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Leah's Choice By EmmaMiller Leah s Choice With dreams of marrying an Old Order Amish man Leah Yoder plans on raising children in the peaceful Delaware community But when Mennonite missionary Daniel Brown arrives to share his story with their
  • Title: Leah's Choice
  • Author: EmmaMiller
  • ISBN: 9780373877416
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leah's Choice By EmmaMiller With dreams of marrying an Old Order Amish man, Leah Yoder plans on raising children in the peaceful Delaware community But when Mennonite missionary Daniel Brown arrives to share his story with their church, Leah is fascinated by him She spends time with Daniel in a forbidden courtship to learn how she truly feels about him Before long, Leah has a choice to make ShoulWith dreams of marrying an Old Order Amish man, Leah Yoder plans on raising children in the peaceful Delaware community But when Mennonite missionary Daniel Brown arrives to share his story with their church, Leah is fascinated by him She spends time with Daniel in a forbidden courtship to learn how she truly feels about him Before long, Leah has a choice to make Should she stay with her community or leave with the man she believes God has placed in her life s path
    Leah's Choice By EmmaMiller
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    1. I have a guilty pleasure Amish romance.Some times I just want to aban don every thing and move to an Amish farm in the mid dle of nowhere Then I remem ber that a I m an athe ist, b I m a tech nol ogy junkie, and yeah But some how, Emma Miller con vinces me, tem porar ily, that I want to go live on an Amish farm.So then what hap pens when one of the girls on said Amish farm thinks about con vert ing to the Men non ite faith and mov ing across the world to be with a Men non ite missionary That s t [...]

    2. This was of a 2.5 star read for me, but it is worth rounding up to 3 stars We return to Hannah Yoder and her daughters, and the focus of this book is on Leah, who is having trouble fitting in after her return from caring for her grandmother in Ohio.While I normally can sink into an Amish novel, Leah didn t sit right with me She was too quick to deceive her family, but also internalized much of her thoughts and struggles, even from the man she was interested in marrying I also couldn t see much [...]

    3. 4.5 Stars Leah is going along in her Amish life with no thoughts of ever leaving but once rainy night a Mennonite missionary starts to change all that Daniel is a missionary in the USA waiting in his next mission field and while he is waiting he is going around to churches giving presentations The night he gives the presentation to the group Leah is attending its pouring down rain and he walks in with a little Amish boy who s brother is missing Daniel ends up helping in the search and is paired [...]

    4. First let me acknowledge that this is number four in the series called Hannah s Daughters I have not read any of the other books in the series but still enjoyed this story on its own.Leah Yoder is at a crossroads in her life She is not ready to commit and join her local Amish sect but is not sure what she is yearning for A Mennonite missionary comes to speak and Leah is drawn to him Daniel Brown is between missionary trips when he stops by the Delaware community Meeting Leah changes his life and [...]

    5. You know how sometimes there s, say, a sweet that you ve been wanting to try You know you ll probably still prefer chocolate, and you know the sweet will just rot your teeth, and there s an outside chance that you ll enjoy it enough to want , but really, you don t need sweets.Well There you have Amish romance I have now read one My teeth are, I think, all in one pieced I still prefer chocolate.

    6. GENRE AMISH ROMANCEPUBLISHER LOVE INSPIREDPUBLICATION DATE APRIL 17, 2012RATING 3.5 OUT OF 5 GOODPROS Interesting details about Mennonite missionaries good continuity about the Yoder family from previous books sweet romanceCONS Romance moves very fast Leah isn t as developed as previous characters in the seriesAfter having spent some time away from her conservative Amish community in Delaware, Leah Yoder is struggling to fit back in again Although she s long beyond the typical age for joining th [...]

    7. Okay so I almost cried at the end of this one Leah, a young Amish girl, meets David, a young Mennonite missionary waiting on assignment, and differences are really brought out Do they fall in love and not follow their heart Do they fall in love and turn their back on God Do they fall in love and do what is necessary to have a life together On to 5.

