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Hard Target By Howard Gordon Hard Target From the producer of the exciting follow up to Gideon s War involves a harrowing attempt to stop a homegrown terrorist plot to destroy the U S government When FBI Agent Nancy Clement discovers evi
  • Title: Hard Target
  • Author: Howard Gordon
  • ISBN: 9781439175828
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hard Target By Howard Gordon From the producer of 24, the exciting follow up to Gideon s War involves a harrowing attempt to stop a homegrown terrorist plot to destroy the U.S government.When FBI Agent Nancy Clement discovers evidence of an impending terrorist attack on U.S soil, higher ups at the Bureau are leery of her chief source a meth head informant affiliated with a white supremacist group.From the producer of 24, the exciting follow up to Gideon s War involves a harrowing attempt to stop a homegrown terrorist plot to destroy the U.S government.When FBI Agent Nancy Clement discovers evidence of an impending terrorist attack on U.S soil, higher ups at the Bureau are leery of her chief source a meth head informant affiliated with a white supremacist group But Nancy follows her hunch and calls in Gideon Davis to evaluate her source Like Nancy, Gideon becomes convinced that a serious plot exists, but the informant is murdered before either he or Nancy can get details from him So Gideon enlists his brother Tillman newly sprung from prison through a presidential pardon obtained by Gideon as an undercover operative to infiltrate a group of white supremacists who may be involved.Eventually, Gideon and Tillman get on the trail of the real conspirators and uncover their audacious plan to eliminate the entire top tier of the U.S government during the State of the Union Address With only Nancy s support, Gideon and Tillman go rogue to stop the powerful titan behind the conspiracy before the entire government is toppled.With nonstop action and ticking time bomb suspense, Hard Target will keep readers turning pages, and their hearts pumping fast.
    Hard Target By Howard Gordon
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    1. Howard Gordon

      Howard Gordon was the Showrunner and Executive Producer of the hit television series, 24 A twenty five year industry veteran, Mr Gordon first gained national attention for his award winning work on the groundbreaking series The X Files, for which he won multiple Golden Globes.His other credits include Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beauty and the Beast, Sisters and Spenser For Hire He created the innovative 1999 drama Strange World and the series The Inside His current projects include Homeland, which he co created, and Awake, for which he ll serve as Showrunner and Executive Producer Gordon s first novel, Gideon s War, was published in 2011 with a sequel, Hard Target, to be released in January 2012 Howard graduated from Princeton University, and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children He is an active member of the Pacific Counsel on International Relations, and a current board member and former president of the Stroke Association of Southern California Follow him on Twitter at twitter HowardMGordon or via his website at howardmgordon

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    1. Once again, I have to clarify Three stars means I ultimately liked Hard Target It had a tight plot with page turning suspense, realistic situations and settings, and spare writing Once I connected with the situation and the plight of the characters, it was not easy to put down That should have gotten it four stars, but I have to knock off a few points.First, a half point off because I did not immediately feel connected with the protagonist The author used a prologue to try to get the reader into [...]

    2. An elaborate terrorist plot to attack a high value target and the quest to stop it should build to a roiling crescendo, with hard charging heroes desperately searching out the seemingly unconquerable villains In Hard Target, the elaborate plot is there, but the resolution is protracted and anticlimactic As brothers Gideon and Tillman Davis try to stop Dale Wilmot and his villain cohorts from an attack on the State of the Union address at the U.S Capitol, a sense of apathy overshadows a once prom [...]

    3. The interesting plot in this thriller is marred a bit by suspect editing In some conversations, it s not clear which character is speaking And would a firearms expert talk about pressing a trigger, as one does in Hard Target The apt expression is pulling a trigger Howard Gordon also traffics too gleefully in stereotypes about right wing militias But beyond those unfortunate impediments, and what I thought was a plot hole involving architectural prep in the setup for a terrorist attack, the nove [...]

    4. Riding high on the success of his recent Golden Globes win for Best Television Drama with the show he penned, HOMELAND, Howard Gordon once again revisits the world of print fiction with the second novel in the Gideon Davis series HARD TARGET.This time around, Gideon is facing a threat to our nation that exists at the very heart of it Home grown terrorists with a serious chip on their shoulder towards the U.S and their government are planning an attack on the Capitol that will literally cripple t [...]

    5. Hard TargetBy Howard GordonThe Davis brothers are back in a thrilling page turner Howard Gordon s skill with the written word is a windfall for readers His dialogue is first rate He keeps the reader on the edge with a suspenseful plot and it s diversions I especially like, his creation of two brothers as protagonists, fighting along side each other.Hard Target is an electrifying follow up to Gideon s War It follows Gideon and Tillman in their efforts to stop a plot to destroy the U.S government [...]

