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The Kindness of Strangers By Katrina Kittle The Kindness of Strangers On a quiet street in the suburban Midwest a popular seemingly stable family keeps a terrible dark secret behind closed doors a secret that will have life changing consequences for all who know them
  • Title: The Kindness of Strangers
  • Author: Katrina Kittle
  • ISBN: 9780060564742
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Kindness of Strangers By Katrina Kittle On a quiet street in the suburban Midwest, a popular, seemingly stable family keeps a terrible, dark secret behind closed doors a secret that will have life changing consequences for all who know themSarah Laden, a young widow and mother of two, struggles to keep her family together Since the death of her husband, her high school age son, Nate, has developed a rebellioOn a quiet street in the suburban Midwest, a popular, seemingly stable family keeps a terrible, dark secret behind closed doors a secret that will have life changing consequences for all who know themSarah Laden, a young widow and mother of two, struggles to keep her family together Since the death of her husband, her high school age son, Nate, has developed a rebellious streak, constantly falling in and out of trouble Her kindhearted younger son, Danny, though well behaved, struggles to pass his remedial classes All the while, Sarah must make ends meet by running a catering business out of her home But when a shocking and unbelievable revelation rips apart the family of her closest friend, Sarah finds herself welcoming yet another young boy into her already tumultuous life.Jordan, a quiet and reclusive elementary school boy and classmate of Danny s, has survived a terrible tragedy, leaving him without a family When Sarah becomes Jordan s foster mother, a relationship develops that will force her to question the things of which she thought she was so sure Yet Sarah is not the only one changed by this young boy, and as the delicate balance that holds her family together begins to falter, the Ladens will all face truths about themselves and one another and discover the power of love to forgive and to heal.Powerful and poignant, The Kindness of Strangers is a shocking look at how the tragedy of a single family in a small suburban town can affect so many Katrina Kittle has created a haunting vision of the secret lives of the people we think we know best Through gripping and heartrending storytelling, The Kindness of Strangers shows that even after the most grave injuries, redemption is always possible.
    The Kindness of Strangers By Katrina Kittle
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    1. I read this book about 8 years ago and it s one of those books that has stayed with me ever since It will probably always be one of my favorite books Even though it is also one of the most difficult books I have ever read It s the book that comes to mind whenever someone asks for a recommendation I had originally meant to write a review but somehow it slipped my mind The novel was on my mind again as I just recently recommended it to someone This book introduced me to author Katrina Kittle and I [...]

    2. You know you re reading a great book when you start thinking about its characters and their story in your free time This book completely consumed my thoughts Although the subject matter may turn some readers off the story deals with incest and child pornography the author handles it with an immense amount of compassion and poise I felt so attached to the characters in this novel, and Kittle a middle school English teacher didn t hold back there were constant shocks and twists in the plot Overall [...]

    3. It s hard to review a book highly which depicts such horrific subject matter That being said, this book will be one that will remain with me Child abuse to the deepest degree A difficult subject but yes I am glad I read it Very well written.

    4. 5 stars Wow this was an intense, highly emotional and uncomfortable book I don t think it s possible for me to give this book the review it deserves I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked it up Kudos to the author, Katrina Kittle, for writing an extremely powerful book about such a devastating and disturbing topic child sexual abuse Pedophiles are expert manipulators who thrive on finding vulnerable children and they often lead completely normal lives What an eye opener I am forever [...]

    5. I m still feeling conflicted over this book it was a really hard subject matter pedophiles, child sex abuse and was full of terrible language in large quantities, but it was such an interesting look at a struggling family who worked through some really tough challenges and was even able to embrace another child to help him work through his trials I loved the way the author captured the emotions of the characters the story was told through three rotating points of view and I was so intrigued that [...]

    6. This book is a perfect example of why I love my GR buddies without them I never would have had this on my radar I never would have known this existed, because let s be honest that cover is easy to overlook Don t let the cute cover fool you this is emotionally draining But it s worth it Before I go any further, just know that you NEED to read this It is heartbreaking It is raw It is real, with no pieces of truth extracted Even if you only read to escape life s woes, please consider giving this a [...]

