Batman: Strange Apparitions #2020

Batman: Strange Apparitions By Steve Englehart Len Wein Marshall Rogers TerryAustin Walter Simonson Batman Strange Apparitions One of the true and unanticipated highlights on a dull and tepid comic book scene in the late s the Steve Englehart Marshall Rogers Terry Austin run in Detective Comics is one of the most memora
  • Title: Batman: Strange Apparitions
  • Author: Steve Englehart Len Wein Marshall Rogers TerryAustin Walter Simonson
  • ISBN: 9781563895005
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Batman: Strange Apparitions By Steve Englehart Len Wein Marshall Rogers TerryAustin Walter Simonson One of the true and unanticipated highlights on a dull and tepid comic book scene in the late 1970 s, the Steve Englehart Marshall Rogers Terry Austin run in Detective Comics is one of the most memorable eras of the Dark Knight s adventures Now available in a single volume, Batman Strange Apparitions featuring an introduction by Englehart and a new cover by Marshall RogeOne of the true and unanticipated highlights on a dull and tepid comic book scene in the late 1970 s, the Steve Englehart Marshall Rogers Terry Austin run in Detective Comics is one of the most memorable eras of the Dark Knight s adventures Now available in a single volume, Batman Strange Apparitions featuring an introduction by Englehart and a new cover by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin Reprinting Detective Comics 469 476, 478, and 479 which also includes work by writer Len Wein and artist Walter Simonson , these stories chroniclize Batman s struggles with a corrupt city government headed by Boss Rupert Thorne along with battling classic villians such as Hugo Strange, the Penguin, Deadshot, Clayface, Dr Phosphorus, and the Joker This classic run was the blueprint for the first Tim Burton Batman movie and Batman The Animated Series.Originally published in single magazine form as DETECTIVE COMICS 469 479.
    Batman: Strange Apparitions By Steve Englehart Len Wein Marshall Rogers TerryAustin Walter Simonson
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      418 Steve Englehart Len Wein Marshall Rogers TerryAustin Walter Simonson
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    1. Steve Englehart Len Wein Marshall Rogers TerryAustin Walter Simonson

      Steve Englehart went to Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut After a stint in the Army, he moved to New York and began to write for Marvel Comics That led to long runs on Captain America, The Hulk, The Avengers, Dr Strange, and a dozen other titles Midway through that period he moved to California where he remains , and met and married his wife Terry.He was finally hired away from Marvel by DC Comics, to be their lead writer and revamp their core characters Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern He did, but he also wrote a solo Batman series immediately dubbed the definitive version that later became Warner Brothers first Batman film the good one.After that he left comics for a time, traveled in Europe for a year, wrote a novel The Point Man , and came back to design video games for Atari E.T Garfield But he still liked comics, so he created Coyote , which within its first year was rated one of America s ten best series Other projects he owned Scorpio Rose , The Djinn were mixed with company series Green Lantern with Joe Staton , Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four Meanwhile, he continued his game design for Activision, Electronic Arts, Sega, and Br derbund.And once he and Terry had their two sons, Alex and Eric, he naturally told them stories Rustle s Christmas Adventure was first devised for them He went on to add a run of mid grade books to his bibliography, including the DNAgers adventure series, and Countdown to Flight, a biography of the Wright brothers selected by NASA as the basis for their school curriculum on the invention of the airplane.In 1992 Steve was asked to co create a comics pantheon called the Ultraverse One of his contributions, The Night Man, became not only a successful comics series, but also a television show That led to Hollywood work, including animated series such as Street Fighter, GI Joe, and Team Atlantis for Disney.

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    1. First off, I would like to state that I m very torn about my rating for this graphic novel On one hand I can acknowledge the influence and impact it has on the Tim Burton movie adaptations and the initial conceptual work for Batman The Animated Series which I am both a big fan of, most particularly of the latter On another, I don t think the tonality and composition style of the Batman stories herein really appeal to my sensibilities, and that s mostly because I ve been soaked with so much New 5 [...]

    2. Year One , The Dark Knight Returns , The Killing Joke , Arkham Asylum , The Long Halloween , Hush These are probably the main titles that any casual reader of Batman graphic will be familiar with But there s another title which deserves to be on that list, perhaps prominently so than most of the others there, and yet even many of the seasoned Batman readers won t be familiar with it This is Strange Apparitions or, specifically, the issues from the creative team of Steve Englehart and Marshall [...]

    3. 3.5 review , , Strange Apparitions Dark Knight Returns, Year One Killing Joke, , filler, panel Steve Englehart Marshall Rogers, , , Rogers Batman , design , , Bruce Timm , Marshall old school Neal Adams Norm Breyfogle Jim Aparo , Walt Simonson Steve, , , Dennis O Neil , , , , , , Steve arc Dr Phosphorus monster tale, revenge story Deadshot , impact Floyd Lawton , , , , Strange, Penguin, , , , Laughing Fish Sign Of The Joker Batman The Animated Series Joker , , detective Batman , Apparitio [...]

