The Ghost Sitter #2020

The Ghost Sitter By Peni R. Griffin The Ghost Sitter Charlotte is looking forward to spending the summer in her new home she has her own bedroom a nearby pool a friendly neighbor and there s a big block party coming up Then her little brother suddenl
  • Title: The Ghost Sitter
  • Author: Peni R. Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780142302163
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ghost Sitter By Peni R. Griffin Charlotte is looking forward to spending the summer in her new home she has her own bedroom, a nearby pool, a friendly neighbor, and there s a big block party coming up Then her little brother suddenly starts asking for his new friend, Susie Is someone else playing with him Someone only he can see Soon Charlotte realizes that her all too normal house is haunted by thCharlotte is looking forward to spending the summer in her new home she has her own bedroom, a nearby pool, a friendly neighbor, and there s a big block party coming up Then her little brother suddenly starts asking for his new friend, Susie Is someone else playing with him Someone only he can see Soon Charlotte realizes that her all too normal house is haunted by the ghost of a girl who doesn t realize that she s dead Has several strong appeals new best friends solving a mystery together, a just scary enough ghost girl, and a deathless bond between sisters that provides the book with its resoundingly satisfying conclusion The Horn Book
    The Ghost Sitter By Peni R. Griffin
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      380 Peni R. Griffin
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    1. Peni R. Griffin

      Peni R. Griffin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ghost Sitter book, this is one of the most wanted Peni R. Griffin author readers around the world.

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    1. Can you imagine if your little brother had an imaginary friend a dead one This book brings out a strong atmosphere of the 1990 s fans of the TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark will really enjoy it , and it s often somber and deep than frightening.

    2. This book was AWESOME I absolutly loved it It heled me obsorbed the whole time I was reading it It gives you a sort of understanding, and you always have some very strong emotion, not matter what emotion it is I love this book It is one of the best books that I have ever read You need to read it

    3. What makes this different from the usual ghost story is the attitude of the characters, and the focus on the GHOST s experience of being ghostly The main LIVING character, Charlotte, doesn t really want to be involved, but she feels sorry for Susie, the ghost who has been haunting Charlotte s new home for the last 50 years, and tries to help her accept that she s dead Susie doesn t understand why everyone ignores her and where her family has gone She plays with in effect babysits the various you [...]

    4. I read this a LONG time ago in school and remember it as one of my favorite books growing up even though it did really freak me out

    5. As a collector of books who have won awards or nominations, I was excited to find an Edgar Allan Poe Finalist among the books on clearance at a local bookstore s closing sale I picked it up without hesitation and without otherwise looking through it When I got home and read the back I began to worry What if you were a ghost and didn t know it Charlotte is looking forward to a great summer in her new home, even though she has to take care of her little brother, Brandon She has her own bedroom, a [...]

    6. Charlotte s family s new house is haunted by the ghost of a ten year old girl who used to live there, but who died on the 4th of July protecting her younger sister from an M 80 firework The ghost helps care for Charlotte s baby brother meanwhile, Charlotte tries to help her understand that she is dead, so that she can leave and find peace She ends up contacting the baby sister now an adult who can release the ghost from the promise that holds her there.

    7. this book was entertaining It is about a girl who died from a firecracker explosion on one fourth of july and her little sister can see her as a ghost and she tells her never to leeave so the ghost stays and she meets a girl who moves into her house and she resolves the unfinished buisness the ghost had while helping the girl with her baby brother, hence the name the ghost sitter

    8. I think it is a wonderful book to read It teaches you to appreciate the people that you have now because when you lose them, you lose them forever.It is about a girl named Susie that died at age 12 and 50 years had pasted and she has not moved out of the blue house.Until a new family comes to live there A secret will be discovered.

    9. I do not remember a bunch about this book, but I feel like it was one of the emotional children s books that I read It was a book for entertainment purposes, but it could still be a great book to recommend a student read I chose this book because it was vintage historically related and if that s a genre that a student enjoys it would be a great book for them to try out.

