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Weighted By Ciara Knight Weighted The Great War of is over but my nightmare has just begun I am being held captive in the Queen s ship awaiting interrogation My only possible ally is the princess but I m unsure if she is really
  • Title: Weighted
  • Author: Ciara Knight
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  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • Weighted By Ciara Knight The Great War of 2185 is over, but my nightmare has just begun I am being held captive in the Queen s ship awaiting interrogation My only possible ally is the princess, but I m unsure if she is really my friend or a trap set by the Queen to fool me into sharing the secret of my gift A gift I keep hidden even from myself It swirls inside my body begging for release, butThe Great War of 2185 is over, but my nightmare has just begun I am being held captive in the Queen s ship awaiting interrogation My only possible ally is the princess, but I m unsure if she is really my friend or a trap set by the Queen to fool me into sharing the secret of my gift A gift I keep hidden even from myself It swirls inside my body begging for release, but it is the one thing the Queen can never discover Will I have the strength to keep the secret I ll know the answer soon If the stories are true about the interrogators, I ll either be dead or a traitor to my people by morning.
    Weighted By Ciara Knight
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      164 Ciara Knight
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      Ciara Knight is a USA Today and Bestselling author who writes A Little Edge and A Lot of Heart that span the heat scales Her popular sweet romance series, Sweetwater County rated PG , is a small town romance full of family trials, friendly competition, and community love Also, there is a brand new sister series, Riverbend The prequel novella is now available on all online retailers, and the first four books will release in 2016.Ciara s teen books Rated PG are coming of age stories, set in fantastical worlds, with a little grit Her bestselling series, The Neumarian Chronicles and Battle for Souls have both received notable mentions, nominations for prestigious awards, and secured four and five star reviews from notable review agencies.If you d like a little sizzle with your reads, check out Ciara s Shrouded Kingdoms After a long wiat, she is pleased to independently release this series, and after many reader requests, she is happy to announce that book II, Secrets of Dargon, will release in January 2016.For information on the different genres and heat levels, to read excerpts, and learn about the person behind the stories visit ciara s website at ciaraknight You can also connect with Ciara on Twitter ciaratknight, or Like her on Facebook ciaraknightwrites , but the best way to win prizes and receive the most up to date information is to subscribe to her newsletter at ciaraknight newsletterAll of ciara s books in reading order Sweetwater County Winter in Sweetwater CountySpring in Sweetwater CountySummer in Sweetwater CountyFall In Sweetwater CountyChristmas in Sweetwater CountyValentine s Day in Sweetwater County4th of July in Sweetwater CountyThanksgiving in Sweetwater CountyRiverbend Riverbend A Novella This series will continue in 2016 with the release of In All my Dreams, In All My Wishes, In All my Years, In All my LifeBattle for Souls Rise From DarknessFall From GraceAscension of EvilThe Neumarian Chronicles WeightedEscapementPendulumBalanceA Prospector s NovelFools RushShrouded Kingdoms The Curse of GremdonThe Secrets of Dargon January 2016 The Runes of Bramon late 2016 A Christmas Spark November 2015

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    1. Its hard to review this book without sounding strange I don t usually like first person, I don t anything care for futuristic or scyfy ish , but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Weighted It drew me in and I did not take a break until I d devoured the entire story Then I read it again In my humble opinion, the best of Ms Ciara Knight s writing ever If you read this novella, you will barely stand waiting for the first in the Neumarian chronicles Bravo Ciara Knight, Well done

    2. I ve been reading quite a few novellas and novelettes as of late, and I have to say Weighted took the cake It was ultra gripping from beginning to end I couldn t peel my eyes from the page.A girl has been captured by the Queen s men and taken to their ship The Queen is terribly evil and uses various forms of torture to get information out of her namely, to betray her people by divulging what her gift superpower is She finds an unlikely ally in the princess and must endure all the Queen s torture [...]

    3. I read the blurb for this book and was hooked so when Ciara offered 5 ARC s to read I jumped at it I read it and was hooked I had to know what Raeth s gift was Why does she have to keep it a secret What does the Queen want with her This story kept me hooked from the beginning and I had to finish it to find out how it turned out I loved the attention to detail the author showed in this story She played off of all of your senses which just helps pull you in all the I can t wait until I get to rea [...]

    4. Author Ciara Knight gifted me a Kindle copy of Weighted that I won in a giveaway form Anagha BookSpark I was interested in reading the book, which is 31 pages long, and I finished it in one sitting The synopsis itself caught my attention, since the story is set in 2185 Raeth is a Neumarian and possesses a power that the Queen believes will annihilate the human population Hence, she is captured and tortured Some of the scenes were quite cruel, but I think that makes it real I liked both, Princes [...]