    4. These fun stories from the 1970 s include appearances by Dr Phosphorus, Hugo Strange, The Penguin, Deadshot, The Joker, and ClayFace III The lamest story was without a doubt the Penguin s but the rest were fun and full of over the top drama, love it Bruce Wayne loves and loses, has an awkward wrestling match with Robin, and Alfred keeps butler ing despite being a patient in the hospital.I would not consider these must reads, but a great choice for Batman fans who want to see the best of what 197 [...]

    5. This is the quintessential Batman Steve Englehart just tells a good, solid super hero story arc here, and he does so with exceptional skill, aided by the fantastic art of Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin They don t try to be edgy or shocking This isn t some big event intended to shake up the status quo and get attention It earns attention the old fashioned way with strong storytelling skills, great characters, and inventive plots.There are a lot of great interpretations of Batman out there, in p [...]

    6. Within just eight issues, Englehart, Rogers and Austin capture everything that makes Batman such a great character and creates a few new classic stories along the way Batman is treated as a grown up with a relationship with Silver St Cloud arguably Batman s greatest love interest as he battles classic foes Joker, Penguin, Deadshot and newcomer Clayface III The art is beautiful, graphic and was ahead of its time There are lots of nods to classic Batman tales and tropes while feeling new and fresh [...]

    7. This collects the all too short Detective Comics run by Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers, and Terry Austin, which for my money, is the best run of Batman stories ever It s not particularly innovative or unusual, just very, very good The stories follow a definite arc experiences are had, characters grow and change but it doesn t require an extensive knowledge of prior continuity to appreciate beyond the bare basics of who Batman is and what it is he does And it feels like a complete tale, with a [...]

    8. I didn t expect a 70 s Batman stories to be so modern Yes the narration is sometimes awkward Don t worry amigo Batman will take care of that but the underlying themes, art style and the feeling made me realize what inspired much later Shadow of the Bat series.I m not a fan of DC and not a huge Bat fan either, but I recommend this volume purely because of its historical value.

    9. This run set a whole new standard of what Batman could and should be, unfortunately no one seems to care Batman prior and since this book has been one of the great train wrecks in comics Dennis O Neil s 70 s run, Doug Moench s run on Batman and Detective in the early 80 s, Year One Miller , Batman Adventures Pucket, Dini and Templeton being brief exceptions to the rule.

    10. Batman Strange Apparitions collects truly classic Dark Knights tales of the 1970s, featuring the writing talents of Steve Englehart and Len Wein This nearly 10 issue run of Detective Comics highlights the unique adversaries of the Batman, as well as offering some primary source material that would later be used in the 1990s animated series The book kicks off with the introduction of Doctor Phosphorus and his plans to poison all of Gotham As the Batman seeks to foil his powerful adversary, Rupert [...]

    11. Is it unfair to judge a 40 year old comic book by my 2017 tastes Is it uncharitable to find the 1970s style art, dialog, and narration boxes to be hokey, melodramatic, and corny Some moments were so Adam West Batman.It strikes me as lazy writing when characters simply blurt out their motivations or plot points from past issues to bring readers up to speed I don t know, maybe that was the going style I suppose the creative team probably was pressured to cover a lot of ground in limited space But [...]

    12. This one was pretty weird, granted it is from the 70 s It was a mish mash of issue that don t really form a consistent storyline It s also interesting to see how much of a jerk Batman was made out to be, and how he has developed beyond that.

    13. BATMAN STRANGE APPARITIONS collects the beautifully drawn and superbly written Detective Comics 469 476 and 478, 479 from 1977 1978 Some have called these issues the definitive Batman It was these stories that got the ball rolling on making big budget and serious Batman movies and you can definitely see where many of the ideas came from these stories These pages are alive with atmosphere Artist Marshall Rogers panels literally drip down the page and capes slither behind the storyboards Rogers so [...]

    14. Batman Strange ApparitionsSteve Englehart s take on the Batman came about in the 70s after the campy 60s Batman who was floundering These collected issues try to recapture the Gothic Batman, retintroducing Hugo Strange and Deadshot to the pages of D.C comics.The art is typically 70s, some interesting panels, especially the Joker section of stories.

    15. I ve never actually rated Steve Englehart that highly as a writer In some ways he was kind of the Grant Morrison of his day, in that he seemed like an endless well of totally off the wall ideas His main fault seemed in the writing itself, as those crazy ideas were always delivered in the most banal way, robbing them of any interest they might have had Even his famed Avengers run seemed little than readable to me, at least until George Perez came on and then I think my enjoyment of it had a lot [...]

    16. October is always Batman Month in my personal pleasure reading, just because if there was ever a superhero who evokes a Halloween mood, it s the Dark Knight This collection of Steve Engelhart s brief 1977 78 run on the character is top notch, representing what I think of as classic Batman The story is dark and mysterious, deriving its haunting qualities not from hinted at supernatural elements but from the glimpses Batman and we get into the darkness of the human heart That said, it doesn t take [...]

