Strobe Edge, Vol. 8 #2020

Strobe Edge, Vol. 8 By Io Sakisaka Strobe Edge Vol What is love anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose the handsome enigmatic guy that all the
  • Title: Strobe Edge, Vol. 8
  • Author: Io Sakisaka
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 290
  • Format: ebook
  • Strobe Edge, Vol. 8 By Io Sakisaka What is love, anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing, but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose, the handsome, enigmatic guy that all the girls worship, her life takes an unexpected turn With just a few words and a smile, he changes her world
    Strobe Edge, Vol. 8 By Io Sakisaka
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      290 Io Sakisaka
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    1. Io Sakisaka

      Io Sakisaka is a Japanese manga artist She also designed the characters for the anime movie HAL Her works are Call My Name 2001 Watashi no Koibito 2002 Bye Bye, Little 2002 Blue 2006 Mascara Blues 2007 Strobe Edge 2007 Ao Haru Ride 2011 Sono Omokage o Shitteru 2013

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    1. Starting to feel and biased over the second lead Though that girl his ex who appeared gives me a bad feeling.

    2. I m a little disappointed that this volume decided to go with the tried and true evil ex girlfriend route Luckily, Mao Ando s ex just sets things in motion then makes an exit I would have liked this a lot less if the story suddenly started to revolve around backstabbing mean girls And Ninako s decision, that Ren and Ando s friendship is important than her feelings for Ren, is just so in character for her And so is her eventual decision to trust her friends with her feelings I like that Strobe [...]

    3. NinakoNINAKONEEEEENAAAAHKOOOOHwhy.Why care about othersWHEN YOU CAN PURSUE WHAT YOU WANT TO PURSUE What your heart wants Deep down inside than anything else Okay I m joking You know what, she s puny and tiny but she s a strong little one But I have experience in this I have felt like Ninako before Oh PS, this review has tons of spoilers and spoilers are the worst in murder mysteries and romantical dramatic stuff and uhrobe edge 1 DO YOU KNOW HOW INCREDIBLY HARD IT IS TO DOUBT FEELINGS AND TRY T [...]

    4. Dos tomos para acabar este manga y no quierooooooooooooo Que monosidad y que manera de enamorar al lector Imprescindible en mi mangateka.

    5. OK, I m done I ve been giving this series four stars on the strength of the minor characters, despite the fact that the main ones have been driving me crazy I love Ando Don t get me wrong, I still love Ando He s the most complex and most developed of every character here.I m really getting sick of Ren and his wishy washy attitude And I m really getting sick of Ninako The only decisive person in the book is Ando Were my teenage years really this bad, or is this series just that overloaded with an [...]

    6. So Ren is FINALLY becoming a human lol, because he used to be so emotionless And now, I can see why Ninako adores this guy Ugh, I want my own Ren

    7. 4.5 5 Read at my blog, Geeky Reading This is a fantastic series, really I m pretty sure it s one of my favorites at this point, and one that I could re read really easily and have, for some scenes, already I m going to try to keep my fangirling to a smaller amount than previously, though To read fangirling, check out my previous reviews.There a lot of decisions made in this volume, for a few characters Ninako decides to do something, then is influenced not to Ren decides to go for it Ninako ta [...]

    8. The path is clear and Ninako and Ren can finally acknowledge their mutual feelings for each other and walk off hand in hand into the sunset, right No This is shoujo after all, so of course there are obstacles standing in their way This time, it s Ando s ex girlfriend, Mao, stirring up trouble I m not exactly sure what to make of her Part of me thinks like Ando does, that she s still after Ren and will do just about anything to try to get him Part of me thinks that she s really after Ando himsel [...]

    9. Series rating 4.0 stars It was a really fun read I did this especially when it came to the end I was annoyed in the first parts because the Ren kun already had a girlfriend but yeah, can t argue if that s the plot In the first parts, I also did think that Daiki will become one of the hurdles of Ren and Ninako s blooming romance eheh but uh, he ended up with Sayuri I must say, he moved on pretty fast huh Though, I did like it how persevering Andou kun was in trying to win Ninako s affections I wa [...]

    10. Io Sakisaka s shojo series Strobe Edge is rocketing towards its conclusion, as characters realize their true feelings and new characters pop up to put a halt to all of that In true romance manga fashion, Ando s ex girlfriend Mao Sugimoto arrives and she still has feelings for Ren, putting further strain not only on Ando and Ren s relationship but also Ninako s feelings for Ren It s starting to look like outside forces will be keeping Ren and Ninako from confessing their true feelings for each ot [...]