    10. I picked this book up on a whim in the school library I was in the mood for a ghost.This book surpassed my expectations It wasn t a scary ghost story Instead it s a touching tale of promises, death, and love It s reassuring about death, a topic difficult to understand.I truly loved this story I need to check out other books by this author.

    11. Ten year old Susie has waited for her parents and sister to come back Each new family who moves into her home seems not to notice her, except for the young children Susit loves children and she even likes baby sitting Charlotte is having a great summer Someone seems to baby sit her brother.

    12. This book was very well thought out and suspenseful After Charlotte saw her grandma float and go through a wall she knew that she was in for a crazy summer Also, it s a good book for people who like mystery.

    13. The Ghost Sitter is a good book for kids to read It s not that difficult, but has a neat story that is shrouded in mystery, plus, everybody loves a good ghost story This isn t a classic, but it is a good kid s book.

    14. This book was amazing Susie is my favorite character My 2nd favorite character is Gloria Peni R Griffin is an awesome writer The Ghost Sitter is now my favorite book When I finished this book I thought it was the greatest book in the entire world

    15. Sweet non scary ghost story about a ghost who takes care of the children who live in her house, until one finally discovers why the ghost child is still there.

    16. A great, but not too scary, ghost story for kids I give it a 3.5, but I m sure my students would give it a 4 or 5

    17. I love this book it is really good I got it at a used book store and expected it to be bad but it turns out it is a really good book If you have not read this book you should.

    18. Teacher read this too us in 4th grade I remember liking it for some reason, it s been bugging my conscience of late, so I looked it up.

    19. This was a good ghost story I kinda got bored in some parts but I loved the plot and everything Nice job Peni Griffin.

    20. Just finished reading this book, absolutely brilliant Such a good read and would suggest anyone that needs a little pick me up to read it

    21. shocking book about a woman who has a fetish for raping ghosts she s a sick and twisted quadroplegic bitch and she s out to get some ectoplasm.

    22. A unique story tell from the ghost POV You don t see too many stories like it or done well Can tell how the ghost feel for her sister and the way the story comes to a bitter sweet ending is great.I would love to found another book like this.

    23. This is one of my favorite ghost stories I read this as a tween and still enjoy it today Great horror book for tweens and teens.

    24. I just finished reading Ghost Sitter It was a great book Out of 10, I would probably give it a 9 I gave it a nine because in the beginning I was a little lost, I mean they were throwing you all these characters to you in one time which was a little bit difficult to understand This is a story about a girl named Susie who has had a terrible accident, and she is haunting the house Little kids can see her, and she babysit babies She has to focus, in order for children to see and hear her My favorite [...]

    25. This was a well crafted story about love and loyalty It also goes into the sprit world and paranormal area in an appropriate way for 8 12 year olds My only issues if any which is not the fault of the author is that it is a bit dated Also, there is a bit of convenient events or actions which I found difficult to believe, but considering its juv fiction it really was acceptable even on that part On the up sided it is a well written story using a ghost as a creative vehicle for growth and ye old co [...]

    26. this book is about this girl who moves into a new house, but she starts hearing and seeing strange things, it turnes out to be a ten year old girl ghost Overall this book was okay, i would of liked it better if it was advanced and longer because i read it in one day Peni R Griffin is a good author, one because this book is in one of my favorite gere, two she made this book for both little kids and older kids like me even if i prefer advanced books the books charecters also each have their own [...]

    27. The Ghost Sitter is a children s book about a young girl named Charlotte who moves into a new house with her family, only to discover that it s haunted Susie, the ghost, doesn t seem to know she s dead and Charlotte wants to help her move on.The book isn t spooky at all so it s great for young readers It uses the usual ghost clich s cold spots, disembodied voices, only being seen by children pets , but they work well for the story since the main character is only 12.It wraps up nicely and has a [...]

    28. I did not like this book at all It was honestly one of the weirdest books I read It gave me the chills because it was not a scary ghost story It was about a family who moved into a house that their youngest daughter and son came in contact with a child ghost Later on they tried to get the young girl ghost into the light It was different that s for sure If anyone likes a ghost story, this book would be great for you.

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