Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure #2020

Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure By Patricia Ellis Herr Up A Mother and Daughter s Peakbagging Adventure When Trish Herr became pregnant with her first daughter Alex she and her husband Hugh vowed to instill a bond with nature in their children By the time Alex was five her over the top energy level
  • Title: Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure
  • Author: Patricia Ellis Herr
  • ISBN: 9780307952073
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure By Patricia Ellis Herr When Trish Herr became pregnant with her first daughter, Alex, she and her husband, Hugh, vowed to instill a bond with nature in their children By the time Alex was five, her over the top energy levels led Trish to believe that her very young daughter might be capable of hiking adult sized mountains.In Up, Trish recounts their always exhilarating and sometimes harrowing When Trish Herr became pregnant with her first daughter, Alex, she and her husband, Hugh, vowed to instill a bond with nature in their children By the time Alex was five, her over the top energy levels led Trish to believe that her very young daughter might be capable of hiking adult sized mountains.In Up, Trish recounts their always exhilarating and sometimes harrowing adventures climbing all forty eight of New Hampshire s highest mountains Readers will delight in the expansive views and fresh air that only peakbaggers are afforded, and will laugh out loud as Trish urges herself to mother up when she and Alex meet an ornery and alarmingly bold spruce grouse on the trail This is, at heart, a resonant, emotionally honest account of a mother s determination to foster independence and fearlessness in her daughter, to teach her that small doesn t necessarily mean weak that girls can be strong and that big, bold things are possible.
    Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure By Patricia Ellis Herr
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    1. Patricia Ellis Herr

      Patricia Ellis Herr is the homeschooling mother of Alexandra and Sage She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology Biological from Harvard University.

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    1. When Trish first told me she was writing a memoir about her hikes with Alex I just assumed it would be an extension of her trip reports that we all write from time to time where we record our hikes and then post them on various hiking boards for other hikers to read and critique Little did I realize as I began reading that it would turn out to be so much than just a chronicle of their hikes together, but her dreams and desires for Alex as she explores the world around her laced with its joys an [...]

    2. I hate to spend money on a book and not finish the entire thing But I almost did just that with this book The author spends the first part of this book convincing the reader what a perfect mother she is and what an exceptional daughter she hashiking, home schooling, giving up her Harvard PhD, stay at home mom Although she states otherwise, she seems pretentious and judgmental Some of the dialogue between her and her daughter seems phoney Yes the daughter may be extremely bright and precocious, b [...]

    3. I just finished an uncorrected proof copy of UP that I received from the Vine program and I want to start reading it all over again I LOVED THIS BOOK It made me laugh, it made me tear up a little and it showed me the kind of mother I hope to one day be Ellis Herr tells the stories of her daytime, and sometimes nighttime, peakbagging adventures with her 5 year old daughter, Alex They climbed the 48, 4,000ft and higher, peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 15 months UP is not only abou [...]

    4. Little people can do big things That, in a sentence, seems to be Patricia Ellis Herr s theme behind Up A Mother and Daughter s Peakbagging Adventure The book is a memoir that traces author and her five year old daughter, Alex, as they attempt to join the Four Thousand Footer Club, ascending all 40 some of New Hampshire s 4K plus peaks.Herr makes it clear that it s all driven by Alex, and if the way the little girl is portrayed is accurate, then I buy that Alex seems to have been born with an old [...]

    5. I liked this book It was interesting to read about the trails particularly in the second half of the book but honestly I m not sure why UP was written and that s plagued me a bit as I ve contemplated writing this review and tryed to sum up what the book means to me.Now most of the mountaineering and spelunking books I have read thus far have been about the ascent, or descent where appropriate They ve been books written to clarify what happened during a particular climb of K2 or Everest or some o [...]

    6. Of all the outdoors books I ve been reading and posting about lately, this is my favorite.I feel like I should dedicate this post to the jerk who recently told me that women are weak and shouldn t go into the woods without a man Insert eye roll here If I didn t have enough evidence already that s he s so wrong, Patricia Ellis Herr offers up a wheelbarrow of backup with her tale of hiking New Hampshire s White Mountains with her five year old daughter in Up A Mother and Daugther s Peakbagging Adv [...]

