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Hot Chocolate By Dawn Greenfield Ireland Hot Chocolate Meet the middle aged eccentric Alcott sisters Madge Lila Mae and Dorothea heiresses to the Alcott Chocolate fortune and mavens of Houston s elite River Oaks Madge ambushes Lila Mae with Dorothea s
  • Title: Hot Chocolate
  • Author: Dawn Greenfield Ireland
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  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hot Chocolate By Dawn Greenfield Ireland Meet the middle aged, eccentric Alcott sisters Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea, heiresses to the Alcott Chocolate fortune and mavens of Houston s elite River Oaks.Madge ambushes Lila Mae with Dorothea s manipulative plea she can t care for Bernie, their 92 year old father, any longer Lila Mae explodes in a hissy fit she had warned Dorothea years ago that they should put BMeet the middle aged, eccentric Alcott sisters Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea, heiresses to the Alcott Chocolate fortune and mavens of Houston s elite River Oaks.Madge ambushes Lila Mae with Dorothea s manipulative plea she can t care for Bernie, their 92 year old father, any longer Lila Mae explodes in a hissy fit she had warned Dorothea years ago that they should put Bernie in an assisted living center.Robert, Lila Mae s astrologer, warns of impending problems and he s rarely wrong.The sisters call a meeting with Walter Branson, their solicitor They discuss Bernie s nurse Bambi Chaline, a blonde bombshell who looks like a hooker than a nurse The sisters fear that Bambi has her sights on being the next Mrs Alcott and the need to separate her from their father is at critical mass.Arrangements are made for Bernie to be transferred over to Lake Sides Assisted Living Center in the Uptown Galleria area and a severance package is drawn up for Bambi Out from under the ever watchful eye of Dorothea, Bernie takes to the Lake Sides social scene like a butterfly to sugar water He s the best dressed senior and chases the nurses relentlessly He may be 92, but he s a handful.Jimmy Ray Chaline, Bambi s bowling alley husband, is enraged that Bambi was let go He hires ambulance chaser Mark Slade to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination Bambi had been than satisfied with her bonus, letters of recommendation and praise from the Alcott clan She does not want to sue her former employer and the Alcott chocolate empire.Jimmy Ray s eyes dazzle as Mark Slade convinces him that the court will award Bambi millions The judge dismisses the suit as frivolous and it is thrown out of court further fueling Jimmy Ray s rage He s shocked when the callous attorney demands his bill be paid upon receipt.When Jimmy Ray fails to return home from the bowling alley that night, a series of events unfold that shocks the entire Alcott family and their extended members Who killed Jimmy Ray Chaline Was it Bambi, his innocent looking wife Could it have been Tilly, Walter Branson s half looped niece who had a mysterious relationship with Jimmy Ray Or was it Dorothea Divine the weapon came from her house where Bambi worked for three years.The Alcott clan is in turmoil and no amount of chocolate will soothe their nerves until they solve the mystery and Dorothea is off the hook.
    Hot Chocolate By Dawn Greenfield Ireland
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      426 Dawn Greenfield Ireland
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      Dawn Greenfield Ireland is the CEO of Artistic Origins Inc, a 100% woman owned publishing company and technical writing service that has been doing business since 1995 She s an IPPY award winning author of The Puppy Baby Book, and New England Book Festival eBook winner of Mastering Your Money Dawn is the author of the wickedly funny cozy mystery novel, Hot Chocolate that has rapidly gathered 5 star reviews in the Kindle store, and was toured via Premier Virtual Author Book Tours in February 2012 Hot Chocolate is the first in the series, followed by Bitter Chocolate Writers Preparation Handbook debuted June 2017 It is available as an ebook, audiobook, and an online course.Prophecy of Thol is my latest novel 9 2017.Ireland is also the co author of the animated screenplay Memoirs of a Dog which won the Spirit Award of the Moondance Film Festival children s category September 2011 Her dark comedy Plan B was a finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay script competition in 2010 Dawn Ireland has also penned 15 other screenplays Be on the lookout for The Last Dog, fall winter 2017.dawngreenfieldireland

