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The Matatu By Eric Walters The Matatu Kioko had been watching the matatus come and go for as long as he could remember But today for his fifth birthday he climbs aboard one with his grandfather As the matatu pulls away from the market
  • Title: The Matatu
  • Author: Eric Walters
  • ISBN: 9781554693016
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Matatu By Eric Walters Kioko had been watching the matatus come and go for as long as he could remember But today, for his fifth birthday, he climbs aboard one with his grandfather As the matatu pulls away from the market, the village dogs chase after them When Kioko asks his grandfather why the dogs always bark and chase after matatus, his grandfather tells him an entertaining tale about a dKioko had been watching the matatus come and go for as long as he could remember But today, for his fifth birthday, he climbs aboard one with his grandfather As the matatu pulls away from the market, the village dogs chase after them When Kioko asks his grandfather why the dogs always bark and chase after matatus, his grandfather tells him an entertaining tale about a dog, a goat and a sheep Set in East Africa, The Matatu is a colorful story filled with many unexpected turns and twists along the way.
    The Matatu By Eric Walters
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      124 Eric Walters
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    1. Eric Walters

      Eric was born in Toronto in 1957, which makes him real old But, as Eric says, Just because I have to grow old doesn t mean that I have to grow up In his many roles as parent, teacher, social worker, youth sports coach and writer he is in constant contact with children and young adults He draws from these experiences and feels that this helps him to capture the realistic interaction between young people the conflicts, tensions, stresses and interests that make up their lives.Eric began his writing as a teacher He taught in classes from kindergarten up and his stories often reflect the curriculum that he was teaching He always read stories picture books and novels to his students and this helped him to understand what children liked, responded to, and were inspired by He enjoys the enthusiasm of his students and often looks at them to provide him with the inspiration to pursue a particular topic in both the classroom and in his writing.Eric tries to write every day When he has a story idea he starts with research This could involve reading books, watching a documentary, or trying to experience the things that his characters are going to go through This could include rock climbing or riding white water for STARS , spending time in a wheelchair Rebound , playing and walking with tigers Tiger By The Tail , hanging around a tough biker bar Diamonds in the Rough , standing out in his backyard in a blizzard wearing a T shirt and shorts Trapped In Ice , or traveling to Africa Alexandria of Africa The most important thing anybody ever told me about writing was to write what you know and the only way to get to know things is to do your homework and research before you write, Eric stated.Once the writing begins the story is always playing around in his head He takes any opportunity, even if it s just a few minutes between presentations, to put things down, either with pen and paper or on his laptop.Prior to entering teaching and writing Eric was a social worker B.S.W M.S.W B.A.Hons specialized major psychology He worked in a variety of settings including child welfare, private practice, a mental health centre, and, for twenty years on a part time basis as a Crisis Social Worker in an emergency department He stopped teaching 4 years ago and left the ER only last year.The majority of Eric s time is spent in the company of his wife, children and dogs Lola a big standard poodle and a little white dog named Winnie The Poodle.

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    1. For his fifth birthday Kioko s grandfather gives him the special gift of a ride on an African bus, the Matatu Along the way he tells Kioko a folktale about the animals they encounter on the ride and creates memory for Kioko and himself.This book is a re telling of an African folktale and could be used to illustrate the common properties of folktales in an English lesson demonstrating the importance of the oral tradition in telling folktales Virginia SOL 2.1 The student will demonstrate an unders [...]

    2. Text to Text Matatu made me think about the presentation that we watched this week by Chimamanda Adichie and her message and caution of only having a single story about a culture Even though it is only a fiction work, Matatu provides some non fiction information about living in East Africa Using this book as a part of a text set if one was studying different cultures would be beneficial Remembering Who are the main characters of this story Understanding Summarize the story Applying What would ha [...]

    3. The Matatu is a folktale that comes from the Kamba of Kikima, Kenya The story is about a little boy who is going with his grandpa on the matatu for the first time to celebrate his 5th birthday On the bus ride, the grandpa tells a folktale about the sheep, goat, and the dog The story goes, the sheep paid his fare so when the bus drives by the sheep does not pay any attention When the bus goes by the goats they all run and hide because they did not pay their fee, and the dogs chase the bus because [...]

    4. The Matatu is about a five year old boy who lives in Kenya who is finally taking his first bus trip with his grandfather in a Matatu or mini bus While on the bus his grandfather shares a tale with him about why dogs chase the matatue, why sheep just stand when the matatu drives by and why goats run from it I liked this book because it showed a real relationship between grandfather and grandson The illustrations were great in this story and seemed to show what a real village in Kenya may look lik [...]