    8. Incredibly judgemental characters all through the book I have read the entire series but one book The reason l have is to see where everyone winds up Out of all eight sisters l have liked two This series of books just seems really harsh on the choices the characters make.

    9. After watching her sisters get married, Leah Yoder wondered about her future husband, the Amish man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, and raise their children while living in their Amish community close to her family However, when she meets Daniel Brown, a Mennonite missionary, she is taken aback She is attracted to him, finds him fascinating, and starts questioning her Amish ways.On his part, Daniel is awestruck by Leah, this beautiful Amish girl who is strong, independent and a [...]

    10. I must admit that I have a guilty pleasure for reading novels about the Amish, one that started when I discovered my first Beverly Lewis series So when I saw that LEAH S CHOICE by Emma Miller was available to read at Netgalley, I jumped at the chance to take another peek into the world of the Amish.Now, I didn t realize at the time that this was a part of a series, but luckily for me it works perfectly fine as a stand alone novel And, I can t deny that the pink cursive Love Inspired font at the [...]

    11. This is a condensed version of my review The extended version can befound here Disclaimers I received an e galley of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.My Overall Thoughts Impressions First off, this is the first book I ve read by Emma Miller and I can assure you it won t be the last This book was definitely one of my favorite Amish fiction novels of the year This was in large part due to how much I adored the character Leah and Daniel I also just loved the mix of Men [...]

    12. Review Leah s Choice by Emma Miller 4 STARSLeah s Choice is a good, uplifting, fast read.Leah is Amish and her family has lived the plain and simple way No phones, cars ect Leah has not been baptised in her church even though her little sister at 16 did.The Menonites invited some of the Amish youth to hear a Daniel speak about his missionary experience and show powerpoint of the different folks and places he served Before he could start a call for help went out a six year old boy was lost out in [...]

    13. Leah s ChoiceEmma MillerBook Summary Falling for an Englisher With dreams of marrying an Old Order Amish man, Leah Yoder plans on raising children in the peaceful Delaware community But when Mennonite missionary Daniel Brown arrives to share his story with their church, Leah is fascinated by him She spends time with Daniel in a forbidden courtship to learn how she truly feels about him Before long, Leah has a choice to make Should she stay with her communityor leave with the man she believes God [...]

    14. This is one of the books in Miller s series Hannah s Daughters It is a little slow moving in comparison to the others I kept wishing Leah would make her choice or at least admit to her feelings about the young Mennonite Daniel.I actually enjoyed the side story of Johanna and Wilber over Leah and Daniel There was intrigue there, and the outcome at the end of the book between these characters Their story had substance, domestic abuse and depression In the case of Leah and Daniel it was really ju [...]

    15. Unlike most readers of this book, I am not a big fan of Amish fiction, I m just not Three stars is a pretty high rating for me for an Amish romance This book was cute I have to say the biggest draw was that Daniel was a Mennonite, it was a good twist to the genre I loved Daniel s character He was awesome He made me want to marry him and go live in the jungle Well maybe not quite that far but I really liked his character I also really enjoyed Leah s character I liked her outspoken personality, he [...]

    16. I kindly thank the publishers for my free netgalley review of Leah s Choice by Emma Miller This is my second experience with her books and I am always pleased after reading her books to have it be such a wonderful expereince The storyline is written with such ease and the reader will experience the joys, conflict, doubt, fear right along with the character as well as learn much about about the Mennonnite and Amish cultures.I was worried that I had not read them in order of the series, but I had [...]

    17. Thanks to netGalley for my review copy.I have read a couple others in this series of Hannah s Daughters and have enjoyed the stories If you haven t read the other books you will still follow this book Leah has come home with her sister Rebecca from helping her grandmother in Ohio In Ohio she had freedom in a Amish District which wasn t quite as strict Daniel is a Mennonite missionary which some of the Amish youth go to listen to Leah watches the presentation and is moved by the pictures and sto [...]

