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Kind One By Laird Hunt Kind One As a teenage girl Ginny marries Linus Lancaster her mother s second cousin and moves to his Kentucky pig farm ninety miles from nowhere In the shadows of the lush Kentucky landscape Ginny discover
  • Title: Kind One
  • Author: Laird Hunt
  • ISBN: 9781566893114
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kind One By Laird Hunt As a teenage girl, Ginny marries Linus Lancaster, her mother s second cousin, and moves to his Kentucky pig farm ninety miles from nowhere In the shadows of the lush Kentucky landscape, Ginny discovers the empty promises of Linus paradise a place where the charms of her husband fall away to reveal a troubled man and cruel slave owner Ginny befriends the young slavesAs a teenage girl, Ginny marries Linus Lancaster, her mother s second cousin, and moves to his Kentucky pig farm ninety miles from nowhere In the shadows of the lush Kentucky landscape, Ginny discovers the empty promises of Linus paradise a place where the charms of her husband fall away to reveal a troubled man and cruel slave owner Ginny befriends the young slaves Cleome and Zinnia who work at the farm until Linus attentions turn to them, and she finds herself torn between her husband and only companions The events that follow Linus death change all three women for life Haunting, chilling, and suspenseful, Kind One is a powerful tale of redemption and human endurance in antebellum America.
    Kind One By Laird Hunt
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      Laird Hunt

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    1. Laird Hunt

      Laird Hunt is an American writer, translator and academic.Hunt grew up in Singapore, San Francisco, The Hague, and London before moving to his grandmother s farm in rural Indiana, where he attended Clinton Central High School He earned a B.A from Indiana University and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University He also studied French literature at the Sorbonne Hunt worked in the press office at the United Nations while writing his first novel He is currently a professor in the Creative Writing program at University of Denver Hunt lives with his wife, the poet Eleni Sikelianos, in Boulder, Colorado.

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    1. Segundo libro de Laird Hunt que leo y me declaro ya fiel seguidora, de nuevo una historia que se te mete en las entra as, de la que no es f cil escapar ni olvidarse Perturbadora, llena de peque as historias que se te clavan, que te horrorizan Una gozada.

    2. Laird Hunt has shown a fondness for fictional experiment he has something of an expat s background lots of time abroad fluency in French but for his breakthrough as a novelist he s come to rock ribbed Americana Indeed, he s gone back in time, reimagining the Civil War as a deeply dysfunctional, mixed race Border State household That War its core challenge, to recreate the nation without slavery, looms over the masterful KIND ONE, yet you ll find no armies, no battlefield Battles here take place [...]

    3. Laird Hunt explores themes of race and slavery, their consequences of abuse and violence, as well as questions of sexuality and incest The novel tells these cogent tales with beautiful, dark imagery, fully rounded characters, compelling action, and vivid descriptions All this in two hundred pages This deeply provocative work probes these issues sometimes through allegory and symbolism and sometimes explicitly, or it could be said, through good old fashioned storytelling The narrative jumps aroun [...]

    4. Laird, even when he writes about Portugese longing and Dutch fish men, is a powerfully American voice This novel comes back to that, in an antebellum tale that will remind some of Morrison s Beloved The book is great, beautifully written, but its greatest successes lie in temptations avoided It is a story of morality left to run feral, but Hunt doesn t give his characters the space to moralize It s a story of brutalities, but Hunt doesn t fetishize them It s a book with five distinct narrators, [...]

    5. To read this book is to be haunted by both ghosts and the living alike This is a book about human nature, both good and bad It is a piece of historical fiction just as much as it is a book of myth, of tall tales, of harsh realities, of heartache, of trying to live, to get by The text is scarred and the characters keep reaching down to scratch at the places where once they were shackled even if the shackles were only metaphorical , they all ware trying to re remember as Toni Morrison would say, a [...]