    6. When a meth mouthed white supremacist passes on information to US Diplomat, Gideon Davis that he has insider knowledge on a homegrown terrorist plot to take place against a high value target , the information is passed on by the FBI as just another nut job threat That is, until the informant disappears within twenty four hours of failing to give additional details to Davis inside FBI contact.Using his brother Tillman a former CIA operative Davis uses the little information he gained to help infi [...]

    7. Hard Target by Howard Gordon Gordon is a television producer, mostly action shows like 24, which he produced for many years He understands constant action, and the book moves along pretty fast He s written a few novels, this is the second in a series, and I hadn t read the first, so it took a while for me to fully understand the main characters, many of which carry over from the first book In brief, a billionaire s son gets blown to bits in Afghanistan, his body now a burned shell, and the fathe [...]

    8. Hard TargetBy Howard GordonHoward Gordon s first book, Gideon s War was good, but I found his second Gideon Davis thriller, Hard Target, to be even better In the start of the sequel, Gideon is about to get married and have a regular job, in other words, to settle down But that simply isn t going to happen.From the opening scene where a group of African women have been imported to work in an Idaho cassava factory, I was hooked And I didn t even know what a cassava was.Gideon gets hooked into the [...]

    9. Hard Target by Howard Gordon is his second novel Among his many accomplishments, Gordon was the exective producer and writer for The X Files and is an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning writer who has done a great deal of work in Hollywood.His vast experience shines through the pages of this novel, which is also the second involving his hero Gideon Davis, an ex diplomat and presidential advisor.Gideon is also an adventurer and one tough hombre The plot of the novel involves his team up with his [...]

    10. Howard Gardner producer of 24 and The X Files and co creator of the new and fabulous Showtime series Homeland, is back with a second thriller involving the former diplomat and so called Man of Peace Gideon Davis This time the action takes place on American soil as Gideon gets a tip about a home grown terrorist attack that the FBI won t take seriously Gideon s brother Tillman is out of prison where he was a scapegoat for the government and Gideon enlists him to infiltrate a militia group involved [...]

    11. Gideon Davis and his recently pardoned brother discover a plot to take down the top tier of the US government Unfortunately, the authorities aren t listening Fortunately, Gideon and Tillman possess the kind of skills one would need to take down a terrorist plot all on their own The does have some original aspects and the story is fast paced and interesting Gordon is co creator of the show HOMELAND and executive producer on the upcoming show AWAKE and 24, points that drew me to the book HARD TARG [...]

    12. Gideon Davis learns of a possible attack on the US government by a militia group and with the assistance of his brother and fianc , they try to convince the powers that be Thwarted by the FBI and others, the two brothers go on their own to stop the impending attack.This action packed suspense is slowed down by lengthy narratives and the climax is somewhat predictable It is what it is reads like a television movie plot.

    13. The best thing about reading this is it reads so easily, you start to pick up the pace with the characters My only criticism is both stories are of a champion negotiator who would rather fight than talk Yet he doesn t have much inner turmoil over it If that kind of character non devlopment doesn t bother you, you re going to love this book.

    14. Actor Kiefer Sutherland summed up this book up as a rip roaring thriller Well who am I are to argue with Jack Bauer But then he was praising a book by his buddy the creator of TV s 24 Nonetheless, I tend to agree It s a book not without its holes but it s fast, edge of the seat stuff and will go down well if you like thrillers in the 24 vein.

    15. First book I ve read by this author, and it was pretty darn good The action jumped around to different locations and different characters, but it was easy enough to follow and gratifying when it all comes together by the end.

    16. Gideon, former diplomat, and his brother Tillman, former spec op specialist, are caught up in efforts to thwart a terrorist attack targeting the State of The Union Address by a right wing militia typecent suspense and intersting charactersquick, enjoyable read

    17. The story started in a way I had expected but it quickly switched to become a very fast paced action adventure that just me coming back for .The heroes and heroines were comic book, can t put a foot wrong types and so the story was fun, fun fun and I enjoyed it immensely.

    18. I sort of liked his first book because it had 24 type action Gordon wrote this book with a high school drop out vocabulary and he wrote it to the lowest common denominator of readers Fortunately I am a fast reader so the book did not waste much of my time.

    19. Great second book in the Series by one of the writers of 24 I highly recommend Howard Gideon s War and Hard Target if you have not read them.

    20. Great political thriller for lovers of Vince Flynn and Brad Meltzer This is a sequel to Gideon s War, and hopefully won t be the last of the series.

    21. Seeds of discontent are sown, not sewn Unless the terrorists are using a needle and thread Otherwise, ok Reads like a TV movie, wraps up neatly by the 58 minute mark.

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