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Charlotte Temple & Lucy Temple By Susanna Rowson AnnDouglas Charlotte Temple Lucy Temple Rowson s tale of a young girl who elopes ot the United States only to be abandoned by her finace was once the bestselling novel in American literary history This edition also includes Lucy Temple the
  • Title: Charlotte Temple & Lucy Temple
  • Author: Susanna Rowson AnnDouglas
  • ISBN: 9780140390803
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charlotte Temple & Lucy Temple By Susanna Rowson AnnDouglas Rowson s tale of a young girl who elopes ot the United States only to be abandoned by her finace was once the bestselling novel in American literary history This edition also includes Lucy Temple, the fascinating story of Charlotte s orphaned daughter.
    Charlotte Temple & Lucy Temple By Susanna Rowson AnnDouglas
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      302 Susanna Rowson AnnDouglas
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    1. Susanna Rowson AnnDouglas

      Susanna Rowson, n e Haswell 1762 1824 was a British American novelist, poet, playwright, religious writer, stage actress and educator.Rowson was the author of the novel Charlotte Temple the most popular bestseller in American literature until Harriet Beecher Stowe s Uncle Tom s Cabin was published in 1852.

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    1. This is the first selection in our 19th Cent American Novels class this semester even though, technically, it s an 18th cen novel , so I m rereading It ll be a challenge bc novels of this period are so different from ours the horizon of expectations, shall we say, might as well exist in a whole other world The key thing to getting into this book is understanding the social function of this genre Charlotte Temple a huge bestseller all the way up to the early 1900s is a seduction novel a la Pamela [...]

    2. You ll notice that I didn t give this book a star rating But you re wrong I give this book 0 stars I realize that this book was written over 300 years ago and that it is supposed to be a moralistic tale for young girls, but wow The prose are so heavy handed And the author cannot let her story prove her point Oh no She must enter the test and sermonize If this book had not been for class, I would not have even heard of this book, much less bought a copy and read it.This book would be good if you [...]

    3. If you want a sassy narrator, read this book This pair of novellas is packed with intrigue and questions of duty and morality The character development isn t deep, but I found it appropriate to the length and the books and enjoyable The novellas are a direct response to conduct books of the day meant to teach young girls how to act While the stories do align with those teachings, I did feel the author was poking fun at them as well It s a nice, quick read I think it could spark some lively discu [...]

    4. Tag yourself I m a striking example that vice, however prosperous in the beginning, in the end leads only to misery and shame.

    5. I give this book 4 stars because it made me laugh so hard.Oh, Madame La Rue You have been added to my list of fictional characters I would love to destroy.But I m getting ahead of myself Okay Let me gather my thoughts.This is a cautionary tale a la romance novel style It often left me scratching my head and laughing at its absurdity So many mixed feelings Spoiler Alert The review below will be riddled with SPOILERSOk, so this was basically the 50 Shades of Grey back in the day I found it to be s [...]

    6. Make no mistake, Charlotte Temple is a cautionary tale Susanna Rowson, educator that she was, weaves a tale to warn young women away from being impressionable and urges them to respect their parents Rowson argues for devotion to one s parents, religion, and virtue, using the case study of Charlotte Temple as her example The tale of Charlotte Temple is an interesting one, though it can be quite melodramatic Rowson herself, as an omniscient narrator, does not fear inserting plainly her warnings an [...]

    7. Rowson provides a structure for early American national virtue in the form of cautionary tales composed in the formula of the seduction narrative The morals meant to be gleaned from the prose are by no means veiled, and are written explicitly and with repetition While the works are quaint and perhaps hokey by today s standards, they were bestsellers during their time, and were some of the first internationally acclaimed works of fiction from American, written by one of the first internationally [...]

    8. Still a better love story than Twilight To be serious, though, it is very interesting as a historical text in the ways that it represents the society of its time Reading it, I could see why it would have captivated the hearts of the American people back in the day That said, the text, though replete with the plot trappings of a classic seduction story which still resonate in works today, seems to me unable to be as resonant with the world of today.

    9. I m so glad I ve spent my life in the 20th and 21st centuries, where I can enjoy trashy garbage novels that actually tell you about stuff instead of just alluding to it and don t feel the need to morally condemn the actions of every interesting character on every other page This is a sad excuse for pulp fiction, but I guess you just had to take what you could get in the 18th century.Let that be a lesson to us all.

    10. The first book, Charlotte Temple, was overwritten and melodramatic Nonetheless, it was a bit of a romp as an example of the genre of Cautionary Tales for Young Women The second book both are really novellas , Lucy Temple, was far better It was less heavy handed, although still maintained its cast of the virtuous and villainous I wondered how much of the improved writing had to do with the fact that the sequel was written some 30 years after the first novella.

    11. I feel like part of the reason why I look back at Charlotte Temple with a sense of fondness is that I read the book in two hours before I wrote a paper on it the day the paper was due and that I got an A on that paper All I remember from the book was a lot of people crying most of the time Haha So maybe it doesn t deserve three stars but it does hold a special place to me.

    12. Although I recognize the importance of this text in the history of American lit, I did not enjoy reading it It was a pretty quick read and there were a few passages I admired, but all in all unless you are really interested in the development of the novel or American revolutionary era, sentimental, feminist didactic books, then this is not for you.

    13. early american morality tale at its most dull HOWEVER this was one of the best selling books of early american history as i recall, it went into something like four reprintings, which in a day of poor literacy and expensive books was a pretty freaking big deal read it to discover why so many people including a LOT of women might have found it so captivating.

    14. Charlotte Temple was written in the 1700 s and is a wonderful story of romance and consequences It was one of the biggest bestsellers in American literary history Lucy Temple was written a little later and is a story of Charlotte Temple s daughter Both stories through me for an emotional roller coaster and had me thinking about them long after I finished.

    15. This was one of the most heart wrenching books I ve ever read it gets you very involved emotionally you re practically there with Charlotte and her father at the end I would recommend this to someone who wants a good cry.

    16. This was alright I wasn t blown away, there were a lot of tropes, but I did kinda cry at the ending just cause the narrator takes like, an entire chapter telling you that everything is going to work out , which it does in a way, so it caught me off guard.

    17. Wow, this book was kinda a stunner It is a slice of the Puritan ideal that has been the base of this country since its inception Scary It was a BESTSELLER in its day I love it, the language was rich and the the story well told, but, man The harshness of life for womenl because of sex.

    18. Badly written and full of one dimensional characters given to embarrassing flights of sentimentality If it wasn t the first American bestseller in 1794, I d have quit it after the first chapter.

    19. What I learned That late 18th early 19th century American women didn t have very good options as to what to read.

    20. old school shanking Can t remember if it was fun because it was for school while I was reading like 10 other assignments.

    21. I mean, yeah sure, it was important for the time But it would ve been a preachy moral novel then, and it is even so now And I can t stand being addressed as dear reader every third page.

    22. 3 1 2 stars There s some really good stuff in here The actual writing in the first novel is a little painful, though A lot of repetitive phrases.

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