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It Must Be Love By Rachel Gibson It Must Be Love Undercover cop Joe Shanahan s bad luck hit bottom the morning he stared up into the face of sexy suspect Gabrielle Breedlove She d blown his cover brought him down with a can of hairspray and now his
  • Title: It Must Be Love
  • Author: Rachel Gibson
  • ISBN: 9780755337460
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • It Must Be Love By Rachel Gibson Undercover cop Joe Shanahan s bad luck hit bottom the morning he stared up into the face of sexy suspect Gabrielle Breedlove She d blown his cover brought him down with a can of hairspray and now his new assignment was to pose as her boyfriend But spending as much time as possible with the utterly irresistible New Age beauty caused unexpected complications To make mUndercover cop Joe Shanahan s bad luck hit bottom the morning he stared up into the face of sexy suspect Gabrielle Breedlove She d blown his cover brought him down with a can of hairspray and now his new assignment was to pose as her boyfriend But spending as much time as possible with the utterly irresistible New Age beauty caused unexpected complications To make matters worse, his matchmaking sisters are picking out china patterns.Joe s brooding good looks and T shirt straining muscles might be easy on the eyes, but how could Gabrielle be attracted to a straight laced detective who s determined to find evidence to arrest her Still, he invades her dreams and when they share a transcendent lovemaking experience, Gabrielle knows it must be love.
    It Must Be Love By Rachel Gibson
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      450 Rachel Gibson
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    1. Rachel Gibson

      Rachel was born in Boise, Idaho, USA Her father worked for a telephone company, and her mother was a housewife Idaho has the largest population of Basques outside of the Basque lands of Spain She grew up with kids with last names like Uberuaga, Berriochoa, and Egisquiza, but years later she discovered the rest of the country didn t really know much about the Basque culture or history Rachel s storytelling career began at the age of sixteen when she ran her Chevy Vega into the side of a hill, retrieved the bumper and broken glass from the ground, and drove to her High School parking lot With the help of her friend, she strategically scattered the broken pieces and told her parents she d been the victim of a hit and run They believed her, and she s been telling stories ever since Four of her novels were named among the Top Ten Favorite Books of The Year by Romance Writers of America Two of her novels, True Confessions and Not Another Bad Date, were awarded the RITA, Romance Writers of America s highest honor of excellence Some of Rachel s other awards and achievements include The Golden Heart Award, the National Reader s Choice, Editor s Top Pick, Publisher Weekly s Quill nominee, Borders bestselling romantic comedy and Romantic Time s Career Achievement award.When not writing, Rachel can be found shopping for shoes or looking for strange and unusual flowers to plant in her garden.

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    1. Re read 12 18 2014I don t modify ratings, but if I did, this one wouldn t be 5 Stars, like 3.5 Stars Amazing what time does to your enjoyment of some books.I ve been in a book funk for most of 2014 2015 may be the year of the re read or only those sure things that you are about 90% certain you will like I m really tired of taking chances, wasting time on books that just don t pan out.I did enjoy this book It was fun and I enjoyed the characters No huge plot and very little primary or secondary [...]

    2. Rachel Gibson is a go to author for me when I need a fun, upbeat story, she always delivers It Must be Love was about opposites attract and fit the bill Joe is a cop, not really satisfied with his job and also thinking maybe its time to settle down, have a family, and pacify his busy body sisters and mom He is traditional, somewhat chauvinistic, he wants a wife that feeds him, cleans his socks and takes care of him Gabrielle was not for him.Gabrielle owns an antique store and is of the new age t [...]

    3. I m not going to rate this because it may just be me At any rate, I ve spent the first couple of chapters yelling at Gabrielle to get a freaking lawyer that doesn t suck and while she s at it, initiate an internal affairs investigation for abuse Since her making a deal with the cops for a completely bogus charge is pretty much the foundation of everything forcing her to work with the jerkiest jerk who ever jerked in a setup that makes little sense at all I think it s probably best if I just retu [...]

    4. Urgh, it just got too awful This is a story about a tough cop who poses as the boyfriend of a free spirited shop keeper, who reads auras and smells aromas, in order to spy on her business partner After a week of cold dialogue and abrupt and public kisses, the heroine decides she can trust him with unprotected sex, even though two hours beforehand he d told her he brings home other women But she s on the pill, so you know phew My brain just couldn t let me finish this one I kept thinking WTF and [...]

