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Charlotte: Pride & Prejudice Continues By Karen Aminadra Charlotte Pride Prejudice Continues When Charlotte Lucas married Mr Collins she did not love him but had at least secured her future However what price must she pay for that future She once said she was not romantic but how true is t
  • Title: Charlotte: Pride & Prejudice Continues
  • Author: Karen Aminadra
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  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Charlotte: Pride & Prejudice Continues By Karen Aminadra When Charlotte Lucas married Mr Collins, she did not love him but had at least secured her future However, what price must she pay for that future She once said she was not romantic, but how true is that now after almost one year of marriage Mr Collins is submissive in the extreme to his patroness, and his constant simpering, fawning and deference to the overbearing andWhen Charlotte Lucas married Mr Collins, she did not love him but had at least secured her future However, what price must she pay for that future She once said she was not romantic, but how true is that now after almost one year of marriage Mr Collins is submissive in the extreme to his patroness, and his constant simpering, fawning and deference to the overbearing and manipulative Lady Catherine de Bourgh is sure to try the patience of a saint, or at least of Charlotte As Charlotte becomes part of Hunsford society, she discovers she is not the only one who has been forced to submit to the controlling and often hurtful hand of Lady Catherine She feels trapped and realises her need for love and affection She is not as content as she once thought she would be The easiest thing to do would be to maintain the peace and do as she is told But as Charlotte witnesses the misery around her due to her inimitable neighbour, she must decide to remain as she is or to begin a chain of events that will change not only her life but also the lives of those around her in the village of Hunsford forever Butter all, doesn t every girl deserve a happy ending
    Charlotte: Pride & Prejudice Continues By Karen Aminadra
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      354 Karen Aminadra
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      Karen Aminadra Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Charlotte: Pride & Prejudice Continues book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Aminadra author readers around the world.

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    1. I love it when minor characters get to shine in their own right so I was pleased to pick up this story about Charlotte Collins, the best friend of the heroine in Jane Austen s Pride Prejudice I wasn t sure what to expect, but truthfully this one knocked my socks off with many surprises It is a sequel and follows the events of PP, but shifting the spotlight to Hunsford and Rosings.Charlotte has realized that for all her prosaic and pragmatic words to Lizzy, that she is not as reconciled to her si [...]

    2. Redemption Through LoveDigging into the backlist for some well crafted stories, I came across this gem Ms Aminadra explores an extension of the Charlotte Lucas William Collins story Aminadra s portrait of the smarmy cleric shows the redemptive power of love as both principals Gain a deeper understanding of each other and how a marriage actually works The author s portrait of Collins is an inverse Dorian Graywith good appearing to erase the bowing and scraping character His blemishes begin to van [...]

    3. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.In the world of Austen based lit, Karen Aminadra s Charlotte was a pleasant surprise I d picked it up as a freebie and didn t expect much from the piece, but ultimately enjoyed the author s refreshingly original take on Mr and Mrs Collins Building on Austen s beloved classic, Aminadra chronicles the early days of William and Charlotte s marriage, offering readers the opportunity to indulge their love of Pride and Prejudice while affording two o [...]

    4. WOW Loved this book This continuation takes us into the unusual direction in that it is not about Darcy and Elizabeth This story is about Charlotte and Mr Collins and how there story continues on Mr collins is the toady sycophant that we all know and cringe about The story starts out just before Darcy and Elizabeth s wedding and we see Mr Collins as his usual self Charlotte is wonderful in how she handles him and does make Mr collins see thing diferently It was diverting to see Charlotte handle [...]

    5. In the beginning, I adored this book I ve always thought that Charlotte was an interesting character and I was curious how her marriage with Mr Collins ended up This book gave me one answer The book was well written and well timed Also, I liked how most of the time the author didn t try to be Jane Austen She was her own voice However, there were a few issues that caused me to give a lower rating than other reviewers.Problem 1 This book was clearly based off the Keira Knightley version of Pride a [...]

    6. Charlotte has finally been given her due She is no longer the less interesting and attractive sidekick of Lizzie Bennett but a flesh and blood woman with a personality, opinions, and desires of her own With the piquancy of Jane Austen s Emma but of a reserved disposition let us not go too far the portrait Aminadra paints of her Charlotte is so spirited, vibrant, and witty, it makes this reader wonder how she ever perceived her as plain Though still tolerant and gentle she has put up with Mr Col [...]