    6. This novel takes you to a dark place and almost leaves you there Told primarily from the perspective of Ginny, a fourteen year old girl who marries the abusive, slave owning Linus Lancaster, Kind One examines rape, torture, complicity, and redemption on a pre Civil War Kentucky farm insidiously named Paradise Linus Lancaster is the archetypal slave owning monster tall, muscular, hard drinking, and complete master of his pig farming domain His particular brand of sadism mirrors the slaughtering o [...]

    7. Gorgeous Gritty Spare prose Gin is married to Linus Lancaster, her mother s second cousin and a much older man, when she s still just a teenager He promised her parents he lived in a mansion with white columns, a planter s house in Kentucky Instead, his house was ratty and dismal That s not all he lied about He said he would take care of Gin, give her everything she needs, that he would care for and love her In reality he s a brute, a bastard who rapes, beats and takes what he wants Gin is impri [...]

    8. Kind One was one of five nominees for the 2013 PEN Faulkner Award but it won t get the number of readers it deserves It s a small novel like Train Dreams, Tinkers, and Lord of Misrule, and like those first two it covers entire lifetimes with haunting language But the subject matter of Kind One is particularly horrific, and there are no easy answers, and it s sad, sad but hard not sentimental I realize I haven t said anything specific about the story or the writing but I m still thinking about it [...]

    9. Me ha gustado y me ha horrorizado a partes iguales Me ha enganchado su crueldad, su emotividad y sus ganas de escapar de un pasado que te va a perseguir para siempre La verdad es que la calidad narrativa en algunos momentos brilla por su ausencia, necesita m s descripci n, es muy escueto en detalles A n con ese punto negativo me ha encantado, es crudo y es duro pero me acab emocionando.

    10. Something like3.5 maybe Very different writing technique, and unlike anything I ve read That however caused some confusion in understanding just what was going on Dream sequences were odd, and a bit much, very fanciful and obscure.I d read Hunt s NEVERHOME, and really liked it In this book, a young woman becomes the wife of her mother s second cousin, on a pig farm in Kentucky where she finds the promises of a big manor home far from reality and where the two servant girls eventually take her in [...]

    11. I had high hopes of this one because I LOVED Neverhome so muchis was good reading, but not in the same league Still gonna work my way through the rest of Hunt s books though

    12. Though a quick and simple read, Laird Hunt s Kind One is rich in imagery and metaphor throughout Plot wise, the novel can be said to be a little too subtle However, my interpretation of the novel being an allegory meant to deliver a message rather than fiction for its own sake easily excuses the sacrifices Hunt made to create it Between the narrator s flowing, imaginative descriptions and the character s clipped, often cryptic offerings, Hunt makes visible the struggles raging inside the charac [...]

    13. Tras leer la sinopsis de la novela, alguien podr a preguntarse Otra novela sobre el racismo, otro libro sobre la barbarie de unos hombres contra otros o con la novedad aqu de que sean mujeres contra mujeres, hombres contra mujeres, mujeres contra hombres , m s am rica profunda Uf, qu pereza, no Bueno, vale, vosotros os lo perd is, pero que sep is que hay historias, como sta, que se te hincan en un pie como un clavo Y eso duele, como esta historia, como varias de las historias que esta historia c [...]

    14. It was a rather difficult story to follow, because of the too simplistic style of the story telling However, at the very end of the book, after some pieces of significant information are revealed to readers, everything starts to fall into places I ve read this book without any kind of prior information, which makes it really interesting experience to discover the story I strongly recommend you to read it as I have i.e without any prior info Even the symbol portrayed on the book cover, seemingly [...]

    15. Lovely writing, devastating story Excerpt of a story someone tells in the book that gave me the shivers In the story about black bark a man found a piece of black bark in his coat pocket and threw it away, but the next time he put on his coat it was there again He threw that bark down a well and it was there again He threw it into the fire and there it was When he went to hit it with his hammer the piece of black bark opened its eye and looked at the man Then it closed its eye, and the man lifte [...]

