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The Master By Louise Cooper The Master Chaos stalks the Realm of Order The fate of a world hangs on one woman s life In Conclave grave the Lords of Light will summon their God to battle Adept of Chaos sworn to the Law the Master rides to
  • Title: The Master
  • Author: Louise Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780812533965
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Master By Louise Cooper Chaos stalks the Realm of Order The fate of a world hangs on one woman s life In Conclave grave the Lords of Light will summon their God to battle Adept of Chaos, sworn to the Law, the Master rides to confront his terrible destiny This is the tale of his decision This is Book III in the Master trilogy.
    The Master By Louise Cooper
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    About "Louise Cooper"

    1. Louise Cooper

      Louise Cooper was born in Hertfordshire in 1952 She began writing stories when she was at school to entertain her friends She hated school so much, in fact spending most lessons clandestinely writing stories that she persuaded her parents to let her abandon her education at the age of fifteen and has never regretted it.She continued to write and her first full length novel was published when she was only twenty years old She moved to London in 1975 and worked in publishing before becoming a full time writer in 1977 Since then she has become a prolific writer of fantasy, renowned for her bestselling Time Master trilogy She has published than eighty fantasy and supernatural novels, both for adults and children She also wrote occasional short stories for anthologies, and has co written a comedy play that was produced for her local school.Louise Cooper lived in Cornwall with her husband, Cas Sandall, and their black cat, Simba She gained a great deal of writing inspiration from the coast and scenery, and her other interests included music, folklore, cooking, gardening and messing about on the beach Just to make sure she keeps busy, she was also treasurer of her local Lifeboat station.Louise passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 She was a wonderful and talented lady and will be greatly missed.

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    1. WOW Este libro si que me sorprendi Nada fue predecible En absoluto, ni siquiera sab a como pod a realizarse el desenlace en las diez ltimas p ginas pero me ha encantado Ha sido realmente un final perfecto y vertiginoso como los anteriores spoilers Por un momento cre que Tarod y Cyllan no permanecer an juntos y eso me pareci terrible, pero me gusto que si lo hicieranbiera sido terrible sino En cuando a Tarod me parece que tomo la decisi n correcta y eligi ser quien era realmente Que el Caos renac [...]

    2. Termino la trilog a de El Se or del Tiempo, por fin, que nunca me decid a a leerlo Tengo que decir que me ha gustado mucho el final que le ha dado Cooper a la saga La palabra que definir a este final, para m , ser a satisfactorio He cerrado el Kindle con una sonrisa, porque me he pasado el libro pensando no s c mo va a hacer Cooper que esto termine a mi gusto, no puede Pero s ha podido.No quiero hablar mucho de la trama, por razones obvias, pero el nico problema que he tenido ha sido la batalla [...]

    3. 3 Libro de la trilog a de El Se or del Tiempo Tarod busca a su compa era y de paso se encamina hacia una lucha con el Orden, cuyo vencedor ser el que gobernar a la humanidad.

    4. It s time, Tarod knows what he has to do and believes that Aeoris, the supreme god of Order, will forgive his sins, even if he is not sure what are his sinsBut there s no space for doubts, of that he is sure, so he continues his search for Cyllan who was taken by a Warp She has to be alive because if not if not then there won t by a future.And during his journey he witnesses what happens when fear controls the world Innocents die, houses are burn and families are destroyed Everything in the name [...]

    5. Rese a completa markapaginas 2015 04 el orden y el caos louise cooperml Los que hay is le do el anterior ya sab is porqu tuve que callar mucho, y aunque aqu tambi n suceden cosas, en s es un libro muy espejado respecto al Proscrito.Por una parte el ritmo, aunque con m s movimiento y sucesos se me hace m s pausado De hecho, la mayor carga de sucesos que nos tiene con el aliento contenido se suceden de fr as disertaciones, tan profundamente emotivas y racionales que si hubiese que trasladarlo a un [...]

    6. Un gran final para una buena trilog a Aunque hay personajes que no me convencen, porque, por ejemplo, Keridil me parece muy poco cre ble, Tarod merece sin duda una menci n aparte Es un personaje lleno de dualidades, como la propia trilog a, un ejemplo de que la l nea que separa el bien del mal es muy fina, y a veces depende del cristal con que se mira.Aunque es una trilog a con bastantes clich s, es para mi un cl sico de la literatura fant stica que cualquier amante del g nero disfrutar.

    7. I just loved this trilogy of books A cracking story, told at a fine pace and made all the interesting by the fact that the views on the two opposing forces Order and Chaos are not as you might expect I can t really say anything without revealing spoilers, so suffice to say this is really an excellent, reasonably original fantasy story, highly readable and enjoyable.

    8. Reading again, and I couldn t stop myself from skimming into the middle, when the things go good Doesn t mean the beginning s not great, I just have the patience of a gnat Love these characters.

    9. This is a good versus evilenjoyable with unexpected twists and turns throughout the Trilogyjust when you think you know what will happen next.

    10. A very satisfying end to the trilogy although in many ways, it s just a beginning The battle between Order and Chaos rages on but for now, there is peace.