    7. It started by accident, almost Herr s daughter was small, but she had boundless energy, and Herr thought hiking might be a good way to use some of that energy So they climbed a mountain They had some false starts e.g their very first hike, before Herr understood how conditions differ on and off mountains and before she knew what kind of clothing gear they would need to be comfortable and safe , but one hike turned into two turned into three turned intorty eight, and then some.Up is a pretty quie [...]

    8. What do you do with a five year old daughter who is bouncing off the walls with energy A daughter who you, of course, want to grow up happy, strong and confident Careful, but willing to attempt large goals undeterred by the expectations of others Author Patricia Ellis Herr s daughter Alex was thrilled with the idea of trying to climb all 48 of the New Hampshire mountains that are over 4,000 feet Mother and daughter achieved that goal in half the time they expected to and it became an ideal learn [...]

    9. What a bummer Although the idea of taking your young children on peak bagging adventures is inspirational, this book is a boring, pedantic, holier than though book to read I know hiking in the Whites can be dangerous scary been there, done that , but she makes it sound as if these mountains are in the Himalayas For goodness sake, I ve taken a stroll up some un remembered peak with boxes for collecting blueberries, a light jacket and a water bottle before the days of everyday GPS Not every mounta [...]

    10. What an excellent book I loved this mother and daughter s story It is truly inspirational to me I feel inspired to try things with my children, to persevere through difficulties, and to be a better example for my children of making goals and doing what it takes to reach them whatever they might be I m also encouraged to keep working on our goal of going backpacking someday soon May we reach that goal and have some fun

    11. The book is amazing It is a wonderful story of accomplishment between a mother and her young daughter The goal of the two is to summit all 48 4K mountains in New Hampshire Her daughter is 6 years old when they finish and as you are reading you will be completely inspired to get outside and get moving I would recommend this book for everyone I read it in a day and was just completely caught up in their stories So glad her daughter encouraged her to write this book.

    12. I couldn t slog through this whole book The mom just rubbed me the wrong way I hike with my daughter all the time, so thought I would relate, but she just felt so self congratulating to me, I lost interest in her story.

    13. Awesome book This story of this mom and 5 year old daughter hiking team is amazing 15 life lessons are highlighted I must say I learned a few life lessons as I read this book

    14. I m a bit conflicted about this book There was quite a bit I connected with, as we are a super outdoorsy family that loves a challenge ButThings I liked Mother daughter adventuring Kids spending time outdoors Showing that kids are perfectly capable of big things The various anecdotes of their time in the mountains The story of the grouse actually made me laugh out loudThings I disliked The holier than thou rationalizations about what she was doing The terribly dangerous situations she put her da [...]

    15. A super fast read with fun stories about a mom and daughter s adventures Less how to and here s what we did It was a little hard to relate, as our kids are soooo not like her daughters I m sure our camping adventures would be a lot different if they were She was careful not to judge other people s parenting, but it s easy for a reader like me to see that kind of privilege and get disheartened so I m glad she takes the time to acknowledge that your mileage may vary as my friend Mike says.

    16. I enjoy travel adventure memoirs This one was very cute and makes me want to take my child on hiking adventures What a way to bond, stay healthy, and appreciate nature

    17. I absolutely loved this book I love the author s voice and the way she speaks to her daughters and encourages them I couldn t put it down

    18. Patricia Ellis Herr and her husband Hugh are well educated, active, outdoorsy people who are raising two girls, Alex and Sage Patricia learns about peak bagging, the hobby of climbing 4000 feet mountains In New Hampshire, people have the goal of climbing all 48 to be inducted in the 4000 Footer Club On a whim she tells her oldest daughter Alex, then age five, and asked if she d like to try hiking a grown up mountain At first, it is experimental Patricia writes that she leaves the option to Alex, [...]

    19. I received this book through a giveaway I want to climb a mountain.I don t think it s possible to come away from this book without wanting to climb mountains How can you not, even when the author describes some of the horrible disasters that happen while hiking storms, slugs, massive spider webs I m not an outdoor person normally But I want to climb a mountain all the same.I loved reading about little Alex tackling what most adults never even dream of doing climbing 48 peaks all over 4,000 feet [...]