    7. I was a little worried at first that this book would be too weird, but it was REALLY good I thought The author did a nice job of incorporating Jane Austen s characters into this new story I m going to look for books by this author.

    8. It shows a great deal of charity to think kindly on the odious Mr Collins of Pride and Prejudice Sure, we all feel for Charlotte Collins n e Lucas, who, knowing that her marital prospects are not good, accepts his offer of marriage.As Charlotte confessed to Elizabeth Bennet I ask only a comfortable home and considering Mr Collins s character, connection, and situation in life, I am convinced that my chance of happiness with him is as fair as most people can boast on entering the marriage state N [...]

    9. YaY a delish new read just added to my kindle Thank you to Karen for offering this on her blog a very creatively FuN giveaway and a HaPpY Reader here responding anticipationCurrently enjoying my reading of Charlotte s story as participation in Austen in AugustKaren has written a captivating tale enlivening Charlotte to the reader and developing my interest in her story from the first page From an understanding of Charlotte in PP, I accepted her choice to marry Rev Collins as a matter of provisio [...]

    10. This is the story of Mr Collins and Charlotte It begins where Pride and Prejudice leaves off with a ridiculous Mr Collins who values the opinions of his esteemed patroness, Lady Catherine over those of his own wife.Charlotte realizes that she can do good as a pastor s wife then just jumping every time Lady Catherine snaps So she starts gasp forming her own opinions and acting according to her own conscience So Lady Catherine instructs Mr Collins on how to correct his errant wife s behavior With [...]

    11. Attention Jane Austen fans Charlotte Pride and Prejudice Continues is for you Aminadra does an amazing job of recreating Austen s world Her characters leap from the page They are warm and full blooded and true to Austen s orignal creations Careful detail has been paid to speech and mannerisms and I found that I had to remind myself that it was not Jane Austen who had written this delightful book but Karen Aminadra I believe Austen would be pleased with how her characters are portrayed and especi [...]

    12. This book was disappointing The book dragged and I found myself skipping paragraphs to get through the book I enjoyed the relationships Charlotte developed with the neighbors as well as her relationship with lady Catherine It was nice for her to find an ally in Colonel Fitzwilliam Then their relationship took an unbelievable turn and the book went downhill from there This book had potential but it s as if the author was in a hurry to write it and didn t bother fine tuning the characters, plot an [...]

    13. So this was Charlotte s book It takes place after Lizzy and Darcy married And someone is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Lady Catherine is such an idiot.This book then Charlotte finds herself content, but wishing for So she tries her best to change her simpering fool But he is as we all all about Lady C BUT, he does change, slowly over time And to my surprise I even found myself liking himbut it did take to the end We have Charlotte trying to teach Collins some manners We have Lady C ruling with an iron fist [...]

    14. A beautiful continuation of Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte follows the story of Mrs Collins in her new life in Hunsford as the wife of Mr William Collins The style is very much in the spirit of the original work, and the very believable storyline is one that might have been thought up by Austen herself had she written a sequel I very much enjoyed reading this novel, and I think all fans of Pride and Prejudice will love it I d certainly like to see a TV dramatisation of this one day Thoroughly re [...]

    15. Fun read So glad I found it I came to understand Charlotte and Mr Collins so much I actually enjoyed them both It was great to see them grow I had to question in my mind if the author s portrayal of Colonel Fitzwilliam is true to his character in Jane Austen s work Makes me want to go retread it Overall I was quite impressed.

    16. I was very impressed with this story, especially considering that the focus is Charlotte and Mr Collins, and it doesn t involve him being a villain as he is often characterized in JAFF I think that their developing relationship could be very plausible in cannon and it was really nice to see them grow.I wasn t a fan of the Colonel Fitzwilliam storyline and admit to skimming some of it while going Ugh But with that said, I enjoyed the book as a whole.

    17. I love Pride Prejudice and I love books that go into the side characters lives and see where they end up I enjoyed this book about Charlotte, I felt that it stayed true to her personality and ways, and I was very pleased with the authors growth of Charlotte s character through out the book.

