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Strobe Edge, Vol. 5 By Io Sakisaka Strobe Edge Vol Andou Who knows of Ninako s feeling for Ren continues to try to sway Ninako while doing the preparations for their Christmas party they suddenly encounter Andou s ex girlfriend and Ninako learns of
  • Title: Strobe Edge, Vol. 5
  • Author: Io Sakisaka
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 419
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  • Strobe Edge, Vol. 5 By Io Sakisaka Andou, Who knows of Ninako s feeling for Ren, continues to try to sway Ninako while doing the preparations for their Christmas party they suddenly encounter Andou s ex girlfriend and Ninako learns of Andou s painRen has noticed his feelings towards Ninako However, he decides to erase those feelings in order to support his girlfriend Mayuka when she is shaken up by herAndou, Who knows of Ninako s feeling for Ren, continues to try to sway Ninako while doing the preparations for their Christmas party they suddenly encounter Andou s ex girlfriend and Ninako learns of Andou s painRen has noticed his feelings towards Ninako However, he decides to erase those feelings in order to support his girlfriend Mayuka when she is shaken up by her father remarrying ninako s winter vacation, the time when she cannot she Ren begin
    Strobe Edge, Vol. 5 By Io Sakisaka
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      Io Sakisaka is a Japanese manga artist She also designed the characters for the anime movie HAL Her works are Call My Name 2001 Watashi no Koibito 2002 Bye Bye, Little 2002 Blue 2006 Mascara Blues 2007 Strobe Edge 2007 Ao Haru Ride 2011 Sono Omokage o Shitteru 2013

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    1. Jeez This one.This one just might be the best book of the series so farNAKO I m still in love with Ren Right now this wind blowing through our hair it s the same breeze It s a small thing but it s precious to me Even if Ren has Mayuka even if I m not supposed to try even if I love him and , and suffer too my love won t disappear It won t disappear That s not true It s not that it WON T disappear I don t WANT it to disappear.You know one of my friends that I said I didn t love in that [...]

    2. First off, I want to say that I love the cover here Mayuka s a beautiful character, and I think she deserved the cover But, she has to be beautiful, after all, since she s a model Winter Break is here, and all that Ninako is worried about is how much less she ll get to see of Ren But, when she sees him the only thought in her mind is about how much he loves Mayuka If she keeps thinking that way, she will never stand a chance with him So, she starts have thoughts of Ando But, she quickly squashes [...]

    3. I liked this series, right from the start, for having characters the negotiate a love parallelogram and, later, pentagram with a surprising and unusual amount of maturity The bittersweet and actually believable end to this volume continues that trend beautifully I can see that there are still a few volumes before the story concludes, so I m sure there will be some twists and turns in this love story But the writing has earned my trust that it ll play out in a way that keeps all of the characte [...]

    4. OK so here we have Ninako who is still madly in love with Ren a boy who is completely out of bounds because he s dating someone else In the meantime we have Ando in love with Ninako Sheesh, this all gets complex The problem is, Ninako is absolutely refusing to even consider anyone else I m getting kind of fed up with her And I m really liking Ando the I get to know him Why do people get so stuck on what they don t have Arghis series is absolutely maddening sometimes.

    5. Al principio solo continua, Ninako sigue enamorada de Ren, Ando intenta convencerla de que salga con el, pero no.Luego viene un gran cambio para la historia view spoiler Mayuka rompe con Ren hide spoiler que deja el volumen interesante.La historia extra es algo aburrida.

    6. Finalmente Foi preciso a decis o partir da pessoa menos improv vel poss vel Mas na mesma ainda acho o Andou um querido

    7. I like the little flashbacks on each character, especially Andou s background story made it clear on why he behaves the way he does.

    8. Well, things are really starting to heat up and I don t mean in a romantic way Ren realizes he has some feelings for Ninako, but with Mayuka s parents getting divorced, she is falling apart Ren decides that he will stay by Mayuka s side because she needs him So, in order to be there for Mayuka, to support her, he quits the caf and starts working closer to home He also starts distancing himself from Ninako, going so far as to avoid her if at all possible Meanwhile, Ando has confessed his feelings [...]

    9. 4 5 Read at my blog, Geeky Reading Contains spoilers, with warning This series, for some reason, I m not very excited for any I m still sticking with it, and enjoying it, but I m not fangirling so much.Well, maybe that s not true I love Ando I love him a lot That hasn t changed.I don t want to go into too much detail, but a good lot happened this volume.Ando was adorable with Ninako He s just adorable, all the time, but still He confessed to her, and is really trying to get him to like her, but [...]

    10. Sakisaka, Io Strobe Edge VIZ Media, 2013.Ninako is in love with Ren, but he s already dating someone And another boy likes Ninako, but she s only interested in Ren and continually turns down Boy 2 This is the entire plot for at least the first six of these books Ninako is obsessed with Ren, who thinks she s nice and all but is already dating and isn t looking for someone new This book irritated the fire out of me The first volume was bad enough with this, I love Ren He s so cute I want to date h [...]

    11. The complications continue in Vol 5 Ren continues to distance himself from Ninako so that he can be closer to Mayuka Ando is aggressive about pursuing Ninako Ninako remains pure of heart, unwilling to lead Ando on because of her feelings for Ren, even though it breaks her heart to see him There isn t as much interaction between Ren and Ninako in this offering, but we realize that Ren and Mayuka s relationship is in real trouble, and not all because of his feelings for Ninako Mayuka puts her mod [...]

    12. Who was actually the one with wings Love or your career Your relationship or a possible new one Real love, or clinging to the past This hefty volume deals with a lot of issues that I haven t seen most shoujo tackle And I ll admit I teared up It was hard to see Mayuka and Ren finally shift away, but Mayuka finally realized what she wanted and Ren realized the lie he d been keeping inside as well as did Mayuka She knew all along, and opened Ren to the truth.Despite how I really like Ando, I do adm [...]

