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Порно By Irvine Welsh Веселин Иванчев
  • Title: Порно
  • Author: Irvine Welsh Веселин Иванчев
  • ISBN: 9789545296109
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
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    Порно By Irvine Welsh Веселин Иванчев
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      172 Irvine Welsh Веселин Иванчев
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    1. Irvine Welsh Веселин Иванчев

      Probably most famous for his gritty depiction of a gang of Scottish Heroin addicts, Trainspotting 1993 , Welsh focuses on the darker side of human nature and drug use All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and filled with anti heroes, small time crooks and hooligans Welsh manages, however to imbue these characters with a sad humanity that makes them likable despite their obvious scumbaggerry Irvine Welsh is also known for writing in his native Edinburgh Scots dialect, making his prose challenging for the average reader unfamiliar with this style.

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    1. So now, ye should prolly ken tha I jist finished up this Irvine Welsh cunt s book ehs cault Porno I cannae honestly be puttin masel n a spot of callin it the bes book ays ever read, likesay But I d some kinda daft liar if I cault it pure trash also I cannae rightly say whae I felt like eh went wrong Ehs like written a follow up to dem lads fae Trainspotting Rents n Simon Sick Boy n even Spud n the Beggar Boy Ehs given ays dis tale a betrayal n redemption and wrapt it all up raun some scam fae Si [...]

    2. La nostra tragedia che nessuno ha una vera passioneOgni tanto vado a rileggermi i capitoli dedicati a Franco Begbie E una delle migliori caratterizzazioni che mi sia mai capitato di trovare La cattiveria di Welsh una catarsi Non gli do le 5 stelle solo perch nella traduzione per rendere lo slang vengono aboliti buona parte dei congiuntivi Lei mi guarda come se non mi crede e voglio che si siede Ma per dei personaggi del genere si potrebbe sopportare anche l abolizione della grammatica tutta Avev [...]

    3. this books really doesn t need to exist it was great but what i loved about trainspotting was that the ending was a whole this is how it is vibe porno never needed to be born i always appreciated authors that really loved their characters and this is an instance where you can tell that irvine welsh just really wanted another chance to tell the stories of these great characters it was strange, but pleasing, to read about them again i almost want to say read about them as grown ups but i don t thi [...]

    4. Essendo un gran fan del film Trainspotting purtroppo ho letto il libro solo l anno scorso Mea culpa , mi sono accinto a leggere questo seguito poco prima che uscisse nelle sale T2 con una certa apprensione, essendo di solito i sequel letterari e cinematografici delle amare delusioni.Sorpresa Sar pazzo ma forse secondo me Porno persino migliore dell originale.I cattivi ragazzi di Edimburgo sono tornati alla grande in un racconto corale, sboccato e divertentissimo, che mi ha fatto divorare lettera [...]

    5. Hey, I think I already read this some years back Yes, it s one of those books with the movie posters which we are always embarrassed to have But this time they renamed it the book Porno is now called T2 Trainspotting because of that film It s almost false advertising in fact, as the new movie is very loosely based on the original prose novel sequel to you know which movie Yet here I am and I would still like to do a review that is in part film review and book, because it comparisons cannot help [...]

    6. Read this years ago and only writing a review now because I just saw T2 the other day, which I thought was going to be Porno but could never see how it would be possible Porno is graphically porno and the rape of a prostitute who was drug addled and had already poo d her knickers before they raped her was a stark and brilliant depiction of junkies and their norms and has remained with me for years I ve read a few Welsh books and it s great how, in your head, you can read it with a Scottish accen [...]

    7. Welsh zna kako prikazati dno ljudskog dna, bavi se ljudskim sme em , a opet u svakome od njih nalazi se ne to, neka ivotna pri a koja ih ini upravo takvima kakvi jesu On mo e istovremeno i nasmijat i zgroziti svog itatelja, gotovo u istoj re enici i upravo zato ga obo avam Ovdje se pojavljuju likovi iz Trainspottinga, pro lo je gotovo desetlje e i oni su odrasli , tako da Porno zapravo zaokru uje cijelu pri u a tko je gledao Trainspotting 2, vidjet e da je puno toga uzeto upravo iz ove knjige.