    5. Great romance with a touch of humor and suspense It Must Be Love may be an older book, but it is still a goodie It delivers everything I want in a romance.

    6. Le do el 08 10 2012La mala suerte del polic a infiltrado Joe Shanahan toc fondo desde el mismo momento en que pos sus ojos en la preciosa sospechosa Gabrielle Breedlove Ella hab a conseguido destruir su tapadera derrib ndolo con un bote de laca y ahora su nueva misi n consiste en hacerse pasar por su novio Pero pasar el mayor tiempo posible con esa belleza s lo le va a traer problemas Y, para complicar m s las cosas, Joe tiene que aguantar a sus dos hermanas mayores que est n como locas por busc [...]

    7. Before she could even comprehend what he was doing, he placed his palms on the sides of her face and pulled her to him Kiss me, baby, he said, his breath whispering across her cheek Give me your tongue Give me your tongue A mood killer if I ve ever read one He should ve stopped at Kiss me, baby But moving onJoe Shanahan is a cop with a past He got shot on the job and things didn t go as planned, setting him back, so now he has to prove himself Mr Hillard s Monet has been stolen and Kevin Carter [...]

    8. It was good second half of the book was better.I didn t fall in love with him but when I knew he was a Taurus, I was like ohhhh okayyy now I understand everything

    9. Sukaaaaaa ama ni nvl.Walo temanya pasaran bgt pura2 pacaran tp gw sukaaaaaaDetektif Joseph Joe Shanahan lgsung menilai kalo Gabrielle Breedlove adl cwe yg eksentrikPertama, dia meng K.O Joe waktu Joe sdg membuntuti dia di taman dgn hairspray Kedua, Gabrielle terobsesi dgn karma dan yingyang yg menurut Joe aneh sgt Ketiga, nama nya yg seperti nama porn star.Gabrielle terpaksa bersedia bekerja sama dgn kepolisian apabila tdk mau menjalani hukuman penjara membawa senjata tanpa izin ketika dia meng [...]

    10. Joe is a thirty something, down to earth cop who owns a hilarious parrot and thinks that it s time to look at settling down with a sexy woman who doesn t mind running the household and have some kids He is currently working on a big art theft case and is shadowing one of the two suspects Gabrielle Breedlove.Gabrielle is a new age chick who owns a curio store together with her business partner Kevin and makes aromatherapy oils to sell at markets She is looking for an enlightened man, with a posit [...]

    11. 2.9 starsFirst of all, that cover is dreadful I am not a fan of illustrated covers I don t know why, maybe they make me feel like I m reading hoe to find a husband in 7 days kind of book , but this is buah I loved NOTHING BUT TROUBLE and expected something similar here, but no.Up until 85% it was OK read, but then the ending seemed kind of forced And all that I want to be with you, but I don t, but I do felt kind of wrong Also, I just couldn t feel the chemistry between the 2 main characters, an [...]

    12. Okay It s been a while since I read this book, but one thing I do remember was how shallow and girly the heroine was And of course the hero was a big macho alpha male I personally do not like my heroines to act like hollow brained ninnies like this girl did I also remember a lot of I love him, I hate him, I love him again etc The hero was pretty tacky because he dated a woman up until the very end while he was sleeping with the heroine I don t like dudes who are shady like that and I don t appre [...]

    13. 4.5 stars Absolute great read I didn t think contemporary romance was my genre, but I m definitely going to be open minded in the future Still a 100% historical romance fan, but this book was just fantastic It was sweet, cute, and also hysterically funny some parts were so comedic that I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes one part especially, that even when trying to reread to someone else I could barely get through because I started laughing again Definitely recommend

    14. 3.5 5 4 stars B I just saw this on the Hoopla site and, even though I ve read the book before, thought I d have a listen I was in the mood for some really light and funny romance story Rachel Gibson delivers Rebecca Tripp was the narrator She did a great job For this class of romance, straightforward, not too angsty, I can always trust this author to entertain me.

    15. While I love the storyline, I can t say the same about the chemistry between the hero and heroine I just feel like something is missing between them, so much so that when they realize they re in love with each other, it doesn t feel believable at all.

