Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things #2020

Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things By Richard Calder Dead Girls Dead Boys Dead Things This extraordinary trilogy depicts a future gender war that crosses the boundaries of software wetware time and reality itself in its imaginative leaps and bounds Only love holds the future togethe
  • Title: Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things
  • Author: Richard Calder
  • ISBN: 9780312180782
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things By Richard Calder This extraordinary trilogy depicts a future gender war that crosses the boundaries of software, wetware, time, and reality itself in its imaginative leaps and bounds Only love holds the future together in this tale of star crossed teens whose transformations defy description or imagination.To read this trilogy is to behold a strange new world, one unlike any other.
    Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things By Richard Calder
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      264 Richard Calder
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      Richard Calder Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things book, this is one of the most wanted Richard Calder author readers around the world.

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    1. Dead Girls Adam s review does a nice job of laying out the sources for Calder s bizarre splash of rainbow mayhem sexual, interpersonal, technological, civilizational, political, dimensional though the prevailing ones in the opening book of the trilogy would have to be Moorcock s Cornelius and Gibson s Neuromancer, with a splash of Nabokov and hints of Bataille by the bye I expected the sex to be a bit explicit than proved to be the case, though Calder manages an assured mixture of the erotic, t [...]

    2. Calder s Dead trilogy is a Frankenstein monster made up of masturbatory fantasies about anime, serious fevered study of De Sade and Bataille, love of the baroque prose of Nabokov and Angela Carter, and fin de siecle decadence held together with cyperpunk wiring and then torn to pieces with narrative scatterbombs from Burrough s Nova trilogy and Moorcock s Cornelius Quartet If you don t like these references, you won t like Calder.

    3. I anticipated a mind scrambling, reality bending book of epic proportions, but this exceeded all expectations It is among the most remarkable books I ve ever read In a future where the world has become obsessed with fashion, a kind of nanotechnology virus infects girls to turn them into dolls , which might best be described as android vampires The dolls endure ostracism, extermination, and finally ascension into extra dimensional demi gods as the epidemic spreads Among the bewitching ideas at pl [...]

    4. Dead girls only then I stopped loved it TOO much maybe This book will be a film one day It reads like a film Primavera Bobinski is 12 and turning into a doll in postapocalyptic London, ravaged by doll disease Iggy sits behind Primavera in class and loves her When it becomes apparent the authorities will terminate Primavera as they do all dolls , the two run away to the subterranean tunnels of central London where Titania, the Queen of dolls, will help them escape This is what Tatiana s place fee [...]

    5. Fearless.Fearless imagination in concept, sentence, story, execution.Fearlessly published.Ahead of it s time, but also, out of time, timeless Unlike any book you are likely reading You may not like aspects of subject, you might be challenged by time and place, details in the prose You will eventually embrace these things, recognize brilliance, realize that you have found something unique Best thing I ve read in some time maybe since discovering Steve Erickson , affecting me on all levels I look [...]

    6. I m only about two thirds through this one, since other books keep jumping up and yelling read me But so far I m far enough down the rabbit hole to say that Calder s trilogy is a Trevor Brown painting come to life, told through lush, decadent prose reminiscent of Ballard s The Atrocity Exhibition or Burroughs s The Ticket That Exploded by way of the Marquis De Sade Not a book for the faint of heart, but if the prospect of adolescent schoolgirls transformed into vicious vampiric gynoids holds an [...]

    7. I sold my copy a few years ago Looking back on it now, I can t remember why This was an interesting story Not a screamingly great trilogy but a good one just the same It mashed up some bits of nanotech futureshock with classic vampire myths and the ever fun Madonna Whore symbolic cues It gets a little out there toward the end of the trilogy, as I recall but still manages to deliver an entertaining and at times thought provoking read.

    8. An erotic world of robotic vampire women named Lilim, sprung from a mechanic virus that otherwise sits docile until puberty whose main goal in life is to protect their most valuable asset their wombs and its attachments and their male prey, who are either their addicted followers or ruthless hunters.

    9. For starters, I want to establish that I haven t completed the whole series however, that is not an accurate gauge of my reaction to this trilogy It s just that I bought the thing in its entirety instead of individually as I prefer to read books in the same series and tried to tough it all out in one go It s taken me long enough to get to Dead Things, and the backlog of books I have lined up for myself has become daunting So, on that note, I retire this series until sometime a little later down [...]

    10. Teenage Mutant Robot Vampires is a minimalist review I ve heard of this book.Dead Girls is one of those books, movies, or tv series finales that makes you feel like you ve been kicked in the head and leaves you walking around in a haze for a couple of days.People usually say the sequels aren t as good and they are a step down but I think they re also just harder to understand Information virus traveling backward through time overwriting history is a weird concept but I think Dead Boys originally [...]

    11. I m holding off on giving this book a rating as I intend to reread it I had this book assigned for a university course in cyberpunk literature I took several years ago I ended up reading only Dead Girls, as I had an overwhelming amount to read that quarter, but found what I did read strange, dark, and unforgettable I don t remember much of the writing style or even the exact arc of the plot, however, many of the themes of the book have not yet left me, from the idea of female children infected w [...]

    12. I ve actually only begun this trilogy and only reached around page 55 I wanted to add it to my books mainly to remind myself I had started it I wish there was an option on that covered trying a book but giving up on it I didn t rate it because I don t think my initial distaste for it would be a fair review in the slightest I really enjoy cyberpunk not to mention microbiological fiction and was hoping for something along the lines of Justina Robson s work I was very much enjoying the east Asian s [...]

    13. This is only the second book I ve ever not finished through to the end I got through the first part of the Trilogy, Dead Girls, but just couldn t take any torture I constantly had to keep re reading paragraphs to figure out if a new scene had started None of the characters are developed enough to actually form any connection and I found myself just not caring what happened to them I was actually hoping one of the main characters would just die already to make it interesting The vocabulary in th [...]

    14. I don t even know where to start with thinking about this book If I had read each book in the trilogy individually, I don t know that I would have continued to the next book The first book was confusing but not so much that I couldn t follow it The journey makes sense The second book rakes the world and flips it on its head Almost literally Everything has fallen apart and we don t know why I found it very hard to follow.The third, and final, book finally gives us sense of what has happened to th [...]

    15. I really reallly reallllly liked the Dead Girls story at the beginning of this book, but by the time Dead Boys started I felt like he was attempting to carry a torch that had burned low, and allowed his protagonist to become catastrophic and unexciting After awhile, Calder s poetics turned into dribble and was incoherent to the point of being boring I am not a book snob when it comes to this writing style, as Naked Lunch is written in the same fashion and I didn t have such a hard time with it.

    16. Its kind of like the Matrix with robots and vampires and time travel I like that the love story is a secondary factor of the book, not a primary one This book gets extremely wordy, and I had trouble understanding it, because of all the futuristic descriptions and made up words It took me a long time to finish this book, because of what I previously mentioned but if you can get around that, its an entertaining read.

    17. The first book in this trilogy collected together in this edition is stunning The language, the characterization, the plot and the world building are all impeccable Despite the weakness of the following two books, the concept of a couture virus was enough to catch and carry me through the series These books are sexual, violent, and terribly glamorous.

    18. So far I ve only read Dead Girls It was great, even though the first time I read it I did not know a lot of the foreign words I have never been a fan of Sci fi, but this one kept my attention.

    19. Brilliant trilogy Fearless and compelling and just full of chaotic awesomeness.My full review at The Lit Pub.

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