    11. I loved this series, lost it and then bought it again when I was downsizing before Maddy was born I gave it to charity Boy, I sure wish I hadn t done that

    12. Una de las mejores historias que he le do en mi vida La narraci n es emocionante, las descripciones muy buenas, los personajes atraen y la historia atrapa.Este tipo de historias me encantan.

    13. This third volume of the trilogy which forms an expanded version of the earlier novel, Lord of No Time, begins directly where the second left off, with Cyllan snatched up by the Warp storm and deposited far to the south, and Tarod escaping the wrath of the Circle to go in search of her, both of them proclaimed outlaws and minions of Chaos Ironically, only Cyllan has sworn herself to Chaos, which she did to save Tarod earlier, whereas Tarod still nurses hopes of making his way to the sacred White [...]

    14. The Time Master trilogy was one of my very first fantasy reads back in 1993, and it really ignited my love for the genre Seeing it peeking out of my bookshelf, I thought it was time to revisit it I don t know if it s age or something else, but I think I should have left it happily in my teenage memories The story was too superficial and while the basic backdrop of Order versus Chaos is such an eternal one, the teen angst and sexuality didnt seem to quite fit with the titanic forces at play I sho [...]

    15. Si analizamos lo corta que es la saga, el final que da la autora a sta con este libro es satisfactorio pero nada m s Orden y caos en perfecto equilibrio Personajes que no son nicamente buenos y malos.A pesar de todo, demasiado corto, repetitivo en algunas partes y pesado En general, entretenido.

    16. Por fin un nuevo viaje literario concluye mucho m s r pido de lo que esperaba cuando lo inici , pero tan satisfactorio como me imaginaba Es que no tard nada en acabar la trilog a de la que vengo hablando hace ya semanas, fue libro tras libro, y hoy finalmente traigo la rese a de la conclusi n de la historia de Tarod, aquel Adepto de nivel siete que deb a nacer.Previously on El Se or del Tiempo Tarod se ha visto obligado por Drachea a poner en marcha el p ndulo de tiempo de forma prematura, usand [...]

    17. excelente, excelente conclusi n de la trilog a aqu vamos a saber y a darnos cuenta que una fuerza no sobrevive sin la otra que aunque no lo queramos, todo debe tener un equilibrio en este mundo, y aqu no es la excepci n batalla final entre las dos fuerzas y la divisi n de la gente al saber a cu l seguir por un momento al leer esto piensas que el orden es el malvado y el caos la buena, porque cabe mencionar que aeoris no es que sea un buen dios sencillamente, magn fico.

    18. Plot spoilers After the Warp storm at the end of the last volume, Cyllan and Tarod find themselves transported to various places on the continent As they cannot contact eachother telepathically, the both travel to the White Isle, where the god Aeoris left a casket that would allow the High Initiate, the High Matriarch and the High Margrave to call him back to Earth in times of great need As Tarod still hasn t made peace with his chaos heritage, he has decided to give his chaos ring to Aeoris and [...]

    19. Lo primero os voy a resumir un poco la historia La t pica batalla entre el Orden y el Caos ha terminado y, de manera tambi n t pica, las fuerzas del Orden han salido victoriosas y ocupado la antigua fortaleza del Caos en un incre ble desplante de imprudencia Pasan algunos a os, y el mundo dominado por el Orden y sus representantes, el C rculo, una especie de orden mon stica cuyos miembros se dedican a aprender alta hechicer a parece estar en paz, hasta que la naturaleza comienza a perturbarse de [...]

    20. After the second it is difficult to do worse Only remarks here is about all the figurative characters, like those Initiates I thought Tarod was supposed to have grown in the Castle with them In all the trilogy, we meet quite a lot of them, and than a couple are killed by him but except the adjectives, high, young, old distinguish them from each other There a like chess pawns Is it not sorry that at the end, there is only, the adoptive mom Themila, the half brother Keridil, his father, the Doc, [...]

    21. Una magn fica resoluci n para la trilog a, con un cl max un poco largo y denso, pero que no le quita ning n m rito El destino de todos los personajes principales encaja con su actuaci n a lo largo de los tres libros y en ning n momento pierdes la sensaci n de peligro que los rodea Viva Yandros del Caos

    22. La nica raz n por la que tard tanto en leer este libro es que no quer a que se terminase Me ha parecido un muy buen final para una trilog a que me ha encantado Cada libro es mejor que el anterior aunque tengo predilecci n por el primero , y me han hecho sufrir hasta el final, pero ha merecido la pena, menudo final.Ah Tarod y Cyllan son amor 3

    23. After such a promising start with The Initiate, which I could not stop reading, this was such a disappointment for me I found myself suddenly not caring for the fates of the main characters and it was so repetitive, the same ideas rehashed page after page.

    24. Cierre de una trilog a interesante y entretenida, la novela se lee agradablemente No es gran literatura, pero es que no intenta serlo.

    25. The hardest thing to do is end a series well I found the final conflict and resolution to be the perfect way to close out this trilogy.

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