    11. Ugh Ando s ex annoys me to no end Just when Ninako chan decided to be Ren s girlfriend Now, she s holding back again because of that girl You cant lie to yourself about your feelings towards someone It would just keep growing I know she thinks that not admitting her feelings towards Ren kun would cause Andou and Ren to drift apart even but i dont really think it will.Hahaha That part when Ren said he was impure and Yuu kun thought he was thinking something ecchi So funny XD also that part when [...]

    12. Das Sportfest steht vor der T r und nat rlich kochen dabei so manche Gef hle ber Ren ist endlich bereit zu seinen Gef hlen zu stehen, aber kommt er m glicherweise schon zu sp t Andos Exfreundin taucht auf der Bildfl che auf und ist anscheinend hinter Ren her, oder mag sie doch jemand anderes Und wie sieht es mit Ninako aus, haben sich ihre Gef hle wirklich ver ndert Endlich wird es wieder spannender und endlich hat Ren den Mut seine Gef hle auszusprechen Andos Exfreundin passt perfekt zu ihm, be [...]

    13. When it comes to manga who s focus is on a pair of people slowly moving through life until they get with the person they like In this case, Ninako loves Ren Ren is finally coming around to Ninako and he s finally getting bold He s standing up for Ninako and slowly making it clear how much he actually cares for her The problem is Ninako has finally learned about Ren and Andou s past Despite liking Ren, she s unable to get between their friendship and is willing to let her love fall to the wayside [...]

    14. A great installment to the series it s just moving too slowly and throwing in needless obstacles to prolong the courtship At this point both Ninako and Ren are in love with each other, but of course they are unable to actually have an honest conversation about their feelings because they re in highschool and this is Shojo manga Obviously we need to throw in a manipulative rival for Ren s affections and a new potential love interest for Ninako so that Ren has competition besides Ando, because a [...]

    15. E qui casca il palco, per me Ninako che si tira indietro, nonostante abbia ormai raggiunto il suo traguardo Dopotutto, Ren ha finalmente view spoiler confessato ad Ando di essere innamorato proprio di Ninako hide spoiler Certo, sono rimasta un po sorpresa perch si trattato di Ren e Ando ma i due hanno un rapporto veramente stretto.Quella che mi piace sempre meno l ex ragazza di Ando, che arrivata a rompere le uova nel paniere E ad allungare la serie di una altro paio di numeri OK, sto diventando [...]

    16. Je la voit tellement venir l ex petite amie Andou est un peu na f de pas comprendre ce qui se trame Ca me saoule un peu de la voir par contre, je ne trouve pas a original du tout comme situation Et la r action de Ninako m a un peu nerv e en plus d tre tout fait pr visible J ai par contre bien aim l pisode avec le chef de groupe le cheerleading c tait marrant et a changeait un peu.

    17. Two newer characters step onto the stage now Ando s ex girlfriend Mao and upperclassman Toda It will be interesting to see what kind of wrenches they throw into the works in the last two volumes which are currently checked out from my library so I have to wait to see how the whole thing ends I am getting to the point where everyone restraining their feelings is getting to be a bit much something s gotta give, but I m assuming that s what s going to happen as things wrap up.

    18. The competition has not ended among our 2 main bishies, and one can only hope the right one gets the girl On the other hand, it s still very obvious that Ninako s heart belongs to Ren But, when will he finally speak up to tell her that he feels the same This volume was provided to me as an eManga by VIZ Media, via Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed here are my own.

    19. Thanks to for recommending this series to me I never would have found it otherwise While I m super sick of the whole love triangle trope I think this series does it well I m also pleased with how well all the side characters are developed, even getting their own stories now and again I d definitely check out something else by this author in the future.

    20. Contains Chapters 27 30 This volume was a lot of fun and introduces a fun new character, Toda it looks like he is going to shake things up a bit I am looking forward to seeing what happens between all the characters in the next volume and how Ren Ando are going to respond to Toda his possible friendship with Ninako.

    21. As much as I like this series, I am now very impatiently waiting for Ren to admit his feelings to Ninako Everyone now pretty much knows your feelings for her, apart from her, so please hurry up about it I ll be starting volume 9 later when I get in from work.

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