    18. Emma Miller rocks the boat with this story Leah hasn t been baptized yet, but she never dreamed that she would leave the Amish faith until she meets Daniel, the Mennonite missionary who came to Kent County to visit his family and ended up agreeing to speak to the youth group at their Mennonite Church.And such a wonderful man he is a real hero, he is being called.Leah discovers a whole different way of life with Daniel, but she is determined to stay true to the Amish beliefs, even though she cont [...]

    19. This is book 4 in the Hannah s Daughters series It works as a stand alone book, but recommend reading the first 3 of the series first.Leah Yoder is an Amish woman, who always thought she d marry an Old Order Amish man, but when she meets Mennonite Daniel Brown, she is fascinated by him She spends time with him in a forbidden courtship to learn how she truly feels about him Before long, she has a decision to make stay in her community, or leave it behind to be be with Daniel, who she believes tha [...]

    20. Does Leah Follow Her Heart I have enjoyed reading about Hannah Yoder s Daughters This story is about Leah Yoder Author Emma Miller is a great teller of stories and I love reading her books.Leah has some decisions to make regarding her future and it involves someone outside the Amish faith After much prayer she still hasn t the slightest idea of what she should do.I enjoyed reading updates of Hannah s other daughters in this book too There is an incident that is pretty disturbing A lot of people [...]

    21. This book gets 5 stars plus Leah s Choice is the fourth book in Emma Miller s Hannah s Daughters series and is, in my opinion, the best one so far Next, I will be reading the fifth book in this series, Redeeming Grace, which has also gotten excellent reviews I believe a sixth book will be released in May, 2013 am looking forward to it.I would recommend this series to everyone.

    22. Leah s Choice by Emma Miller was a very good rainy day book I was interested in the differences between Mennonite and Amish cultures This was brought to light in this book Leah is Amish Daniel is Mennonite The attraction between the two was instantaneous Brought together by an almost tragedy, Leah and Daniel continue to find strength and hope and love together I was left in suspense until the end, trying to determine whether or not Leah would accept Daniel even though their families were not in [...]

    23. This is a great feel good read Yes there is some hard things that happen, but I love reading about Hannah Yoder s Daughter s This being Leah s story, but great visits with the rest of the family.Leah is going to meet a great Mennonite man named Daniel, and she is going to have to make some major life changing decisions Of course her Grandmother, and Aunt Martha are back, and delightful Aunt Jezzy.You do not have to have read the other books in this series to read this one, although I highly reco [...]

    24. This is a short romantic story, but so much that that It is one heart calling to another across the Amish and Mennonite communities Young Leah wrestles with the concept of love versus a crush on one handsome young Daniel A family crisis arises and is Leah to choose family over her heart s stirrings Can she leave her community to join him in the Mennonite world Can faith and love in God be found in both worlds I am already looking for the other books in this inspiring and thought provoking serie [...]

    25. I read this on the kindleI enjoyed this one in the series i think i guess the ending sort of as if she would go withDaniel who a Mennonite or stay Amish but enjoyed the twist turnsI also like the sub plot with one of the sisters i have got the all the books in this series now just have to wait for the last one which is about Hannah herself which comes out in June 2014I can recommend this series am about to start the next one in the series which is book 5

    26. Daniel Brown, a Mennotie missionary, shows up in the Delaware Old Order Amish community the night the young Joey was lost Leah and Daniel team up to search for Joey and not only do they find Joey but also each other Can they merge their two lives 218 pages

    27. Really enjoyed the story of Leah and Daniel Emma Miller has done a great job with the different stories of Hannah s daughters Can t wait to read Redeeming Grace I recommend Leah s Choice as a good read.

    28. Leah s choice ruined this entire book for me Just a matter of not liking the story line I was hoping for a different outcome.

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