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Horace By George Sand Zack Rogow Horace The first English language edition of a major work by George Sand Translated by the winner of the BOMC PEN Translation Award A courageous work nowadays unjustly neglected Renee Winegarten Sand d
  • Title: Horace
  • Author: George Sand Zack Rogow
  • ISBN: 9781562790820
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horace By George Sand Zack Rogow The first English language edition of a major work by George Sand Translated by the winner of the 1994 BOMC PEN Translation Award A courageous work, nowadays unjustly neglected Renee Winegarten Sand develops her most advanced political, social and sexual views in this classic work Feminist Bookstore News
    Horace By George Sand Zack Rogow
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      119 George Sand Zack Rogow
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    About "George Sand Zack Rogow"

    1. George Sand Zack Rogow

      Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, later Baroness French baronne Dudevant 1 July 1804 8 June 1876 , best known by her pseudonym George Sand French pronunciation s d , was a French novelist She is considered by some a feminist although she refused to join this movement She is regarded as the first French female novelist to gain a major reputation.Sand s reputation came into question when she began sporting men s clothing in public which she justified by the clothes being far sturdier and less expensive than the typical dress of a noblewoman at the time In addition to being comfortable, Sand s male dress enabled her to circulate freely in Paris than most of her female contemporaries could, and gave her increased access to venues from which women were often barred even women of her social standing.Also scandalous was Sand s smoking tobacco in public neither peerage nor gentry had yet sanctioned the free indulgence of women in such a habit, especially in public though Franz Liszt s paramour Marie D Agoult affected this as well, smoking large cigars These and other behaviors were exceptional for a woman of the early and mid 19th century, when social codes especially in the upper classes were of the utmost importance.As a consequence of many unorthodox aspects of her lifestyle, Sand was obliged to relinquish some of the privileges appertaining to a baroness though, interestingly, the s of the period did permit upper class wives to live physically separated from their husbands, without losing face, provided the estranged couple exhibited no blatant irregularity to the outside world.Poet Charles Baudelaire was a contemporary critic of George Sand She is stupid, heavy and garrulous Her ideas on morals have the same depth of judgment and delicacy of feeling as those of janitresses and kept women The fact that there are men who could become enamoured of this slut is indeed a proof of the abasement of the men of this generation However, other luminaries in the world of arts and letters did not necessarily agree with Baudelaire, a few quotes will suffice She was a thinking bosom and one who overpowered her young lovers, all Sybil a Romantic V.S Pritchett writer What a brave man she was, and what a good woman Ivan Turgenev novelist The most womanly woman Alfred de Musset poet George Sand died at Nohant, near Ch teauroux, in France s Indre d partement on 8 June 1876, at the age of 71 and was buried in the grounds of her home there.

    170 thoughts on “Horace”

    1. I don t know which character annoyed me , Horace, who is completely unredeemable Or Theophile, the narrator, who seemed naively blind to Horace s faults and continually made excuses for his friend s behavior Too bad we didn t get from Marthe or Eugenie s POV, although at the time the book was written, this is not surprising Eugenie is my favorite character A strong, independent woman who is never fooled by Horace And one of the main themes is still relevant today Marthe displays all the classic [...]

    2. In Horace, which was motivated by a quarrel between author George Sand and fellow novelist Marie d Agoult, Sand portrays her friend in a most unflattering manner as the vain and peevish Vicomtesse Leonie de Cahilly The unfolding of the plot shows the Vicountess Cahilly as flagrantly amoral, egotistical and vindictive, an indifferent mother and un unfaithful wife who indulges herself in numerous affairs, and eventually wreaks petty revenge on the title character, the feckless Latin Quarter dandy [...]

    3. I love George Sand She played with gender roles gave her self a masculine pen name and always paints a powerful picture of life in France in the 1800 s.

    4. This was the first George Sand book I ve read, and it was alright interesting from a historical point of view than as a work of literature, but worth a read for that aspect alone This work was scandalous in its day, and even today there are some people who would consider it s valorous stand against marriage a bit shocking Well, not against marriage per se, but rather in favor of unmarried domestic commitment, something couples still struggle with One of the stranger things about this book is th [...]

    5. I m very happy and amazed from this book It really showed me many different and strage aspects of human behaviour, which is the saame no matter of the time and era The characters are not equal, and the only note is that so gorgeous as writer George Sand can t hide her real feelings to the personage of Horace He is described as highly egoistic, and selfconfident person, whos only aim is to be loved and adored, to succeed no matter in what price He can t have real value for the life, and he could [...]

    6. I d say this novel delivered on all of its promises Revolutionary street fighting Yes Struggles of working class women to take control of their lives in the Paris of 1830s Indeed A young man s journey through student, lover, fop, and finally adulthood reminiscent in some ways of Balzac s Lost Illusions Check Well written Of course Always remember boys and girls George Sand will never let you down.

    7. neglected literary classics That is what this is I love classic english lit, and this is just like it only French I like that it is set during real 18th century french uprisings and feels quite modern at the same time Brace yourself for the annoying but realistic cad, I really enjoyed it not a fast read at all Not found in my library at all I am going to donate this one.

    8. How wonderful to find a feminist novel written in 1941 George Sand s witty and insightful writing about French politics and characters of the time brings us a remarkably modern trio of protagonists I am very grateful to Zack Rogow for finding this gem and translating it so well.

    9. French novelists tend to find happy endings for their characters and to be forgiving of the sins of their protagonists and this book proves the case in point An enjoyable half heavy half light read This was my first foray into Sand and I might try another of his novels, assuming that Horace is not considered to be his finest work.

    10. loved the beginning, hated the long boring middle, liked the end but wanted of it a few too many fever and fainting spells throughout but i do appreciate the then 1840 groundbreaking tale of the fallen woman emerging victorious.

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