    8. If the word of the eighties was me , and in the nineties it , in the millennium it s ish Everything has to be vague and qualified Substance used to be important, then style was everything Now it s all just faking it 5 5Just like with Glue, I love Porno now than ever Porno by Irvine Welsh is the third book in a series about the Trainspotting crew, which is made up primarily of Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie It is set in the future, with all of them in their 30s And it is MAGNIFICENT I have be [...]

    9. Its hard to know what to say about this book Trainspotting has been such a favorite of mine for ages that I was a little excited to finally get around to reading the sequel I think the biggest problem I have with the book is that I m not convinced that it needed to exists It almost comes off as a piece of fan fiction Welsh wrote as a fan of his own characters Thats not to say that parts of it aren t entertaining, because they are The beginning is alright with the set up of the current scheme as [...]

    10. Someone else on here likened it to fan fiction and thats kind of what this is, fan fiction written by the author.So all this poverty violence junky porn fiction was getting a little overworked and obvious then chuck in some real porn to spice it up Irvine Welshs greatest skill as a writer for me is his ability to take a despicable lowlife scumbag character and make you see his humanity, like in Filth His worst quality is that he can t write women characters for shite, they re two dimensional bit [...]

    11. Me gust mucho, aunque tiene casi el mismo final de Trainspotting, aunque m s emocionante por lo de Begbie y Sick Boy Me pregunto si saldr la continuaci n y tambi n quiero ver la pel cula Este fue mi primer intento de rese a, no me juzgen

    12. Am I crazy for thinking this almost rivals Trainspotting Probably I never see people include this on their list of favorite Irvine Welsh books, but it s right up there for me Sequels are usually disappointing, and the idea of seeing your favorite slackers 10 years on give or take , skag free, with adult responsibilities doesn t sound very appealing, but, trust me, they haven t changed that much And while Trainspotting felt like of a short story collection than a conventional novel, Porno is li [...]

    13. I ve had this on my shelves for a long long time, and was hoping that it d come out on audiobook, which is the medium through which I enjoyed the first two in the series, but given that the film based on the book was due for release, I decided to read the copy physically, despite its imposing length and seemingly impenetrable Scottish dialect in parts.All the main characters and many of the minor ones from the previous books make an appearance in this one, the story picking up a number of years [...]

    14. A very satisfying sequel to Trainspotting, in which all your favorite characters return The plot centers around Sick Boy s desire to get revenge on Mark Renton, who s returned to Edinburgh from Amsterdam to help Sick Boy and some of the rest of the old crew produce an indie porn flick Yup Meanwhile, our dear Begbie has been released from prison and is dead set on essentially murdering Rents More fun and less intense than Trainspotting, and each chapter is still told by different characters Less [...]

    15. qu puedo decir de Porno Con este libro Irvine Welsh se ha convertido en uno de esos escritores que aparte de crear, personajes y historias incre bles, tiene una manera de escribir PERFECTA Da los detalles que tiene que dar, describe lo que TIENE que describir PERFECTA El hecho que todos sus cap tulos sean en primera persona , teniendo personajes tan distintos hace que todo parezca muy real y aunque por partes es muy pertubardor tambi n es MUY necesario.Tengo muchas ganas de ver la pel cula de Tr [...]

    16. Ah ll tell, fuckin crappin Welsh ah think masel jist git a beer n read aboot aw auld Leithers Ah m thinking aboot thit cunt book Porno like it wis pillin ma heid oaf Porno marks the arrival of the conniving Leithers Sick Boy, Renton, Spud and Begbie The narration parting in three dimensions Stag, Porno and Exhibition drafts the homecoming of Simon Sick Boy to Leith amid resuming his wayward Machiavellian schemes to earn hard cash through filming a lowly dissident pornographic film with few disto [...]

    17. La continuaci n de Trainspotting, qu se puede decir de ella pues que es cojonuda, ya Si, ya est.Ver lo que les ocurri a Spud, Sick Boy, Bigbie y Renton despu s de que este ltimo les diera el palo al final de Trainspotting es un puntazo y el c mo contin an sus vidas me resulta del todo coherente sin entrar en los detalles por no destripar, digamos que todo es bastante veros mil dentro de lo que cada personaje lleva a cuestas e incluso el como acaba esta nueva andanza pues si, creo que tambi n lo [...]