    7. Although the back of the book attempts to summarize without hinting at content, my friend Cecily actually recommended this to me specifically because it was about childhood sexual abuse If that is something you prefer not to spend free time thinking about, then don t read this After working at a sexual assault crisis hotline for 3 years, however, I m sort of inclined to think that because silence surrounding child victims is almost as significant a form of oppression as the abuse itself, that we [...]

    8. THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS by Katrina Kittle William Morrow Press 390pps 24.95When an elementary boy tries to kill himself, people look for reasons What they usually find is horrendous.Jordan is the quiet, skinny, pale boy who is best friends with the youngest of Sarah s two sons Sarah is recently widowed and runs a catering business out of her home She has catered parties for Jordan s parents on numerous occasions She is close friends with Jordan s mother When police investigate Jordan s reason [...]

    9. When you hear about parental child abuse in the newspaper or on the tv it s normally about the court proceedings or the accused and very rarely any information about what happens to the abused child.This heartbreaking novel takes us on the same journey as the child who finds when his parents are arrested he cannot look after himself so is hospitalised and under the care of psychologists and social workers He is alone,frightened and bleeding, All his friends and neighbors know what has happened t [...]

    10. This is not an easy book to review It s also a difficult book to read due to the subject matter Without giving away any spoilers the story revolves around incest, child abuse and paedophiles which was surprise to me as I started it on an aeroplane journey so couldn t read the blurb before hand It s painful and uncomfortable to read especially the 11 year old boy, Jordan, chapters However it is gripping and the author covers this horrific subject with sensitivity and compassion Told from several [...]

    11. A must read if you can deal with the subject matter An emotive,compelling tale of the horrors of abuse and how it affects not only the child but also the people it touches Despite the grim situation, it is incredibly well written with compassion yet without couching the horror in coy terms It is honest which is sometimes difficult to read, it can make your heart hurt This issue is so often exploited for shock value or tabloid fodder There is no sensationalism in this story but raw truth The char [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this book It is without a doubt one of the most heartbreaking books I ve ever read, but also the most heartwarming, in an alternating pattern that varies throughout the book Dealing with the aftermath of horrible child abuse in a way that is honest and real, there is no sugarcoating of facts to be found here Obviously, things aren t blatantly described, but the author has no problem discussing the issue But, at the same time, this is not a story about child abuse, but rather a [...]

    13. I honestly don t know how to rate this book because I loved it so much yet disturbed all at the same time I found myself not being able to put the book down but probably because I wanted to know what was going to happen to each of them Of course it broke my heart as we know this really does exist every day I think it was a GREAT approach for the author to show yes, good things can come out of horrible situations I guess we need Nate s in the world to convince us we have enough to give, Danny s [...]

    14. Not bad, not badbut not good, either One does have to admire the author s guts in tackling such a touchy subject incest child pornography Avoiding graphic details and gratuitous description, the author still manages to tell her story without it feeling like a cop out Unfortunately, not being a cop out does not equal a great read.The best way I can describe the writing is immature Kittle has a ways to go before she s ripe The characters are cookie cutter and predictable, the dialogue s unnatural [...]

    15. This is an amazing book I was totally enthralled the entire time The characters every single one are so drawn out that you actually feel part of the story that you know them She deals with a very tough subject child sexual abuse but she touches every situation with great care The way she has Danny, Nate, their mother, and Jordan going you d swear she actually wrote down every little nuance from her own childhood and teenage years she just does everything so well totally believeable I recommend t [...]

    16. 4.5 stars Despite the excellent reviews, I was hesitant to read about the sexual abuse of a child I have to say, though, that the author handled this so well that it was hard for me to put this one down It really dealt with the aftermath of the abuse and the emotions it elicits from not only the victim of the abuse, but of those in the community, especially the close friends of the child and his abusers I highly recommend this one.

    17. I really did not like this book, which I read for my Book Club about a year or so ago The subject of the novel is the sexual abuse of a child which, by the way, is not even hinted at on the book jacket you only know that there is some vague family problem The descriptions of this abuse were, I thought, overly detailed almost lurid I had the sense that the author wanted to write a story about a family with a real juicy skeleton in the closet, so she wracked her brain to find the most disturbing p [...]