    5. I had the honor of reading a YA ARC called Weighted by Ciara Knight Here s my humble review.Wonderful short story and intro into the Neumarian Chronicles Tension is ramped up on page one with the tick tock of the second hand struggling to reach the twelve Interspersing the sounds of the clock with descriptions of Raeth s a young girl and our protag rising anxiety was an excellent way to stretch the tension The goals of every character are evident even though the story takes place in the first pe [...]

    6. First off look at that COVER Knight does it again with this little teaser of The Neumerian Chronicles I just wanted to keep reading but sadly will have to wait impatiently for Book One to come out This is a very interesting story of War and struggles within families Weighted starts with a bang and ends with one leaving you wondering, questioning and wanting I definitely recommend checking this book out and any other books by Ciara Knight Disclosure I received one copy of the book from the Autho [...]

    7. I jumped at the chance to be a beta reader of Weighted by Ciara Knight, and I loved, loved, loved the strong, female protaganists, the scary villains, the excellent prose writing that intertwined character development, description, and action vibrantly I can t wait to buy a copy, and read the next installment

    8. I knew that I had to readWeightedwhen I came across it on Actually, the cover was what attracted me first, it s completely stunning However, once I read the summary, I knew that it was my type of the book, and I needed to read it, to see what happens, right after reading the summary I was happy when I emailed author about ARC copy, glad she was able to provide me with copy, for review Thank you Ciara, for providing me with opportunity of reading an early copy I had enjoyed every aspect of this n [...]

    9. 3.5 5 stars This is a short story prequel to a series of steampunk novels coming out in 2013 called The Neumarian Chronicles From this story, I can gather some aspects of the world building and that there are two types of people against one another, Slags and Neumarians I don t know why they fought a war or why they hate each other so much, but what happens to the protagonist, Raeth, happens because of these feuding societies.Raeth is a Neumarian and seems to be around 12 years old She has some [...]

    10. Since this is a novelette, it s kind of hard to say a lot about this book without ruining it.Though I knew the book was going to be intense from the blurb, man was it a bit dark than I was expecting Knight definitely has a way with her descriptions There were multiple times I cringed at what was happening to characters So you know, warning if you can t stomach a little light gore filled details while reading.I loved how the story also played with with other senses Knight including the the sound [...]

    11. This book is only a thirty one page prequel to what I am sure will be an amazing series I entered a two hour contest to win this book and i am glad i did I truly felt like I was reading a full length novel and by the time I was done I was left wanting .Weighted is amazing It s got alot to offer in alot of different areas It has paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, and steampunk aspects that all fit together very well I am really loving the way this story flows The characters are very quickly introduc [...]

    12. Wow, what a stunning beginning to another incredible series by Ciara Knight Once again, Ciara does not disappoint This prequel novellete is an introduction to the world of the Nuemarians They are a race of people fighting for their lives against a vicious queen who fears their extraordinary abilities The story is fast paced and full of suspense The writing is intelligent and fresh Ciara s alterate reality is frightening and relatable Her characters will stay with you long after you have finished [...]

    13. After reading this prequel novella, I can t wait to read the rest of The Neumarian Chronicles I was immediately drawn into this story from the beginning, and horrified at what happened to the narrator Raeth Arteres Knight makes the reader care about Raeth right from the start, and also introduces a host of supporting characters who I m sure will have play a big role in the upcoming Chronicles The hints about what had already happened to Raeth in the time leading up to Weighted made me very curio [...]

    14. Definitely an original idea I m curious to see where this goes with the start of the series The characters introduced are interesting and I know there s some depth to them I look forward to seeing how they develop throughout the series The writing is good, though I felt the conflict introduced was made unnecessarily difficult It was almost as if it was drawn out to make sure some goal was reached The interrogation scenes could have been shortened to give readers of a look at the world we re bei [...]

    15. The characters in the book are great i read the book just now and then wow.Tick Tock is what she hears and what happen in the book the Tick Tock gets louder and louder She going to be killed or maimed she did not know yet Who is it the Princess Raeth The Queen wants her legfor her self she metal want to be normal again What happen in the book will surprise you the Queen want power but she can not get unless kill the princess and then her daughter not going tolet her is sheYou will like the book [...]

    16. Reviewed for Confessions from RomaholicsTo See Review at Confessions from RomaholicsAlthough young Raeth Arteres was hidden by her brother, the Queen of Earth caught her and collared her like a dog The queen is a bitter woman who wants to enslave all the Neumarians and loves to torture them if they rebel She knows that they are planning something against her and she has decided to discover all about it But young Raeth is not about to give up Although she is still a child, although they take her [...]

    17. Raeth Arteres is at the mercy of the cruel interrogators aboard the Queen s ship There s information they want, but she cannot talk or it might mean the destruction of all her people The Queen won t let Raeth go into the arms of her parents in the land of the dead, though Whatever it takes to make Raeth talk, they will find a way Raeth s only hope is Princess Semara, but is she truly an ally or is she pretending to be to learn Raeth s secrets I was immediately hooked with the first paragraph Thi [...]