    16. I m struggling between thrilled that I found this book, and irritated that it shoved the dark and disturbing side of man in my face Or maybe I m just pissed that I couldn t look awayke the car crash or like the offensively violent video that loops over and over in my mind long after I closed the window Griping aside, I loved this book That I loved It is probably college tuition for some PhD, but meant as high praise for Hunt The handling of such a hideous nature was art New author in my must re [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book but I like to imagine that I m a fairly astute reader and I didn t understand a great deal of it In general, I like well written books that deal with this theme racism and racial tension but in this case I wasn t even sure that s what was going on I m sure I overlooked some major clue but the race of the woman at the center escaped me until I later read about it But what most bothered me was the false note of her turning vicious out of nowhere That struck me as manipulative a [...]

    18. I loved this book right from the startbut then it just kinda rolled into some sort of sludge I could not understandI honestly did not get the whole slavery thing until the very endI can not give it four stars simply because it was a book about slavery.cially since I had no clued the ending I did enjoy the writinge way it was written but I had difficulty seeing thru the sludge at times and had to go back and re readfunny how even after re reading I still did not see the whole slave thingjust thou [...]

    19. Kind One by Laird Hunt is a disturbing book that eventually reveals the details behind the horrific domino effect of abusive behaviors that scarred the life of most of these characters The opening well scene haunts the entire book, reflecting the holes humans dig in their lives by being inhumane to others who have been inhumane to them The plot follows a nontraditional structure, but by the end, all pieces fit together.

    20. I gobbled this entire book in one plane ride It is different Laird Hunt, and yet the weaving of voices and stream of consciousness, imagistic scenes, and pleasure in language are all there, as always The profound guilt in one character is balanced by profound capacity for love in another What is innocent is broken by what is rotten and greedy, as in the ancient texts, and this story feels old and authentic in a series of honest, haunted tellings A ghost story.

    21. It takes a while to get used to the style of the narrative, but I enjoyed the unfolding stories of each character I found myself wishing for backstory for some, for happier endings for others I don t try to guess at twists or outcomes, so I was pleasantly surprised by some of the reveals in the story, even the unpleasant ones Great visuals The internal dialogue was almost compelling and enjoyable than the external action.

    22. Truly one of the best books I have ever read Beautiful,haunting,and disturbing at the same time It jumps around a bit between narrating characters and time frames, so may be difficult to follow till you get the hang of it Stay with it though, because it s worth the effort When you finish, prepare to go back and reread certain parts to help you make connections you might have missed.

    23. Good writing The teenage girl leaves her home to marry this second cousin of her mother s and she agrees for reasons her family is not sure of and neither of mine She suddenly becomes a mother to a girl 2 years younger than her and a girl 4 years younger than her The language is wonderful, even when the story is so bleak.

    24. The prose was beautiful at times, which is hard to admit given the violent plot, but there is something about the book that left me thinking, WTF As others have commented in their reviews, there were times that I just couldn t grasp the story Given the subject matter, I can appreciate the vague descriptions, but the book left something to be desired.

    25. I read this book in one day but found it difficult to read every word I think it is me and my desire to be entertained This is an ugly story about slavery, incest, abuse and self loathing I just couldn t recommend it unless you enjoy the interesting literary devises the author used.

    26. Second novel I have read from this writer, and remain impressed His talent for dialect and convincing poetic phrasing for his characters is second to none Dark themes, skilled telling, imaginative storytelling, I ll be reading a third novel down the road.

    27. A short, powerful read I was pleasantly surprised by this book It s not something that I usually pick up, but I m so glad that I took a chance because I really enjoyed this story The writing was beautiful and the story was heartbreaking.

    28. Masterfully done I really enjoyed the use of abstractions in his style and the fantastical stories his characters told A gritty and authentic voice in all his characters, and a nice quick read on the plane for a little over 200 pages.

    29. Hunt s book is cruel, honest, and like a dream, in that it is beautiful, nearly mystical, and seems impossible, even as we know it is Rarely do I arrive at pages that bring me to full stops This one did.

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