The Art Of Critical Decision Making (Great Courses, #5932) #2020

The Art Of Critical Decision Making (Great Courses, #5932) By Michael A. Roberto The Art Of Critical Decision Making Great Courses hrs and minsLearn to approach the critical decisions in your life with a seasoned educated eye with this fascinating lecture series that explores how individuals groups and organizations m
  • Title: The Art Of Critical Decision Making (Great Courses, #5932)
  • Author: Michael A. Roberto
  • ISBN: 9781598035384
  • Page: 382
  • Format: None
  • The Art Of Critical Decision Making (Great Courses, #5932) By Michael A. Roberto 12 hrs and 21 minsLearn to approach the critical decisions in your life with a seasoned, educated eye with this fascinating 24 lecture series that explores how individuals, groups, and organizations make effective decisions The heart of this accessible series is a thorough examination of decision making at three key levels First, you ll look at decisions made at the12 hrs and 21 minsLearn to approach the critical decisions in your life with a seasoned, educated eye with this fascinating 24 lecture series that explores how individuals, groups, and organizations make effective decisions The heart of this accessible series is a thorough examination of decision making at three key levels First, you ll look at decisions made at the individual level, where, among the many things you ll learn is that intuition is than just a gut instinct and, in fact, represents a powerful pattern recognition capability Then, you ll explore decisions made at the group level, where you ll try to answer the question of whether groups are smarter and capable of making critical decisions than individuals And finally, you ll pull back to analyze organizational decision making, in which Professor Roberto demonstrates how some organizations have encouraged and reliably performed vigilant decision making in the face of risky scenarios Whether you re the head of a Fortune 500 company, a government agency, or an everyday household, you constantly make decisions important to you and those immediately around you These lectures offer you a toolbox of practical knowledge and skills that you can apply to various decisions whether large or small in your everyday life and work Professor Roberto s lively lectures are packed with useful anecdotes, tools, and advice designed to improve your own ability to make informed decisions As you explore the intriguing process of making a good decision, you ll strengthen your grip on individual theories of decision making and the situations that illustrate them Disclaimer Please note that this recording may include references to supplemental texts or print references that are not essential to the program and not supplied with your purchase 2009 The Teaching Company, LLC P 2009 The Great Courses
    The Art Of Critical Decision Making (Great Courses, #5932) By Michael A. Roberto
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      Michael A. Roberto Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Art Of Critical Decision Making (Great Courses, #5932) book, this is one of the most wanted Michael A. Roberto author readers around the world.

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    1. I started this audio book when taking a long journey with a friend I was amazed at the insights which Michael Roberto was able to bring using case studies I had always been dubious of case studies because they always seemed like they were shaped to create a certain outcome As a result, I didn t feel like they had enough variables to be interesting as lab experiments or test questions I really appreciated the fact that Roberto includes a quotation from former Secretary of Defense and President of [...]

    2. Awesome, I learned and digested tons of information regarding effective decision making Professor Roberto conducts an exhaustive research on different levels of decision making, being personal, group and organizational level and elaborates on each part, scrutinizing what the potential flaws are, along with corresponding rich case studies and the practical ways of dealing with them through this marvelous 13 hours Lecture series I literally learned a lot and set aside those avid and constant learn [...]

    3. between 3 and 4 not bad, but not very practical i would expect it to be filled with strategies and tactics, but it s about philosophy, organizational structure and psychology which is not bad as a review, but feels a bit shallow at the end

    4. This isn t aimed at individuals but at organizations and why they make bad decisions and what they can do to avoid them I found it fascinating myself It isn t because people are stupid, but because some management styles discourage out of the box thinking.

    5. The delivery of the professor was excellent The case study method I found very impactful Concepts covered were broken down into ways that brought the subject matter into elaborate details to whereas I felt I was there seeing the decision making processes take place As I continue to advance in my knowledge I will continue to revisit it to get different perspectives from the vantage point of advanced leadership positions that I plan to attain in the future.

    6. Actually a 2 disk 12 hours audio disk with a pdf manual on the lectures containing book resources, references, questions and case analysis What I find fascinating about this course is that it opened my eyes to my own biases about my decision making Professior Robredo made a very deep analysis on the decision making process not only as an intellectual excercise but a highly complex, emotional as well as political process The author didn t just rely on his own reseach but also by other noted scien [...]

    7. Nice overview of how individuals and groups perform acts of decision making in various high pressure scenarios Case studies involving Chernobyl, the NASA Challenger explosion, and climbing Mount Everest are listed among the ones that are analyzed in detail The lecturer also has quite a bit of experience in being a part of these case studies, and shares many useful anecdotes that would have most likely not been present otherwise The focus of the entire series of lectures is certainly from the per [...]

