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Sacrifice Fly By Tim O'Mara Sacrifice Fly Raymond Donne wasn t always a schoolteacher Not only did he patrol the streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn as one of New York s Finest but being the nephew of the chief of detectives he was expected
  • Title: Sacrifice Fly
  • Author: Tim O'Mara
  • ISBN: 9781250008985
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sacrifice Fly By Tim O'Mara Raymond Donne wasn t always a schoolteacher Not only did he patrol the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as one of New York s Finest, but being the nephew of the chief of detectives, he was expected to go on to bigger things At least he was until the accident that destroyed his knees Unable to do the job the way he wanted, he became a teacher in the same neighborhood,Raymond Donne wasn t always a schoolteacher Not only did he patrol the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as one of New York s Finest, but being the nephew of the chief of detectives, he was expected to go on to bigger things At least he was until the accident that destroyed his knees Unable to do the job the way he wanted, he became a teacher in the same neighborhood, and did everything he could to put the force behind him and come to terms with the change.Then Frankie Rivas, a student in Ray s class and a baseball phenom, stops showing up to school With Frankie in danger of failing and missing out on a scholarship, Ray goes looking for him, only to find Frankie s father bludgeoned to death in their apartment Frankie and his younger sister are gone, possibly on the run But did Frankie really kill his father Ray can t believe it But then who did, and where are Frankie and his sister Ray doesn t know, but if he s going to have any chance of bringing them home safely, he s going to have to return to the life, the people, and the demons he walked out on all those years ago.Intense, authentic, and completely gripping, Tim O Mara s Sacrifice Fly is an outstanding debut from a stellar new voice in crime fiction.
    Sacrifice Fly By Tim O'Mara
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    1. Tim O'Mara

      Tim O Mara has been teaching math and special education in the New York City public schools since 1987, 12 of them in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Sacrifice Fly, his first novel, introduces schoolteacher ex cop Raymond Donne and was nominated for the 2013 Best First Novel Barry Award Other Donne mysteries Crooked Numbers, Dead Red, Nasty Cutter, slated for release in the U.S January 1, 2017 His short story, The Tip, is published in Unloaded Crime Writers Writing Without Guns and his novella, Smoked is available in Triple Shot 3 Authors, 3 Novellas Tim O Mara lives and teaches in Manhattan.

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    1. Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says Raymond Donne wasn t always a schoolteacher Not only did he patrol the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as one of New York s Finest, but being the nephew of the chief of detectives, he was expected to go on to bigger things At least he was until the accident that destroyed his knees Unable to do the job the way he wanted, he became a teacher in the same neighborhood, and did everything he could to put the force behind him and come to terms with the change.T [...]

    2. Wow, how thrilling that I get to be the first reviewer of this great debut novel My husband picked up an ARC for me at ALA for me thinking it was my kind of book He knows my taste urban police procedurals and thrillers are my go to light reading, especially if they are about cities I love and speak to social race class cultural issues in these rapidly changing areas This is the first novel from O Mara and I really hope there are Set in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, this novel follo [...]

    3. A surprisingly good book by a new author The book captures the cynicism and gallows humor of people in law enforcement and at the same time the special caring that some teachers have for kids in special education The principal character is a once policeman turned teacher and his tenacity in searching for a truant student This quest leads him into contact with shady characters involved in Medicare Fraud The story has a variety of twists and characters from all walks of life.Mr O Mara does a wonde [...]

    4. PROTAGONIST Raymond Donne, 8th grade teacherSETTING Brooklyn, NYSERIES DebutRATING 4.0Raymond Donne is an eighth grade teacher in Brooklyn When one of his students, Frankie Rivas, misses several days of school, he decides to pay him a visit at home to see what is going on Frankie is a baseball phenomenon and Donne has arranged for him to attend a private high school on scholarship and further develop his talent He will lose that aid if he becomes truant Frankie lives in an apartment with his gra [...]

    5. I don t read mysteries alot, so when I do, they have to grab me pretty early and this one did I love reading things set in NYC, and this author does a great job with the setting very authentic Brooklyn The other thing that I particularly appreciated was the protagonist he is an incredibly likeable character in fact, I hope the author turns this into a series as I want to spend time with him.