    18. The artistic cover is what first drew me to this novelette, a prequel to the Neumarian Chronicles It begins with a Neumarian being held captive and tortured as part of an information gathering mission A wicked queen requires her servants to inflict gruesome and painful torture upon the main character and her brother.The hellish scenes, complete with screws groaning and squealing in protest, along with cyborg body parts being appended to the main character are a taste of what s to come in the upc [...]

    19. Genre Funky blend of dystopian, sci fi and steampunk not sure yet if this will be a YA series or not Total Awesomesauce My Review One word intense More than a bit scary but not horror dark this reviewer doesn t do the real dark stuff For such a short glimpse into the world of the Neumarian Chronicles, this book is a power punch of freaking amazingness okay, maybe not a word, but you get the idea I loved everything about this book It s suspenseful It s mysterious It s creative It has the most lik [...]

    20. This is an intense, dark, edgy dystopian story, set in 2185, that tells of a 12 year old Neumarian girl who is a slave aboard a Slag airship I m not sure why the Neumarians and Slags are at war The young girl is subjected to unimaginable torture, as the Queen tries to discover her secret power, that can wipe out the human population I m a sucker for beautiful covers, and this book has a stunning and timeless picture The clock depicted on the cover, is used effectively in the opening of the story [...]

    21. This is the third of Ciara books that I have read and I have to say I was so very disappointed She is such a great writer and to read this book and realize at the end that it was a short story just about crushed me I thought I would have days of reading enjoyment only to find out my eyes goobled up this wonderful story quickly.What Give me As I kept trying to click past the last page on my eReader Ugh A real great story with great characters Steampunk Sci Fi I believe Ms Knight has found her ca [...]

    22. This story grabbed me right from the start and could not put it down until I finished it Now, I have to read the rest It gave the reader just enough information about the characters, the war, and the gifts that you want to know about all of that Also, the ending gives you a great reason to find out what happens next It definitely has that moral of good vs evil, but is far less graphic than a lot of stuff on TV, so suitable of young adults.This book has a very interesting concept, both the layou [...]

    23. This prequel novella is one intense, fast read with high tension There is so much packed into so few pages I have Escapement on my kindle and am jumping into it next I had to get caught up before reading and reviewing PENDULUM Holy moly, I am so glad I picked this up I m not quite certain on the differences between the Neumarians and the Slags other than that the slags have body modifications There are hints of power and corruption throughout this short novella and I can t wait to explore If th [...]

    24. Raeth is a young Neumarian woman aboard a Slag ship The Slags torture her because of a hidden power she has The queen of the Slags is especially brutal, but Raeth may have one person on her side The queen s daughter, Semara, shows compassion and seems to want to help Raeth escape, but can she really be trusted Maybe Semara just wants to earn Raeth s trust in order to discover her power The story is fast paced and engaging I was pulled into the future world that took place after the Great War and [...]

    25. Weighted is the beginning of the Neumarian Chronicles We meet Raeth, who is a prisoner on a ship The Queen is determined to extract necessary information from her through any means necessary, especially torturous means She knows that Raeth has power but is not sure what The Queen s daughter, however, is against mistreating Raeth and actually befriends and tries to help her This novella is a great beginning to this series It grabbed my attention right away and I couldn t stop reading This is a gr [...]

    26. Really liked this book This is the first steam punk book that I have read and i am finding it refreshing to read something a little different The poor girl in this book has to suffer some pretty harsh things but she finds a friend in a very unlikely place The idea of replacing body parts with mechanical parts is fascinating I am looking forward to reading the next book Escapement to find out what happens next This author has gotten me hooked on this series and I NEED to find out what happens to [...]

    27. My review from dated 4 27 2013Title Quick Short StoryDefinitely held me during the story but mostly because I wanted to know about the world they were in I understand that she are her family are like pure humans and her enemy is machine but I would have loved to know some history on how everything came about It was interesting but not enough for me to pay for the next book I got this one when it was free.

    28. Ciara Knight has outdone herself with Weighted With great characters facing unimaginable situations in a bleak landscape, the novella sets the stage for what promises to be a great series.I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Raeth and Ryder Arteres, Princess Semara, and Bendar And I equally enjoyed from afar the evil portrayed by the Queen, the interrogator, and other.The Neumarian Chronicles are destined to be a hit

    29. This is a great ready by Ciara Knight Claustrophobicjust a teeny tiny bitThis is a story about Raeth who is held captive and tortured by a cruel Queen She finds a friend in an unlikely source Will she tell the secrets of her people that will destroy her family Will she survive the torture You ll have to read to find out

    30. This is a short story, but oh so developed and well written If you like Science Fiction, or fantasy, this is a story you will enjoy The characters were solid and individual The author had me right there, on that ship, on the sandI really liked this story and look forward to reading the series I highly recommend this short story.

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