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    1. Book Quotes Are you going for the I m sixty six and have Alzheimer s so I won t remember this ensemble tomorrow look Lila Mae threw at her older sister That beauty queen title was forty plus years ago, Lila Mae You are no longer classified as a girl You qualify for all of the senior citizen discounts, which you refuse, I might add, Madge heckled Madge, our baby sister is a middle aged woman who doesn t give a rat s tail about anyone else s feelings At last count, she had a staff of twelve, inclu [...]

    2. I love reading a good cozy mystery and when it s paired with good old fashioned southern charm and whit well I m sold Hot Chocolate by Dawn Greenland Ireland gave me that plus a plenty of offbeat characters,along with a fast moving plot with a murder mystery woven in, sprinkled together with a liberal amount of humor in to make this a book that I just couldn t read fast enough Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea Alcott are the heirs to the Alcott Chocolate fortune Dorothea has been taking care of their [...]

    3. The middle aged Alcott sisters, heiresses to the Alcott chocolate fortune Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea are fit to be tied In the midst of busy lives, they must deal with their ninety two year old father, Bernie, who has become quite the handful.His nurse Bambi, is another kind of handful, but when they decide they must move Bernie to an assisted living facility, the generous severance package they offer to Bambi is not enough to ward off a lawsuit brought by Bambi s husband, Jimmy Ray Chaline.Lu [...]

    4. The StoryMadge, Dorothea and Lila Mae Alcott are middle aged sisters who are heiresses to the Alcott Chocolate empire When Dorothea can no longer care for their 92 year old father, the sisters decide to fire his nurse, Bambi, and place him in an assisted living care facility where he can get all the care he needs.Bambi Chaline is a blonde bombshell who worked for the Alcott s for years and is than happy when they give her a severance package along with excellent references However, her husband, [...]

    5. It took me a couple chapters to get into it, but I ended up really liking this book I liked the characters and the mystery was interesting, and it was fun trying to figure out whodunit I only picked up this book because I needed a book with hot chocolate on the cover, and I saw another friend had read it I m glad I did And there are recipes in the back for all the mouth watering food in the book thank you I don t cook a lot but I will be cooking these dishes

    6. Chocolate and Houston Money The rich really are different, aren t they And the Alcott sisters, Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea, are a perfect example of different Heirs to the Alcott Chocolates fortune, the ladies are privileged and moneyed, yet don t seem to be obnoxious about their wealth Lila Mae is a hoot Oh, no she said Not only is Mercury retrograde, but the Moon is void and it was just full in Scorpio and will no doubt clobber my sisters big time As your first introduction to Lila Mae, you j [...]

    7. A murder mystery normally has a certain feel to it That is why I usually shy away from them As I began this one I was quickly drawn into the world of the Alcott sisters their father, who reminded me of a 92 year old Jack Tripper Three s Company , had the show gone on until Jack was 92 that is Chocolate drives these women, literally From a Cocoa colored Bentley, to the hot chocolate drinking chillax sessions the sisters share, to their paychecks their family business is Alcott Chocolate It comes [...]

    8. There are times in life when only a serving of comfort food will cure what ever ails you When these time strike, sisters Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea, as heirs to the Alcott Chocolates Company, find themselves turning to steaming cups of hot chocolate topped with generous dollops of marshmallow fluff The main reason for consuming such quantities of that dark nectar is the ongoing care of their 92 year old father, Bernie, or rather the termination of the employment of his voluptuous day nurse, Ba [...]

    9. Hot Chocolate is a creamy, rich, delicious and indulgent read that will warm you and nestle you in a blanket of satisfaction.I am a huge lover of the cozy mystery genre and when I read the blurb for Hot Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland, I was instantly intrigued A group of middle aged sisters, each incredibly different, unique and ornery in their own way solving a mystery Add the twists and intrigue of voodoo notions and practices quirky, yet lovable, characters and you have a mixture and te [...]

