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The Bamboo Flute By Garry Disher The Bamboo Flute In during Australia s deep economic depression young Paul meets Eric the Red a wandering swagman who teaches Paul how to play the bamboo flute and brings music back into Paul s life
  • Title: The Bamboo Flute
  • Author: Garry Disher
  • ISBN: 9780395665954
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Bamboo Flute By Garry Disher In 1932, during Australia s deep economic depression, young Paul meets Eric the Red a wandering swagman who teaches Paul how to play the bamboo flute and brings music back into Paul s life.
    The Bamboo Flute By Garry Disher
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      216 Garry Disher
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    1. Garry Disher

      Garry Disher was born in 1949 and grew up on his parents farm in South Australia.He gained post graduate degrees from Adelaide and Melbourne Universities In 1978 he was awarded a creative writing fellowship to Stanford University, where he wrote his first short story collection He travelled widely overseas, before returning to Australia, where he taught creative writing, finally becoming a full time writer in 1988 He has written than 40 titles, including general and crime fiction, children s books, textbooks, and books about the craft of writing.

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    1. I read the Bamboo Flute for school and enjoyed it alot but the ending is a bit abrupt with him playing the flute for his father then it ends i think that the auther could have dragged the ending out a little bit longer but over all the the book is well written with you in suspense in parts that it like when the father goes to check on the property bounderies and almost finds Eric the Red

    2. This book is about a young boy named Paul who s family grew up with music They would play instruments and sing together However, after the war their passion for music quickly faded as they went broke and had to sell everything Paul however met a stranger named Eric the Red who is a being hunted down by the police, Paul and Eric develop a friendship and together they bring back the music into their family.

    3. Great book about the issues of being poor, especially as it was set around the 1930 s, with regard to the Great depression Paul the main character, loves money, but his family don t have the money to purchase an instrument, so after meeting a beggar at his farm, he is shown how to make a flute out of bamboo Its a book that relates to the hardships of life at this time, and demonstrates how adaptable children were during this time I really enjoyed connecting with the mother and knew some of the s [...]

    4. The Bamboo Flute is a novel about a young boy named Paul and his endeavours to refill his once joyful life with music He meets a strange but kind man known as Eric The Red who encourages him by the playing of his flute Inspired by the flute, Paul sets about trying to make his own Eric teaches him the basics an he is soon playing well Paul finally decides to show his stubborn dad what he can do Everything is a massive success and music is once again brought back into his life.

    5. The Bamboo Flute by Gary Disher is a book set in the 1930s I personally enjoyed the bamboo flute because of its envolvement of music, personally I love music this is why i liked it I also enjoyed the relationship between Paul and Eric the Red Eric is a homeless man who loves music and ends up having a great friendship with Pual and turns Pual into a music lover.

    6. I think the Bamboo Flute is great book for teenagers that struggling right now It shows lots of great relationship between people and shows how important music is in your life as well as that people can change personality by showing them what you could do well.

    7. the book the bamboo flute is overall a great book to read with not only a simple but yet interesting storyline but also teaches you a few life lessons or gives you a perspective on life as paul the main character descovers on the first day back at school.

    8. 1932 Australia.Nice little story about a poor boy, Paul, who meets a stranger on his farmer He teaches Paul how to make a flute.The men in the story are still haunted by their service in WW1.

    9. I personally thought that this book had some good bits but i also thought that it could get a little bit boring sometmes

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