Josh, and Gordon live in Oregon Their fathers are away at war Their families are struggling to survive the wait The boys are faced with situations permeated with violence, at home, at school, in bars where they drink Sometimes they are the targets of the violence Mostly they are the ones who cause it.The brightest colors in this book are the flames during funeral pyre for the snowman The bright red blood of a deer killed in [...]

    12. A huge disappointment The title story the first in the book is worth reading, but I can t recommend any of the next three which is as far as I got before I got frustrated and gave up on the book Even the first story which was published in The Paris Review and reprinted in BASS doesn t hold up very well on a second read The bad habits that undermine this story and ruin the next three all spring from Percy s unwillingness to credit the reader with intelligence he loves an obvious symbol and can t [...]

    13. Really a 3 1 2 but the message was so strong I couldn t bear to give it a three.Very intense It was a quick read, but it packed a lot in that quick read It was a little hard to keep track of some of the characters as some of them looked very similar It seems to be a very small town, and almost every adult male is in the military, but there are a couple of times when you wonder how small it is since the boys get into the bars so easily The end is so dark and bleak it just causes shivers to run up [...]

    14. Usually, graphic novels take me a while to read because I process the illustrations really thoroughly and that takes time This graphic novel took me about a half an hour to finish The illustrations were really plain and simple and the dialogue was really easy to read Although I found the story of the war in Iraq touching and deep, the dialogue made this book so poor I felt like I was reading a graphic novel that one of my classmates made The ending still confuses me whether the father dies in Ir [...]

    15. MY OPINION ALERT i read refresh,refresh this book takes place during the Iraq war this book is about boys who want to be men it demonstrates the savage nature of man by showing the viewer how the kids glorify war and look at it as a game josh on the other hand wants no part in the war, he wants to go to collage my opinion this book was horrible it did not make any logical sense what so ever all these kids do is fight each other for no reason they beet up people and stole there stuff the book end [...]

    16. Percy s stories are impeccable, possibly too impeccable Nearly always beginning with darkness a refrigerator dripping blood, a nuclear meltdown, two boys fighting and never getting any brighter, Percy executes perfectly Without fail, Percy finds ways to burrow deeper The stories all set in rural Oregon seem almost classical to me and it s maybe not surprising that I heard about this book via my ex writing prof to the point where there is little surprise when characters have heart attacks in the [...]

    17. Danica Novgorodoff has been my new favorite artist since I read Slow Storm She works in watercolors and her style is beautiful The story is also heartwrenching, about boys growing up in a nowhere town where everyone joins the army and goes to Iraq I don t know anything else about this author though But I will probably love anything she illustrates, I hope she keeps it up.

    18. I picked this one up at work salvaged from the discard pile perhaps from Maria s old desk I had no expectations I am wowED The writing is crisp, clear, descriptive and powerful I ll comment once I m done.

    19. Slight but powerful for the right reader, I think 3 boys, friends in rural America, all with dads or family serving overseas They digest their questions and feeling with backyard boxing Tragedy strikes with a marine at the door.

    20. Sad series of vignettes about three teen boys growing up in a small rural town while their fathers are off in the military They re lost, both as kids and as soon to be adults The title comes from how they constantly refresh their email to check if their dads have written to them.

    21. Taken individually, Benjamin Percy s ability with the short story form is to be greatly admired, but as a short story collection his book of short, literary, blue collar horror stories, Refresh, Refresh, has its flaws.Benjamin Percy writes about the tormenting pull of assumed identities and destiny, veterans and violent future recruits, absent and otherwise bad fathers, infertility and failing relationships, and hunting, with a few rare glimmers of love, friendship, and redemption This collectio [...]

    22. Tumalo, Oregon is the American frontier of today far different than the John Wayne, plus sized machismo, and tobacco spitting Wild West of black and white cowboy movies Tumalo has many textures Good and evil don t fight each other in horseback showdowns they are confusedly linked like a jelly fish s tentacles Pain and loss live on the surface of daily life Percy s Tumalo is firstly a masculine world A world of omnipresent blood, of knuckle tearing and sledgehammer swinging factory work, snot and [...]

    23. Everything I read in my running magazines says that eastern Oregon, especially around Bend, is a great place to live especially for trail runners After reading Refresh, Refresh I m not sure that I would want to go for a run in eastern Oregon, much less on the trails there Mr Percy portrays a world east of the Cascades where bad things happen to good people, to bad people, but mostly to very ordinary people At least on the first impression Conflict is necessary for any story What Percy does thoug [...]

    24. The title story of the collection in the most famous and certainly interesting In Refresh, Refresh Ben Percy explores two abandoned two young men developing violent predilections The young adults are trying to feel their way into adulthood without the advice and guidance of the their fathers The misguided energy of the two friends leads them to embrace the vicious aspects of American culture as they try to assert themselves as men The young men develop with no immediate adult governance and lead [...]

    25. WellI would give it a 3.5 Refresh, Refresh is a graphic novel that follows three teen boys Josh, Cody, and Gordon all struggling with the loss of their fathers who are soldiers in Iraq They continuously click refresh on their computers, hoping for news from their dads Their frustration and rage grows and festers to the point where they can not contain it and look for ways to vent They do this in largely unhealthy ways violence, substance abuse, sex, etc The book is disturbing in its depiction of [...]

    26. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of Benjamin Percy s superb Refresh, Refresh and there are many , is his almost encyclopedic knowledge of the stories settings the names of things, the geography, the feel of a landscape I think this knowledge works because he grounds this knowledge so meticulously in the action of story That is, these descriptions are by no means window dressing used to fatten an otherwise underfed narrative rather, they move the story forward in ways that would not be possible [...]

    27. A quality story with a classic plot to it This book was well worth the time spent The author James Ponsoldt really did a marvelous job with his story line in this book He did a good job of describing the lives of not just the main characters, but also the remaining parts that are not as important, but is still needed to explain the situations well.One of the reasons why i really love this book is because even at a few of its driest parts, the book still has a type of cling to it that keeps the r [...]

    28. An excellent collection of 10 short stories by Percy, who writes with such masculinity it seems almost foreign to me But despite topics such as war, murder, revenge and hunting, his themes are universal One of the blurbs on back mentioned Percy s eye for detail, which I found dead on The descriptions yes, there are multiple of bullets entering a person s brain are chilling But he has soft touches, too, such as in The Crash about a father who lost his wife and struggles to live without her despit [...]

    29. Refreshing the computer screen has become a way of life for high school seniors Josh, Gordon, and Cody, whose fathers have deployed to Iraq They keep a near constant vigil over their email accounts to intercept any communication the moment it arrives When they aren t monitoring their messages, they spend their time sneaking into bars, orchestrating knock down drag out fights with one another, and talking about their futures Novgorodoff solemnly examines each character both in the context of his [...]

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