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Manhattan Transfer By John E. Stith Manhattan Transfer MANHATTAN TRANSFER When aliens abduct New York City carrying it into space inside a huge dome the citizens trapped inside must find out why what they can do to save themselves and to save the dozen
  • Title: Manhattan Transfer
  • Author: John E. Stith
  • ISBN: 9781587154874
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Manhattan Transfer By John E. Stith MANHATTAN TRANSFER When aliens abduct New York City, carrying it into space inside a huge dome, the citizens trapped inside must find out why, what they can do to save themselves and to save the dozens of other cities which the aliens have stolen from other planets A stunning tour de force of science fiction storytelling, with gripping action, believable characters,MANHATTAN TRANSFER When aliens abduct New York City, carrying it into space inside a huge dome, the citizens trapped inside must find out why, what they can do to save themselves and to save the dozens of other cities which the aliens have stolen from other planets A stunning tour de force of science fiction storytelling, with gripping action, believable characters, and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat Considerable ingenuity Think of it as a visually spectacular movie and a really outstanding, imaginative, and professional production staff and special effects crew working to bring off the big set pieces and guarantee the thrills Locus Fascinating, intelligent account of people some ordinary, some extraordinary struggling to define and confront events that are beyond anything they have dared to imagine One of the better surprise endings to come down the cosmos in light years Chicago Tribune
    Manhattan Transfer By John E. Stith
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      Science fiction author John E Stith s works include REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS Nebula Award nominee from Ace Books , MANHATTAN TRANSFER Hugo Award Honorable Mention from Tor Books , REUNION ON NEVEREND, and RECKONING INFINITY on Science Fiction Chronicle s Best Science Fiction Novels list for its publication year, on the Nebula Award preliminary ballot.His other novels are SCAPESCOPE, MEMORY BLANK, DEATH TOLLS, and DEEP QUARRY.He s the author of ALL FOR NAUGHT, which collects Naught for Hire, and Naught Again both first appearing in ANALOG If you hear about Naught for Hire verbally, you might think the title is Not for Hire but it s not Check out the Naught for Hire website for even info on the upcoming webisode series starring Ben Browder.

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    1. 2017 grade A A very good hard SciFi novel with good world building, character building, and story telling Manhattan is extracted like a tooth by a large alien ship and taken aboard Can the residents figure out what is going on and save themselves and everyone else I could have used a little wind down at the end and a little less of the fanatic preacher but I m only being nit picky The opening chapter s of the extraction can seem long and a bit gory but most of the characters are being introduce [...]

    2. I won this book in a giveaway and here is my honest review I decided to leave my reading comfort zone of YA Thriller Suspense etc and enter the Sci fi genre after being away for a few years Oh how I wish someone had stopped me From the very first page it was as if I stepped into Stephen Kings Under the Dome book Makes one wonder which author wrote about the dome first hmmmmThe story drags on and on at a slow pace The characters are whiny and I couldn t connect with them at all.I am happy to repo [...]

    3. What a cool sci fi book a quick read that I could hardly put down Plenty of twists Stith gives humans a lot of credit for ingenuityrhaps too much at times, but it really helps the story along I subtracted a star for the ill considered insertion of a religious wacko stereotype It was quite obvious that the author had absolutely no sympathy for this character, which made him seem lifeless and robotic a hopeless token in an otherwise exciting book.

    4. Wow This is hard SF the way it should be written I m going to be extra careful not to add any spoilers, because this book is actually worth reading unspoiled A lot of the surprises had me genuinely surprised.What I liked in this book that so much other SF does badly We meet a team of people that actually works as a team to solve problems There s no drama or tension or other extreme emotions on display They know people are counting on them to do their job and they do it What a concept A lot of SF [...]

    5. As a lifelong fan of SciFi this book delivers everything a good science fiction story should.Combining alien invasion with apocalyptic survival dependent on engineering skills, with enough characterization to support the story line.A thoroughly enjoyable read.

    6. John Stith s Manhattan Transfer was first published in 1993 and has been reissued this year by ReAnimus Press My copy was a free copy for review on The basic plot is fairly straightforward Manhattan is abducted by aliens and those living in Manhattan decide to do something about it Or, as the jacket says, Aliens just kidnapped Manhattan They messed with the wrong city.Stith s take on this is pretty straight up if not downright overly technical Consequently, the book seems to plod along until abo [...]

    7. Manhattan transfert est un roman de John Edward Stith qui part de pr misses patantes En effet, dans ce r cit largement inspir par l antique quatri me dimension, Manhattan se retrouve emport de la surface de la Terre par d tranges extraterrestres une fois le transfert effectu , plus de communication entre l le et le reste de la terre, un sol d sesp r ment plat, une bulle entourant ce quartier, sont tout ce que les new yorkais voient de leur environnement Bref, a part tr s bien Pour tre franc, le [...]