    10. Hot Chocolate is a great read for a cozy evening in Grab the book, a cup of hot chocolate or cafe mocha recipe at the back of the book and settle in for a fun time There s going to be a murder, so you ve got a mystery to solve, but there are a lot of laughs along the way.The characters in this novel are larger than life, even down to Lila Mae s dog, Louis Each one has a distinct personality and his her own brand of quirkiness This made getting to know everyone much fun, although there are so man [...]

    11. This was the most fun I ve had reading a book in a very long time The characters were all a little peculiar, even the ones that played minor roles This made for quite a lot of LOL moments I loved the three sisters from the start It took a while for me to feel for Bambi, but the I read about her the I liked her My favorite character though, would have to be Uncle Tito What a character he is If you re ever in the mood for a light funny read that will keep you guessing who dunnit, this book is pe [...]

    12. A great murder mystery that could safely also be described as fun filled romp It s always great to see how the other half lives and this sexy comedy delivers a no holds barred examination of genteel heiresses to a chocolate fortune who get their lives turned upside down The very fist book I bought on kindle which was good because I was able to read it top to bottom and it made trying out a new technology a good experience You will be enthralled and making wrong guesses about guilty parties until [...]

    13. Hot Chocolate is a warm cup overflowing with savory characters and sweetly sprinkled with twists of adventure that are guaranteed to make you come back for I loved Author, Dawn Greenfield Ireland s writing style Her descriptions were crisp and vivid, her dialog snappy, and her talent for storytelling immaculate I you love Janet Evanovich especially quirky Grandma Masur you will LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE

    14. great read took me about 2 chapters to really get into it, but after that i was knocking out at least 100 pgs a day, and i finished it in about a week

    15. Great CozyInteresting characters and delicious recipes A very unique murder New meaning to the phrase Fork You Delightful Looking forward to book 2

    16. openbooksociety article hoBrought to you by OBS reviewer Andra Some spoilers but will try and limit these as best as I am able.The Alcott sisters Madge the eldest at age 62 , Lila Mae the middle sister and Dorothea the youngest at age 55 I must say, right from the beginning, I liked these eccentric, yet endearing sisters They are a hoot Chuckle at is all I have so say No, seriously this is certainly one murder mystery that got me giggling as well as guessing A good combination in my book pun int [...]

    17. Originally posted at Butterfly o Meter Books on Feb 7 2012 Oh my gosh, how much fun this novel was I was lol ing all over the place, I couldn t help it It was a very pleasant experience to read it, because all that tension that usually is present in a murder mystery that spurs on my natural curiosity was replaced by a light hearted sort of curiosity here, but I was dying to know who did it just as much as I was enjoying each and every page.One thing that I had a lot of fun with was the fact the [...]

    18. I received the book from the author for an honest review.What a delightful tale I really enjoyed every minute of this book I must be honest, the name of the book threw me for a loop with welcomed surprises that made this book positively an amazing read Hot Chocolate is than the name suggested, it s a thrill ride of comedy, mystery, interesting characters, a very creative plot and well thought out scenes that brought this book to life Expect the unexpected, be enticed with the delicious coffees [...]

    19. I received the book from the author for an honest review.What a delightful tale I really enjoyed every minute of this book I must be honest, the name of the book threw me for a loop with welcomed surprises that made this book positively an amazing read Hot Chocolate is than the name suggested, it s a thrill ride of comedy, mystery, interesting characters, a very creative plot and well thought out scenes that brought this book to life Expect the unexpected, be enticed with the delicious coffees [...]

    20. This is the story of 3 heiress sisters and the people in their lives The trouble begins when the sister caring for the aging father announces that she can no longer care for him at home Eventually, he is placed in an assisted living facility, which actually makes everyone happier, including the father This leads to a lawsuit by the husband of the nurse who had been caring for him, which they lose since it is a frivolous suit Then the husband is murdered and everything spins out of control.There [...]