    16. Kitab n Ad Ad A k Olmal Yazar Rachel GibsonOrjinal Ad t Must Be Love Puan 5 3,80Puan m 5 4Romantik Komedi tarz n n g zel bir rne i idi ok severek okudum Belki ok kuvvetli bir kurgusu yoktu ama kesinlikle bana ok g zel vakit ge irtti.Tabii ki benim sevdi im kadar sevmeyen de olabilir Ama kesinlikle bazen g lerek,bazen z lerek,bazen de o romantik ortam hissederek okudum Polisiye temas ok kuvvetli de ildi Roman n erkek karakteri polis idi ama yle i lenen bir cinayeti izleyen bir dedektif de de ildi [...]

    17. Sam the Parrot stole the show.Detective Joe Shanahan and Gabrielle Breedlove have nothing in common But when Joe suspects Gabrielle of some involvement in fencing art and antiques, he begins to tail her But Gabrielle is on to him, and surprisingly, she manages to take him down but not for long Joe hauls Gabrielle into the station, and Gabrielle finds her self thrown into an undercover investigation by pretending to be Joe s girlfriend while Joe investigates Gabrielle s business partner Kevin Ove [...]

    18. Encontr este libro muy barato y la sinopsis me atrap.Tard dos d as en leerlo y s lo fue porque deb a estudiar para mis ex menes.Me ha encantado el libro, la forma de escribir de la autora es tan hermosa y sensual Ambos protagonistas me han gustado montones, son tan opuestos que simplemente se quedan en el coraz n y lograron un libro lleno de romance y humor.Definitivamente es un buen libro que recomiendo much simo, al cerrarlo lanzar n un suspiro de felicidad y les dejar un rom ntico sabor de bo [...]

    19. great light hearted reading Favorite part Mom to Joe, asking what happened to Gabrielle What happened to the girl in the park his mother asked.He didn t need to ask what girl She was just a friend Hmm She took out a box of candles and stuck them in a chocolate cake Of course, she didn t look like a friend Joe didn t respond, and his mother continued just as he knew she would You don t look at Ann the way you looked at her How s that Like you could look at her for the rest of your life.

    20. The book started off quite good The plot would have been excellent Unfortunately, their strengths weren t focused on, and the female protagonist capitulated too easily She was silly It was nauseating at times She sounded and acted like a bimbo without being endearing She was also very easy If a guy treated me like that I wouldn t forgive so easily The romance began to pale Otherwise it would have been interesting.But it was rather clich d too All the criminals appeared to be blond men and the he [...]

    21. I like Rachel Gibson s Idaho settings probably because that s were I live and I recognize a lot of areas she writes about.Also on Audio The narrator, Richard Ferrone, ruined It Must Be Love for me one of my very favorites by Rachel Gibson with the spin he gave gave it He made Joe a jerk in my ears instead of the nice guy forced into a tough situation that I read him as If it hit others like it did me it could explain why we haven t seen of Rachel s work done in audio up until recently I ll defi [...]

    22. 3.5 5 4 stars B I read this one several years ago so just re read it because I needed something light and funny and remembered enjoying it for that reason I was glad to see it was as I remembered.This time through I found Gabrielle both ditzy and sweet but a little bit annoying in her naive belief in her friend who was clearly a scum bag right from the beginning There wasn t much suspense or police work in this book but it was funny and easy to read.

    23. This is a re read, or rather a re skim Not one of Ms Gibson s better efforts A predictable, light, opposites attract story Many reviewers disliked the heroine for being too flakey and bimboesque I was okay with Gabby but hated the hero He was a one note jerk and a bad cop who should be dragged up before internal affairs and fired But, hey, what s sexy about cops who don t abuse the authority we ve given them.

    24. Maybe I would have enjoyed this story had I read it an not listened to it The lines said by Joe had my laughing hysterically at my desk I am sure my co workers were wondering if I had lost my mind It was just the delivery of some that made me lose it Let s move to the bedroom I like to spread out while I work The delivery is everything on a line Something cheesy like that may work on some, however I would kill the mode by my uncontrollable laughter

    25. The hero in this novel wasn t bad, but the heroine really grated on me She was ditzy and new age I didn t like her and couldn t relate to her I also wasn t sure what the hero would see in her The story was pretty predictable I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 because I have a soft spot for heroes who are detectives.

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