    6. Tim O Mara does a wonderful job enticing the reader into the story and leading them on a roller coaster of exciting twists and turns as the protagonist tries to solve the mystery of who done it I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes murder mysteries, criminal justice stories, and baseball A great break out book for this mystery novelist

    7. Raymond Donne is an unusual protagonist in the realm of crime fiction in that he s frequently way too normal he regularly loses his temper and regrets it, he s not especially smooth with the ladies, and physically he s a wreck To say he s not physically imposing doesn t cover it he gets knocked down a lot, sometimes he s barely able to walk, and he s apparently pretty easily kidnapped He s often not a guy you d want to be In most ways, outside of being one of the good guys and in his own way an [...]

    8. Raymond Donne is a good cop that a terrible accident and turned teacher, but he has a missing student that he can t let go of, and inserts himself into the investigation trying to find his student, after he stumbles upon his dead father Raymond has a good heart and won t let things go despite being blocked at efforts and his desperation to save a boy I am looking forward to reading another O,Mara book, he is a new author for me.

    9. I was not a fan of the frequent swearing and off hand comments regarding race and religion however, the plot was decent and kept me turning the page.

    10. Raymond Dunne is a very dedicated schoolteacher, working with eighth graders in a middle school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and taking the welfare of his students very seriously In particular, one of the most promising, Frankie Rivas, has obtained a scholarship to a private high school on the basis of his baseball skills and the fact that Ray has called in a favor from their coach When Frankie fails to show up for school for a couple of weeks, Ray decides to try to find out why His visit to the h [...]

    11. SACRIFICE FLY is a debut novel by Tim O Mara with real potential to become the first in a series of mysteries staring school teacher, ex cop, Raymond Donne Raymond s uncle is chief of police and a real hard nosed policeman, serving in the tough parts of Brooklyn When Raymond blew out his knees during a police incident, he left his friends, and the fast track in the police department, to become a teacher in the toughest part of town But now, Frankie, one of Raymond s most promising students, has [...]

    12. In the author s debut novel we are introduced to Raymond Donne, a New York City school teacher who happens to be an ex cop One of Raymond s students, Frankie Rivas, hasn t been to school lately and Donne is worried about him as he has secured a baseball scholarship for him to a prestigious high school and if Frankie doesn t keep up his grades the scholarship will be revoked When Donne goes to Frankie s house to see what is going on he finds Frankie s father murdered and Frankie and his younger s [...]

    13. Starring Raymond Donne, an injured cop turned middle school teacher, and set in the roughshod streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Tim O Mara s debut novel Sacrifice Fly is a fantastic read that I recommend to anyone interested in crime thrillers The book opens to Donne attempting to find Franklin Rivas, one of his students Frankie has missed an entire week of school, and Donne refuses to let him lose his baseball scholarship to a prestigious high school by failing eighth grade While visiting Fran [...]

    14. I have come to really like reading fiction by debut authors and Sacrifice Fly is no exception O Mara introduces us to a complex hero,a former NYPD officer turned teacher in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn Checking on a truant student whom he has mentored, Raymond Donne finds the boy s father murdered and no sign of the boy And the search is on for the boy and, if necessary, the killer.O Mara has given us a credible mystery The set up is well executed with the plot laying out as if the event [...]

    15. Raymond Donne used to be a beat cop until he was injured falling from a fire escape Now he taught adolescents algebra and poetry Frankie Rivas, a promising student for whom he s arranged an athletic scholarship at a private school, has gone missing Looking for him Ray stumbles upon the kid s father apparently beaten to death in his apartment Even though Raymond s uncle by the same name is chief of detectives there seems to be reluctance on the part of the NYPD to offer than minimum effort in so [...]

    16. 3.5Although the plot is a bit predictable, this is a debut written smoothly and with a sure hand.I especially liked the main character, ex cop turned schoolteacher Ray Donne, who cares enough for one of his students to play cop again and ultimately risk his life.I loved the portrayal of the gritty and dangerous streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyne housing projects and decay versus the pressures of gentrification and progress the real bars and hangouts vs the yuppie cafes The belief of streetwise 1 [...]