    17. This book collects stories from eight issues of Detective Comics where Marvel Writer Steve Engelhart took over the writing of Detective Comics as well as two issues written by Len Wein.Overall, the stories are pretty solid The lead off villain, Doctor Phosphorous is well written Two stories, one involving Hugo Strange learning Batman s secret identity and another involving the Joker poisoning the water to give fish his face and then trying to copyright fish were later adapted for the great Batma [...]

    18. If I was only allowed to ever read one Batman collection again for the rest of my life, I would choose STRANGE APPARITIONS This book is Batman at his finest And despite all the gimmicks that have been attempted since, no other writer has come close to replicating its success A big F.U to Grant Morrison These stories are classic Batman, but they re also incredibly solid stories that anyone could enjoy, even readers lacking any familiarity with the Caped Crusader It s no wonder that some of these [...]

    19. I always enjoy reading this collection of stories by Englehart and Marshall The artwork compliments the stories which try to present a modern day Batman who works at night while keeping his day identity of Bruce Wayne Marshall s art portrays a man in the costume who is fit and not overly muscular Englehart tries to present a realistic version of Batman who could live in our reality and juggles his dual identities I cherish my volume because of Marshall s art I did not collect the books at the ti [...]

    20. I first heard of Steve Englehart s acclaimed Batman run long before I ever read it and having just reread it for the first time in a dozen years, I can once again see why Englehart s dialogue may occasionally veer into purple prose at least at the beginning but there s a chill wind in these Gotham stories which hadn t been seen much before And the shock of seeing emotional vulnerability from Bruce Wayne isn t ridiculous, but rather incredibly foreboding in its incongruity Artwise, much has been [...]

    21. So this was written in the late 70s and because of this, it is pretty awesome I mean, there are gigantic typewriters, outlandish dialogue, and Batman and Robin both have their way with the ladies This is the Batman that I grew up reading and I love it For those coming into the world of Batman now, modern comics may have spoiled you It does seem like Batman is taking a step back here.However, I disagree I found this to be utterly delightful It does get off to a slow start with the well intentione [...]

    22. 3.5 This is considered the shining jewel of the crap that was 70s DC comics I m no comic expert so I ll take their word But what I will say is that for a generation like mine that was weaned on the dark aspect of the Dark Knight, this will come off as sort of corny The story lines are all very interesting, particularly those involving Silver St Cloud, whom I m convinced is Batman s most believable love interest And The Killing Fish is easily apparent as the inspiration for the chemicals plot in [...]

    23. One of the batman detective comics from the 70s Reminiscent of the TV show, lighter in tone, a little cheesy, but fun to read An excerpt A thief in the night and his gray garbed nemesis Many thieves, on many nights, have felt their blood freeze solid as the long arm of justice dropped silent and sudden from the depths of the dark, and they turned toward those pale, blank eyes nearly every sentence ends with an exclamation mark s kinda hilarious Featuring Dr Phospherous Rupert Thorne Hugo Strange [...]

    24. While this story starts off a bit rough, it does pull off a lot of great stories for villains particularly the Joker, Dr Strange, and Clayface III The subtlety is killed a few times, by the characters openly talking about their problems and representations of ideas, which only irritated me a little when it would happen There were also some weird old gimmicky 70 s superhero moments Like Dr Phosphorous and his insane plan , that made me roll my eyes But it s like reading a lot of vintage superhero [...]

    25. This volume collects one the best runs of Batman that ever appeared in either of his regular series Detective Comics or Batman It also contains the definitive Joker story of all time both Arkham Asylum and The Killing Joke pale in comparison Most people who have any interest in comics have read The Dark Knight Returns, and Batman Year One, but if you have missed Englhart and Rodgers take on the character do yourself a favor and give this a try.

    26. A classic arc from the late 1970s run of Batman This is pre Frank Miller s Year One And it s awesome A slew of baddies come after Batman who has been declared persona non grata by a corrupt Gotham City council Great art, great story, and oozing with that weird Seventies aesthetic that is somewhere between the Cheese of the Sixties and the grimness of the Eighties.

    27. A classic run on Batman by Steve Englehart My only complaint is the story never reaches its fullest conclusion, but that s easy to stomach when there s great Joker fish stories to be had, and one of Batman s smartest, most confident love interests to be found in the book s pages Great volume for any Batman fan

    28. A very entertaining read Aside from Hugo Strange, Rupert Thorne, and the interesting Clayface, Silver St Cloud and her story is what made Strange Apparitions so good She evokes an emotion in Bruce Batman that I ve seen no other character do in comics.5 5 Stars

    29. This story definitely improved as it went along It also really highlighted to me the changes that have happened in how comics were written drawn in the 70 s compared to now Very interesting.

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