    8. Absolutely outstanding review of decision making in organizations Thoroughly researched and comprehensive look at the biases, processes, cultural settings, and organizational factors that lead to good and bad decision making Fascinating reframes of real world examples that most readers will have encountered previously such as the Cuban missile crisis, the Columbia and Challenger shuttle disasters, and investigative decisions at the FBI and CIA prior to 9 11 Well worth the time for anyone interes [...]

    9. Great course, though the last few lectures felt like a filler fluff just in Professor Michael Roberto s effort to reach 24 lectures as designated by the Teaching Company I feel that the toolkits or strategies offered were a bit too many, making it difficult to know which one to use in which situation I still feel not very confident about decision making, but rather I have a greater feeling that decision making is such a difficult thing, like how it seems that the I learn about decision making, [...]

    10. This is one of the best audiobooks in The Great Courses series that I ve heard Professor Roberto is really good and thorough in his analysis so you always feel like he s covering all the angles of a situation and not cherry picking to prove his viewpoint correct The case method he uses for teaching leads to amazing and practical lessons you can apply in your daily life and actions The section on The Bay of Pigs vs The Cuban Missile Crisis is alone worth the price of admission I ll be listening t [...]

    11. This book is one of the few ones that I can truly say I enjoyed every single words of the book It is well written with a nice flow, and full of critical information that ANY one needs for leading a team And importantly, it is written with no conflict of interest in any of the mentioned studies I think any business can succeed if follows the rules of this book Thanks Micheal Roberto Shilan

    12. Great course Important structural examination of decision making process with case study attention paid to specific failures like the Challenger explosion and the Bay of Pigs invasion This is the first course that I m taking notes on I ve read the accompanying booklet with most of them, but this has useful taxonomies of biases and other analytical frameworks that I want to be able to reference again.

    13. Keeps up the quality standard of most TTC offerings of being both a fascinating course, well taught and well executed Delves deep into personal, team and organisational decision making and the various pitfalls both will face Much of the information on personal decisions looks to the research into cognitive biases which was better covered in books like Predictably Irrational or Thinking Fast and Slow The team and organisational sections however were well handless.

    14. I am torn by this series since I find Roberto s cadence and speech mannerisms very distracting and I found in some places that he would list conclusions about his case studies that were not properly supported with specific evidence That said, if I were leading a management team, I think I would make going through this series a mandatory or at least strongly encouraged activity for that team There are good points in here for any leader.

    15. One of the best non fiction reads of my life I listened to this lecture series on audiobook, but am tempted to buy the print version, because I want to highlight it, take notes, and re read it I had to keep stopping my car to take notes and jot down quotes In his analysis of how decisions are made, the lecturer uses real world examples ripped from headline news to illustrate his points Wow You will recognize his examples and be able to apply the principles to your own experiences.

    16. This is a Teaching Company lecture series with manual, the manual containing the core of the lecture material The instructor embraces a number of basic principles of behavioral economics to identify decision making behaviors and traps at the individual level, and then goes on to identify behavior patterns at the group and organizational level Good quality information here, but some of his case studies are dated, 50 year old antidotes.

    17. My reasons for liking this book is that he uses evidence to back up what he is saying, he sounds cute over audio and lastly because the information was useful for my everyday living Has anyone else noticed that he has a quirky mannerism of saying SO really loudly every so often it happened and made me both giggle and annoyed good times living.

    18. Captivating, entertaining, thorough, and highly recommended for any manager The guidebook that comes with the course will serve as a handy reference for the rest of your career, and for that matter for the rest of your life.

    19. A very well done review of the range of current theories about decision making, taught as a series of case studies So useful I have stolen part of the content for presentation at work Holds up well.

    20. From reactive to proactive decision taking No blaming, and firefighting this book switches our perspective to conscious observation, analysis and precise actions.Too hard to fit the effect in comments Must read.

    21. With a business orientation, this series of lectures from The Great Courses had some great chunks of useful information cognitive biases involved in individual decision making challenges to group decision making and the role of leadership in decision making for organizations.

    22. One of the best analyses of Intuition Great example of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in terms of Groupthink Calculating Risk chapter good Uses Gladwell s Fireman parable to explain Intuition

    23. Nothing new, but a good reminder of the pitfalls in a decision making process Could ve been half the length and packed the same punch though.

    24. This is a DVD course by The Teaching Company teach12 Very good course, with strong set of real life examples I will certainly be following up with some of the recommended readings.

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