    17. Grabbed this book because it was written by a NYC teacherd takes place in Brooklyn He definitely knows his stuff about the school systemd the heat being on when it is 70 outside The mystery itself was just ok Not earth shattering, but kept my attention I am sure this is the start of a seriesd I hope that the mysteries will become suspenseful as the author gains experience The story is of a young baseball player and student who disappears His teacher goes in search of the boy, and stumbles upon [...]

    18. Tim O Mara s first novel about a cop turned schoolteacher hunting down a missing student is a true gem, and a gripping and authentic read Not only is the central mystery first rate and engaging, but every character feels like a genuine human being O Mara makes every detail count, and the narrative pulses along, drawing the reader deeper into the many layers of the incredibly complex Raymond Donne as he tries to give himself up to get Frankie Rivas home You will leave this book not just entertain [...]

    19. This book was fast paced and interesting Having the protagonist be a middle school teacher was unique However, I don t know how Raymond remained standing through all of the drinking he did While it drives me crazy when authors overly hash out the details of the conspiracy, I wish O Mara had spent a little time putting everything into place for the reader my head was swimming at the end as I tried to put all of the pieces together I also wish that Raymond s motivation for helping these two missi [...]

    20. I usually do not much like novels set in NYC, because they mostly are written by people who think it is the MOST IMPORTANT city in the world Well, it is, to them Not so much the rest of us.However, Mr O Mara writes of what he knows He has walked this Brooklyn teacher road for many years His character starts out as a cop, so he already has some empathy for the families of his studentshis Spanish is not just swearing Falling into the murder of his missing student is not something he wanted.The tal [...]

    21. Tim O Mara does a good job on his first effort Raymond Doone is a former policeman,with injured knees, who is now teaching eighth grade in Brooklyn His efforts to help one of his students improve his future lead to intimidation, Medicare fraud and even murder The characters are believable and Doone s techie friend comes in handy Add the humor scattered throughout and you have one good read.

    22. I thought overall, that Sacrifice Fly was a little slow paced for a mystery novel, but kudos to O Mara for doing what so many teachers in this world dream of doing, writing a novel I liked Raymond, and I liked the former cop, current teacher characterization, but things got a little muddled for me I would read another Raymond Donne adventure as I m sure there will be , but I would just like a little pizzazz to go with it.

    23. Mystery set in Brooklyn Raymond Donne ex cop become schoolteacher in ethnically diverse neighbourhood is a complex protagonist damaged, vulnerable not always moral as he tangles with his former police colleagues and bad guys while he searches for missing student Frankie There s action, tech, not a lot of graphic violence and some social commentary Inner city issues Quick genre read but not trivial Looking forward to from the author.

    24. this one felt like an old one, the nitty gritty in the streets 70s cop procedural, but it isn t It s modern at least modern ish, they have cell phones, even if there are still pay phones on the street and he isn t a cop but an ex cop, but it somehow just had that feel Enjoyed this one a great deal.

    25. In O Mara s novel, the hero is a school teacher who is a former cop, forced to change professions due to injuries suffered on the job He still has a cop s instincts, however, and feels the need to investigate when one of his students turns up missing This was an interesting mystery and I look forward to from this writer.

    26. This was a light, easy to read mystery I liked the main character who is a teacher who left the police force after getting injured The mystery moved along and kept me engaged Tim O Mara, the author, is a native New Yorker from East Meadow He will be our guest at my Mystery lovers Book Club this month I look forward to his visit.

    27. I picked the title because it sounded like a baseball story and it was marginally part of the story It is actually a crime mystery and a satisfying story about doing the right thing even when you don t want to and neither does anyone else the best part about the book is the real feel of the setting a not so nice neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    28. So glad to have a new mystery series to follow Really enjoyed Tim O Mara s first, which has been on my to read list for a long time Raymond Donne is a great character Can t wait for the next, which I have on order

    29. Good book about a ex cop school teacher, Raymond Donne Great character development of Donne Reader finds out a little bit about Donne s problems during each chapter as a secondary plot Hope to see from this author

    30. I almost didn t read this because of the title I thought it was going to be about baseball I m very happy I read the jacket periodically while waiting to get to this book to remind myself why I had borrowed it I really enjoyed it.

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