    18. I read this book in two days While I will not write any spoilers, I will say that I got very caught up in the story of a difficult situation that has a child enter foster care and the impact of the child and situation on the family dynamic of the foster family Katrina Kittle creates wonderful, fleshed out characters that could be your neighbors Each chapter is told through the eyes of one of the main characters This style works very here to progress the story and to explore the emotions, thought [...]

    19. Beautifully written, thought provoking just all around great The author tackles a horrifying subject without making the reader feel prurient or voyeuristic, which I think is a major accomplishment.

    20. This is a tough book to review As purely a novel, I would give it 3.5 stars The writing is fairly simple moments of raw emotion few, but powerful The Laden family, Jordan, and the various professionals are all likeable enough as characters, and I think the author did a decent job illuminating a really difficult subject within the context of a family saga I found Jordan s mom, Courtney Kendrick, to be a bit strained as a psychological profile of a child molester, but then, I am no expert Jordan s [...]

    21. You know that feeling, when something really sad happens, when you can t seem to take a full breath, and your chest hurts All through this book I fought to breathe Poor Jordan HAS to rely on the kindness of strangers, because both parents are monsters Sarah and her boys, Nate and Danny, are dealing with the death of their husband and father, supported by the neighbors, Courtney and Mark But the neighbors secrets blow the town, and Sarah s family sky high Sexual depravity and molestation, with th [...]

    22. This book was really difficult for me to read Being abused as a child and dealing with the questions of why didn t you tell have been subjects that I have had to deal with my whole life I am still and will always be dealing The love for a parent and the protection of family are the strongest bonds a child can have as well as the most desired bonds a person can long for.I don t know if any of Katrina Kittle s story is true or if it is derived from a true story but it takes some serious courage to [...]

    23. Sometimes I find it hard to rate a book that deals with hard subject matter What is most terrible is the fact that such topics are a part of real life pedophiles, child sex abuse are what some families deal with each and every day and often these crude acts go on for years You never know what goes on behind the closed door of your friends and neighbours I ve never been one to shy away from books that deal with such topics It s not that I enjoy reading about such things It s a book, a piece of fi [...]

    24. I read this book because Katrina moderated a recent author discussion It was amazing About a hard subjectd yet so thoughtfully presented through the eyes of four of the characters I think if I had known that the subject was pedophila and child abuse, I might not have read it, but I m so glad I did I was pulled in from the first chapter, and couldn t stop reading I had lots to do, and read it in three daysomising myself, Just finish this job and you can read another chapter What was most striking [...]

    25. I did not like this book, not because of the subject matter but because of the way it was written To me, the whole books did not seem to flow well and, again IMO, the author had bits and pieces that were not relevant to the characters or the story line.

    26. My girlfriend Terry gave me this book, and I happily accepted it we have very similar taste in books I dove in, and instantly fell in love with the author and the mother in the story, who is the most realistic, most like me mother I d ever spent time with Then h t got real And I hated Terry, and I could only read a few pages before shutting the book and tucking it out of sight It s too much, I said to Terry, and she was shocked We d endured and praised A Little Life, after all.But it s the mom i [...]

    27. This was one of those books from which you have to recover for a few days before moving on to another Despite the horribly disturbing and distressing topic sexual abuse of children, child pornography this story was told so powerfully, so poignantly that I had a really hard time putting it down and stayed up until 2 30 this morning to finish it yawn Kittle managed to carefully tiptoe the line between describing just enough and describing too much It was enough to make me squirm uncomfortably and [...]

    28. This book was a loner from Jen and I had no idea what it was about when I started to read it I hadn t even read the jacket So starts out with story of a struggling family, Sarah and her 2 boys Danny Nate who are dealing with the untimely death of their husband father from cancer Imagine my surprise when the real drama of the story begins to unfold as we learn about Jordan, the 10 year old son of Sarah s closest friend the one who literally picked her up out of bed on a regular basis during the e [...]

    29. This is the story of an 11 year old boy who was sexually abused by his parents for 4 years It was disturbing to read at times but I know things worse than this really do happen I gave it three stars because I didn t love her style of writing.There was one part of the book I thought described it perfectly The detective says I know, nobody, likes to think that sexual abuse of children happens in a nice neighborhood no one like to think about child sexual abuse at all It s frightening It s disgust [...]

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