    21. This is one fabulous cozy mystery This is book one in the Hot Chocolate Series and it definitely is different from so many other cozies out there The Alcott sisters, Lila Mae, Dorothea and Madge are heirs to a chocolate company.I absolutely loved these characters, especially Lila Mae They are great southern ladies and an absolute hoot Lila s gentlemen friend is Chance, a detective for the local police force These two are quite a couple and when you toss in some really quirky household help, like [...]

    22. This is the first audio book I have ever reviewed, so this was an unusual experience for me I realize that the book review needs to focus on the content of the book, but I truly appreciated the narrator who read the book Please know that this is a long book, and it is quite involved It is the first book in the series, and all too often, first books can be a little sluggish at the outset And, indeed, this book was somewhat like that There are no bedroom scenes, but there is some profanity though [...]

    23. A fun, light crime read from Dawn Ireland I won this e book from a give away on Books and Beyond a few months ago.An entertaining read that is light enough for the holidays The story revolves around the three middle aged sisters when they decide to put their father Bernie into full time assisted care His nurse is given a package which her frugal husband is not happy about The media coverage that is given this couple from the failed attempt at a lawsuit brings an unwelcome and unexpected return f [...]

    24. This audiobook was a delight to narrate This depiction of an eccentric billionaire Texas Family is absolutely hilarious The story is also riddled with delicious food exactly the same as when you travel through the South and Texas an emphasis on good food and home cooking The mystery is unique to say the least But it is the characters and their environments that set the story apart Joseph , the mystic housekeeper is one of my favorite characters I ve ever had the opportunity to voice Uncle Tito a [...]

    25. I honestly had high hopes for this book but they were not achieved The writing is repetitive and that quickly becomes tiresome If you took a shot every time someone had hot chocolate with marshmallow creme or a cafe mocha, you d be drunk in no time.The discovery of the murderer was a disappointment The misdirection was well played as I guessed incorrectly, but the amount of random characters who we never really get to know makes it feel as though the murderer was picked at random rather than tho [...]

    26. There s a lot of name dropping commercial brand names which I suppose are an attempt to show how filthy wealthy the characters are, and a lot of descriptive detail that tells you something about the characters but not much about the story At first I had trouble relating to the characters at all But there is a murder to be solved, so while I skipped a lot of pages to get past the sometimes overwhelming description, I did feel the mystery was worth solving The prose might be enjoyable by someone [...]

    27. Okay, one would assume that every author, whether self published or not, has someone in their life who, for twenty bucks and a bag of donuts, would be willing to sit down and tell them things like It s dessert, not desert.It s untainted by, not untainted from.It s Yanni, not Yani.The word chamomile does not need to be capitalized in the middle of a sentence.And, finally, the difference between its and it s Otherwise, not much to say Wasn t a fan of the story, which made every error glow like neo [...]

    28. I was lucky enough to win this in a book give away back in February I planned on reading it much sooner but life got in the way I started it in April and put it down after the first couple of chapters The sisters were too over the top for me I spent this past Wendesday morning in a waiting room while my husband had a procedure I picked Hot Chocolate back up and couldn t put it down Everything clicked this time I m so glad I went back to it Hope the Alcott family can get in to trouble

    29. This might have been a good mystery if it had been professionally edited to drop 200 or so pages As it was, it was far, far too long with too much extraneous and not interesting stuff I decided after no crime had occurred in the first 100 pages that since I was not very interested in any of the characters, I would just skim the rest The basic murder plot was decent and I might have enjoyed it if it hadn t been buried under so much cozy background bs.

    30. Ok the book does get better, but for a murder mystery this just wasn t all that interesting to me I rarely give up on books so I had to push myself to finish this I can see how others would like it I am interested in trying out a few of the recipes that are found at the end of the book which is one of the redeeming factors Like I said, just wasn t my cup of tea, or in this case Hot Chocolate.

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