    5. Little boy gets his first ride on the matatu for his 5th birthday During the ride he notices the dogs chase the van, the sheep ignore the van, and the goats run away from the van So the grandfather tells the boy a story to explain this.

    6. Great illustrations, and I especially like how the folktale is intertwined with the tale of Kioko and his Babu.Just a bit long for little ones.

    7. Set in East Africa and inspired by a Kamba folktale, The Matatu is a fun and educational picture book by author Eric Walters For his fifth birthday, Kioko takes his first ride on a matatu privately owned bus transportation in East Africa with his grandfather Soon his grandfather is telling him to watch for goats, sheep, and dogs As Kioko obediently looks out the window, his grandfather shares a folktale about why the dogs chase the mini bus, the goats run away, and the sheep stand still Eva Camp [...]

    8. A excellent old fashion literary story,a boy, a grandfather, and a bus, The Matatu The grandfather teaches his grandson about the bus as well as the animals seen along the way The dog, the goat, and the sheep and why they behave the way they do when the bus rides by Folktales were the way parents and grandparents taught their children in the days of old, preserving the history and life of the people.The illustrator works with cheerful colors and life like human figures that is one step from bein [...]

    9. Winner of a Smithsonian Africana Award in 2013, this folktale is the product of a writer who spends time in Kenya and an illustrator who was born in Ghana Walters and Campbell have both travelled on decorated busses, than a vehiclelled with unexpected turns and risks Walters marveled at animals reactions to the matatu bus during his rides and was rewarded with an old tale why the dogs chase, the goats avoid, and the sheep ignore the passing matatu The author has created the character, young Kiok [...]

    10. Lots of things to like here a fresh folktale I always appreciate folktales that incorporate contemporary objects or themes because it shows that folklore isn t only something from long ago , and a peek at something familiar in a different setting I also love how the story was told first the grandfather had his grandson look and observe the animals behavior, then when he knew his grandson had the context for the tale he told the story, but then asked his grandson to figure out the punchline himse [...]

    11. Inspired by a Kamba folktale this is the story of five year old Kioko who is taking his first bus trip to Machakos to celebrate his birthday In Africa, the bus is called a matatu, and he has always been awed by them While on the trip his father tells him a folktale about some of the things Kioko sees outside a dog, a goat, and a sheep, and how they used to ride the Matatu The relationship between Kioko and his grandfather is inspiring, and the story is humorous and informative of another culture [...]

    12. When five year old Kioko finally has the chance to accompany his grandfather aboard the matatu to Machakos, he is excited by the bus ride but also curious about how long the trip will take His grandfather tells him an African folktale about a dog, a goat, and a sheep explaining their behavior as the bus nears them Apparently, Kioko was paying attention since he pays for the goat s fare at the end of the ride The affection between the grandfather and his grandson and the amusement of the other pa [...]

    13. This book was about a trip that a five year old boy took with his grandfather on The Matatu or the bus I thought it was interesting that the book was set in an African culture I think that kids would really like the story because of the cultural differences it presents You could use this book as a way to indirectly teach about intercultural literature Also, at the end of the book, there is a note from the author that explains the cultural differences The illustrations were very bright and full o [...]

    14. This is a very charming story from East Africa Lovely artwork, but especially attractive are 2 rich central characters a young boy on his first ride out of town on public transportation along with his grandfather All the characters are blessed with a sense of humor and play It s clear everyone in the world of this story has an imagination and enjoys putting it to good use Congratulations and best wishes to both this author and the painter who illustrates the work.

    15. The Matatu by Eric Walters, illustrations by Eva Campbell After reading this book with author notes, I don t know if I d be brave enough to ride a matatu Great little story, love the grandfather and grandson portion of the story Quite cute Also I appreciate the glimpse into the life of a community with people coming in and out constantly.

    16. Grades 2 4 Great for an Africa Transportation comparative unit Matatus are the special buses East Africans use to travel long distances Contemporary characters and a nice alternative to a straight folktale.

    17. Two pleasant aspects to this story the warm interaction between boy and grandfather, and the folkloric story grandfather tells about why the goats, sheep and dogs chase act they way they do around the matatu bus.

    18. This is a cute picture book that shares a tale from Kenya There is a reason the dog chases the matatu bus , the goat runs away and the sheep pays no mind A grandfather tells the story to his grandson as they share a ride on a matatu.

    19. This picture book, which retells a Kenyan folktale, is colourful and delightful It is also a great way to introduce a form of transportation most children in North America have never heard of.

    20. Oil on CanvasGroaned a little when I saw the length of the text, but the long prose was engagingIllustration style was a little thin for my tastes.

    21. the pictures might be off putting to some children there is a story within a story This is inspired by a folktale maybe good for an older children storytime.

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