    13. Ren quits his job at the caf so that he can be closer to Mayuka While he says he s doing this to be closer to her, I believe he also quits his job at the caf because his feelings for Ninako are growing and he doesn t want to act on them, especially now that Mayuka needs him than ever.While Ninako and Ando are shopping for the Christmas party, they run into Ando s ex girlfriend Ando is shaken up by seeing her and Ninako sees a vulnerable side to Ando.Mayuka is finished with exams and getting e [...]

    14. At this point in the series, I am not sure who I m hope will get together If you like shoujo manga, totally got to read this series.

    15. Band 5 der Reihe dreht sich viel um die Beziehungen der einzelnen Hauptfiguren, Ninako und Ando und Ren und Mayuka Jeder versucht seine eigenen Gef hle unter Kontrolle zu bringen und der ein oder andere scheitert daran Die Handlung bietet alles an Gef hlen was man aufbringen kann Aber dieses ganze hin und her kann einen schon auf den Keks gehen.Ando mag ich einfach nicht und Mayuka verabscheue ich Sie bekommt alleine nichts auf die Reihe und klammert sich regelrecht an Ren Das ist keine Liebe f [...]

    16. Daripada berusaha melupakannya, lebih baik aku berusaha pura pura nggak menyukainya.Akhirnya Strobe Edge 05 terbit Chapter kali ini benar benar gloomy, bikin galau Ninako yang masih tetap menyukai Ren merasa sedang dijauhi olehnya, tapi tidak tau pasti Ia pikir tidak mungkin Ren berbuat seperti itu Suatu hari Ninako diajak oleh Gacchan Manabu teman Ren untuk mengikuti perayaan Natal di cafe sepupunya Sayang, Gacchan yang mengajak justru tidak bisa ikut sehingga Andou dan Ninako saja yang ikut Se [...]

    17. Strobe Edge is my favorite kind of shoujo drama It doesn t rely on cliches so much as it does emotional interactions, which I just eat up.In this volume, we learn a little about Ando And, I think there most definitely is a misunderstanding between Ando and his first love Since I can see the writing on the wall with the romantic pairings in this series and sadly, they are not the ones I want to see , I really hope that Ando finds some resolution with his past and maturity in his present.And Ren [...]

    18. Series rating 4.0 stars It was a really fun read I did this especially when it came to the end I was annoyed in the first parts because the Ren kun already had a girlfriend but yeah, can t argue if that s the plot In the first parts, I also did think that Daiki will become one of the hurdles of Ren and Ninako s blooming romance eheh but uh, he ended up with Sayuri I must say, he moved on pretty fast huh Though, I did like it how persevering Andou kun was in trying to win Ninako s affections I wa [...]

    19. And the story continuesNina still likes Ren but at this point, Ren is doing everything he can to separate himself from her Ando is still chasing Nina and surprisingly, she is still turning him down She does not understand how Ando could want her to date him if she is still in love with someone else And then, at the end, Mayuka breaks up with Ren She has moved on and she knows that he is only staying with her because he promised The book ends with a bonus chapter about how Ando Ren became friends [...]

    20. It s Christmas and the cafe crew have decided to have a party since, except for Ren, they are all single for the holiday While shopping, Ando and Ninako run into Mao, Ando s ex from middle school who dated Ando just to get close to a friend of his, and Ninako sees Ando vulnerable for the first time Ando continues to try to convince Ninako to try dating him and see if that makes her forget Ren, but Ninako refuses to use him that way Ren and Mayuka come to a big decision about their relationship W [...]

    21. Hello Obsession Yes, I ve come to accept the fact that Strobe Edge has sucked me in and made me fiend for I can t get enough of it If Vol 4 gave me the feels, volume 5 sent me into a tizzy My emotions were all twisted up Andou s insistent, but respectful, pursuit of Ninako is endearing It makes me feel like Ren isn t worthy of Ninako He is so cold and random as he keeps his feelings in yet struggles with them This volume pushed the characters to new limits, and also freed them As always I reall [...]

    22. So many feelings that are troubled Ninako chan is still in love with Ren Ren is slowly becoming conscious of his feelings towards Ninako but still, he stays with Mayuka saying he will always be there for her Mayuka loves Ren but her job is important to her than Ren She s usually the one who cancels their plans and Ren kun has to adjust his schedule every damn time Poor guy Mayuka is the one creating the rift between them Even Daiki kun thinks so Ugh I wonder if that Mao girl really kissed Ren I [...]

    23. This was a tough volume for me to read Ninako comes to terms with her need to be closer to Ren, and Mayuka realizes that she and Ren have both changed Ninako s friendship with Ando deepens We get to meet Ando s ex And the ending of this volume is both expected and unexpected And real That s what I love about this series But it got to me so much, I can t write about it Sorry.At the end of the volume is a short story about Ren and Ando when they were in middle school It explains a lot of Ando s mi [...]

    24. After reading Vol 4, I felt the story line was dragging between the main characters I don t like to leave a manga series unfinished So taking a chance I picked up Vol 5 The characters become open in this volume Finally, the maturing growth of the character were noticeable The bonus chapter is my favorite part Including a few background stories in a manga series adds depth to past character moments I also loved how Io Sakisaka added the playful moments into the story line.

    25. I finally got around to finishing this, and if I m honest I can t decide if I m happy about the end bit of this volume I may have wanted it to happen but I don t feel happy about it now that it has I feel sorry for Ren kun And as for Andou and his confession, I m kinda torn about that too.Oh, I need to read to find out what happens next with this group.

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