Tales of Soldiers and Civilians #2020

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians By Ambrose Bierce Tom Quirk Tales of Soldiers and Civilians Witty irreverent tales of war and the supernatural from the maverick misanthrope of American literature Questing after Pancho Villa s revolutionary forces Ambose Bierce rode into Mexico in vani
  • Title: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians
  • Author: Ambrose Bierce Tom Quirk
  • ISBN: 9780140437560
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tales of Soldiers and Civilians By Ambrose Bierce Tom Quirk Witty, irreverent tales of war and the supernatural from the maverick misanthrope of American literature Questing after Pancho Villa s revolutionary forces, Ambose Bierce rode into Mexico in 1913 vanished off the face of the earth Though his ultimate fate remains a mystery to this day, Bierce s contribution to American letters rests firmly on the basis of his incomWitty, irreverent tales of war and the supernatural from the maverick misanthrope of American literature Questing after Pancho Villa s revolutionary forces, Ambose Bierce rode into Mexico in 1913 vanished off the face of the earth Though his ultimate fate remains a mystery to this day, Bierce s contribution to American letters rests firmly on the basis of his incomparable Devil s Dictionary a remarkable body of short fiction This new collection gathers some three dozen of Bierce s finest stories, including the celebrated Civil War fictions An Occurrence at Owl Creek Chickamauga, his macabre masterpieces The Damned Thing Moxon s Master, his hilariously horrific Oil of Dog My Favorite Murder Tom Quirk, the volume s editor, provides a fascinating introductory essay, as well as indispensable explanatory notes, a glossary of military terms a catalog of Civil War battle sites leaders.
    Tales of Soldiers and Civilians By Ambrose Bierce Tom Quirk
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      342 Ambrose Bierce Tom Quirk
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    1. Ambrose Bierce Tom Quirk

      Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce 1842 1914 was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist and satirist Today, he is best known for his short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and his satirical lexicon, The Devil s Dictionary The sardonic view of human nature that informed his work along with his vehemence as a critic, with his motto nothing matters earned him the nickname Bitter Bierce Despite his reputation as a searing critic, however, Bierce was known to encourage younger writers, including poet George Sterling and fiction writer W C Morrow Bierce employed a distinctive style of writing, especially in his stories This style often embraces an abrupt beginning, dark imagery, vague references to time, limited descriptions, the theme of war, and impossible events.Bierce disappeared in December 1913 He is believed to have traveled to Mexico to gain a firsthand perspective on that country s ongoing revolution.

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    1. I m setting this audio book aside I still love the story Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge but the rest of them are not doing anything for me I understood when I checked it out that this was not a collection of horror stories, but I still thought I would find something of interest here Unfortunately, I did not.Set aside for now to possibly try again at a later time.

    2. Ambrose Bierce is a criminally underrated author His An Occurence at Owlcreek Bridge is one of the most famous short stories ever written, yet most of his other works seem to have been forgotten.This book was originally published in 1891 under the title Tales of Soldiers and Civilians Bierce himself fought for the Union Army at the Battle of Shiloh, and his stories clearly reflect the horrors he observed in the field From The Affair at Coulter s Notch The men they looked like demons of the pit A [...]

    3. This was a collection of short stories Now, I don t read a lot of these, because they always manage to disappoint me to some degreet long enough, not short enough, I want , and sometimes, they are so predictable But I liked these grim little tales Some of these will be with me for a long time I wish I had liked them all though.This was originally published in 1891, and this author did a great job I loved his wording I listened to the audio and loved all the contributing narrators They did a wond [...]

    4. There were some good stories in this collection and some stinkers Many of the stories will give you the chills and make you hair stand on end Bierce in a writer that is not to be missed.

    5. This book of short stories was interesting on a number of levels Bierces personal style is unique but at the same time you can t help but sense the attitude and values of the later 19th century The descriptions of war and human perversity were tame by todays standards but must have been quite unsettling at the time The first part of the book were stories of the civil war and I thought were better written than the civilian stories Perhaps because war easily lends itself to the macabre Bierce had [...]

    6. Bierce, Ambrose IN THE MIDST OF LIFE TALES OF SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS 1909 I first read this collection of the author s short stories about thirty years ago, and was amazed at how readable they were seventy years after their release in book form Most of the stories were originally published in newspapers and magazines of the time, and subsequently collected as part of Bierce s collected works as their first book edition They are uniformly good Two of them stand out head and shoulders above the r [...]

    7. Ambrose Bierce, I think, is an underrated American writer He has a little renown for his Devil s Dictionary, packed with of scathing definitions, such as Cynic n A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be Hence the custom among the Scythians of plucking out a cynic s eyes to improve his vision and Marriage n A household consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all, two Bierce was a newspaperman and notorious columnist in San Francisco f [...]

    8. Ambrose Bierce s Tales of Soldiers and Civilians, published in 1891, is a cycle of short stories set during the Civil War War tales cover the first half of the anthology Bierce served in combat and distinguished himself for his bravery although he did not personally advertise the fact , and the stories deal almost uniformly with violence of some kind, whether execution or the rigors of battle, often delivered in a dispassionate, ironic voice Bierce frequently relies on the device of a surprise o [...]

    9. Ambrose Bierce was born in Meigs County, Ohio Let that sink in for a moment One of the most redneck regions in Ohio produced one of the greatest American writers, and yet he seems to have passed into obscurity in Ohio s obsession with disappointing sports teams and OSU Why is that Could it be that the continually underperforming Browns give the average Joe hope then an Ambrose Bierce short story Mr Bierce understands that a good short story builds to an effect In Bierce s case, the idea is to o [...]