    20. I wanted to love this book so badly And for the most part I did But, throughout the book there was a nagging sense that something wasn t quite right.What I realized towards the end was that this author seems like she is out to prove something of her parenting I have a hard time believing that she hiked 48 mountains with her five year old daughter and everything was peaches and cream the entire time I think I would have liked to have read the real tale, and not the sugar coated saccharine version [...]

    21. I won this book via giveaways so thanks This rating is really 3.5 stars The book is a memoir that chronicles the hikes of mother and daughter up the 4k whites Little Alex has lots of energy and shows herself fully capable of hiking up big mountains, and we follow their journey together as they meet challenges and surpass expectations I really enjoyed the book I love memoirs and especially appreciate those that concentrate on a mother daughter relationship This book has a great message and really [...]

    22. I won an uncorrected proof copy through Read It Forward Thanks, RIF This is an inspiring story of a mother who believes in her daughter and does all she can to give that little girl the best life experiences possible Five year old Alex is an energetic, inquisitive child To tap into that energy, her mother suggests hiking in the New Hampshire mountains Alex proves to be an enthusiastic hiker and soon the mother and daughter have set a goal of climbing all 48 of New Hampshire s over 4000 foot high [...]

    23. This book is about the destination, not the journey.I love the themes of the book mother and daughter hiking together, the daughter learning that she can do anything if she sets her mind to it But the writing itself is uneven.At times I felt bored or frustrated with the author, at other times I admired her honesty and vulnerability There were many points that she made that I agreed with, but sometimes the way they were said felt slightly judgmental of others And I m glad she is such a loving mot [...]

    24. I picked this book up at the library the other day Quite honestly, how I could I not want to read a book about a 5 year old hiking the 48 highest peaks in New Hampshire That s quite an amazing peak for someone so young.When I started reading, I was impressed with the attitude of the mom and author, Patricia Herr In the introduction she states, all doesn t necessarily mean weak, that girls can be strong, and that big, bold things are possible She then goes on to say, n t automatically shrug and a [...]

    25. When I saw this at work, I thought it would be a cute story And is it cute Yes How can a story about a mother and her five year old hiking together not be But while reading I came to find out that this story originally started out as a blog and, in my opinion, it probably could have remained simply a blog There s nothing really groundbreaking or memorable about the story Her daughter is awesome and adventurous but not to the point that I think there needed to be a book written about her And I fe [...]

    26. I read this with my 10 yr old daughter and highly recommend any mother daughter do the same You don t have to love hiking or New Hampshire It s so beautiful how Patricia can record those split second, but critical and illuminating parenting thoughts, thoughts most of us powerfully experience but don t dare to do what seems impossible write them down The mother daughter conversations also make fantastic jumping off points for your own It s real and calm and based in natural experience The daring [...]

    27. This book turned into a family read on our recent vacation It started with my Mom she passed it onto me I read it before we left for home and our 12 year old read it on the ride home My husband read it when we got home and now I am reading it together with our 10 year old.It was a fun and easy read I don t usually finish a book in 3 days It was inspiring and gave us lots to talk about on our 9 hour ride home.We have already gone out on a hike and much like the first chapter in the book, we were [...]

    28. I enjoyed Up A Mother and Daughter s Peakbagging Adventure by Patricia Ellis Herr much than I thought I would The book tells the true story of Trish s daughter Alex, who climbed all 48 four thousand footers in New Hampshire before her seventh birthday I hike in the Whites frequently and have bumped into Trish Alex once and can attest that Alex is an extraordinary little girl who delights in hiking Trish can come off a bit preachy she loves her daughters and thinks they are the best, brightest, [...]

    29. I ended up really liking this The first chapter almost turned me off the writing was stilted, the scene mom on a mountain hike with her 5 and 3 year old daughters, gets caught in a thunderstorm and they huddle, not touching, in lightning position No way would I not be holding my kids for dear life But the author seemed to get her groove as she went on, and I found myself enjoying the stories she told about her hiking experiences with her 5 year old daughter, on a quest to peakbag or touch the su [...]

    30. As a mountain runner that has been hiking and backpacking with my kids since before they were bipedal, I was intrigued by the used copy in my local bookstore Throughout the book, I found myself at times rolling my eyes at some comments that were outright lacking humility, and at other times offensive The chapter where she and her daughter run into the trail worker, and she worries about her beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed child as if that would merit concern than any child not baring those res [...]

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