    8. Won this novel in a give away I am a sucker for science fiction stories that are not overly complicated This offering fit the bill Great story and plot kept me reading non stop My only problem was that the characters were a little bit too ordinary and cookie cutter Other than that, a very good read.

    9. I purchased a copy of this book after another reviewer at wrote that my own novel was reminiscent of it The story is a survivalist tale of Manhattanites who are whisked away from earth underneath a plastic dome and to a vast alien space ship, where they find the same has happened to many other cultures from various planets.The story centers on former military man Matt Sheehey, who leads a group of engineers and scientists working to figure out the problem They make contact with several of the o [...]

    10. I read this book in my android kindle device My first thought discovering this sci fi title was hmmm it looks really difficult to handle such a story and it proves so, with Stith so and so successful on the task view spoiler A huge alien ship cuts and lifts Manhattan, putting the whole island city in a glass dome, along with a dozen other alien cities Then a bunch of people is able to penetrate the wall, travel without been discovered to the heart of the huge ship and bomb it, just to discover t [...]

    11. The story in this book started out with a really cool premise Manhattan is cut from the earth and taken into space where it is covered with a dome and placed among a collection of cities from various planets inside of a large ship.Cool Problem is, if people are freaking out about it, nobody is acting that way In fact sometimes the dialog seemed to be there just because dialog was expected and when things happened that should have elicited shrieks and screams People just talked about it.I finishe [...]

    12. A recent visit to a new sci fi film my first in a long time reminded me of this book The island of Manhattan is abducted by alien spacecraft That s right, the whole island It takes a lot to phase New Yorkers So the title and the conept interested me right away Unfortunately, there are way too many metaphoric sci fi cliches to make this story special As I read the story, I knew I had seen something like this before in other books and films I still found it entertaining enough to finish, however.

    13. I won a copy of this book in a giveaway.3.5 stars I found Manhattan Transfer to be an overall enjoyable read There were several sections in the middle that dragged a little for me because there was detail than I would have liked about certain things, and less detail than I would have liked about others That being said, I never felt like I didn t want to continue reading and I was always excited to get back to it and see how everything would work out I really enjoyed it I was completely in the m [...]

    14. This is an old book 1993 but since it is science fiction it didn t appear that dated Interesting premise a gigantic space ship comes along and using lasers cuts loose Manhattan island The resients find themselves under a huge dome on a vast gray plain In the distance they can see other domed cities whose residents do ot seem to be human Where are they and what are they there for will soon become evident An easy read, I read it in an evening.

    15. Now available as an ebook it was originally conventionally published ebooks are its natural home I dont think its good enough to be in print There are tons of books that nearly made it, here is another return Mannhatten is cut lose from earth by alien spacecraft return Wooden characters and a menace that seemed to change in size and power as the plot requires much as King Kong did in the original film.

    16. L idea alla base de La citt sull orlo del nulla semplice e accattivante perch degli alieni dovrebbero rapire uno stupido bovino quando hanno le capacit tecnologiche per prelevare l intera isola di Manhattan Stith imbastisce un romanzo coerente e stimolante dal punto di vista fanta scientifico, peccato solo per il mancato approfondimento dei personaggi e per la brusca accelerazione della trama da circa met libro.

    17. The premise of this book Manhattan being hijacked by spider like aliens and the ensuing action just didn t really work for me I think if someone has never read science fiction or space opera, this might be a good introduction however.

    18. 1st I received this as a Giveaway.Now, I wouldn t call this horrible or bad, not even boring It simply did not grab me enough to demand my attention over the other books that are collecting on my to read stack Perhaps I will com back to it later.

    19. Although there are some weaknesses in the internal logic of the story, it s a concept that can prompt some thought on threaten worlds, endangered species preservation and the possible varieties of intelligent species.

    20. This is a typical swash buckling, humanity above all, hegelian eventuality, despite our flaws religiousness we have that thing that will make us succeed hard core science fiction Too much hard core for me, though I found it interesting and somewhat enjoyable, despite it s cliched story line.

    21. Interesting idea, but a real tough slog to get through The scenes where the heroes are tunneling through the clay that makes up the new base that Manhattan rests on, go on forever.

    22. This was very reminiscent of a lot of the sci fi I read in the 70 s Not hard core science just a fun sci fi story line.

    23. I won this through good reads first reads for freeThis book is interesting and entertaining It is worth reading especially if you are into sci fi

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