    10. A relatively interesting collection of short stories, I assume interesting to Americans than to anyone else Ambrose Bierce is famous for his wit and sarcasm, but here another side is shown about half of the book is stories of the Civil War, of which Bierce himself was a veteran These stories are not fun , they re sometimes heroic, but often about war s random chaos And could you not have known could you not see, sir, that you were attacking our own men The reply was astounding I knew that, gen [...]

    11. Ambrose Bierce is now a cult favorite, and has supposedly influenced horror writers from H.P Lovecraft to Stephen King I m sure that in the 1890s these stories were terrifying and original Now however they just seem dull and cliche The short stories I read the I realize it s not a form of writing I really enjoy, but these were definitely some of my least favorite, probably because they re just so outdated Each story tries to end with a twist, but because these twists have been repeated so much [...]

    12. En el ep logo se nos dice que el amigo Ambrose luch en la guerra civil norteamericana, y co o c mo se nota.El libro est dividido en dos partes La primera contiene los relatos relativos a la guerra, sta mitad del libro es una delicia, y la segunda relatos cortos sobre diferentes desavenencias ocurridas a personajes de la poca.Cuando digo que se nota que el autor fue combatiente lo digo por la cruda humanidad con la que trata la guerra Por ning n lado veremos patriotismo a bombo y platillo, gloria [...]

    13. First published as Tales of Soldiers and Civilians in 1891, In the Midst of Life brings together all 19 original stories plus some latter additions and then some from Bierce s 1893 Can Such Things Be It also contains Bierce s most famous story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge the greatest American short story ever written, according to Kurt Vonnegut He also thinks you re a twerp if you haven t read it.The stories skirt the line between the uncanny and the supernatural, pitting hapless characte [...]

    14. Peque a decepci n En estos cuentos no est el Ambrose Bierce que yo esperaba encontrar No es que los cuentos sean malos pero tampoco tienen mucha cosa que destacar Los cuentos de soldados est n todos ambientados en la guerra civil de Estados Unidos Son cuentos pesimistas que suelen acabar mal, bastante repetitivos en su desenlace Lo mas llamativo es como retrata el autor los actos valerosos en la guerra que siempre terminan con una muerte absurda e in til, o bien son suicidios encubiertos.Los cue [...]

    15. Aproximadamente la mitad de los relatos del libro est n ambientados en la Guerra Civil Norteamericana, guerra en la que el autor lucho Con su gran sentido de la iron a, Bierce logra hacerle sentir al lector el horror y sinsentido de la guerra El resto de cuentos que forman parte de esta recopilacion son, en su mayoria, cuentos de terror Varios de los cuentos de terror son realmente buenos, pero me parecieron un poco mas irregulares que los ambientados en la guerra.

    16. Bierce is one of the most brilliant of American short story writers Witty, satirical, humorous, serious, sardonic, highly descriptive, and chilling are some of the words that describe many of the short stories contained in this collection of short stories authored by Bierce.My interest in Bierce has grown over the years Bierce served in the same regiment as my great great great grandfather, Abner Sanders, that being the Ninth Regiment of the Indiana Infantry, commonly referred to as the Bloody N [...]

    17. This is a selection of Ambrose Bierce s short stories, taken from several collections that were published during his life.I read this book pretty much straight through, but if I were to read it again, I would probably jump around in the collection instead of reading it from cover to cover The first section of the book is all Civil War stories, many of which are excellent, but reading them all in a row is a little bit tiring On the whole, I somewhat preferred Bierce s later works, many of which [...]

    18. One of the outstanding finds of my reading career Bierce is a phenomenal writer with a voice unlike any other His stories dealing with the US Civil War in particular read with a psychological intensity beyond other American masters like Hawthorne or Poe At times Bierce s prose reaches levels that are nearly Kafkaesque Quickly one of my favorite of authors.

    19. A agreeable selection of tales set in and amongst the supernatural, the fantastic and grounded subjects Split into two namely Soldiers and Civilians the formers horror being based in the sinisterly coincidental and morose, whilst the latter s steps out onto the planes of the ghastly.

    20. A terrific collection by the father of Civil War ghost stories, Ambrose Bierce Those familiar with Bierce s many anthologized stories An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Chickamauga, and The Middle Toe of the Right Foot will be delighted to discover some new favorites and to read the stories in the order the author intended them Highly recommended.

    21. This book of short stories is divided into two parts Soldiers and Civilians I was taken by the Soldiers section Ambrose made the Civil War come virtually alive in his telling of stories, each with a twist at the end The brutality and futility of this war, is described in such a way that I was only able to read a story at a time It was difficult because it was true.

    22. This is a collection of short stories acknowledges the horrific, spectral, and often senseless, gruesomeness of war He treats masculine heroism with terrific irony of the chaotic and randomness of war.

    23. Lleg a cansarme, es una prosa arcaica que ya no disfruto tanto Sin embargo es bueno y tiene cuentos entretenidos y emocionantes Fragmento No hay regi n tan abrupta e inh spita que los hombres no puedan hacer de ella el escenario de la guerra.

    24. One of the 19th century pioneers of the weird tale , Ambrose Bierce s Tales of Soldiers and Civilians won t just scare you or creep you out it will make you think HP Lovecraft cites Bierce as one of his main influences.

    25. Most of the stories were quite interesting, and I enjoyed that in most of them you can never be certain whether there is something supernatural around, or the characters nerves are playing a trick on them Towards the end of the book however, the dark tone of the stories got a bit overwhelming.

    26. DOUG S PICK Beach Book Club.Betsy 5Wade 4Kathy 4Doug 5We had different editions, but we all loved the stories How true and brutal the Civil War was Bierce always had a twist to the ending.

    27. I m not usually a fan of military stories, but these stories by Ambrose Bierce are excellent Psychologically penetrating, engaging, and in some cases, haunting.

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