    18. Lovely, lovely story I found this story to be quite charming I felt for the most part it stayed true to Jane Austen.I know this book is about Charlotte, but could it be that I actually came to like, yes, like Mr Collins I did not think that was possible, but I did I cannot say love and Mr Collins in the same sentence Poor Charlotte finds herself regretting marrying Mr Collins She is bitter she just wants to stay home and be left alone The intimacies of marriage and the high and mighty Lady Cathe [...]

    19. Well I had hoped for a nice book with a continuation of Charlotte s story This was a story that had promise I wasn t sure you could make Mr Collins likable, she managed, with a much stronger Charlotte than I imagined from the original book Charlotte is a sweet, kind gentle character, and very practical I m not sure she would have had the strength to combat the very Domineering Lady Catherine I did not like the tarnishing of Colonel Fitzwilliam, a horrible plot line in the story.I also had a hard [...]

    20. I believe I must qualify my review my saying it has been decades since I ve read Pride and Prejudice I must also admit that I remember very little of it.With that said the following is my review of Charlotte Pride and Prejudice Continues.This is an absolutely charming and delightful read I easily give it five stars, two thumbs up and a gold star It is very well written.Ms Aminadra has done a very fine job of carefully allowing her characters Mr Collins and Charlotte to grow not only as two indep [...]

    21. I personally really enjoyed this book I am often skeptical of Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice spin off novels although I end up reading a lot of them but this one is one of my new favorites I will not spoil main plot points, but I love how the story is very centered on Charlotte s life and very rarely mentions Lizzie at all, which pleases me in the sense that this story isn t just an excuse to continue Pride and Prejudice It is a separate story that stands on its own, but reading PP will be help [...]

    22. This book started out well enough, but quickly turned to rubbish when such liberties were taken with some of our favorite Austen characters that I was shocked at the audacity of the author This could have been such a good book without turning Mr Collins into the perfect husband almost overnight and Col Fitzwilliam into a brutish, letcherous moron It is also very clear this author has only watched the movies and not actually read Austens book, as there were so many discrepancies as noted by other [...]

    23. I don t normally read historical romance, and it has been many years since reading the classics Having said this, I very quickly became absorbed in this novel and it was rather fun revisiting Elizabeth Bennett and Mr.Darcy albeit briefly for this particular pair.The vocabulary was very in keeping with the era, and I could picture the scenes clearly, as they were well written.As this book progressed I became hooked and needed to know what the outcome would be, as there were two roads which could [...]

    24. Piacevolissimo romanzo, molto ben scritto, dove assistiamo ad un vero e proprio percorso evolutivo di due personaggi di OP, poco conosciuti se nn per le ridicole esposizioni pubbliche di Mr Collins e il suo asservimento a Lady De Bourgh Sorprendente Charlotte che davvero entra fortemente in competizione con Elizabeth in quanto ad educazione, eleganza di modi, schiettezza e personalit Qualche nota sensuale che non guasta e una storia davvero appagante

    25. 1.5 Didn t hate it, Didn t like it This was kind of a dragging book for me I got about 57% in and I kept having to push myself through it I skimmed to the end and I guess Mr Collins and Charolette really end up in love and get out under the thumb of Lady Catherine I prefer to think of Mr Collins as the bumbling idiot that he is Not my favorite continuation of PP

    26. Highly enjoyed it Ms Aminadra took a very unlikable character really a caricature and made him a real person, something that was quite a feat given what Ms Austen left her to work with Loved it Looking forward to Ms Aminadra s next book.

    27. I tried I really did, after all, it was a free book And at first, I thought it might pass as an easy, pleasant read, but I just couldn t even make it all the way to the end I gave it two stars instead of one because if you are into the Jane Austen sequel novels, then you might enjoy it.

    28. I loved this take on Charlotte and Mr Collins It was refreshing to see Mr Collins go from bumbling fool to a loving husband Charlotte did deserve a happy ending and got one being content with what she had, with minor improvements.

    29. Bymaryannon November 7, 2017Format Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseThis is about Elizabeth Bennet s dear friend who marries Rev Collins, Elizabeth s cousin She is a plain, sincere and intelligent girl who is approaching spinsterhood and doesn t want to be a burden to her family Rev Collins is a backward, bumbling idiot who was abused by his father that everyone finds out why his behavior is the way he acts He caters to Lady Catherine and Charlotte teaches him a lesson with her friends that she [...]

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