    18. A very interesting story about predators and their prey It s so long since I ve read Trainspotting that I d forgotten the characters quite a bit but I soon remembered them as they were still the same selfish, opportunistic lot I never thought I could really like a book that had no characters that I could like A realistic portrayal of good and bad in one person is fine but I need to root for the protagonist in some way and care about what happens to them Well I did like Porno but although there w [...]

    19. 10 d as y 595 p ginas despu s La m tica continuaci n de Trainspotting La saga de los cuatro drogadictos m s queridos por la cultura pop Lo primero es que ahora tengo unas irrefrenables ganas de leer Skagboys, la precuela.Por supuesto que hubo cosas que me gustaron y otras que no Sigo detestando con todas mis fuerzas aunque lleg a mi memoria esa pl tica que tuve con alguien que me dec a que Spud representaba todo lo bueno de la sociedad a Spud, Sick Boy me parece un incomprendido egoc ntrico con [...]

    20. ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE I was afraid that Porno would disappoint after Trainspotting but Welsh lifted this one to a whole new level I liked the fact that Welsh didn t just emulate Trainspotting but did something very different This book seems to be written for the screen Cannot wait to see the film adaptation.

    21. This the sequel to Trainspotting and in many ways, it surpasses it I can sum up the novel in two phrases culled from it Nobody except destructive exploitershave any passion and We live in an anal society Two things are made apparent 1 the novel is a snarky as fuck indictment of pretty much everything our culture stands for and 2 it s about sex Don t be fooled, though, by my curious bifurcation The two are hardly separable and that s the point Welsh s genius lies in his ability to break down ever [...]

    22. Fajn, do teno, m u do kina na T2 DHrozn mne prudila prvn p tina, tak e jsem tuto kn ku etla hrozn moc let Sickboy je nejv c nesympatick postava, pe ho nesn m a za tek byl hlavn o t ch jeho finti k ch, manipulaci s lidma, pasen en ale jakmile se vr t do Leithu, p idaj se i dal postavy Ve vypr v n se st daj postavy z Trainspottingu a tak je op t ka d pohled vypr v n jin m stylem Kdo ne etl Trainspotting, asi m l v tom zmatek, sice zde byl v ce propracovan p b h, ale st le byl sp e nit , kter se pr [...]

    23. This is the follow up toTrainspotting, and although the movie biased me towards the characters in the first installment, this time I m sure Sick Boy is my favorite character He s sharing the front stage with another female character in this novel and shines like the most caustic star above them all As usual with Welsh, this book is brutal and crude, too bad I couldn t read it in its original version because I know the translation tends to tone it down The story was structured than Trainspotting [...]

    24. Though I really loved diving into the world of Trainspotting again, the plot in this sequel seems a bit forced and the point where everything starts to come together happens about ten pages before the end of the book, so there s little time to catch your breath and find some closure Character development is great though, and so many of them are somehow brought back in from the first book, which is amazing I just wish the ending was different or worked out I absolutely loved the open ending of T [...]

    25. I loved this soooo much than I expected to It was great to see the old boys again, and the new characters were just as entertaining The voices were sharp and moved in and out of each other very well I remember finding the differentiation difficult to see in Trainspotting but here it was good Everything about this just seemed exciting and fresh, especially the writing Kind of wish there was of Renton, because for me this was very much Sick Boys story Yet then again, this wasn t Trainspotting, a [...]

    26. Een fantastische opvolger van Trainspotting 10 Jaar na dato heeft seks de plaats ingenomen van heroine als de voornaamste verslaving Het is onvermijdelijk om de gezichten niet voor je te zien die zo bekend zijn van de film, maar dit belet niet om het rauwe, stuwende verhaal kleur te geven en je toch weer te verwonderen De verfilming van dit boek is in volle gang en zal begin volgend jaar moeten verschijnen, ik kijk er naar uit

    27. Le pongo tres estrellas solo porque est muy bien escrito En suma, la historia no me convenci del todo, sobre todo el desenlace Personas que cre as redimidas pues no, la malicia segu a ah.

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